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Pigs Quotes By Andrew Symonds

It's a pretty blokey magazine [Bacon Busters, 'Australia's only magazine dedicated to pig hunting'], but they have women in it too. There's a 'Boars and Babes' section: women in bikinis sitting on big old pigs. — Andrew Symonds

Pigs Quotes By Aaron Sorkin

Roxy Sorkin, your father just won the Academy Award. I'm going to have to insist on some respect from your guinea pig. — Aaron Sorkin

Pigs Quotes By Huey Newton

We felt that the police needed a label, a label other than that fear image that they carried in the community. So we used the pig as the rather low-lifed animal in order to identify the police. And it worked. — Huey Newton

Pigs Quotes By Warren Eyster

He was given a ranch, and two lovely mistresses. 'Imagine, at thirty, I was put out to stud. And we Latins are such drowsy pigs that I almost fell for it. — Warren Eyster

Pigs Quotes By Saint Augustine

Near our vineyard there was a pear tree laden with fruit that was not attractive in either flavor or form. One night, when I [at the age of sixteen] had played until dark on the sandlot with some other juvenile delinquents, we went to shake that tree and carry off its fruit. From it we carried off huge loads, not to feast on, but to throw to the pigs, although we did eat a few ourselves. We did it just because it was forbidden. — Saint Augustine

Pigs Quotes By Sylvia Plath

I feel good with my husband: I like his warmth and his bigness and his being-there and his making and his jokes and stories and what he reads and how he likes fishing and walks and pigs and foxes and little animals and is honest and not vain or fame-crazy and how he shows his gladness for what I cook him and joy for when I make him something, a poem or a cake, and how he is troubled when I am unhappy and wants to do anything so I can fight out my soul-battles and grow up with courage and a philosophical ease. I love his good smell and his body that fits with mine as if they were made in the same body-shop to do just that. What is only pieces, doled out here and there to this boy and that boy, that made me like pieces of them, is all jammed together in my husband. So I don't want to look around any more: I don't need to look around for anything. — Sylvia Plath

Pigs Quotes By Georges Simenon

Madame ... gloatingly savored her words as earlier she had savored her pig's trotter. — Georges Simenon

Pigs Quotes By Robin Black

The notion of a country cottage settled in her thoughts as a watercolor, red bricks, climbing roses, the house the most intelligent of the three little pigs built, but with some age on it now; and the place they found in western Massachusetts wasn't far off, solid enough to withstand huffs and puffs, small enough to feel manageable, large enough to hold visiting grandchildren, old enough to inspire optimism about what might, improbably, endure. — Robin Black

Pigs Quotes By Sara King

To her surprise, Jack didn't seem at all fazed by all the exotic ideas she had had and wanted to try. She detailed them out, from a small single-story greenhouse that incorporated rabbit hutches to an extensive two-story generator-powered setup with pigs, cows, and chickens on the upper story, their excrement washed down through gunnels by a sprinkler system where it hit a vat, fermented, created methane to run the generator, and then was fed through a hydroponics system directly to the roots of the plants she was trying to grow. — Sara King

Pigs Quotes By Charles Dickens

Neither are the pig-skins, in common use to hold wine, and hung out in the sun in all directions, by any means ornamental, as they always preserve the form of very bloated pigs, with their heads and legs cut off, dangling upside-down by their own tails. — Charles Dickens

Pigs Quotes By Nick Kroll

It's not that weird, but when I was in Peru, I ate a guinea pig. If you're going to eat guinea pig, you call it cuy. Cute word for such a cute little animal that I ate a few times. — Nick Kroll

Pigs Quotes By Charles Kingsley

if you do not know, reader, what a Fisher Hobbs is, you know nothing about pigs, and deserve no bacon for breakfast. — Charles Kingsley

Pigs Quotes By Wendy Milton

We call them grunters. They're ghost hunters but grunters is more appropriate because most of them are pigs. — Wendy Milton

