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Term Limits Quotes By K. Eric Drexler

It's a lot easier to see, at least in some cases, what the long-term limits of the possible will be, because they depend on natural law. But it's much harder to see just what path we will follow in heading toward those limits. — K. Eric Drexler

Term Limits Quotes By Henry Kissinger

Side by side with the limitless possibilities opened up by the new technologies, reflection about international order must include the internal dangers of societies driven by mass consensus, deprived of the context and foresight needed on terms compatible with their historical character. In every other era, this has been considered the essence of leadership; in our own, it risks being reduced to a series of slogans designed to capture immediate short-term approbation. Foreign policy is in danger of turning into a subdivision of domestic politics instead of an exercise in shaping the future. If the major countries conduct their policies in this manner internally, their relations on the international stage will suffer concomitant distortions. The search for perspective may well be replaced by a hardening of differences, statesmanship by posturing. As diplomacy is transformed into gestures geared toward passions, the search for equilibrium risks giving way to a testing of limits. — Henry Kissinger

Term Limits Quotes By Robin Wall Kimmerer

Our immigrant plant teachers offer a lot of different models for how not to make themselves welcome on a new continent. Garlic mustard poisons the soil so that native species will die. Tamarisk uses up all the water. Foreign invaders like loosestrife, kudzu, and cheat grass have the colonizing habit of taking over others' homes and growing without regard to limits. But Plantain is not like that. Its strategy was to be useful, to fit into small places, to coexist with others around the dooryard, to heal wounds. Plantain is so prevalent, so well integrated, that we think of it as native. It has earned the name bestowed by botanists for plants that have become our own. Plantain is not indigenous but "naturalized." This is the same term we use for the foreign-born when they become citizens in our country. — Robin Wall Kimmerer

Term Limits Quotes By Lars Feld

Central banks need to be able to buy bonds if there are short-term malfunctions of the markets. But buying bonds without differentiation and without limits would be very problematic. — Lars Feld

Term Limits Quotes By Tom Coburn

Few things infuse a member of Congress with more courage than self-imposed term limits or an imminent retirement. The issues they choose to focus on in their final months say a great deal about what are really the most important issues in the country. — Tom Coburn

Term Limits Quotes By George Will

Recently the country has seen too much of our legislators, seeing them as a gaggle of check-kiting, judge-smearing deadbeats who don't pay their restaurant bills but raise their pay in the middle of the night. Many Americans-this columnist included-hitherto said tax increases are justified by the budget deficit now say: Give that mob more money? Never. Not a nickel of new taxes until term limits change the political culture on Capital Hill. — George Will

Term Limits Quotes By Max Frisch

Mathematically speaking, the probable (that in 6,000,000,000 throws with a regular six-sided die the die will come up proximately 1 ,000,000,000 times) and the improbable (that in six throws with the same die the one will come approximately up six times) are not different in kind, but only in frequency, whereby the more frequent appears a priori more probable.
But the occasional occurrence of the improbable does not imply the intervention of a higher power, something in the nature of a miracle, as the layman is so ready to assume. The term "probability" includes improbability at the extreme limits of probability, and when the improbable does occur this is no cause for surprise, bewilderment or mystification.
Cf. Ernst Mally's Probability and Law, Hans Reichenbach The theory Probability, Whitehead and Russell's Principia Mathematica, von Mises' Probability, Statistics and Truth — Max Frisch

Term Limits Quotes By Brandon Turner

Federal law currently prohibits landlords from discriminating against prospective tenants who have had a felony conviction for drug use. Why? Because drug or alcohol abuse is considered a disability. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): "An individual with a disability is any person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. The term physical or mental impairment may include, but is not limited to, conditions such as visual or hearing impairment, mobility impairment, HIV infection, mental retardation, drug addiction (except current illegal use of or addiction to drugs), or mental illness."[ii] — Brandon Turner

Term Limits Quotes By Jack Abramoff

As a lobbyist, I was completely against term limits, and I know a lot of people are against term limits, and I was one of the leaders, because why? As a lobbyist, once you buy a congressional office, you don't have to re-buy that office in six years, right? — Jack Abramoff

Term Limits Quotes By Sam Storms

There are no term limits on His reign. He has always been King and He always will be King. There is no death that threatens the perpetuity of His sovereign authority. There is no usurping of power by a lesser rival to His throne. There are no coups, no revolutions (at least, none that succeed). There is no threat of impeachment. He is a King who rules eternally. — Sam Storms

