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Top Supporters Of Abortion Quotes

Supporters Of Abortion Quotes By Nancy Pearcey

Put bluntly, abortion supporters have lost the argument on the scientific level. — Nancy Pearcey

Supporters Of Abortion Quotes By Catholic Book Publishing Corporation

REFLECTION. In discussing abortion, its supporters never defend the act of abortion itself, but only the alleged right of someone to have one. They focus on the freedom to choose it, but avoid describing what is chosen. — Catholic Book Publishing Corporation

Supporters Of Abortion Quotes By Ellen Goodman

Pro-choice supporters are often heard using the cool language of the courts and the vocabulary of rights. Americans who are deeply ambivalent about abortion often miss the sound of caring. — Ellen Goodman

Supporters Of Abortion Quotes By Ann Coulter

The New York Times and the rest of the mainstream media will only refer to partial birth abortion as 'what its opponents refer to as partial birth abortions.' What do its supporters call it? Casual Fridays? Bean-with-bacon potato chip dip? Uh ... Steve? — Ann Coulter