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Top Suit & Tie Quotes

Suit & Tie Quotes By Sibylla Matilde

Rhys?" Shea murmured again against his lips.

"Yeah, sweetheart?" he asked back.

"When we get there - when you fuck me," she pulled hard on his tie, "I want you to wear the suit. — Sibylla Matilde

Suit & Tie Quotes By T. S. Eliot

Sunday: this satisfied procession
Of definite Sunday faces;
Bonnets, silk hats, and conscious graces
In repetition that displaces
Your mental self-possession
By this unwarranted digression.
Evening, lights, and tea!
Children and cats in the alley;
Dejection unable to rally
Against this dull conspiracy.
And Life, a little bald and gray,
Languid, fastidious, and bland,
Waits, hat and gloves in hand,
Punctilious of tie and suit
(Somewhat impatient of delay)
On the doorstep of the Absolute. — T. S. Eliot

Suit & Tie Quotes By Gloria Gaynor

A chic guy is in a suit. I don't care what kind of tie they wear. I don't care if they even wear a tie, as long as they can carry a suit. — Gloria Gaynor

Suit & Tie Quotes By CM Punk

I'm not a suit and tie kind of guy. I wear a suit once a year, for the Hall of Fame, or if I have to go to a funeral or something. It's just not me. — CM Punk

Suit & Tie Quotes By Michael Chabon

The other fellow was more of a fireplug, broad in the chest and shoulders, with a wide pugnacious face and the hint of a shadow even on his freshly shaved jaw. He always looked as if he had not dressed for work that morning so much as gotten into some kind of altercation with his suit, shirt, and tie. — Michael Chabon

Suit & Tie Quotes By Drew Carey

George Carlin is kind of my template now because George Carlin before was straight laced regular comic and he had short hair, a tie, suit, nightclub guy. Then he said screw it, let his hair grow, just started telling what he thought was the truth. So that's what I'm trying to do. — Drew Carey

Suit & Tie Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

He studied me with his predator's gaze, assessing me from head to toe. I studied him back. He didn't just occupy space; he saturated it. The room had been full of books before, now it was full of him. About thirty, six foot two or three, he had dark hair, golden skin, and dark eyes. His features were strong, chiseled. I couldn't pinpoint his nationality any more than I could his accent; some kind of European crossed with Old World Mediterranean or maybe an ancestor with dark Gypsy blood. He wore an elegant, dark gray Italian suit, a crisp white shirt, and a muted patterned tie. He wasn't handsome. That was too calm a word. He was intensely masculine. He was sexual. He attracted. There was an omnipresent carnality about him, in his dark eyes, in his full mouth, in the way he stood. He was the kind of man I wouldn't flirt with in a million years. — Karen Marie Moning

Suit & Tie Quotes By Sara Sheridan

Mirabelle? Mirabelle Bevan? Well, I'll be blowed!"
Mirabelle started, almost spilling her drink. It took her a moment to realize who the handsome man was, now his hair was greying at the edges and he was out of uniform. Puffing laconically on a cigarette, martini in hand, he wore a lounge suit and an understated silk tie with a discreet regimental insignia woven into the fabric.
"Eddie," she smiled. "What are you doing here? — Sara Sheridan

Suit & Tie Quotes By Aaron Schock

I used to be able to eat and drink whatever I wanted. But now, when I'm in a suit and tie all the time, sitting and being driven, you can just feel your body. — Aaron Schock

Suit & Tie Quotes By Rachel Gibson

I'm here because you're here. When a man loves a woman, he wants to spend time with her. Even if that means he has to put on a suit and tie. He wants to hold her tight and smell her hair. — Rachel Gibson

Suit & Tie Quotes By Faith Hunter

Leo stood behind him, his suit coat and tie off, rolling up his sleeves.
"Oh, crap," I said, my voice full of gravel and bigger rocks, grinding over one another. I cleared my throat and tried again. "I'm too old for a spanking and not quite up to defending myself from a butt whupping. Can we do this another time? — Faith Hunter

