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Connecting With Someone Quotes By Theophilus London

I like connecting with people through technology. — Theophilus London

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Lev Grossman

There must still be some last invisible unbroken strand connecting them, something deeper than mourning. The wound had healed but the scar wouldn't fade, not quite. — Lev Grossman

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Kacey Musgraves

Really connecting with someone and maybe opening their mind a little bit, is such a cool thing to be able to do through music. — Kacey Musgraves

Connecting With Someone Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Connecting is the key to Influence.
Influence is the key to Leading.
Leading is the key to Success! — John C. Maxwell

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Alice Walker

You don't need organized religion to connect with the universe. Often a church is the only place you can go to find peace and quiet ... But it shouldn't be confused with connecting with one's spirit. — Alice Walker

Connecting With Someone Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

I think that many people do not know what empathy is. They think empathy is understanding their own selves and then connecting with like-minded individuals, who of course will understand them since they all share the same ideas. Empathy has nothing to do with likemindedness; it has to do with being able to feel the things that others feel, even when you do not share the same ideas, life story, or absolutely nothing at all! When I hear someone say, "I don't understand you", that makes me feel sorry for them. I can even understand a rock, and they can't understand me? My pet rocks have more empathy than they do. — C. JoyBell C.

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Michelle Phan

Seven years ago, in my first semester at college, the professors handed out MacBook Pros. With mine, I filmed a seven-minute tutorial on 'natural makeup' - just me, my laptop, and a cup of coffee. When, a week later, it clocked 40,000 Web views, I knew people were connecting with it, so I kept going. That moment changed my life. — Michelle Phan

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Juliana Hatfield

Songwriting is like going to church. I'm connecting to something, and it's rewarding in really important ways. I don't need to share it with anyone to feel good about it. — Juliana Hatfield

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Miriam Toews

For a few seconds I thought about my little brothers who loved connecting things with rope. I wondered if I'd ever see them again and a torpedo of sadness struck me and moved straight trough my body. — Miriam Toews

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Diane Loomans

If I had my child to raise all over again,
I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later.
I'd finger-paint more, and point the finger less.
I would do less correcting and more connecting.
I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.
I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.
I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play.
I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars.
I'd do more hugging and less tugging. — Diane Loomans

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Lucia Puenzo

I think that even though The German Doctor (Wakolda) is placed in a historical context , it is a very intimate story. The film has been extremely well received around the world. It keeps on going around, opening in different markets, and connecting with the audience. In Argentina it was seen by over 450, 000 spectators, which is way more than anything we could have imagined. — Lucia Puenzo

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Michael Paterniti

Frankly, out in America, you get the feeling that America is dying. And along its highways and byways, the country seems less ready to leap into the future than it is already clinging to a sepia-toned past when America stood as the unencumbered Big Boy in a Manichean world of good and evil, capitalists and Commies. Even the neon oasis-pods of the interstate - the perpetual clusters of Wendy's, McDonald's, Denny's, and Burger King - are crowded with people strangely reclaiming bygone days, connecting themselves to some prior eating experience, reveling in the familiar. We gas — Michael Paterniti

Connecting With Someone Quotes By David Levithan

Dumbfounded, adj.
And still, for all the jealousy, all the doubt, sometimes I will be struck with a kind of awe that we're together. That someone like me could find someone like you - it renders me wordless. Because surely words would conspire against such luck, would protest the unlikelihood of such a turn of events.
I didn't tell any of my friends about our first date. I waited until after our second, because I wanted to make sure it was real. I wouldn't believe it had happened until it had happened again. Then, later on, I would be overwhelmed by the evidence, by all the lines connecting you to me, and us to love. — David Levithan

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Junot Diaz

Honestly, connecting once at the deepest level with someone, you know, once you've done that, even if your life goes to hell, man, it was really worth living. — Junot Diaz

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Damon Lindelof

Connecting dots is not that rewarding of an experience. — Damon Lindelof

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Mark Zuckerberg

In a lot of ways Berlin is a symbol for me of Facebook's mission: bringing people together, connecting people and breaking down boundaries. — Mark Zuckerberg

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Trevanian

The rope connecting two men on a mountain is more than nylon protection; it is an organic thing that transmits subtle messages of intent and disposition from man to man; it is an extension of the tactile senses, a psychological bond, a wire along which currents of communication flow. — Trevanian

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Bianca McCormick-Johnson

Never close your circle. We all have room for growth. Every person you meet is not out to destroy you. Blessings can come from connecting with the right people. That's why wireless service providers are always accepting new customers. When you set limits on your relationships, you block the possibility of gaining new opportunities. So instead of closing your circle, screen those you let in it. — Bianca McCormick-Johnson

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Antony Hegarty

I think, with music in general, people just inevitably connect with feeling. The opportunity to hear expressed feeling. That's what has always drawn me towards music. It's something where, by connecting to someone else's voice, I feel less lonely. I feel more alive. I feel more connected to the world and to the rest of humanity. Sometimes a voice can be like a lifeline. — Antony Hegarty

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

Barrons Books and Baubles had been ransacked!

