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Ellen Airgood Quotes & Sayings

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She stroked one of the geranium's petals, inhaling its particular bitter fragrance, which she admired for its bold air of unapology. — Ellen Airgood

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You've given her a new lease on life.'
'She didn't need one. She owns life. — Ellen Airgood

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The Fourth was perfect. She'd make a ceremony, an event, of this. She had a bad habit of never giving ceremony its due. But sometimes life demanded ceremony. Sometimes you owed that to yourself. — Ellen Airgood

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She walked, and with each step she let another inch of the long furl of her expectations go. The place itself was like a steady hand, a low voice, a very old person who'd seen too much to get overexcited anymore. Stop now a minute, it said. Stop searching. — Ellen Airgood

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It was more that he did better being busy, keeping to a routine. It helped hold the black dogs of thought at bay. Also he had learned that a person could be happy with having done the best they could under the circumstances. It didn't always have to be bright and shiny and impressive to the outside observer. — Ellen Airgood

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The basket would never make her famous or end up in a museum. The best part of it was the making of it, sitting at the table weaving while outside the lake crashed into shore and the seagulls roosted somewhere for the night and two women stopped for a moment to watch. — Ellen Airgood

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Madeline knew how that was. So many people had ideas of what you should and shouldn't do, but in the end you had to decide for yourself. — Ellen Airgood

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You know, people thought it was so sad that I gave up so much to take care of Emmy, but it wasn't sad. It was love, it was life. — Ellen Airgood