Term Limits Quotes By Tom Coburn

I would like to believe I would not have behaved differently had I not made a term limits pledge, but my own frailties and human desire for prestige and position tell me my term limits pledge did make a difference in how I approached my job in Congress. — Tom Coburn

Term Limits Quotes By Tom Coburn

I still believe that term limits is the best way to ensure that the next generation, not the next election, is the central concern in our elected bodies. — Tom Coburn

Term Limits Quotes By Scott Rigell

I've declined every congressional benefit I could decline, federal health insurance, the retirement program, the 403(b) program, which I think is overly generous. I've got self-imposed term limits of six terms if I have the privilege to serve that long. — Scott Rigell

Term Limits Quotes By Robert Byrd

If the voters really understood what we were up to they'd vote us out of office. — Robert Byrd

Term Limits Quotes By Ernest Cline

Like most gunters, I voted to reelect Cory Doctorow and Wil Wheaton (again). There were no term limits, and those two geezers had been doing a kick-ass job of protecting user rights for over a decade. — Ernest Cline

Term Limits Quotes By Bob Inglis

Asking an incumbent member of Congress to vote for term limits is a bit like asking a chicken to vote for Colonel Sanders. — Bob Inglis

Term Limits Quotes By Jeremy Rifkin

The greenhouse crisis is the bill coming due for the Industrial Revolution. It's not an accident. It's the logical outcome of our world view - the idea that we can control the forces of nature, that we can have short-term expedient gains without paying for them, that there are no limits to exploitation of the environment, that we can produce and consume faster than nature's ability to replenish. — Jeremy Rifkin

Term Limits Quotes By John Adams

I am for making of terms annual, and for sending an entire new set every year. — John Adams

Term Limits Quotes By E. O. Wilson

To be anthropocentric is to remain unaware of the limits of human nature, the significance of biological processes underlying human behavior, and the deeper meaning of long-term genetic evolution. — E. O. Wilson

Term Limits Quotes By Maureen Corrigan

I was assigned to the office of a recently deceased faculty member; the office hadn't been cleaned out yet, and a few days before the fall term began, I unlocked the door to find a dirty room whose bookshelves were crammed with empty bourbon bottles and crucifixes, mute testimony to the limits of literature as a sustaining comfort in life. — Maureen Corrigan

Term Limits Quotes By Gerrard Winstanley

If many have their turns to rule, ... this will encourage all men to advance Righteousness and that the Commonwealth will hereby be furnished with able and experienced men, fit to govern. — Gerrard Winstanley

Term Limits Quotes By Judith Butler

It is true that dispossession carries this double valence and that as a result it is difficult to understand until we see that we value it in one of its modalities and abhor and resist it in another. As you say, dispossession can be a term that marks the limits of self-sufficiency and that establishes us as relational and interdependent beings. Yet dispossession is precisely what happens when populations lose their land, their citizenship, their means of livelihood, and become subject to military and legal violence. We oppose this latter form of dispossession because it is both forcible and privative. — Judith Butler

Term Limits Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

Term limits aren't enough. We need jail. — P. J. O'Rourke

Term Limits Quotes By Rand Paul

I think we have a Tea Party mandate, and that Tea Party mandate is for good-government type of things, things like term limits, things like a balanced budget amendment, things like read the bills for goodness sakes, things like that maybe Congress should only pass legislation that they apply to themselves as well. — Rand Paul

Term Limits Quotes By Tom Coburn

We can achieve much greater representation through term-limited members. — Tom Coburn

Term Limits Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

Larry implored us to exert more control over our careers. He said McKinsey would never stop making demands on our time, so it was up to us to decide what we were willing to do. It was our responsibility to draw the line. We needed to determine how many hours we were willing to work in a day and how many nights we were willing to travel. If later on, the job did not work out, we would know that we had tried on our own terms. Counterintuitively, long-term success at work often depends on not trying to meet every demand placed on us. The best way to make room for both life and career is to make choices deliberately - to set limits and stick to them. — Sheryl Sandberg

Term Limits Quotes By Jimmy Fallon

During the CPAC conference, Rand Paul told the crowd it was time for a new president and that people need to help make the change. Of course, most people agreed with him, since that's how term limits work. — Jimmy Fallon

