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Team Working Quotes By Helen Clark

Senator Obama will be taking office at a critical juncture. There are many pressing challenges facing the international community, including the global financial crisis and global warming. We look forward to working closely with President-elect Obama and his team to address these challenges. — Helen Clark

Team Working Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

We ought to encourage, build and strengthen one another. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Team Working Quotes By Brittainy C. Cherry

Well, everyone except me. My eyes were darting around the room to try to figure out who I would be partners with. The one problem with team projects was the idea of working in a team. The worst feeling in the world was looking around a classroom and realizing that you knew everyone, yet at the same time you knew no one at all. "Don't act like I don't see you all panicking and searching for who you will be paired with. Your partners aren't here." Mr. Harper held up a finger, silencing our — Brittainy C. Cherry

Team Working Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger

You act like a normal human being and you treat them [actors around] like a buddy because you're all working together. It's no different than being Governor. You put a team together and say, Guys, we all want to shine here. We all want to show that this administration is going to do things that other administrations have thought was impossible. Let's kick some ass together. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Team Working Quotes By Rivers Cuomo

I think if I wasn't a musician, I would be a high-school band director or orchestra director. I like working with large groups of musicians and bringing out the dynamics and accomplishing something as a team. — Rivers Cuomo

Team Working Quotes By Joe Hill

Him and God are supposed to be at war with each other. But if God hates sin and Satan punishes the sinners, aren't they working the same side of the street? Aren't the judge and the executioner on the same team? — Joe Hill

Team Working Quotes By Bill Walsh

There is another side [to ego] that can wreck a team or an organization. That is being distracted by your own importance. It can come from your insecurity in working with others. It can be the need to draw attention to yourself in the public arena. It can be a feeling that others are a threat to your own territory. These are all negative manifestations of ego, and if you are not alert to them, you get diverted and your work becomes diffused. Ego in these cases makes people insensitive to how they work with others and it ends up interfering with the real goal of any group efforts. — Bill Walsh

Team Working Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Building a team is just the beginning, keeping it together means progress and working together is success. — Henry David Thoreau

Team Working Quotes By Sara Jane Stone

And when you're not partying in Vegas, what do you do?" she asked. "Prepare for your role as the next James Bond?"
"No, I don't work alone."
She cocked her head as if trying to make sense of his words.
"I'm a SEAL in Uncle Sam's Navy. When I'm working, I have a team of guys who could kick James Bond's ass watching my back, covering my six at all times. — Sara Jane Stone

Team Working Quotes By Peter Hoeg

There in bed, happiness comes over me. Not like something that belongs to me, but like a wheel of fire rolling through the room and the world. For a moment I think I'll manage to let it pass and be able to lie there, aware of what I have, and not wish for anything more. The next moment I want to hang on. I want it to continue. He has to lie beside me tomorrow, too. This is my chance. My only, my last chance. I swing my legs onto the floor. Now I'm panic-stricken. This is what I've been working to avoid for thirty-seven years. I've systematically practiced the only thing in the world that is worth learning. How to renounce. I've stopped hoping for anything. When experienced humility becomes an Olympic discipline, I'll be on the national team. I've never had any patience for other people's unhappy love affairs. I hate their weakness. — Peter Hoeg

Team Working Quotes By Allan Fromme

People have been known to achieve more as a result of working with others than against them. — Allan Fromme

Team Working Quotes By Robert C. Martin

You should choose a set of simple rules that govern the format of your code, and then you should consistently apply those rules. If you are working on a team, then the team should agree to a single set of formatting rules and all members should comply. — Robert C. Martin

Team Working Quotes By Tim Harford

The supermarket chain Whole Foods has quite a radical employee empowerment program, where employees get to decide whether another employee can work in their team or not. If they think this person's a slacker, doesn't have good ideas, they can vote and say, no, we don't want this person to be working with us on the vegetable aisle. — Tim Harford

Team Working Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Great teamwork, great results. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Team Working Quotes By Otto Rehhagel

A football team is really a big family. There's a give and take ... but a few are working for their name only. They go the whole week trying to figure out who said something, what they said and where it happened instead of showing that they're big men. — Otto Rehhagel

