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Staying Awake At Night Quotes By David Nicholls

Imagine staying awake all night not because you're worried about the future but because it's FUN — David Nicholls

Staying Awake At Night Quotes By Lindsay Buroker

What are you doing?" Sicarius's voice floated from his tree perch.
"The usual night-watch activities." She tried to keep her tone light. Neither the creepy forest nor the creepy wolves were going to make her nervous, thank you very much.
"Staying awake, counting trees, throwing fire at wolves with glowing eyes. — Lindsay Buroker

Staying Awake At Night Quotes By Ishmael Beah

I was afraid to fall asleep, but staying awake also brought back painful memories. Memories I sometimes wish I could wash away, even though I am aware that they are an important part of what my life is; who I am now. I stayed up all night, anxiously waiting for daylight, so that I could fully return to my new life, to rediscover happiness I had known as a child, the joy that had stayed alive inside me even through times when being alive itself became a burden. These days I live in three worlds: my dreams, and the experiences of my new life, which trigger memories from the past. — Ishmael Beah

Staying Awake At Night Quotes By Cobi Jones

You are going to have hostile crowds and the fans are going to find out where you are staying and keep you awake at night. They are going to use everything possible. — Cobi Jones

Staying Awake At Night Quotes By Antal Szerb

The staying awake was a great self-sacrificaing gesture of friendship, and wonderfully in keeping with our current mood of intense friendship and religious fervour. We were all in a state of shock. We engaged in a long Dostojevskyan conversations and drank one black coffee after another. It was sort of night typical of youth, the sort you only can look back on with shame and embarassment once you've grown up. But God knows, I must have grown up already by then, because I don't feel the slightest embarassment when I think back to it, just a terrible nostalgia. — Antal Szerb