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Top Steidl Quotes

Steidl Quotes By Marcus Aurelius

Love that only which happens to thee and is spun with the thread of thy destiny. For what is more suitable? In — Marcus Aurelius

Steidl Quotes By Richard P. Gabriel

The lesson to be learned from this is that it is often undesirable to go for the right thing first. It is better to get half of the right thing available so that it spreads like a virus. Once people are hooked on it, take the time to improve it to 90% of the right thing. — Richard P. Gabriel

Steidl Quotes By Henryk Sienkiewicz

As I have said, I am comparatively speaking calm, do not wish for anything, or expect anything, am resigned in fact to that kind of spiritual paralysis until the time comes when bodily paralysis carries me off, as it carried off my father. — Henryk Sienkiewicz

Steidl Quotes By Bryant McGill

The language of nature is silence. — Bryant McGill

Steidl Quotes By Embee

Excuse me? I'm a girl? And what does that have to do with anything? I narrowed my eyes. If he didn't answer this correctly, he was in big trouble. — Embee

Steidl Quotes By George W. Bush

The only things that I can tell you is that every case I have reviewed I have been comfortable with the innocence or guilt of the person that I've looked at. I do not believe we've put a guilty ... I mean innocent person to death in the state of Texas. — George W. Bush

Steidl Quotes By Thomas More

A little wanton money, which burned out the bottom of his purse. — Thomas More

Steidl Quotes By Ayn Rand

And now I see the face of god, and I raise this god over the earth, this god whom men have sought since men came into being, this god who will grant them joy and peace and pride. This god, this one word: 'I. — Ayn Rand

Steidl Quotes By Tony Scott

I like changing the pace of my life, changing my discipline. It gives me ideas for how to see the world differently. — Tony Scott