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Such Wow Quotes By John Fusco

It all goes back to 'Wow, I never knew this about Marco Polo.' This is an incredible story and an incredible character, and such a rich world of Mongolian and Chinese culture. — John Fusco

Such Wow Quotes By Bill Watterson

History will thank me for keeping this journal at such a young age. As one of those rare individuals destined for true greatness, this record of my thoughts and convictions will provide invaluable insight into budding genius. Think of it! A priceless historical document in the making! Wow! ... so who ELSE should I add to my list of total jerks? — Bill Watterson

Such Wow Quotes By Doge

Much Quote
Such Deep
Very Goodreads — Doge

Such Wow Quotes By Deyth Banger

You know, when you're young, you have moments of such happiness, you think you're living in someplace magical, like Atlantis must have been. Then we grow up, and our hearts break in two."

Ted Brautigan, Hearts in Atlantis — Deyth Banger

Such Wow Quotes By Tony Hale

But I will say that Harve Presnell ... he was one of those guys who, when you're standing in a room with him ... he's such an older masculine force that I remember thinking, 'Wow, his voice makes me sound like Pee-Wee Herman.' — Tony Hale

Such Wow Quotes By Rachel Caine

It is a natural stronghold for them - they can infest this maze of iron and water like a horde of starving cockroaches, and they'll be just as hard to anticipate and to kill in such close quarters."
"Wow," Shane said. "You really know how to drum up team spirit. Did you print up Team Total Fail jerseys, too?" Myrnin gave him an entirely crazy smile. "Would you be surprised if I had? — Rachel Caine

Such Wow Quotes By Deyth Banger

From where do you find such awesome stuff??
I'm little puzzled, and confused that people say "No", and they want everything to be on their table! — Deyth Banger

Such Wow Quotes By Emmanuelle Chriqui

I look at my father. He is one of my heroes. He is such an incredible, classy man. He was such a great father and such a great husband in so many ways, and we lived through some pretty tough times losing my mom. When I see all that he did, I think, 'Wow, that's a really wonderful man.' — Emmanuelle Chriqui

Such Wow Quotes By Melina Marchetta

So apart from writing letters home to your fantasy girlfriends,"Ben says, walking backwards, "what do you guys do out here without television and phones?"
"Men's business. Bit confidential," Griggs says patronisingly.
"Wow, wish I were you," Ben says, shaking his head with mock regret. "All I'll be doing tonight is hanging out in Taylor's bedroom, lying on her bed, sharing my earphones with her, hoping she won't hog all the room because it's such a tiny space. — Melina Marchetta

Such Wow Quotes By George Saunders

The decisive butt-kicking he was about to give the Dalmeyer hose would constitute the end of FIRPO in the world, and all, including Ma, would have to bow down before him, saying, Wow wow wow, do we ever stand corrected in terms of you, how could someone FIRPO hatch and execute such a daring manly plan? The crowd was on its feet — George Saunders

Such Wow Quotes By Kevin D. Williamson

I look at it [Scream movie] and think, wow, I can't believe I wrote that at such a young age. I also look at it and go, ohhh ouch, that dialogue, whoa. — Kevin D. Williamson

Such Wow Quotes By Deyth Banger

If I remove your eyes or make you in such way that to don't see... in reality you don't see the evil... you don't see me... so do whatever I don't give a fuck... that's wonderful... I like to play games... so run!... and welcome home!? — Deyth Banger

Such Wow Quotes By Deyth Banger

People a lot of times say that they live one life, say that we all live one... no you are in mistake so far
I can say that 10 games I have played in which I have died and reborn, then 197 books I have read, 6 more are waiting to be finished, 197 books = 197 lifes, so far!
407 films = 407 lifes so far 197 + 407 equal 604... Every dramatical moment in which you have survive like car crash or others such type are equal +1 life... so far it looks like I have lived a lot of. Every Year in the tree branch with the branch... — Deyth Banger

Such Wow Quotes By Thomas Howard

The general fund of vocabulary, nay, of discourse itself, so calamitous that the failure of the banks in 1929 seems paltry by comparison; so that we find verbal paupers all around us, tattered, emaciated, and reduced to the stark penury of such verbal resources as "It's like wow" or using "interface" or "office" as verbs. — Thomas Howard

Such Wow Quotes By Charlaine Harris

Wow," I said, since it was all I could think of to say. "Wow. That's some outfit." When you've got a big guy wearing Lycra it doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. I resisted the temptation to ask Eric to turn around.
"I don't believe I could be convincing as a queen," Eric said, "but I decided this sent such a mixed signal, almost anything was possible." He fluttered his eyelashes at me. Eric was definitely enjoying this.
"Oh, yes," I said, trying to find somewhere else to look. (Living Dead in Dallas) — Charlaine Harris

Such Wow Quotes By Beck

The years keep going by and you realize, Wow. Doing these records is such a process: going on tour for a year and a half, then you get home and you want to do other things. — Beck

