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Tango Music Quotes By Gary Burton

I've discovered all kinds of music and done all kinds of music over the past 40 years, from playing tango with Piazzolla to all the different bands I've had. — Gary Burton

Tango Music Quotes By Mark Rubinstein

A good read is like dancing a tango with the author. You feel the music, give yourself over, move in unison to the music of words. ~ Mark Rubinstein — Mark Rubinstein

Tango Music Quotes By Yo-Yo Ma

The tango is really a combination of many cultures, though it eventually became the national music of Argentina. — Yo-Yo Ma

Tango Music Quotes By Carolina De Robertis

So that's all we're doingoing here now? Catering to the rich?'

'We'really here for the tango,' Santiago said. 'Our music will reach far more people because we'really here'

'And the workers? The tango came from us, it belongs to us! — Carolina De Robertis

Tango Music Quotes By Jamie Foxx

Will.i.am and I performed at Wango Tango. That's when my daughter said that I had made it in music. — Jamie Foxx

Tango Music Quotes By Kapka Kassabova

...'You are like tango music itself, Kapka.' Julio says, catching his breath. 'You're the universal woman- wherever you go, you will always be a local and a stranger at the same time. — Kapka Kassabova

Tango Music Quotes By Carlos Gavito

I think those who say that you can't tango if you are not Argentine are mistaken. Tango was an immigrant music ... so it does not have a nationality. It's only passport is feeling. — Carlos Gavito

Tango Music Quotes By Gustavo Santaolalla

I grew up listening to everything. You know, from Argentinean folk music, tango, jazz, rock, just everything. — Gustavo Santaolalla

Tango Music Quotes By David Byrne

A history of nightlife!
what an interesting concept. A history of a people, told not through their daily travails and successive political upheavals, but via the changes in their nightly celebrations and unwindings. History is, in this telling, accompanied by a bottle of Malbec, some fine Argentine steak, tango music, dancing, and gossip. It unfolds through and alongside illicit activities that take place in the multitude of discos, dance parlors, and clubs. Its direction, the way people live, is determined on half-lit streets, in bars, and in smoky late-night restaurants. This history is inscribed in songs, on menus, via half-remembered conversations, love affairs, drunken fights, and years of drug abuse. — David Byrne

Tango Music Quotes By Erol Ozan

Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment. — Erol Ozan

Tango Music Quotes By Ruben Blades

Tango was very popular in Panama at the time when I was growing up. In the Fifties in Panama, the radio stations played all types of music. — Ruben Blades

Tango Music Quotes By Juan Carlos Copes

The tango is the man and woman in search of each other. It is the search for an embrace, a way to be together, when the man feels that he is a male and the woman feels that she is female, without machismo. She likes to be led; he likes to lead. Disagreements may occur later or they may not. When that moment comes, it is important to have positive and productive dialogue, fifty-fifty. The music arouses and torments, the dance is the coupling of two people defenseless against the world and powerless to change things. — Juan Carlos Copes