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Top Sticking To Your Principles Quotes

Sticking To Your Principles Quotes By Jimmy Carter

"Adjust to changing times but sticking to unchanging principles" - committing me and all Americans to real ideals of justice and truth, no matter what difficulties faced us. — Jimmy Carter

Sticking To Your Principles Quotes By Vir Sanghvi

But Vajpayee was a realist. He had joined the BJP recognising that the party would never come to power during his lifetime. That did not matter so much to him. He had never been after power. Otherwise, he would have accepted Narasimha Rao's offer, made in 1993, to join the Congress. He was happy sitting in the opposition and sticking to his principles. — Vir Sanghvi

Sticking To Your Principles Quotes By Li Bingbing

By sticking to my principles and what I firmly believe in - I always have my own attitude towards everything in life. I wish to create trends rather than follow them. My daily routine at the moment is really just a combination of work and family. — Li Bingbing

Sticking To Your Principles Quotes By Epifanio De Los Santos

If by sticking to the moral principles you have followed all your life, you jeopardize your happiness and that of others, throw over your principles. Principles for principles' sake -that is not wisdom; that is obstinacy. Principles should be fluid because life is fluid. — Epifanio De Los Santos

Sticking To Your Principles Quotes By Zig Ziglar

I suggest the greatest challenge to Christians in the business world is within - making the heart determination (simply put, the choice) to live by God's principles and sticking with it; making the commitment to serving Christ and mankind with our efforts, our gifts and our knowledge. — Zig Ziglar

Sticking To Your Principles Quotes By Phyllis Chesler

That these girls avoid use of physical violence in resolving conflict, does not mean that these conflicts are resolved in meaningful and enduring ways. Girls might smile, give in, give up - and then continue the conflict behind their opponents' backs. Girls might also smile, give in, make fatal compromises, because their need to belong (or not to be excluded) is more important to them than sticking to their principles. — Phyllis Chesler