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Sustainable Environment Quotes By Lionel Shriver

We need to recognise that slowing population growth is one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways of easing pressure on our environment and securing a sustainable future for us all — Lionel Shriver

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Phil Harding

A sustainable business is resource efficient, respects the environment and is a good neighbour — Phil Harding

Sustainable Environment Quotes By John Denver

No one person has to do it all but if each one of us follow our heart and our own inclinations we will find the small things that we can do to create a sustainable future and a healthy environment. — John Denver

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Bill Gates

Innovations that are guided by smallholder farmers, adapted to local circumstances, and sustainable for the economy and environment will be necessary to ensure food security in the future. — Bill Gates

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

It is only individual great forces, which must be pulled together, in our common vision of combating the climate change. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Lucy H. Pearce

If we are to be women in power, then it must be power on very different terms. we have to find a new source of energy. New structures of power. Ones that don't deplete us or our environment. We need to run our lives on sustainable energy. — Lucy H. Pearce

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Steven Poole

One buzzphrase that arose was 'sustainable development', which was used in two very different senses by opposing groups, because it left vague by what metric sustainability might be measured. Environmental groups meant by 'sustainability' a holistic approach by which life as we know it might be sustained. Scientists talked about 'sustainable cities' to mean cities that would not be destroyed by flooding in the wake of global warming. But to others, 'sustainable' meant a financial approach by which the oil industry as we know it might be sustained: sustainability was the minimum amount of environmental care that was affordable by those whose activities harmed the environment. — Steven Poole

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Andy Hargreaves

Sustainable leadership does no harm to and actively improves the surrounding environment. — Andy Hargreaves

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Fritjof Capra

[O]rganizations need to undergo fundamental changes, both in order to adapt to the new business environment and to become ecologically sustainable. — Fritjof Capra

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Dennis Kucinich

It is time for a sustainable energy policy which puts consumers, the environment, human health, and peace first. — Dennis Kucinich

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Bill Bigelow

At a time when we need an urgent national conversation about how schools and curriculum should address the environmental crisis, we're being told that the problems we need to focus on are teacher incompetence, government monopoly, and market competition. The reform agenda reflects the same private interests that are moving to shrink public space-interests that have no desire to raise questions that might encourage students to think critically about the roots of the environmental crisis, or to examine society's unsustainable distribution of wealth and power. — Bill Bigelow

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Eliot Coleman

The only truly dependable production technologies are those that are sustainable over the long term. By that very definition, they must avoid erosion, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource waste. Any rational food-production system will emphasize the well-being of the soil-air-water biosphere, the creatures which inhabit it, and the human beings who depend upon it. — Eliot Coleman

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Wangari Maathai

We owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to conserve the environment so that we can bequeath our children a sustainable world that benefits all. — Wangari Maathai

Sustainable Environment Quotes By John Robbins

It is increasingly obvious that environmentally sustainable solutions to world hunger can only emerge as people eat more plant foods and fewer animal products. To me it is deeply moving that the same food choices that give us the best chance to eliminate world hunger are also those that take the least toll on the environment, contribute the most to our long-term health, are the safest, and are also, far and away, the most compassionate towards our fellow creatures. — John Robbins

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Ian Lowe

The slogan used to be 'Populate or perish'. We can now see that it is more like 'Populate and perish'. A sustainable future has to be based on stabilisation of both population and consumption. — Ian Lowe

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Ban Ki-moon

Cities can be the engine of social equity and economic opportunity. They can help us reduce our carbon footprint and protect the global environment. That is why it is so important that we work together to build the capacity of mayors and all those concerned in planning and running sustainable cities. — Ban Ki-moon

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Cameron Conaway

It's cool when fashion recycles itself, it's not cool when sustainable living does because it means there was (and is as I write) a period of absolute and possibly irreversible destruction. — Cameron Conaway

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Pope Benedict XVI

My dear friends, God's creation is one and it is good. The concerns for nonviolence, sustainable development, justice and peace, and care for our environment are of vital importance for humanity. They cannot, however, be understood apart from a profound reflection on the innate dignity of every human life from conception to natural death: a dignity conferred by God himself and thus inviolable. — Pope Benedict XVI

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Vesanto Melina

To the greatest extent possible, I try to make choices that involve the least amount of cruelty and environmental damage. I'm interested in sustainable agriculture, environmental issues, human rights, and my interconnectedness in the web of life. It is a great pleasure for me to find products and practices that have a positive effect on living beings and the environment, rather than a negative one. — Vesanto Melina