Suit & Tie Quotes By J.D. Salinger

When I take my hand out of this blanket," he thought, "my nail will be grown back, my hands will be clean. My body will be clean. I'll have on clean shorts, clean undershirt, a white shirt. A blue polka-dot tie. A gray suit with a stripe, and I'll be home, and I'll bolt the door. I'll put some coffee on the stove, some records on the phonograph, and I'll bolt the door. I'll read my books and I'll drink coffee and I'll listen to music, and I'll bolt the door. I'll open the window, I'll let in a nice, quiet girl
not Frances, not anyone I've ever known
and I'll bolt the door. I'll ask her to read some Emily Dickinson to me
that one about being chartless
and I'll ask her to read some William Blake to me
that one about the little lamb that made thee
and I'll bolt the door. She'll have an American voice, and she won't ask me if I have any chewing gum or bonbons, and I'll bolt the door. — J.D. Salinger

Suit & Tie Quotes By Kurt Braunohler

For a really long time in my life, I fought against how I look. Because I was raised Catholic in school, where everyone had to wear a suit and tie. I hated everything that stood for. And I realized when I walked down the street, everyone would see the guy I hated and not the guy I was. — Kurt Braunohler

Suit & Tie Quotes By Haruki Murakami

I wore my suit and the polka-dot tie. As soon as I spotted Malta Kano, I tried to walk in her direction, but the crowd kept getting in my way. By the time I reached the bar, she was gone. The tropical drink stood there on the bar, in front of her now empty stool. I took the next seat at the bar and ordered a scotch on the rocks. The bartender asked me what kind of scotch I'd like, and I answered Cutty Sark. I really didn't care which brand of scotch he served me, but Cutty Sark was the first thing that came to mind. — Haruki Murakami

Suit & Tie Quotes By Gerry Harvey

I'm probably not your typical business person in many ways. I don't wear a suit. I don't carry a briefcase. I don't wear a tie. I'm fairly casual. I haven't got a big office, and it's in a very ordinary part of town. I'd much prefer to downplay than impress. — Gerry Harvey

Suit & Tie Quotes By James Bowen

People don't want to listen. All they see is someone they think is trying to get a free ride. They don't understand I'm working, I'm not begging. I was actually trying to make a living. Just because I wasn't wearing a suit and a tie and carrying a briefcase or a computer, just because I didn't have a payslip and a P45, it didn't mean that I was freeloading. — James Bowen

Suit & Tie Quotes By Dave Barry

I do not mean to suggest for a moment that all it takes to be a top executive is a custom-tailored European suit. You also need the correct shirt and tie. — Dave Barry

Suit & Tie Quotes By Bob Hope

English clubs are very exclusive. I played Royal Foxshire and they made me wear a suit and tie ... in the shower. — Bob Hope

Suit & Tie Quotes By Ne-Yo

For my prom, I wore a white suit with a burgundy shirt, tie and cummerbund, along with white shoes, a white trilby and a cane. I was extra fly that day. — Ne-Yo

Suit & Tie Quotes By Kasabian

We fought an entire army with a bouquet of flowers back in the '70's
But now you're taught to remain without will until you run out of energy
Afraid that if you strive for an ideal you end up like a Kennedy
It's like being on a treadmill every day but never losing any weight
'Cause to see success the food before you digest has to change
We're stressed and high, get depressed and die
But still afraid to question why
One of the biggest criminals I ever met wore a suit and tie
When did we stop believing? When did we stop marching?
When did we stop chanting? — Kasabian

Suit & Tie Quotes By Dana Gould

Cowboy boots with a suit? You're a rough, tough businessman. Chaps with a bow tie? You're in the rough, tough man business. — Dana Gould

Suit & Tie Quotes By Sam Raimi

Nowadays everyone's got the nose rings and the colored hair, so for me to wear the suit and tie is a different way to go. — Sam Raimi

Suit & Tie Quotes By Peter York

Imagine a State occasion where the Queen is wearing trainers with her tiara because she thinks it will make people like her better, more folksy. It's unthinkable. But that's patently the thought process Gordon Brown (or his spin doctor) went through before the Prime Minister appeared on the world stage in Beijing without his suit and tie. — Peter York