Team Working Quotes By Shaquille O'Neal

Probably a lack of concentration. I always hit them during practice. I just need to concentrate. Even though I should a lousy percentage, I beat a lot of teams from the line. You have to have mechanics. But see, what people don't know about my wrists is my wrists don't go all the way back. My wrists are crooked and don't go all the way back. I've been practicing and working on them. You can't do everything good. — Shaquille O'Neal

Team Working Quotes By Mike Tindall

I was an ambassador for Betway during the Rugby World Cup and at the moment I'm working as an ambassador for Artemis Investment Management. I also organised the first Rugby Aid in 2015. We had celebrities playing rugby against former England team players and raised a ton of money for Rugby For Heroes [a charity for former servicemen and women]. Only one celeb got crunched quite badly - Jaime Laing from Made in Chelsea ended up with cracked ribs. — Mike Tindall

Team Working Quotes By Ciara Renee

I loved working on 'The Flash.' I love the team there. — Ciara Renee

Team Working Quotes By John Wooden

The greatest ally you have to get things working well and the players performing as a team is the bench. Don't be afraid to use it, either for the star player or anyone else. — John Wooden

Team Working Quotes By Satya Nadella

I think playing cricket taught me more about working in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career. — Satya Nadella

Team Working Quotes By Nguyen Quyen

Our society loves to romanticize the idea of the single, solo inventor who, working late in the lab one night, makes an earthshaking discovery, and voila, overnight everything's changed. That's a very appealing picture; however, it's just not true. Medicine today is a team sport. — Nguyen Quyen

Team Working Quotes By Patricia Brooks

It's wonderful to work for a company that gives so much back to its communities, especially to our children. Donations are only one way we support our communities. Our team members also volunteer their time and energies to a number of different local groups, including this aquarium. We form partnerships with these organizations because we feel we can accomplish more together than if we were each working on our own. — Patricia Brooks

Team Working Quotes By Adam Driver

Something I learned in the Marine Corps that I've applied to acting is, one, taking direction, and then working with a group of people to accomplish a mission and knowing your role within that team. — Adam Driver

Team Working Quotes By Dave Foley

NBC is working with a team of astrophysicists to create a new day of the week. — Dave Foley

Team Working Quotes By C. John Miller

The beating heart of Christ's planting of churches is found in corporate prayer. It is through corporate intercession that the leader and the team of shepherds find release from fears, misconceptions, prejudices, pride, and self-will. This release comes as Christ Himself visits them. He makes them one in heart and mind as they pray together. What are they seeking? For God to work in others, of course, but as a presupposition of His working they must be seeking a manifestation of Christ's presence in their own hearts and lives. — C. John Miller

Team Working Quotes By Shawn Achor

if you want to set the tone or mood, make sure you get some of the first words in. Think about it, which meeting would you prefer to attend? One that starts with "Let's get going because we have so much to do today and a lot of fires to put out" or one that starts with "I'm happy to see you all today - it's great that we have such a strong team working on these exciting new projects"? Same reality but a very different outlook. Then sit back and watch how people's engagement and motivation improve in response to your power lead. It's one of the most effective tools in this book. — Shawn Achor

Team Working Quotes By Marvin Bower

I believe that leaders and leadership teams working together in a proper design will run the business more effectively than by hierarchical, command-and-control managing. But I can't prove that. And there are no models. — Marvin Bower

Team Working Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

We serve, we belong! — Lailah Gifty Akita

Team Working Quotes By Kurt Busch

There wouldn't be any way I could have jumped into Cup with the success I had without the truck series. I wish I had more time to spend there. There are so many things the truck teaches you about aerodynamics, the professional ranks of racing, and working with a professional team. — Kurt Busch

Team Working Quotes By Martin Margiela

While working as a team, you push yourself forward and move outside the boundaries. It's a great thing. — Martin Margiela

Team Working Quotes By Sophia Dembling

It's not that introverts aren't good team players. We just don't need to be in the same room as the rest of the team at all times. We would much prefer to have part of the project carved out for us to squirrel away with it in our offices, consulting as necessary but working independently. — Sophia Dembling