Pigs Quotes By Patricia Hamill

All that ran through my mind at her suggesstion was running through the park with a ton of turned Disney Princesses and the three little pigs hot on our trail. — Patricia Hamill

Pigs Quotes By Sam Lipsyte

The place resembled a new model prison, or one that had achieved a provisional utopia after principled revolt, or maybe a homeless shelter for people with liberal arts degrees. The cages brought to mind those labs with their death-fuming vents near my college studio. These kids were part of some great experiment. It was maybe the same one in which I'd once been a subject. Unlike me, though, or the guinea pigs and hares, they were happy, or seemed happy, or were blogging about how they seemed happy. — Sam Lipsyte

Pigs Quotes By Florynce Kennedy

Nail polish or false eyelashes isn't politics. If you have good politics, what you wear is irrelevant. I don't take dictation from the pig-o-cratic style setters who say I should dress like a middle-aged lady. My politics don't depend on whether my tits are in or out of a bra. — Florynce Kennedy

Pigs Quotes By John Sandford

Women had been on the verge of taking over the world-the Western world, anyway. Then some sexist pig in Silicon Valley invented the cell phone and women took a sidetrack on which all four billion of them would soon be happily talking to each other twenty-four hours a day, getting nothing else done, and Men Would Be Back. — John Sandford

Pigs Quotes By Yuval Noah Harari

To ensure that the pigs can't run away, farmers in northern New Guinea slice off a chunk of each pig's nose. This causes severe pain whenever the pig tries to sniff. Since the pigs cannot find food or even find their way around without sniffing, this mutilation makes them completely dependent on their human owners. In another area of New Guinea, it has been customary to gouge out pigs' eyes, so that they cannot even see where they're going.7 — Yuval Noah Harari

Pigs Quotes By Agatha Christie

It is the courage, the insistence, the ruthless force of youth. — Agatha Christie

Pigs Quotes By Haven Kimmel

The pigs were pushing their noses through the slats in the truck bed, which made Langston so unaccountably sad she thought she would have to sit down on the sidewalk. How is it possible, she thought, that a person can drive a thinking, feeling, animal to slaughter and not become less than an animal himself? And what were the pigs searching for, after all, but air and freedom? — Haven Kimmel

Pigs Quotes By Kenneth Rexroth

Man thrives where angels would die of ecstasy and where pigs would die of disgust. — Kenneth Rexroth

Pigs Quotes By Adam Carolla

They're not vegetarians because they love cows and pigs, it's because they love attention. — Adam Carolla

Pigs Quotes By Christopher Titus

Haiti fell over? Who built Haiti? Two of the three little pigs?! — Christopher Titus

Pigs Quotes By John Paul Stevens

When the commission finds that a pig has entered the parlor, the exercise of its regulatory power does not depend on proof that the pig is obscene. — John Paul Stevens

Pigs Quotes By Melina Marchetta

We're an Ag college," I explain to them. "Not as good as the one in Yanco but we have livestock."
"Cows?" Anson Choi asks, covering his nose.
"Pigs, too. And horses. Great for growing tomatoes.
The Cadets are wanna-be soldiers. City people. They may know how to street fight but they don't know how to wade through manure.
"I'm going to throw up," one of the guys says.
"Don't feel too bad," I explain. "Some of our lot did while they were laying out this stuff. Actually, right there where you're standing. — Melina Marchetta

Pigs Quotes By Anastasia

I refuse to believe all men are pigs and women competing whores.-ANASTASIA — Anastasia

Pigs Quotes By Jonah Goldberg

When you treat reprehensible and ludicrous arguments with respect you have elevated the reprehensible and made the ludicrous a bit more reasonable. Having a serious argument with a Nazi makes the horror of the Holocaust a debatable point. Don't wrestle in the mud with pigs. You get dirty and the pig likes it. — Jonah Goldberg

Pigs Quotes By Frances Hodgson Burnett

Pig! Pig! Daughter of Pigs! she said, because to call a native a pig is the worst insult of all. — Frances Hodgson Burnett