Suit & Tie Quotes By Dom DeLuise

Mel is nuts. He puts on a suit and a tie and acts like a normal person so people think he's okay. He's definitely out in left field. He's got the ambition of a boy. — Dom DeLuise

Suit & Tie Quotes By Fredrik Backman

Ove looks at himself in the reverse mirror. Wonders whether perhaps he should have put on a tie. She always liked it when he wore a tie. She looked at him then as the most handsome man in the world. He wonders if she will look at him now. If she'll be ashamed of him turning up in the afterlife unemployed and wearing a dirty suit. — Fredrik Backman

Suit & Tie Quotes By Bobby Fischer

It's the fault of the chess players themselves. I don't know what they used to be, but now they're not the most gentlemanly group. When it was a game played by the aristocrats it had more like you know dignity to it. When they used to have the clubs, like no women were allowed and everybody went in dressed in a suit, a tie, like gentlemen, you know. Now, kids come running in their sneakers. Even in the best chess club-and they got women in there. It's a social place and people are making noise, it's a madhouse. — Bobby Fischer

Suit & Tie Quotes By Claire C. Riley

You and I, Mia. We have needs that must be attended. I will look after yours, and you will look after mine." He sighs, and his fingers move to his suit jacket and deftly undoes the buttons, letting it fall open to reveal a smart black shirt and tie underneath. "I've waited for this moment for so long. — Claire C. Riley

Suit & Tie Quotes By Charles Dance

When you have a label stuck on you, people tend to believe it. If someone calls you suave and debonair, you only get offered parts in a suit and a collar and tie. It just so happens I wear them reasonably well. — Charles Dance

Suit & Tie Quotes By M. Tyler

But as she looked over toward the doors, her breath caught. Her eyes locked on the deep blue ones of a man just entering. He was tall and muscular, his hair blonde and well cut. And he was dressed impeccably in a dark grey suit and a deep blue tie. But it was his eyes that drew her focus and made her heart beat faster. — M. Tyler

Suit & Tie Quotes By Edna O'Brien

THE TWO OTHER GIRLS in the room, Mabel and Deirdre, said I imagined it. But they were wrong. My brother appeared to me there. A beam of light from the streetlamp lay in a crooked zigzag along the floor, toward the bed, and my brother stepped onto it, his face pensive but not crying, dressed as he might be for a wedding, his good suit, his collar and tie, and not a mark on him, no bloodstain, — Edna O'Brien

Suit & Tie Quotes By Snoop Dogg

I'm no reporter. That's for the man with a suit and tie. I'm just relating to my people the best way I know, bringing them what they know and what they see out on the streets. I'm bringing it to them in a musical way, through a way of partying rather than violence. Now they can party their way through their problems. — Snoop Dogg

Suit & Tie Quotes By Harlan Coben

Myron didn't step back. He didn't make a fist, but man, he wanted to. Despite the rushed call from his wife, Chick wore a shiny silk suit with a tie so perfectly knotted it looked fake. His shoes had an almost supernatural shine, like they were somehow more than new, and his hair was black with just the right amount of gray, slicked back and a little too long. His skin had the waxy glow of a recent facial or some sort of high-end cosmetics, and the word "manscaped" was encompassed in every move Chick made. Brooke — Harlan Coben

Suit & Tie Quotes By Thom Browne

My uniform: grey suit, white shirt, grey tie and tie bar, grey cardigan and black wingtips. — Thom Browne

Suit & Tie Quotes By Eugenie Clark

To be allowed even one color plate in these rather stiff formal articles consisting largely of long scientific names, tables of measurements, fin counts, descriptions of viscera, ect., gives me a feeling of aesthetic release that perhaps the conservative businessman feels when he tops off a dull gray suit and plain white shirt with a red tie. — Eugenie Clark