Team Working Quotes By Larry The Cable Guy

I follow the baseball team on the Internet more than I do the football team. Generally you can get a Nebraska game anywhere. Before I started doing big arenas and stuff and had a tour bus when I was just working comedy clubs way back when I would always listen to the games in my hotel room on the Internet. — Larry The Cable Guy

Team Working Quotes By Stephen Kendrick

But after about a year praying, there was just this clear direction. The leadership team believed that God was leading us to focus on fatherhood. If God is leading, then God will provide. So we begin to get storyline ideas that lined up with the subject of fatherhood that we're working on and fitting, and we were thinking, okay this is good. At the same time, as we are studying scriptures and we're on our journey as fathers, we are learning about fatherhood every day. — Stephen Kendrick

Team Working Quotes By Dwight D. Eisenhower

American working men are principals in the three-member team of capital, management, labor. Never have they regarded themselves as a servile class that could attain freedom only through destruction of the industrial economy. — Dwight D. Eisenhower

Team Working Quotes By Roger Enrico

As soon as everyone is on the bandwagon with one idea, a leader should be working on the next one. — Roger Enrico

Team Working Quotes By Cornel West

We want an economic team, Paul Krugman and Robert Kuttner, Joseph Steiglitz's people and others, who say, you know what? We're sophisticated economists but we're concerned about poor and working people. — Cornel West

Team Working Quotes By Quincy Jones

Louis 'Thunder Thumbs' Johnson was one of the greatest bass players to ever pick up the instrument, as a member of the Brothers Johnson, we shared decades of magical times working together in the studio and touring the world. From my albums 'Body Heat' and 'Mellow Madness,' to their platinum albums 'Look Out for #1,' 'Right On Time,' 'Blam' and 'Light Up the Night,' which I produced, to Michael's solo debut 'Off the Wall,' I considered Louis a core member of my production team. He was a dear and beloved friend and brother, and I will miss his presence and joy of life every day. — Quincy Jones

Team Working Quotes By John C. Maxwell

A team doesn't win the championship if its players are working from different agendas. — John C. Maxwell

Team Working Quotes By Jon Gordon

I've always believed that culture is defined and created from the top down, but it comes to life from the bottom up. This meant that I had to build our culture by working with the leadership group (i.e., the owner, general manager, and executives), the coaching staff, and the football team. To strengthen the culture among the leadership group, it was important to reiterate to the owner, team president, and general manager the shared beliefs, values, and expectations that we had discussed in depth when I was interviewing for the head coaching position. It was important to have collaborative conversations on a regular basis to discuss the changes we were making and why we were making them. — Jon Gordon

Team Working Quotes By Archie Kalokerinos

In 1976 I was working in the Gulf Country around Cape York, in an aboriginal community of about 300 people. The Health Department sent around a team and vaccinated about 100 of them against flu. Six were dead within 24 hours or so and they weren't all old people, one man being in his early twenties. They threw the bodies in trucks to take to the coast where autopsies were done. It appeared they had died from heart attacks. — Archie Kalokerinos

Team Working Quotes By Tobin Heath

Even with my non-believing teammates, there is a great amount of unity and I truly believe that's God working. It's really cool in team sports when you're united around a belief or something you want to accomplish. — Tobin Heath

Team Working Quotes By Sachin Bansal

At Amazon, we were not working with the e-commerce division but with the Web services team. We started Flipkart completely from scrap. Moreover, the whole shopping behaviour and infrastructure challenges in the Indian market were different from that in the U.S. and European markets. — Sachin Bansal

Team Working Quotes By David Morrissey

The reason I wanted to start directing is that as an actor I felt I came into a job late. There's a whole team of people who have been working on it for months before you start. You have this really intense period of filming and then you leave it, knowing that the director will work on it for another few months. — David Morrissey