Pigs Quotes By Cynthia Lord

Why can't the world be simpler, like it is for guinea pigs? They only have a few rules: Crying will get you attention. If it fits in your mouth, it's food. Scream if you don't get your share. — Cynthia Lord

Pigs Quotes By Alex Borstein

Guys can look like pigs. The girl always has to be a looker. Look at most TV shows: According To Jim - pig and a looker. Still Standing - pig and a looker. Ralph Kramden [on The Honeymooners] - pig and a looker. Family Guy - pig and a looker. It's a theme. — Alex Borstein

Pigs Quotes By Maurice Sendak

I've always loved pigs: the shape of them, the look of them, and the fact that they are so intelligent. — Maurice Sendak

Pigs Quotes By Dolly Parton

I would sit up on top of the woodpile playing and singing at the top of my lungs. Sometimes I would take a tobacco stake and stick it in the cracks between the boards on the front porch. A tin can on top of the tobacco stake turned it into a microphone, and the porch became my stage. I used to perform for anybody or anything I could get to watch. The younger kids left in my care would become the unwilling audience for my latest show. A two-year-old's attention span is not very long. So there I would be in the middle of my act, thinking I was really something, and my audience would start crawling away. I was so desperate to perform that on more than one occasion I sang for the chickens and the pigs and ducks. They didn't applaud much, but with the aid of a little corn, they could be counted on to hang around for a while. — Dolly Parton

Pigs Quotes By Joseph P. Kauffman

If we didn't kill all of these animals and eat them, then we wouldn't have to breed all of these cows, pigs, chickens, and other livestock. If we didn't breed these animals, then we wouldn't have to feed these animals. If we didn't have to feed them, we wouldn't have to devote all of the land to growing grains and legumes to feed to them. So then the forest could come back, wildlife could return, ocean life would return, the rivers would be clean again, the air would be clean again, and our health would return. This is achievable by switching to a plant-based diet and encouraging other people to do the same. Educate yourself and others. Show them that there are delicious and nutritious alternatives to eating meat, and that by eating meat they are contributing to the pollution of the planet. There are plenty of plant foods that will provide you with more than enough nutrients to be healthy. — Joseph P. Kauffman

Pigs Quotes By Brian Godawa

Nimrod continued, "These were the one percent of wealthy pigs who ruled over the ninety-nine percent of people with their greed and their selfishness! But I swear to you by my very head and by the head of my queen Semiramis, that as our subjects you will never go hungry!" The crowd burst out in applause. He milked it, "You will never be without shelter in the great city of Babylon!" More applause resounded. "You will never be without health and welfare!" The applause turned to jubilation. Nimrod reeled them in like a fish on a line. "You will be taken care of from birth to death under the mighty rule of Nimrod, emperor of the earth!" The masses swarmed with worship and screams of orgasmic release. Nimrod had secured their total dependency upon city-state and king. Nimrod had become their lord and savior. — Brian Godawa

Pigs Quotes By John Le Carre

In the last 15 or 20 years, I've watched the British press simply go to hell. There seems to be no limit, no depths to which the tabloids won't sink. I don't know who these people are but they're little pigs. — John Le Carre

Pigs Quotes By Edward Abbey

Narrow-minded provincialism: Sad to say but true
I am more interested in the mountain lions of Utah, the wild pigs of Arizona, than I am in the fate of all the Arabs of Araby, all the Wogs of Hindustan, all the Ethiopes of Abyssinia ... — Edward Abbey

Pigs Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

When Christopher finished, there was a moment of silence.
Leo looked at Cam expectantly. "Well?"
"Well what?"
"Now is the time when you dredge up one of your blasted Romany sayings. Something about roosters laying eggs, or pigs dancing in the orchard. It's what you always do. Let's have it."
Cam gave him a sardonic glance. "I can't think of one right now."
"By God, I've had to listen to hundreds of them. And Phelan doesn't have to hear even one? — Lisa Kleypas