Suit & Tie Quotes By Anonymous

Hagrid was wearing his best (and very horrible) hairy brown suit, plus a checked yellow-and-orange tie. This wasn't the worst of it, though; he had evidently tried to tame his hair, using large quantities of what appeared to be axle grease. — Anonymous

Suit & Tie Quotes By Marcus Sedgwick

Maybe he knows noting. Maybe it's that he feels it all, but whatever is happening to him, he understands that he lived before. He lived other lives, in different times. And why not? It's something he has often wondered about, sitting on the train in the morning, looking from the corner of his eye at the other commuter, wondering why.
Why am I not living that person's live? That man, there, with the sharp suit and the slightly stupid tie? Or that scruffy guy with the headphones? Or that woman, a little pregnant?
Often, as he sat fiddling with OneDegree, he has wondered why this life is the one he's had, and not one of the thousands of contacts passing through his device, or one of the countless others that could have been his.
Now he knows. He has been others. — Marcus Sedgwick

Suit & Tie Quotes By Karl Ove Knausgard

With his hair sticking out in all directions, his suit askew and his tie full of stains he sat there talking, his eyes aglow, they were really glowing, and I will always remember it, for it was pitch-dark outside, the rain was beating against the windows, it was Christmas Eve in Norway 1986, — Karl Ove Knausgard

Suit & Tie Quotes By Yuval Noah Harari

In the late nineteenth century, many educated Indians were taught the same lesson by their British masters. One famous anecdote tells of an ambitious Indian who mastered the intricacies of the English language, took lessons in Western-style dance, and even became accustomed to eating with a knife and fork. Equipped with his new manners, he travelled to England, studied law at University College London, and became a qualified barrister. Yet this young man of law, bedecked in suit and tie, was thrown off a train in the British colony of South Africa for insisting on travelling first class instead of settling for third class, where 'coloured' men like him were supposed to ride. His name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. — Yuval Noah Harari

Suit & Tie Quotes By Gary J. Shipley

He remembers the philosophers dead with detail, and how they honed their trade into the grave for the sake of their livelihoods. Incapable of audacity, they pleasured themselves with a maze constructed of nothing but dead-ends. They were so petrified they might happen upon the truth, might come to know something for certain, that they deployed some of their best minds to obliterate it, scattering its shards into infinity. But they were only trying to keep the dream alive, after all, fighting to keep the questions outnumbering the answers, picking away at the odd dropped stitch in an otherwise ever-tightening blanket of sacrosanct precision. They fought hard, if unwittingly, against the encroaching dullness of complete knowledge, but ultimately paid the price of becoming as dull as their enemy - at least the chemical truths of literature sometimes bothered to wear a suit and tie. — Gary J. Shipley

Suit & Tie Quotes By Boris Becker

The suit-and-tie job is very nice but it's not really who I am in my heart. — Boris Becker

Suit & Tie Quotes By Raymond Chandler

It was about eleven o'clock in the morning, mid October, with the sun not shining and a look of hard wet rain in the clearness of the foothills. I was wearing my powder-blue suit, with dark blue shirt, tie and display handkerchief, black brogues, black wool socks with dark little clocks on them. I was neat, clean, shaved and sober, and I didn't care who knew it. I was everything the well-dressed private detective ought to be. I was calling on four million dollars. — Raymond Chandler

Suit & Tie Quotes By Betty Medsger

You can do anything you want in the United States of you wear a suit and tie...especially if you are white. That also helps. — Betty Medsger

Suit & Tie Quotes By Rohinton Mistry

What an unreliable thing is time
when I want it to fly, the hours stick to me like glue. And what a changeable thing, too. Time is the twine to tie our lives into parcels of years and months. Or a rubber band stretched to suit our fancy. Time can be the pretty ribbon in a little girl's hair. Or the lines in your face, stealing your youthful colour and your hair ... But in the end, time is a noose around the neck, strangling slowly. — Rohinton Mistry

Suit & Tie Quotes By GZA

First of all, who's your A&R?
A mountain climber who plays an electric guitar?
But he don't know the meaning of dope,
When he's lookin for a suit and tie rap
That's cleaner than a bar of soap!
And I'm the dirtiest thing in sight,
Matter of fact, bring out the girls and let's have a mud fight. — GZA

