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Top Sports Coach Inspirational Quotes

Sports Coach Inspirational Quotes By Pat Riley

When you're playing against a stacked deck, compete even harder. — Pat Riley

Sports Coach Inspirational Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Positioning yourself and effective branding should not be left to sports and movie stars. Your need a personal coach, manager or mentor otherwise your expertise, skills or talent will not go far. You might have what it takes but sometimes you lack strategy and some finer elements. — Archibald Marwizi

Sports Coach Inspirational Quotes By Franz Stampfl

The coach's job is twenty percent technical and training, and eighty per cent inspirational. He may know all there is to know about tactics, technique and training, but if he cannot win the confidence and comradeship of his pupils he will never be a good coach — Franz Stampfl

Sports Coach Inspirational Quotes By Red Auerbach

The coach should be the absolute boss, but he still should maintain an open mind. — Red Auerbach

Sports Coach Inspirational Quotes By Usain Bolt

Thankfully, Coach had taught me a way of embracing the pain. He called that overwhelming rust of hurt 'The Moment of No Return', a point of pure agony when the body told an athlete to quit, to rest, because the pain was so damn tough. It was a tipping point. He reckoned that if an athlete dropped in The Moment, then all the pain that went before it was pointless, the muscles wouldn't increase their current strength. But if he could work through the pinch and run another two reps, maybe 3, them the body would physically improve in that time, and that was when an athlete grew stronger. — Usain Bolt