Team Working Quotes By Jerry Seinfeld

You know you really need some help. A regular psychiatrist couldn't even help you. You need to go to like Vienna or something. You know what I mean? You need to get involved at the University level. Like where Freud studied and have all those people looking at you and checking up on you. That's the kind of help you need. Not the once a week for eighty bucks. No. You need a team. A team of psychiatrists working round the clock thinking about you, having conferences, observing you, like the way they did with the Elephant Man. That's what I'm talking about because that's the only way you're going to get better. — Jerry Seinfeld

Team Working Quotes By Lucy H. Pearce

Day surfing is the act of filling a day with no money, and no plans, seeing where you wash up: head into town, start at the library, then onto the pet shop, watch the road construction team working, a run in the park, listen to a busker. Day surfing is a much larger challenge at home, where it can often be white knuckle survival. — Lucy H. Pearce

Team Working Quotes By Jesse McCartney

Anybody who has a career is going to have to deal with a rumor in their time, or something that usually isn't true. I have a great team behind me and a family that supports me. I just care too much about my career. I have been working too long to let it slip away for something stupid. — Jesse McCartney

Team Working Quotes By Craig Fugate

The state team is committed to working with our federal partners in meeting the needs of Floridians who were affected by Hurricane Wilma. We want to be as thorough as possible in this vital endeavor. — Craig Fugate

Team Working Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

If you're not working to get your business or investing operation to operate without you, you're thinking too small. Think team and systems. — Robert Kiyosaki

Team Working Quotes By Clay Aiken

It's a whole team of people working 24 hours around the clock to make me look like this. — Clay Aiken

Team Working Quotes By Bo Schembechler

You don't treat the so-called little people poorly, because we don't have any little people here! The trainers, the managers, the secretaries, the people who work in the dorms and cafeterias and classroom buildings are all professionals, and they're all important or they wouldn't be working for Michigan football. — Bo Schembechler

Team Working Quotes By Rafer Johnson

From the very start in 1969, I wanted to be a part of helping our Special Olympics athletes succeed. I wanted to be on Eunice Shirver's team as another set of eyes, another set of hands and a heart working to be there for them, finding a way to help them be the best they can be. — Rafer Johnson

Team Working Quotes By Kathryn Minshew

I am a big advocate for having an open discussion about team norms and preferences. At The Muse, some of us like to start working at 7:30 A.M. Others focus best from 10 P.M. to 2 A.M. Create a culture where it's acceptable not to be working when someone else is working. — Kathryn Minshew

Team Working Quotes By Duane G. Carey

Being in space, I'm really looking forward to working with this team of folks that I'm with. — Duane G. Carey

Team Working Quotes By Dwight D. Eisenhower

It is better to have one person working with you than three people working for you. — Dwight D. Eisenhower

Team Working Quotes By Ed Catmull

A better measure of our success is to look at the people on our team and see how they are working together. Can they rally to solve key problems? If the answer is yes, you are managing well. — Ed Catmull

Team Working Quotes By Frances Varian

The better I understood my education, the angrier I became that most working-class and poor people are denied one. Why are the children of doctors, lawyers, and engineers taught the mysteries of existence while the children of janitors and waitresses are taught fear? I developed a preoccupation with my own inadequacies, aided by a few professors of elitism. To combat my growing anxiety, I began to envision myself a class spy. I would soak up all of the information they could give me and run reconnaissance for my team. — Frances Varian

Team Working Quotes By Fernando Torres

Liverpool is a massive club in reputation, but as soon as I came here, it felt like Atletico to me. It is a working city, an honest city. The people work all week, and on Saturday they want to go to Anfield and watch the best team in the world. — Fernando Torres

Team Working Quotes By Rhianna Pratchett

I think 'Overlord' has definitely benefited because I work with every single level designer, and working where we have space to tell the story. That's what it's all about - getting writers and storytellers involved in the team and being a back and forth process. — Rhianna Pratchett

Team Working Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

We are capable of performing the task. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Team Working Quotes By Russel Honore

Leadership means forming a team and working toward common objectives that are tied to time, metrics, and resources. — Russel Honore

Team Working Quotes By Diane Von Furstenberg

My favorite days are the ones where I deal only with my own team, design, marketing, working on the next accessories collection. — Diane Von Furstenberg