Suit & Tie Quotes By Rachel Gibson

Between the lapels of his subdued charcoal suit, he'd worn a silky red tie. A gold Rolex had circled his wrist, and an overblown blonde had been bonded on his side like a suction cup. The man clearly liked to accessorize. — Rachel Gibson

Suit & Tie Quotes By Pierre Cardin

I can go all over the world with just three outfits: a blue blazer and gray flannel pants, a gray flannel suit, and black tie. — Pierre Cardin

Suit & Tie Quotes By Alice McDermott

He was handsome enough - dark eyes and a nice chin, though his hair was thinning. He wore a dark overcoat and a dark suit, a white shirt and a tie, and there was the worn shine of a brass belt buckle as he reached for his wallet. "Reminds me of some days we had overseas," he said, taking a bill from his billfold. She frowned, reflexively. "Where were you?" He shook his head, smiled at her. Something in his manner seemed to indicate that they knew each other, that they'd had such conversations before. "In another life," he — Alice McDermott

Suit & Tie Quotes By Fidelis O. Mkparu

Morning shower cleans my body, but my mouth gets the first cleansing. Red silk tie accentuates a navy blue suit. Ready for a meeting at seven with 'human sharks'. Red tie? Forget it, a shark knows a guppy in fancy clothes. — Fidelis O. Mkparu

Suit & Tie Quotes By Jack Spicer

One Night Stand"

Listen, you silk-hearted bastard,
I said in the bar last night,
You wear those dream clothes
Like a swan out of water.
Listen, you wool-feathered bastard,
My name, just for the record, is Leda.
I can remember pretending
That your red silk tie is a real heart
That your raw wool suit is real flesh
That you could float beside me with a swan's touch
Of casual satisfaction.
But not the swan's blood.
Waking tomorrow, I remember only
Somebody's feathers and his wrinkled heart
Draped loosely in my bed. — Jack Spicer

Suit & Tie Quotes By Azzedine Alaia

In an ordinary suit and tie, I'd look like a little macho. I'd be ridiculous. — Azzedine Alaia

Suit & Tie Quotes By Noel Coward

Entering an white tie and tails party wearing an ordinary suit, he announced,Please, I don't want anyone to apologize for over dressing. — Noel Coward

Suit & Tie Quotes By Caitlin R. Kiernan

I think I might have something for you today, he says, reaches beneath the counter, and his hand comes back with a book, clothbound cover the color of antique ivory, title and author stamped in faded gold and art deco letters. Best Ghost Stories by Algernon Blackwood, and she lifts it carefully off the countertop, picks it up the way someone else might lift a diamond necklace or a sick kitten, and opens the book to the frontispiece and title page, black-and-white photo of the author in a dapper suit, sadkind eyes and his bow tie just a little crooked. — Caitlin R. Kiernan

Suit & Tie Quotes By Michelle Obama

Barack puts on his suit and tie [and] he's out the door - I'm getting my hair, makeup, the kids, I gotta brush their hair. You know, he's always looking like 'where are you? where are you going?' But yeah, you know - it's fun to look pretty. — Michelle Obama

Suit & Tie Quotes By Sarah Addison Allen

He had on long swim trunks, which were dark with water and sticking to his thighs. His hair was wet and dripping into his eyes, and he smelled like warm lake water. She cleared her throat. "I almost didn't recognize you without your suit," she said. A corner of his mouth lifted, amused. "It's a different kind of suit." "But no bow tie." "Hard to swim in. I tried. — Sarah Addison Allen

Suit & Tie Quotes By Eric Marier

Who the hell are you?" "It doesn't matter who I am. It just matters who you are. Years ago... before you were born... you were my mother." His mother? "I'm taking down your license plate and calling the police." "Kate, is everything okay?" It was Mr. Niles, their neighbor, still in a suit, his tie undone as he walked across his own lawn. Kate sized the old man. "Go." "Does the name Daniel Weaver mean something to you?" Daniel fucking what? "I said go." "Your friend Kev. Do you know who he really is?" Another chill. This one making her quiver. "He's not my friend." She searched the man's eyes. They remained kind. "Get lost." The man entered his car, and Kate watched as he started his engine, making sure he drove off. — Eric Marier