Pigs Quotes By Caprice Crane

What made pigs different? Why were they bred for food and held in captivity, while dogs and cats were welcomed into our homes and treated like family? Aside from physicality, we could see no difference between her and our dogs. — Caprice Crane

Pigs Quotes By Gilbert K. Chesterton

I have myself a poetical enthusiasm for pigs, and the paradise of my fancy is one where pigs have wings. But it is only men, especially wise men, who discuss whether pigs can fly; we have no particular proof that pigs ever discuss it. — Gilbert K. Chesterton

Pigs Quotes By Roc Marciano

I'm feeling like Billy the Kidd, skinny B.I.G.
You literally live like a guinea pig — Roc Marciano

Pigs Quotes By Nadia Bolz-Weber

The week that the gospel text was that awesomely weird story of Jesus casting a legion of demons out of a naked dude and into a herd of pigs, pigs who then threw themselves over a cliff and drowned in a lake? My pastor friend Heather posted the following question on my Facebook wall: Dear Pastor Nadia: how can I get on board with Jesus when so much pork was wasted in the lake? Signed: a bacon-loving Christian. — Nadia Bolz-Weber

Pigs Quotes By Chris Cannon

Jaxon gave me a compliment. I was sure there'd be winged pigs up there somewhere. — Chris Cannon

Pigs Quotes By Robert Dallek

The disaster at the Bay of Pigs intensified Kennedy's doubts about listening to advisers from the CIA, the Pentagon, or the State Department who had misled him or allowed him to accept lousy advice. — Robert Dallek

Pigs Quotes By George Orwell

Surely, comrades, you don't want Jones back? — George Orwell

Pigs Quotes By Michael Winner

Men are pigs, darling. I really have every sympathy for women that they actually have to choose one of these arrogant, stupid morons to settle down with and marry. — Michael Winner

Pigs Quotes By W.C. Fields

If pigs had wings, they would be pigeons. — W.C. Fields

Pigs Quotes By Cedric Nye

The nurse snorted, and said. "All men are pigs."
"Not all men." Jango said. "Some of the men are zombies. — Cedric Nye

Pigs Quotes By Eric Schlosser

I'm a huge supporter of animal rights - and I've been an outspoken critic of the cruelties routinely inflicted on livestock at factory farms. But it really bothers me that the mistreatment of pigs and chickens and cows seems to attract a lot more attention and spark a lot more outrage than the abuse of immigrant workers. — Eric Schlosser

Pigs Quotes By Florence Nightingale

It seems a commonly received idea among men and even among women themselves that it requires nothing but a disappointment in love, the want of an object, a general disgust, or incapacity for other things, to turn a woman into a good nurse.

This reminds one of the parish where a stupid old man was set to be schoolmaster because he was "past keeping the pigs. — Florence Nightingale

Pigs Quotes By Tamora Pierce

If I say you're a goatherd's son, you say, 'Yes, Lord Ralon.'"
Alanna gasped with fury. "I'd as soon kiss a pig! Is that what you've been doing-kissing pigs? Or being kissed? — Tamora Pierce

Pigs Quotes By Kate Atkinson

She made 'pig' sound like a much worse word than it was. Pigs were quite nice. — Kate Atkinson

Pigs Quotes By Willie Nelson

I am not a pig farmer. The pigs had a great time, but I didn't make any money. — Willie Nelson

Pigs Quotes By James Baldwin

We live in a nation of pigs and murderers. — James Baldwin

Pigs Quotes By Philip G. Zimbardo

No one played devil's advocate, a figure that every group needs to avoid foolish or even disastrous decisions like this. It was reminiscent of President John Kennedy's "disastrous" decision to invade Cuba in the Bay of Pigs fiasco.11 — Philip G. Zimbardo

