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Top Supportive Wife Quotes

Supportive Wife Quotes By Clayton M Christensen

My wife comes most of the times I teach and stands on the front row to help me. She's been wonderfully supportive. — Clayton M Christensen

Supportive Wife Quotes By Brandi Carlile

My wife even thinks our next album should be recorded in our house, and we should move all the furniture out to the garage. I'm not sure how many spouses would be supportive of that, much less come up with the idea. — Brandi Carlile

Supportive Wife Quotes By Ted Chiang

You couldn't ask a person to remain supportive through any crisis. If a man's wife were suddenly afflicted with a mental illness, it would be a sin for him to leave her, but a forgivable one. To stay would mean accepting a different kind of relationship, something not everyone was cut out for ...
'Division by Zero — Ted Chiang

Supportive Wife Quotes By James Comey

My wife Patrice, in addition to being enormously supportive, has taught me a lot about life. She might argue it's because I have so much to learn. One of the most important things I've learned is the art of listening. — James Comey

Supportive Wife Quotes By Donald Driver

I love it right now. I love being retired. I think I retired at a perfect time in my career. Now I get an opportunity to spend time with my wife and kids and get to be very supportive of them. My son is playing football right now. My daughter is in gymnastics. Both are competing at a high level. So it came at the right time. — Donald Driver

Supportive Wife Quotes By Melissa Etheridge

I had a lot of self-loathing, .. I've been self-sustained since I was 11. I've always been the one making the money, and to be flat on my back and .. so vulnerable and then be completely loved. To have my wife be there, 110% supportive. To have my children say, 'It's OK, Mom.' To have the people that I work for say, 'It's OK.' To have my fans go, 'It's all right.' It's like, what was I afraid of? I'm going to get healthy now, and I'm not going to carry that baggage anymore. — Melissa Etheridge

Supportive Wife Quotes By Eddie George

My wife is been extremely supportive and when doubt creeps in, she's there pushing me along. She's helped me move up here, get all of my furniture and brought all my groceries. That's what marriage is about: supporting each other and helping each other reach our fullest potential. — Eddie George

Supportive Wife Quotes By Sylvia Brinton Perera

What has been valued in the West in women has too often been defined only in relation to the masculine: the good, nurturant mother and wife; the sweet, docile agreeable daughter; the gently supportive of bright achieving partner. This collective model is inadequate for life; we mutilate, depotentiate, silence and enrage ourselves trying to compress our souls into it just as surely as our grandmothers deformed their fully breathing bodies with corsets for the sake of an ideal. — Sylvia Brinton Perera

Supportive Wife Quotes By Ken Jeong

I'm very blessed that I have such a supportive wife who is secure with letting me embarrass myself. — Ken Jeong