Suit & Tie Quotes By J. B. Smoove

I'm putting on a suit and tie when I go see The Great Gatsby. — J. B. Smoove

Suit & Tie Quotes By Bill Murray

The only good thing about fame that I've gotten is I've gotten out of a couple of speeding tickets. I've gotten into a restaurant when I didn't have a suit and tie on. That's really about it. — Bill Murray

Suit & Tie Quotes By Bernard Hopkins

I'd rather be an adviser. I don't wanna become a trainer because I think with the knowledge and the business sense that I've accomplished through my career and have credibility, why would I reduce myself down to being in a gym with a bunch of training which is not a bad thing to give advice, but I can do that with a suit and tie on and also be there when the cheques are written. I don't wanna be there when the cheques are handed down from 3 or 4 people's hands and then it hits mine as a trainer because 9/10 times, deductions have come out of that. — Bernard Hopkins

Suit & Tie Quotes By Will Self

The only proper suit-and-tie job I've had in my life was the two years in the late 1980s when I ran a small corporate publishing company. I even had a Ford Sierra! — Will Self

Suit & Tie Quotes By Tim Gunn

A T-shirt is a T-shirt. Spending hundreds of dollars on it doesn't elevate it. He was under-dressed, even if his casual outfit did cost more than my suit and tie.
I once had another fashion victim tell me, 'This T-shirt cost twelve thousand dollars!'
What difference does that make? If that's the message you want to send about yourself and your fashion sense, you should wear the price tag, or that should be the message on your T-shirt: 'Hi. This T-shirt costs more than a semester of college.' Or: 'Hi. I have money to burn. Please help me get rid of all this wealth.' And my shirt, in turn, would say, 'Great. Please write a $12,000 check to charity. — Tim Gunn

Suit & Tie Quotes By Romain Grosjean

I did almost every job in the bank. It was real life, waking up in the morning, putting on a suit and tie and then having to go to work. — Romain Grosjean

Suit & Tie Quotes By Michael Trucco

I was talking on the phone in my trailer, and I looked in the mirror and I saw the badge clipped to my belt, a gun with a holster, and the suit and the tie with the jacket off, and it was just deja vu. I remember that image so clearly from growing up. My dad would come home for lunch, take off his jacket, have the gun and the badge. — Michael Trucco

Suit & Tie Quotes By Raymond Chandler

She wore a steel gray business suit and under the jacket a dark blue shirt and a man's tie of lighter shade. The edges of the folded handkerchief in the breast pocket looked sharp enough to slice bread. — Raymond Chandler

Suit & Tie Quotes By Michael Pena

I lived in Chicago, in a shady part of town, and the cops would always stop me since I'm Mexican and I look like the other dudes. Style played a part in it. You're not really going to dress in a suit in a tie. — Michael Pena

Suit & Tie Quotes By Tom Ford

I am actually extremely casual in certain environments. But one of the reasons I like living in London, I like the formality of it, as compared to the formality of America - or informality. I like putting on a suit. I like putting on a tie. — Tom Ford

Suit & Tie Quotes By Nate Robinson

I had to, ... Tie my suit up, tie my tie and just get downstairs to my car as fast as I could, so nobody could see me. — Nate Robinson

Suit & Tie Quotes By Radhanath Swami

A dog will recognize his master in whatever way he dresses. The master may dress in robes, suit and tie, or stand naked, but the dog will always recognize his master. If we cannot recognize God, our beloved master, when he comes in a different dress from another religion, then we are less than that dog. — Radhanath Swami