Pigs Quotes By Riaad Moosa

Europeans ridicule Muslim culture because they don't understand the wisdom behind it. Take swine flu for instance: all the sudden you've got Europeans scared of pigs - we've been saying that for years! — Riaad Moosa

Pigs Quotes By Anonymous

Do Not Judge 7:1 "Do not judge so that you will not be judged.1 7:2 For by the standard you judge you will be judged, and the measure you use will be the measure you receive.2 7:3 Why3 do you see the speck4 in your brother's eye, but fail to see5 the beam of wood6 in your own? 7:4 Or how can you say7 to your brother, 'Let me remove the speck from your eye,' while there is a beam in your own? 7:5 You hypocrite! First remove the beam from your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. 7:6 Do not give what is holy to dogs or throw your pearls before pigs; otherwise they will trample them under their feet and turn around and tear you to pieces.8 — Anonymous

Pigs Quotes By Marie Guillaume

Negative people are great motivators because they make you determined to prove them wrong. — Marie Guillaume

Pigs Quotes By Markus Zusak

One thing I've noticed about the Germans: They seem very fond of pigs. — Markus Zusak

Pigs Quotes By Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

They're not fat pigs; we're mad scientists. — Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Pigs Quotes By Killer Mike

It's drones over Brooklyn, you blink, you could get tooken,
And now you're understanding the definition of 'Crooklyn.'
Pigs on parade, but bacon fryin' and cookin',
Cause kids' tired of dyin' and walkin' round like they shooken. — Killer Mike

Pigs Quotes By B.C. Forbes

If a pig could pray, it would pray for swill. What do you pray for? — B.C. Forbes

Pigs Quotes By Tyson Chandler

I used to help my grandfather on the farm, driving tractors, raising crops and animals. I used to feed some of the baby cows and pigs, and I had to be no older than 7 or 8. Then at about 9 or 10 I started driving tractors. It showed me at an early age what hard work was all about and how dedicated you have to be, no matter what you do. — Tyson Chandler

Pigs Quotes By Christien Meindertsma

In the Netherlands - where I come from - you actually never see a pig, which is really strange, because, in a population of 16 million people, we have 12 million pigs. And well, of course, the Dutch can't eat all these pigs. They eat about one-third, and the rest is exported to all kinds of countries in Europe and the rest of the world. — Christien Meindertsma

Pigs Quotes By Lewis Carroll

I've a right to think," said Alice sharply.
"Just about as much right," said the Duchess, "as pigs have to fly."
~ Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 1865 ~ — Lewis Carroll

Pigs Quotes By Bryant McGill

For the vile human pigs in life; the sloppy, disheveled, uncaring dregs, the ungrateful, and especially for the vicious, negative emotional peasants - there will only continue to be the hard and painful lessons you so desperately need. The invisible hand will hold you in your wretched place until your last breath - unless you evolve. If you are cruel and ignorant the invisible fist will pound you into oblivion until you submit, humble yourself and soften your hard heart. — Bryant McGill

Pigs Quotes By Larry McMurtry

WHEN AUGUSTUS CAME OUT on the porch the blue pigs were eating a rattlesnake - not a very big one. It had probably just been crawling around looking for shade when it ran into the pigs. They were having a fine tug-of-war with it, and its rattling days were over. — Larry McMurtry

Pigs Quotes By Scott McCloud

As I see it, mainstream comics now speak only to the hardcore few who stayed; conversing in a weird, garbled, visual pig latin only they can understand - rendering the term 'mainstream' a hollow joke - while the true mainstream, the other 99.9% of the populace, find enjoyment elsewhere. — Scott McCloud

Pigs Quotes By Peter Singer

But I think the majority of cows, and even more so chickens and pigs, are leading pretty miserable lives. — Peter Singer

Pigs Quotes By Charles Stross

A religious college in Cairo is considering issues of nanotechnology: If replicators are used to prepare a copy of a strip of bacon, right down to the molecular level, but without it ever being part of a pig, how is it to be treated? — Charles Stross