Team Working Quotes By Katie Reus

Her lips curved up then, as if she liked his answer. "Are you working tomorrow?"
Dax nodded. "Yeah. Training stuff." He was running weapons-training exercises with three of his guys and a small team of DEA agents. They liked to do joint operations, especially in Miami, where there was a smorgasbord of government agencies. But he couldn't tell her that.
"When do you get off?"
The way she said "get off" brought up all sorts of images. Hannah must have read his expression, because she shook her head. "Pervert," she muttered.
He grinned, liking the camaraderie between them, as if part of that wall she'd erected had been knocked down. — Katie Reus

Team Working Quotes By Stephanie Faris

I suddenly thought back to a time when I was crying on the playground in first grade. We'd all been working on an art project and I was put on a team with Chelsea, her neighbor Erica, and a girl named Mary Jo Myers. We were all supposed to work together, but the three of them cut me out completely, acting like I wasn't even there. If I spoke, they ignored me. If I tried to do something, they pulled it out of my reach. I was in tears by the time we broke for recess, sure nobody in the world liked me. — Stephanie Faris

Team Working Quotes By Steven Berkoff

The great actors we had came from the actor-manager theaters. Not only did they create a team, they were the generals working with the soldiers. — Steven Berkoff

Team Working Quotes By Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Working together as a team helps build a cohesive organization. — Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Team Working Quotes By Steve Capus

Working in network news is not a solitary pursuit; it is the ultimate 'team sport,' in which success is derived from the collective performances of remarkable people united in purpose and dedication. — Steve Capus

Team Working Quotes By Gene Hackman

The worst job I ever had was working nights in the Chrysler Building. I was part of a team of about five guys, and we polished the leather furniture. — Gene Hackman

Team Working Quotes By John C. Maxwell

In my organizations I don't have employees; I have teammates. Yes, I do pay people and offer them benefits. But people don't work for me. They work with me. We are working together to fulfill the vision. Without them, I cannot succeed. Without me, they cannot succeed. We're a team. We reach our goals together. We need each other. If we didn't, then one of us is in the wrong place. — John C. Maxwell

Team Working Quotes By Todd Parker

A "sales process" typically refers to a teachable, repeatable set of steps that you or a sales team could use when working with a potential client or customer to move them from a 'lead' to a 'closed' sales or customer. — Todd Parker

Team Working Quotes By Nicola Sturgeon

I and Alex Salmond are not in competition - we are on the same side; we are on the same team, working together. — Nicola Sturgeon

Team Working Quotes By Stanley McChrystal

Purpose affirms trust, trust affirms purpose, and together they forge individuals into a working team. — Stanley McChrystal

Team Working Quotes By Richard Branson

I just love every minute of my life. I love the variety. Every minute of every day I'm meeting fascinating new people, learning and working with wonderful teams of people creating wonderful things. — Richard Branson

Team Working Quotes By Thomas L. Friedman

In 2011, the NASSCOM team introduced me to Aloke Bajpai, who, like others on his young team, cut his teeth working for Western technology companies but returned to India on a bet that he could start something - he just didn't know what. The result was Ixigo, a travel search service that can run on the cheapest cell phones and helps Indians book the lowest-cost fares, whether it is a farmer who wants to go by bus or train for a few rupees from Chennai to Bangalore or a millionaire who wants to go by plane to Paris. Ixigo is today the biggest travel search platform in India, with millions of users. To build it, Bajpai leveraged the supernova, using free open-source software, Skype, and cloud-based office tools such as Google Apps and social media marketing on Facebook. They "enabled us to grow so much faster with no money," he told me. It — Thomas L. Friedman

Team Working Quotes By Chris Hill

Hockey and cooking are similar in so many ways, especially if you are a player-coach, the guy in charge on the ice, a role I would closely relate to that of a chef in the kitchen - they are both contact sports.

You've gotta keep your head up, keep moving and communicate well. Even though you might be the leader in the kitchen or on the ice, you need to understand that that you're part of a working machine and that machine stops working if one of the pieces isn't working in unison with the others. I learned from a very young age the importance of being part of this team dynamic and how hard work can take you to so many different places.

