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Superheroes Movie Quotes & Sayings

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Superheroes Movie Quotes By John Carpenter

I enjoyed 'The Avengers.' I couldn't do that kind of movie though. Superheroes aren't my deal. — John Carpenter

Superheroes Movie Quotes By Stan Lee

If you have superheroes or characters that exist in the same world, and you're doing movies of them, wouldn't it be fun to put a couple of them together in one movie? Audiences love that. It's a natural thing to do that. — Stan Lee

Superheroes Movie Quotes By Amy Poehler

When you are pregnant you can get away with a lot of shit. Women really are at their most dangerous during this time. Your hormones are telling you that you are strong and sexy, everyone is scared of you, and you have a built-in sidekick who might come out at any minute. There should be some kind of pregnancy superhero movie. Calling Hollywood now. What's that, Hollywood? It's a weird idea and also you don't do movies with female superheroes? Copy that. — Amy Poehler

Superheroes Movie Quotes By Ridley Scott

Nowadays, everything's evolved into superheroes and it's boring. If I see one more superhero movie I'm going to shoot myself. — Ridley Scott

Superheroes Movie Quotes By Virginia Postrel

Cinema isn't just a good medium for translating graphic novels. It's specifically a good medium for superheroes. On a fundamental, emotional level, superheroes, whether in print or on film, serve the same function for their audience as Golden Age movie stars did for theirs: they create glamour. — Virginia Postrel

Superheroes Movie Quotes By Brian K. Vaughan

I love other movies that have been made since, but I think more than any comic book movie, 'Superman' just totally seemed to capture superheroes in ways that others have not. — Brian K. Vaughan

Superheroes Movie Quotes By John Carpenter

I've gone through various periods with superheroes. They work in the right hands, but they don't work in other hands. It's tricky. But any movie is tricky. It's impossible to say, 'This is what you do in any situation.' — John Carpenter