Pigs Quotes By Laura Ruby

He clears his throat. 'Do you want to go to a movie or something?' The wings stop flapping. 'I can't. I'm sort of under house arrest.'
'Till when?'
'Till pigs fly and hell freezes over.'
'Soon, then.'
'Any minute. — Laura Ruby

Pigs Quotes By Jennifer Echols

Your bet is only for Poser tickets, right?" he called.
And for my self-esteem,but that was splitting hairs. "Yea,that's all."
"Because if it was for more than that,I'd be sweet-talking nick right now and doing everything i could to pull out."
"Oh,no you don't!" Chloe squealed. I think she meant to board between us and shove Josh away for affect. however, she didn't have enough control to do this,so she just crossed in front of him and fell in his path, which was somewhat anticlimatic.She shouted up at him, "You need to decide whether you stand with your sister or with the sexist pigs!" Even on her butt in the snow, Chloe was a formidable force.
"yes,ma'am." Josh saluted with his mitten to his goggles. — Jennifer Echols

Pigs Quotes By J.R. Ward

Pigs flying. Hell freezing over. Miley planting her twerking ass in a chair and keeping it there as a public service. — J.R. Ward

Pigs Quotes By Richard Krajicek

I may have exaggerated a bit when I said that 80 per cent of the top 100 women are fat pigs. What I meant to say was 75 per cent of the top 100 women are fat pigs. — Richard Krajicek

Pigs Quotes By Lloyd Alexander

A crown is a pitiless master, harsher than the staff of a pig-keeper; while a staff bears up, a crown weighs down, beyond the strength of any man to wear it lightly. — Lloyd Alexander

Pigs Quotes By Yahtzee Croshaw

This is about as simple as games get. There isn't even the paltriest context for what you're doing; you're not exacting revenge on limbless pigs or feeding your pet bitch-lizard. You're a ninja, fruit is flying up in front of you, and fuck fruit. Sitting around all smug on trees and in pies. — Yahtzee Croshaw

Pigs Quotes By Nathan Runkle

Lots of donations and money go to rescue dogs and cats, however the public does not understand that every cow, pig and chicken needs to be rescued too. — Nathan Runkle

Pigs Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

He lifts her breasts, which fit perfectly into his hands, though he knows this is no promise that he gets to keep them. A million things you can't have will fit in a human hand. — Barbara Kingsolver

Pigs Quotes By Margaret Cho

Started out, Funny, sexy, zaftig Margaret Cho ... What is zaftig? Isn't that German for big fat pig? I guess I was lucky- zaftig is kind of a nice word. It could have been, Funny, sexy, OBESE Margaret Cho. — Margaret Cho

Pigs Quotes By Toba Beta

If you believe in divine intervention, it's because you think that mankind is the best creation of all beings. But for those who do not think so, mankind is nothing but guinea pigs which will someday be divided into two categories, finished goods or the rejects. — Toba Beta

Pigs Quotes By Simon Beaufoy

There isn't a more important issue in the world than global warming. Even the Cold War and the Bay of Pigs crisis were a notional threat. — Simon Beaufoy

Pigs Quotes By Fred Shero

When you have bacon and eggs for breakfast, the chicken makes a contribution, the pig makes a commitment. — Fred Shero

Pigs Quotes By Yann Martel

You see these guinea pigs? Well ... they'er not dangerous. — Yann Martel

Pigs Quotes By Pearl S. Buck

We must have this rule, for there are those whose hearts are so hard that they will come and buy this rice that is given for the poor--for a penny will not feed any man like this--and they will carry the rice home to feed to their pigs for slop. And the rice is for men and not for pigs" (Buck, 105). — Pearl S. Buck

Pigs Quotes By Lyall Watson

I have had close relationships with three species of wild pigs, each a chance encounter on a different continent, and all continue to enrich my life in surprising ways. — Lyall Watson