(Chef Duane Keller) — Chris Hill

Team Working Quotes By Brendan Iribe

We've been working with Paul Bettner and the Playful team since the beginning of Oculus. Paul was one of, I think, seven $5,000 Kickstarter backers. — Brendan Iribe

Team Working Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Keep working while grace abound. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Team Working Quotes By Angelina Maccarone

'The Look' is my first documentary, and I enjoyed the freedom of working within a small team. — Angelina Maccarone

Team Working Quotes By Kyle Cassie

There's no bigger rush than working as a huge team on a set in film and television. — Kyle Cassie

Team Working Quotes By Ben Edlund

Simon: You're in a dangerous line of work, Jayne. Odds are you'll be under my knife again, often. So I want you to understand one thing very clearly: No matter what you do or say or plot, no matter how you come down on us, I will never, ever harm you. You're on this table, you're safe ... 'cause I'm your medic. And however little we may like or trust each other, we're on the same crew. Got the same troubles, same enemies, and more than enough of both. Now, we could circle each other and growl, sleep with one eye open, but that thought wearies me. I don't care what you've done, I don't know what you're planning on doing, but I'm trusting you. I think you should do the same. 'Cause I don't see this working any other way.
River: Also, I can kill you with my brain. — Ben Edlund

Team Working Quotes By Carolyn Porco

While I was there, Voyager flew by Saturn. I got involved with a person who was a member of the imaging team and started working on data from Saturn, ... With all that data coming in, the imaging team didn't have enough hands or scientists to work on all of it. — Carolyn Porco

Team Working Quotes By Brad Stone

In early 2002, as part of a new personal ritual, he took time after the holidays to think and read. (In this respect, Microsoft's Bill Gates, who also took such annual think weeks, served as a positive example.) Returning to the company after a few weeks, Bezos presented his next big idea to the S Team in the basement of his Medina, Washington, home. The entire company, he said, would restructure itself around what he called "two-pizza teams." Employees would be organized into autonomous groups of fewer than ten people - small enough that, when working late, the team members could be fed with two pizza pies. These teams would be independently set loose on Amazon's biggest problems. — Brad Stone

Team Working Quotes By Alex Bregman

I'm just worried about winning baseball. I'm only worried about what I can do to help the team win. It's about improving in every facet of the game. I think that's everyone's goals. Whatever we can do to help the team win is what we'll do. I think Andy has done a great job of coming in and helping our offense. AD is getting those pitchers ready. Coach Mainieri is going to coach up some wins this year. We are very excited and working on every facet of the game. — Alex Bregman

Team Working Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

In addition, there are huge benefits to communal effort in and of itself. By definition, all organizations consist of people working together. Focusing on the team leads to better results for the simple reason that well-functioning groups are stronger than individuals. Teams that work together well outperform those that don't. And success feels better when it's shared with others. So perhaps one positive result of having more women at the top is that our leaders will have been trained to care more about the well-being of others. My hope, of course, is that we won't have to play by these archaic rules forever and that eventually we can all just be ourselves. We — Sheryl Sandberg

Team Working Quotes By Fernando Perez

Playing catch is often the first professional act of the day, it's a transition from personal life to team business. Lastly, as all position players think they can pitch, at least half of us are working on our off-speed stuff likely at the detriment of our elbows and shoulders, but we can't help it. It's too much fun. My changeup has come a long way since high school. — Fernando Perez

Team Working Quotes By Russell Tuckerton

This role is perfectly aligned with where I want to grow my career and what I've been working towards, and given my skills and experiences, I feel I can make a significant contribution to both this team and company, and, as part of the overall team, help drive the company to the next level. — Russell Tuckerton