Suit & Tie Quotes By J.D. Robb

You have shoes to match."
"I do?"
"You do, yes, and go with diamonds. Leave the color to the dress."
"Which diamonds? Do you know how many you give me? Why do you do that?"
The aggrieved sound of her voice amused him nearly as much as giving her diamonds. "It's a sickness. I'll get them for you once you're dressed."
She said nothing, and stood where she was as he selected a dark suit from his forest of suits, a slate-colored shirt, and a stone-colored tie.
"How come you don't wear color?"
"The better to serve as the backdrop for my beautiful wife."
She narrowed her eyes. "You had that one ready."
"The truth is always ready."
She jabbed a finger at him. "That one, too."
"Such a cynic. — J.D. Robb

Suit & Tie Quotes By Stefan Zweig

A well-chosen tie could make me almost merry; a good book, an excursion in a motor car or an hour with a woman left me fully satisfied. It particularly pleased me to ensure that this way of life, like a faultlessly correct suit of English tailoring, did not make me conspicuous in any way. I believe I was considered pleasant company, I was popular and welcome in society, and most who knew me called me a happy man. — Stefan Zweig

Suit & Tie Quotes By A.E. Via

Furi found Patrick in the kitchen loosening his tie. Damn the man could wear a suit. The black designer suit had fine lavender pinstripes that Patrick accented perfectly with a light purple tie. Furi would no doubt be responsible for getting the suits his husband traveled with to the cleaners and returned to his closet. He didn't know how he'd become his husband's personal assistant, but it had happened, and to avoid argument, Furi didn't refuse Patrick's requests. — A.E. Via

Suit & Tie Quotes By Bruce Eric Kaplan

Yes, the people I draw don't have a wide variety of looks. Every now and then I'll spruce it up, like a woman will be wearing a two-piece suit as opposed to a one-piece, or a man will not be wearing a tie; he'll just have a collar. — Bruce Eric Kaplan

Suit & Tie Quotes By Neil Gaiman

I wore a black suit and a white shirt, a black tie and black shoes, all polished and shiny: clothes that normally would make me feel uncomfortable, as if I were in a stolen uniform, or pretending to be an adult. Today they gave me comfort of a kind. I was wearing the right clothes for a hard day. — Neil Gaiman

Suit & Tie Quotes By Ta-Nehisi Coates

If I could have chosen a flag back then, it would have been embroidered with a portrait of Malcolm X, dressed in a business suit, his tie dangling, one hand parting a window shade, the other holding a rifle. The portrait communicated everything I wanted to be - controlled, intelligent, and beyond the fear. I would buy tapes of Malcolm's speeches - "Message to the Grassroots," "The Ballot or the Bullet" - down at Everyone's Place, a black bookstore on North Avenue, and play them on my Walkman. Here was all the angst I felt before the heroes of February, distilled and quotable. "Don't give up your life, preserve your life," he would say. "And if you got to give it up, make it even-steven." This was not boasting - it was a declaration of equality rooted not in better angels or the intangible spirit but in the sanctity of the black body. — Ta-Nehisi Coates

Suit & Tie Quotes By Rachel Gibson

I remember exactly what you were wearing, [...] Dark suit, red tie, gold watch, and a blond woman. — Rachel Gibson

Suit & Tie Quotes By Carsten Stroud

His name was Mr. Quan and he was the concierge, which explained the black suit and the lavender shirt but not the oversized bow tie in chrome-yellow silk. Perhaps nothing could. — Carsten Stroud

Suit & Tie Quotes By J.G. Ballard

It is difficult to remember just how formal middle-class life was in the 1930's and '40s. I wore a suit and tie at home from the age of 18. One dressed for breakfast. One lived in a very formal way, and emotions were not paraded. And my childhood was not unusual. — J.G. Ballard

Suit & Tie Quotes By Paul Levine

In his dark suit, white shirt, and rep tie, he looked - and sounded - utterly professional. There was little chance he would make a mistake on direct or get tripped up on cross by a pettifogger, such as my own wily self. — Paul Levine