Pigs Quotes By Chris Kurtz

Cats are good at keeping clean [ ... ] Dogs are good at running forever without getting tired. And I think that pigs are good at being optimistic and not giving up even when things are really bad. So today we're going to do things the pig way, okay? — Chris Kurtz

Pigs Quotes By George Orwell

Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer - except, of course, for the pigs and the dogs. — George Orwell

Pigs Quotes By Paul Watson

Pigs eat more tuna than all the planet's sharks combined. — Paul Watson

Pigs Quotes By Adam Levine

There are two kinds of men. There are men who are f**king misogynist pigs and then there are men who really love women, who think they're the most amazing people in the world. And that's me. Maybe the reason I was promiscuous and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much. — Adam Levine

Pigs Quotes By Anna Quindlen

I Remember how we put in a security system to keep intruders out of the house, and how we only used it when we went on vacations. It didn't matter: OUr intruder had a place at our table, kew where we hid the Easter eggs and where we'd buried the pet guinea pigs, was so familiar that when I saw him in the bedroom doorway that last time I thought he was my own son, come to kill me. — Anna Quindlen

Pigs Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

Perhaps, when we remember wars, we should take off our clothes and paint ourselves blue and go on all fours all day long and grunt like pigs. That would surely be more appropriate than noble oratory and shows of flags and well-oiled guns. — Kurt Vonnegut

Pigs Quotes By Coco Chanel

Eat less than you think you want, eat with your intelligence, not your stomach. Never get up from the table with an inward, silent apology for being a pig. — Coco Chanel

Pigs Quotes By John Green

The pigs can't stop the fox; I'm too quick,' Takumi said to himself. I can rhyme while I run; I'm that slick. — John Green

Pigs Quotes By Arundhati Roy

Baby Kochamma grudged them their moments of high happiness when a dragonfly they'd caught lifted a small stone off their palms with its legs, or when they had permission to bathe the pigs, or they found an egg hot form a hen. But most of all, she grudged them the comfort they drew from each other. She expected from them some token unhappiness. At the very least. — Arundhati Roy

Pigs Quotes By Stieg Larsson

He comes off a little like Practical Pig in The Three Little Pigs. — Stieg Larsson

Pigs Quotes By John Updike

All those little congruences and arabesques you prepared with such delicate anticipatory pleasure are gobbled up as if by pigs at a pastry cart. — John Updike

Pigs Quotes By Bryan Fuller

As an animal lover and as a sometime-meat-eater, I've read so much about the emotional sophistication of pigs and cows and sheep that I do think twice when I do still eat them on occasion. — Bryan Fuller

Pigs Quotes By Mallory Ortberg

why did you turn my friends into pigs i don't know maybe the real question is why are your friends so turn-into-pigsable — Mallory Ortberg

Pigs Quotes By Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

My hope is that we can navigate through this world and our lives with the grace and integrity of those who need our protection. May we have the sense of humor and liveliness of the goats; may we have the maternal instincts and protective nature of the hens and the sassiness of the roosters. May we have the gentleness and strength of the cattle, and the wisdom, humility, and serenity of the donkeys. May we appreciate the need for community as do the sheep and choose our companion as carefully as do the rabbits. May we have the faithfulness and commitment to family as the geese, and adaptability and affability of the ducks. May we have the intelligence, loyalty, and affection of the pigs and the inquisitiveness, sensitivity, and playfulness of the turkeys.
My hope is that we learn from the animals what it is we need to become better people. — Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Pigs Quotes By Sigourney Weaver

Someday hopefully it won't be necessary to allocate a special evening to celebrate where we are and how far we've come ... someday women writers, producers and crew members will be so commonplace, and roles and salaries for actresses will outstrip those for men, and pigs will fly. — Sigourney Weaver

Pigs Quotes By Cloris Leachman

I have a terrible image in my mind of a cow going to slaughter. There's not a lot of fight in them. Pigs, they'd squeal and thrash around. They'd fight. It's almost as if cows don't know they have a choice. Not that they don't panic, but they do so in a quiet way. — Cloris Leachman