Such Wow Quotes By Jehane Noujaim

Traveling around the world during the World Cup in 2006, I was thinking, 'Wow, this is such an incredible and global event.' — Jehane Noujaim

Such Wow Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

What makes awe such a powerful call to love is that it's disruptive. It sneaks up on us. It doesn't ask our permission to wow us; it just does. Awe can arise from a single glance, a sound, a gesture. — Sharon Salzberg

Such Wow Quotes By Valerie June

It is such a gift to be able to write songs in general, but when you can share it with somebody, it is just such a pleasure. It is such a happy moment when you finish a song, and you are just like, 'Wow - that was great.' — Valerie June

Such Wow Quotes By Sydney Logan

The accent was warm and soft and undeniably Northern. When I turned around, I was staring into a pair of beautiful crystal-blue eyes. "Wow," I whispered. I scanned the paint swatches, wondering if such a shade of blue would look good on the exterior of my house. "Mr. Johnson said you might need help selecting paint." "It's impossible," I muttered. "I just wanted to buy some blue paint. Why is this so complicated?" The handsome man stepped closer to my side. "It isn't, really. Just pick what you like." I like crystal-blue. Luckily, I didn't say those words aloud. — Sydney Logan

Such Wow Quotes By Ilona Andrews

What's your problem with the Guild?"
"The only way to resolve it involves me being entangled in running it and I don't want to do it." I waved my arms. "I have the Consort crap and I have the Cutting Edge crap and whatever other bullshit the two of you throw my way. I don't want to go to the Guild every month and deal with their crap on top of everything else."
Curran leaned toward me. "I have to dress up and meet with those corpsefuckers once every three months and be civil while we're eating at the same table. You can deal with the Guild."
"You dress up? Wow, I had no idea that putting on your formal sweatpants was such a huge burden."
"Kate," Curran snarled. "They're not sweatpants, they are slacks and they have a belt. I have to wear shoes with fucking laces in them. — Ilona Andrews

Such Wow Quotes By Nina Dobrev

Looking back on high school, I just remember specific scenarios and thinking, wow, that was such a big deal at the time, but right now it feels like it never even happened. So I guess if I can give any advice, I would just say that everything will pass, and it'll feel like it was a big deal over nothing. — Nina Dobrev

Such Wow Quotes By Ella Henderson

When I heard 'Back to Black' from Amy Winehouse, I was, like, 'Wow.' To hear such a soulful voice that feels like it's from a different era, I mean, it felt so fresh and unique, and that was something that opened my eyes and made me believe that it's not always about churning out the same thing in this industry. — Ella Henderson

Such Wow Quotes By Kresley Cole

Elizabeth is my happiness, he thought again. "I could hate her for what she did to me."
"Because of one unsuccessful beheading?" She tapped her claw to her chin. "Wow. I never thought you were such a pussy. I'm rethinking our friendship. — Kresley Cole

Such Wow Quotes By Kirsty Moseley

I couldn't breathe. She was so beautiful that it was unreal. All I could do was stare at her like an idiot. Oh crap, I'm staring! OK come on, Liam, say something.
Say anything.
Liam, freaking say SOMETHING.
"Um ... Hi, Angel," I mumbled, my voice sounding tight. Wow, that was real smooth, Liam! God, I'm such a dick! — Kirsty Moseley

Such Wow Quotes By Michael Moorer

Well I knew JD could go out there and knock the guy out because in training I told JD all the time that he has height, reach and size and he has the power. JD has such a right hand, his right hand is like wow, oh man it is bad. — Michael Moorer

Such Wow Quotes By Anna Murray

Well, here's one thing I think: MOST PEOPLE don't live like you and me and the kids we know in New York. And what's more, they DON'T WANT TO. I feel like a big doofus, but all of a sudden I'm realizing: there are lots of people who don't HAVE New York apartments or houses in Southampton and, get this, WOULDN'T WANT TO LIVE THERE ANYWAY. They'd probably think, "Wow, big, crowded place. Lotta snobs. How lame." On the other hand, they probably have their own Southamptons. Only it's someplace you and I would probably think is really lame. AMAZING that people can see the world from such totally different points of view. — Anna Murray

Such Wow Quotes By Meg Cabot

Wow," he said, his voice as sarcastic as before. "I had no idea I was related to such an accomplished detective. Is that where you were the past couple of days? Doing undercover work? Tell me, Detective Oliviera, what else did you and your CSI team learn during your amazing investigation?"
"She learned," Mr. Liu said, taking a menacing step forward, "that boys who smart off to ladies often get slapped. — Meg Cabot

Such Wow Quotes By Anonymous

The entire planet can get along nicely now with maybe a dozen champion performers in each area of human giftedness. A moderately gifted person has to keep his or her gifts all bottled up until, in a manner of speaking, he or she gets drunk at a wedding and tap-dances on the coffee table like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers. We have a name for him or her. We call him or her an exhibitionist. How do we reward such an exhibitionist? We say to him or her the next morning, Wow! Were you ever drunk last night! — Anonymous