Tables were overturned, books torn from shelves and strewn everywhere, baubles broken. Even my little TV behind the counter had been destroyed.

"Barrons?" I called warily. It was night and the lights were on. My illusory Alina had told me more than an hour had passed. Was it the same night, nearly dawn? Or was it the night following our theft attempt? Had Barrons come back from Wales yet? Or was he still there, searching for me? When I'd been so rudely ripped from reality, who or what had come through those basement doors?

I heard footsteps, boots on hardwood, and turned expectantly toward the connecting doors.

Barrons was framed in the doorway. His eyes were black ice. He stared at me a moment, raking me from head to toe. "Nice tan, Ms. Lane. So, where the fuck have you been for the past month? — Karen Marie Moning

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Cardeno C.

Tying isn't about males and females. It's about connecting with someone who can better you, someone who can give you what you're lacking, someone who can fulfill you and make you whole. — Cardeno C.

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Ellie Goulding

If I've got Writer's Block it generally means that I don't have that much to say or something's not quite connecting. I have had Writer's Block a bunch of times and it's generally because I'm not able to write down what I'm feeling basically. Mostly, I just need to be alone really, or be with someone who can bring that out of me. — Ellie Goulding

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Jonah Berger

Connecting with others is rewarding; it makes us feel like we're not alone in the world. — Jonah Berger

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Phyllis Curott

Magic is what happens when you have encountered the Divine. It is the life-altering experiences of connecting to the divinity that dwells within yourself and in the world. — Phyllis Curott

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Mark William Lindberg

I'm so tired of people saying that phones are disconnecting us from each other. I think they're connecting us too much. They're just connecting us to people who aren't in the same room with us. — Mark William Lindberg

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Alexis De Tocqueville

Lawyers belong to the people by birth and interest, and to the aristocracy by habit and taste; they may be looked upon as the connecting link of the two great classes of society. — Alexis De Tocqueville

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Gary L. Thomas

for now I'm just throwing it out there and asking you to at least consider that romantic attraction, as wonderful and as emotionally intoxicating as it can be, can actually lead you astray as much as it can help you. I'm not talking it down; "connecting" with someone on that level is a wonderful thing. Enjoy it, revel in it, even write a song about it if you want, but don't bet your life on it. — Gary L. Thomas

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

A garden path,' write the landscape architects Charles W. Moore, William J. Mitchell, and William Turnbull, 'can become the thread of a plot, connecting moments and incidents into a narrative. The narrative structure might be a simple chain of events with a beginning, middle, and end. It might be embellished with diversions, digressions, and picaresque twists, be accompanied by parallel ways (subplots), or deceptively fork into blind alleys like the althernative scenerios explored in a detective novel. — Rebecca Solnit

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Gigi Hadid

It's really about making opportunities for yourself and connecting with people on a more-than-normal level. That opens doors. You never know if the caterer's brother is someone. You don't know who someone is having dinner with that night. So being a nice person and touching people creates opportunity. — Gigi Hadid

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Sachin Garg

You know what is the worst thing in the world?
You are amidst this crowd, a swarm of people,
Who think they connect with you,
Every one of them, in their own way.
But in reality, you are being ripped apart,
Connecting with each one of them.
It is a constant struggle to connect with someone,
To be heard,to be understood,to be loved, to be accepted.
And it is done with a glimpse of hope,
That someone from these known and unknown faces,
Will hear you out, someone with a warm & genuine smile,
Will touch your heart.
And that's precisely when,perhaps,you would say,
Yes, THIS IS ME. — Sachin Garg

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Lily Paradis

They say that you and your soul mate have a string connecting your hearts - not a literal string, but an invisible one. — Lily Paradis

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Will McIntosh

This is the future," Lycan said. "Connecting people to each other directly. — Will McIntosh

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Hal Elrod

am just as worthy, deserving, and capable of achieving extraordinary success as any other person, and I will prove it today with my actions. I am destined for greatness, and today I will live in alignment with my destiny. Selling isn't about me and what I want; it is about connecting with my prospect by finding out what's important to them, and then matching my product to meet their wants and needs. — Hal Elrod