Term Limits Quotes By Rand Paul

You know, you look at term limits, you poll term limits, 70, 80 percent of Republicans or Democrats are for it. — Rand Paul

Term Limits Quotes By Craig Hodges

After a year or two, the long term expats won't see the beggars the same way. After a year or two, the cheeky young monks won't make them smile. After a year or two, the newest restaurant opening won't pull them in. To preserve they will withdraw and settle. They will come to accept the limits of it all. The hype won't bother them. The promise won't motivate them. They will have accepted their odd expat life, their awkward place in the chimera that is Myanmar today. — Craig Hodges

Term Limits Quotes By George Will

Term limits would make Congress bolder, more independent, and less risk-averse. — George Will

Term Limits Quotes By George J. Mitchell

I didn't want to make it a lifetime thing. I don't believe in statutory term limits, but people can limit themselves if they want to, and that's what I decided to do. — George J. Mitchell

Term Limits Quotes By Kenneth Eade

I think we do need a Constitutional amendment to take the profit out of politics by imposing term limits. — Kenneth Eade

Term Limits Quotes By Michael Lewis

California had organized itself, not accidentally, into highly partisan legislative districts. It elected highly partisan people to office and then required these people to reach a two-thirds majority to enact any new tax or meddle with big spending decisions. On the off chance that they found some common ground, it could be pulled out from under them by voters through the initiative process. Throw in term limits - no elected official now serves in California government long enough to fully understand it - and you have a recipe for generating maximum contempt for elected officials. Politicians are elected to get things done and are prevented by the system from doing it, leading the people to grow even more disgusted with them. "The vicious cycle of contempt," as Mark Paul calls it. California state government was designed mainly to maximize the likelihood that voters will continue to despise the people they elect. — Michael Lewis

Term Limits Quotes By Mark Sanford

"I've become a huge fan of term limits," the former aide said, "because Armey and the others in leadership used to be just like you and your crew in their approach to spending. They have changed over the years." — Mark Sanford

Term Limits Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

No person shall be capable of being a delegate for more than three years in any term of six. — Thomas Jefferson

Term Limits Quotes By Jim Breyer

I fundamentally believe in term limits, for Congress, presidents, and board members. — Jim Breyer

Term Limits Quotes By Bill Moyers

Watching the debate this afternoon it was apparent they loved term limits in the House - as Brutus loved Caesar. — Bill Moyers

Term Limits Quotes By Bill Frist

[I support] term limits for career politicians and the death penalty for career politicians. — Bill Frist

Term Limits Quotes By Napoleon Bonaparte

They wanted me to be a Washington. — Napoleon Bonaparte

Term Limits Quotes By Caroline Kennedy

I can see both sides of term limits, and I think, in different positions, term limits make more sense than in some others. — Caroline Kennedy

Term Limits Quotes By Harry S. Truman

Term limits would cure both senility and seniority- both terrible legislative diseases. — Harry S. Truman

Term Limits Quotes By Tom Coburn

The founding fathers never once rationalized getting in power and having control so they could stay in power. — Tom Coburn

Term Limits Quotes By Garry Wills

Term limits mean that you don't trust the voters. 'Stop me before I vote again.' — Garry Wills

Term Limits Quotes By George Will

I am opposed to term limits because if we did not have seasoned professionals, we would not have the good government that we have. — George Will

Term Limits Quotes By Dwight D. Eisenhower

A constitutional amendment for congressional term limits could never achieve the blessing of Congress; it could be initiated only by the states. — Dwight D. Eisenhower

Term Limits Quotes By E.D. Hirsch Jr.

Schemata are our necessary instruments for making the surfaces of what we read connect significantly with the background knowledge that is wittheld from immediate conciousness by the limits of short-term memory. — E.D. Hirsch Jr.

Term Limits Quotes By Tom Coburn

It is easy to see how after receiving this adoration for a term or two most members become convinced they are indispensable. — Tom Coburn

Term Limits Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

It is a wise rule and should be fundamental in a government disposed to cherish its credit, and at the same time to restrain the use of it within the limits of its faculties, "never to borrow a dollar without laying a tax in the same instant for paying the interest annually, and the principal within a given term; and to consider that tax as pledged to the creditors on the public faith." — Thomas Jefferson