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Pope Benedict XVI

Preservation of the environment, promotion of sustainable development and particular attention to climate change are matters of grave concern for the entire human family. — Pope Benedict XVI

Sustainable Environment Quotes By James Cameron

You can have a strong economy or you can help the environment, but you can't do both at the same time. That's ridiculous. In fact, as a sustainable vision for a healthy economy has to involve changing our energy policy and changing with respect to the natural world. Because we're hitting nature's thresholds, we're hitting nature's limits with respect to water and crop yields and energy use and fossil fuels heating the atmosphere at the same time we're past global peak and running out of that. — James Cameron

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Jim Clyburn

We have a moral responsibility to protect the earth and ensure that our children and grandchildren have a healthy and sustainable environment in which to live. — Jim Clyburn

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Sylvia Dolson

Nature is inexhaustibly sustainable if we care for it. It is our universal responsibility to pass a healthy earth onto future generations. — Sylvia Dolson

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Maurice Strong

Also, it is interesting that developing countries, with China and India perhaps in the lead, where the future of the global environment will be decided are now on board with the case for sustainable development. — Maurice Strong

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Elon Musk

Even if producing CO2 was good for the environment, given that we're going to run out of hydrocarbons, we need to find some sustainable means of operating. — Elon Musk

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Narendra Modi

If we want the world to be a better place to live, we have to treat it as one unit. If we want economic growth to be pervasive, we have to make people its partners. If we want the process of development to be sustainable, we have to work with the environment. — Narendra Modi

Sustainable Environment Quotes By David Orr

Were we to confront our creaturehood squarely, how would we propose to educate? The answer, I think is implied in the root of the word education, educe, which means "to draw out." What needs to be drawn out is our affinity for life. That affinity needs opportunities to grow and flourish, it needs to be validated, it needs to be instructed and disciplined, and it needs to be harnessed to the goal of building humane and sustainable societies. Education that builds on our affinity for life would lead to a kind of awakening of possibilities and potentials that lie dormant and unused in the industrial-utilitarian mind. Therefore the task of education, as Dave Forman stated, is to help us 'open our souls to love this glorious, luxuriant, animated, planet.' The good news is that our own nature will help us in the process if we let it. — David Orr

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

Doesn't the Federal Farm bill help out all these poor farmers?
No. It used to, but ever since its inception just after the Depression, the Federal Farm Bill has slowly been altered by agribusiness lobbyists. It is now largely corporate welfare ... It is this, rather than any improved efficiency or productiveness, that has allowed corporations to take over farming in the United States, leaving fewer than a third of our farms still run by families.
But those family-owned farms are the ones more likely to use sustainable techniques, protect the surrounding environment, maintain green spaces, use crop rotations and management for pest and weed controls, and apply fewer chemicals. In other words, they're doing exactly what 80 percent of U.S. consumers say we would prefer to support, while our tax dollars do the opposite. — Barbara Kingsolver

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Dean Kamen

Technology is how we create wealth, how we cure diseases, how we'll build an environment that's sustainable and also gives people the capacity to pull more out of this world and still leave it better than when they found it. — Dean Kamen

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Deepak Chopra

New Age values are conscious evolution, a non-sectarian society, a non-military culture, global sharing, healing the environment, sustainable economies, self-determination, social justice, economic empowerment of the poor, love, compassion in action, going beyond religious fundamentalism, going beyond nationalism-extreme nationalism, culture. — Deepak Chopra

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Frank Murkowski

I firmly believe that we can have a healthy environment and a sustainable timber industry. — Frank Murkowski

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Bernie Sanders

As a member of both the energy and environment committees, I am constantly astounded by how many of my colleagues prefer to focus on what the government can do for the nuclear or coal industries rather than why the government should support clean and sustainable energy. — Bernie Sanders

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Joseph P. Kauffman

The current practices of distributing resources are not sustainable and will continue to harm the environment if we do not evolve our methods into procedures that are more practical based on the needs of today's society. — Joseph P. Kauffman

Sustainable Environment Quotes By Ban Ki-moon

The basic building block of peace and security for all peoples is economic and social security, anchored in sustainable development. It is a key to all problems. Why? Because it allows us to address all the great issues-poverty, climate, environment and political stability-as parts of the whole. — Ban Ki-moon