Team Working Quotes By Anonymous

Find ways for people to shape their work and the company In addition to stripping leaders of the traditional tools of power and relying on facts to make decisions, we give Googlers uncommon freedom in shaping their own work and the company. Google isn't the first to do so. For over sixty-five years, 3M has offered its employees 15 percent of their time to explore: "A core belief of 3M is that creativity needs freedom. That's why, since about 1948, we've encouraged our employees to spend 15% of their working time on their own projects. To take our resources, to build up a unique team, and to follow their own insights in pursuit of problem-solving."103 Post-it Notes famously came out of this program, as did a clever abrasive material, Trizact, which somehow sharpens itself as it's used. — Anonymous

Team Working Quotes By Cat Deeley

One thing for me that modeling definitely did was that you go to do a different job every day, and you are working with a completely new team of people. You have to learn how to talk to people and how to creatively achieve the same goals. I think it just hones your people skills. — Cat Deeley

Team Working Quotes By Josh Wood

Josh's father felt Josh should bond with his fellow injured patients in the ward. This was something I really dissuaded Josh from doing. I didn't want him to hear the hardships, battles, and frustrations that others were going through. I also didn't want Josh to take on their fears and frustrations. We were always pleasant and polite to everyone else in the ward, but my only concern was Josh, and it was enough for us to focus just on his issues. I found the whole Acute Spinal Ward experience extremely negative and distressingly sad with no great healing or recovery objective. The message from the medical team was always, without fail, acceptance of the prognosis. This was totally the opposite message of what we presented and instilled into Josh. We slowly gained evidence that our non-traditional approach was working. — Josh Wood

Team Working Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

There is enough work for everybody. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Team Working Quotes By Luke Bracey

I see similarities in the sports I played growing up in the sense of how I tackle a role when I get a job. A lot of effort goes in on an individual basis. There is a lot of time spent by yourself working on your craft and what you have to do. But, at the end of the day, you're there to serve the movie just like you would the rugby team. — Luke Bracey

Team Working Quotes By Donita K. Paul

Fine, if you see no reason to worry about bisonbecks who do the bidding of Risto'
he sat down on a log and pulled out his lunch
'or mordakleeps who team up with anything nasty and currently have a wonderful working relationship with that same evil wizard Risto, then why should I worry? Why should we warn Kale?'
Leetu's scowl turned darker.
Dar lifted his sandwich to his mouth, but had one more thing to say before he bit into it. 'Actually, I agree with you. Worrying now over an encounter that might occur later would only ruin our digestion. — Donita K. Paul

Team Working Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

A call to duty, a call for service. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Team Working Quotes By Daniel Boulud

I am very proud of Jim Leiken. He has worked with me for six years and has been patient enough to learn the ropes. He's now matured into a true chef and is working on building his team. — Daniel Boulud

Team Working Quotes By Michael Schumacher

I like working in a team, and at Ferrari there is always good cooperation. — Michael Schumacher

Team Working Quotes By Keeley Hawes

I am delighted to join Doctor Who and to be working with this incredible team. Ms Delphox is a great character and someone I've had a lot of fun playing. — Keeley Hawes

Team Working Quotes By Tim Cook

While our team managed the manufacturing ramp better than ever before, we could have sold many more iPhones with greater supply and we are working hard to fill orders as quickly as possible. — Tim Cook

Team Working Quotes By Damon Hill

Because it is my second season with the team, no time has been wasted in getting to know the people I'm working with. I am aware of what the team is capable of and how the organisation works, and they are familiar with what makes me tick. — Damon Hill

Team Working Quotes By Bram Cohen

I can come off as pretty arrogant, but it's because I know I'm right. I'm very, very good at writing protocols. I've accomplished more working on my own than I ever did as part of a team. — Bram Cohen

Team Working Quotes By Jeremy Heimans

Building up an organisation is like starting a social movement. At the center of everything is the core team. I have the honor of working with some phenomenal people at Purpose who are at the top of their fields. That energy and common purpose among the team is what inspires me and where the magic happens. — Jeremy Heimans

Team Working Quotes By Nick Saban

We have three kinds of guys on our team. We have guys that get it; they play good; they understand how to play winning football. We have some guys that are trying to get it, and they are working hard every day? We are supporting them, and we want the guys that have it to support them. Then we have some guys that don't get it and don't know that they don't get it. We are trying to replace them. We only have a couple left. — Nick Saban