Such Wow Quotes By Jon Stewart

This morning, prompted by increasing concerns about terrorism, oil prices reached a record high as the cost of a barrel of crude is a whopping $44.34. Wow, it seems shocking that a product of finite supply gets more expensive the more we use it. Now the terror alert means higher oil prices, which oddly enough means higher profits for oil companies giving them more money to give to politicians whose policies may favor the oil companies such as raising the terror alert level. As Simba once told us: "It's the circle of life." — Jon Stewart

Such Wow Quotes By Avi Arad

Obviously, CGI in the last ten years has gone through such leaps and bounds that today, people are looking for these kinds of movies to wow audiences with technology. — Avi Arad

Such Wow Quotes By Agyness Deyn

I had a really small role (playing goddess Aphrodite), and I was only working for just over a week with Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson. I'd done a few short films before and thought acting was really creative, but when I worked with those guys, I was just like: "Wow!" They had such fun and freedom. They were trying things and stretching themselves. It was so inspiring that I was like: "I definitely want to do this!" — Agyness Deyn

Such Wow Quotes By Jason Dohring

I would love to do more movies. I'd like to get into some theater, too, if I could, just to learn more. I want to do gritty performances that I'm proud of. It doesn't matter to me if four people see it or millions of people see it, as long as I perform in such a way that people go, 'Wow!' — Jason Dohring

Such Wow Quotes By Casey Neistat

I don't really care for or that much about Chat Roulette. I think the phenomenon of it and like the first wow factor which was so absolutely insane about Chat Roulette. Certainly that's what inspired me to make that movie but I think that's true for everyone that used Chat Roulette which is why it was such an explosion. Now it's just kind of disappeared. You don't hear much about it anymore. — Casey Neistat

Such Wow Quotes By Scarlett Avery

Wow. This has been such a scorching series. Two hawt alpha males. One southern Texan. A recipe for lot of entertainment. - Jamie Leigh — Scarlett Avery

Such Wow Quotes By Anouska Knight

He was talking animatedly to two senior ladies, dressed in enough finery to buy the average home, no doubt. He brought one of their hands to his mouth, and then her friend's. He was such a charmer. I was charmed from here.
"He gets that from me," Feragal growled into my ear, leaving me to Ciaran, now making his way towards me.
I watched him stride certainly all the way to where I waited for him.
"Wow," he said, placing his hand at my waist, grazing his thumb over the detailing of the sash there. I was going to kiss Martha again when I got home.
"I like your sporran." I grinned.
"I like your everything," he countered, leaning in to kiss my cheek. "You look beautiful, Holly."
And I was done for the night. I could spill food down myself, trip over, whatever. The look in Ciaran's eyes was what I'd most wanted from the evening, and I already had it. To tuck away and keep forever. — Anouska Knight

Such Wow Quotes By Chris Jericho

I play a character in the WWE and everybody hates my character. I'm the evil villain bad guy. Whenever people meet me, they're like, 'Wow, you're such a nice guy. We never expected that.' — Chris Jericho

Such Wow Quotes By C. Gockel

Wow!" My whole body exploded with joy and excitement to see this magnificent sight. Overwhelmed by their presence, my stomach fluttered right along with them. Butterflies of every color, looking as if they were painted with patches of bold bright reds, oranges, blues, purples, and yellows, all intertwined, overlapping each other. As I continued to follow their path, I squinted at the brilliant sun in the cloudless sky. It blinded me for a split second, and then I saw that the butterflies were returning, circling around Michael and me - all of them dancing in the sky. Each knew its location and position with such precision, never colliding while reaching higher and higher to form a tunnel. Countless butterflies, circling around us, gave me chills as I could feel the air gently flowing from their wings. It was incredible to experience such beauty of color and grace so close within reach. — C. Gockel

Such Wow Quotes By Deyth Banger

You can't be transcendent,... which will mean to be perfect in everything. You can try to act as such person, but there is a lot of to learn.

- As first you always will know the few from everything

- Everything is endless!

- (The Wolf of Wall Street), forgot everything what people say to you about the topic "Money"...because money are the thing which make your life interesting. You could buy the best phone, the best hotel or the best room, the best house, the best car, the best TV, the best books... the best wife... There are outside a lot of women which will sleep with you in replace of money... so reality you need money to have them...
(More far than this I can't take you, because the train is too fast It will delete everything.... it will just start from here.)... What I gonna say or I will say is "Good Luck and try by yourself the finish the mission". — Deyth Banger

Such Wow Quotes By Jagdish Joghee

I love you."

"Wow. That too on Valentine's Day!"

"That's just a coincidence."

A perfect love story started to brew as they embarked on a journey of love and romance. The day the world celebrated love was the day they would start their love story too. What a perfect melodrama, even the best of romantic movies might not have such a climax. A perfect love story was just brewing. — Jagdish Joghee