Suit & Tie Quotes By Hillary Scott

Being the only girl, I feel a lot of pressure. I try not to think about it, but I definitely get in the gym a lot more frequently towards awards season. The guys always look great. They're both great looking and wear a good suit and a great tie and some awesome shoes and they're good to go. I'm like, 'I don't know what to do!' — Hillary Scott

Suit & Tie Quotes By Kristen Callihan

His cream-colored three-piece suit, gray silk tie, and sky blue shirt. He's wearing — Kristen Callihan

Suit & Tie Quotes By Janet Fitch

Josie examined the booklet, candelabra on the cover, a program. Brahms, and then Psalm 16, Psalm 32, Bach. A prayer, the Mourner's Kaddish, in the flamelike Hebrew, followed by an English pronunciation, a translation. At least she would not clap in the wrong part. She remembered that night at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Michael so handsome in his iridescent thrift-store suit and green silk tie, she in her Lana Turner black lace and spike heels. How they peered down from their seats in the top balcony at the horseshoe of musicians with their stands and instruments. When the music stopped, Michael caught hold of her hand. Lacing his fingers in hers, he tenderly bit her knuckles. She would have been the only one applauding. — Janet Fitch

Suit & Tie Quotes By Chris Kyle

Not the work, really, but what went along with it. The bureaucracy. The fact that he had to work in an office. He really hated having to wear a suit and tie every day. — Chris Kyle

Suit & Tie Quotes By Ryan Lochte

I am at the Olympics, I forgot to tie my suit, how is this gonna happen? — Ryan Lochte

Suit & Tie Quotes By Dana Perino

When Air Force One landed, it taxied to the hangar where the Israelis were gathered to greet us. Since President Bush didn't waste any time, we were up and ready to go, standing by the door as the plane came to a stop. The President had just put on his suit jacket and was straightening his tie. I loved when he said to his personal aide and his advance man, "Look alive, boys! America has arrived. — Dana Perino

Suit & Tie Quotes By Bobby Keys

You got to realize that the vision, the image, according to 1964 U.S. rock and roll standards, was mohair suit and tie, and nicey-nicey ol' boy next door. — Bobby Keys

Suit & Tie Quotes By Tim Gunn

I've worn a suit and tie for most of my life. And I believe (for me), it makes me more confident navigating the world. — Tim Gunn

Suit & Tie Quotes By Bob Goff

I spend a great deal of time working for kids in Uganda and India and chasing bad guys who hurt them. I started a nonprofit a number of years ago and now Sweet Maria and I think about my day job as a great way to fund the things we're doing. Now when I put on a suit and tie or jump on a plane to go take a deposition, we call it "fund-raising." It still makes me grin every time to say it this way. It's like a really successful bake sale to get rid of bad guys. — Bob Goff

Suit & Tie Quotes By Justin Timberlake

Nobody dressed like my dad. When he worked at the bank, he looked like Richard Gere in Gigolo. And he would do it all the night before, laying out the suit he'd wear the next day. Even on weekends, if he had to go into the office, he'd wear a trouser pant with a V-neck sweater and tie. And I was like, I want to dress like that! He was just so cool. — Justin Timberlake

Suit & Tie Quotes By Tom Folsom

Everybody who is anyone wanted to meet a real life gangster, and here's Joey Gallo hitting the scene. What more could you want with a gangster? He looked the part. They call it gangster chic. He dressed like the 'Reservoir Dogs' - black suit, white shirt, skinny black tie. You know, he had the whole look down. And the big shades, of course. — Tom Folsom

Suit & Tie Quotes By Ben Zackheim

It's Mr. Reese, the school principal. He wears the same outfit he wears every day. A beige suit, light blue shirt, red tie and hair that looks like it just went through a vacuum cleaner. He appears especially harried today, as his eyeglasses sit on his nose like they want to escape his face. — Ben Zackheim

Suit & Tie Quotes By David Mamet

Don't assume I'm dumb because I wear a suit and tie. — David Mamet

Suit & Tie Quotes By Veronica Roth

The Candor man wears a black suit with a white tie - Candor standard uniform. Their faction values honesty and sees the truth as black and white, so that is what they wear. — Veronica Roth