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Susane Colasanti

Its so weird how connecting with someone in a different setting can bring out this whole other side of them. Like how certain places inspire us to act in ways we normally wouldn't. — Susane Colasanti

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Ali Smith

It's about the connecting force from form to form. It's the toe bone connecting to the shoulder bone. It's the bacterial kick of life force, something growing out of nothing, forming itself out of something else. Form never stops. And form is always environmental. — Ali Smith

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Experiencing connecting with someone in a way so meaningful, it shared just how connected all we beings were through a variety of sources. Music. Books. Art. Movies. The tragedy was, most didn't recognize it and there were some of us with hate in their hearts about things they didn't understand who would refuse to acknowledge it. I — Kristen Ashley

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Brene Brown

Empathy is connecting with the emotion that someone is experiencing, not the event or the circumstance. — Brene Brown

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Ashton Kutcher

I'm very tech-forward. However, I also think hitting the pause button is not a bad thing, and really connecting with people one-to-one viscerally, having a connection with someone, is really important. — Ashton Kutcher

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Donna Lynn Hope

Connecting with someone is not necessarily a bond with a significant other, or even a friend, but can be the indefinable - perhaps the rarest and most precious thing in life to find at all. — Donna Lynn Hope

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Suze Orman

I am a big believer that orderliness begets wealth. A pile of bills and statements - whether paid or not - is a sign that someone is clueless about what's coming in and going out. When you consciously open, read, and file away your bills and statements, you are connecting with your money and taking control of your life. — Suze Orman

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Deepak Chopra

Speaking generally, however, when you interact with someone else, you are doing outer work (physical time, play time, connecting time) ... as many sociologists have pointed out, this area of life used to dominate everyday existence, at a time when families sat around the fire of an evening and ate every meal together.
That's no longer true. Families today are often loose constellations. Contact is intermittent and rushed. everyone has their own space. Activity is scattered all around town, not confined to the home. Cars have made everyone mobile, but central heating may be the most powerful force in shaping modern society. — Deepak Chopra

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Jim Parsons

It's made it easier to communicate important issues, but I wonder if connecting with millions of people online is ever as arresting to someone's attention as one man standing and screaming in front of City Hall. — Jim Parsons

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Koren Zailckas

That's the thing about social drinking: In the end, it's the drinking that creates the scene, not the other way around. You grow to relish the buzz, regardless of the situation. Once you're there, really there inside that moment, with its neighbourly warmth and conversation, it's hard to tell what's responsible for producing emotion. What's responsible for the light-headed feeling? Is it the Molson, or the boy who's running his fingers through the ends of your hair? Are you chatty because you're drunk, or because you're connecting with someone on a level that you have never before experienced? — Koren Zailckas

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Charles Duhigg

If you need to improve your focus and learn to avoid distractions, take a moment to visualize, with as much detail as possible, what you are about to do. It is easier to know what's ahead when there's a well-rounded script inside your head. Companies say such tactics are important in all kinds of settings, including if you're applying for a job or deciding whom to hire. The candidates who tell stories are the ones every firm wants. "We look for people who describe their experiences as some kind of a narrative," Andy Billings, a vice president at the video game giant Electronic Arts, told me. "It's a tip-off that someone has an instinct for connecting the dots and understanding how the world works at a deeper level. That's who everyone tries to get." III. — Charles Duhigg

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Julianne Moore

Either you like a person or you don't like a person. I don't have to love somebody to work with them. I'm a professional person. But when you get the bonus of really liking someone and really connecting with them and really enjoying them, it's a fantastic thing. — Julianne Moore

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Will Self

There can be no more thrilling idea of intimacy that connecting with someone through the agency of the written word. Here we meet, on the page, naked and unadorned: shorn of class, race, gender, sexual identity, age and nationality. The reader I seek is a tautology, for he/she is simply ... the person who wants to read what I have written. — Will Self

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Jerome Flynn

Shaking's great. Shaking's one of the oldest practices known to man. Standing round a fire and connecting with the earth and moving energy through the body because it's where a lot of our stuff can get trapped. Yeah, I would recommend it. — Jerome Flynn

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Jon Crosby

It definitely seems like we are connecting with people, which is nice, because I've had a lot of music do the same for me. It's not like I don't I understand why we get the reactions we do. — Jon Crosby

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Vijay Singh

Dr. Parent has been a great influence on my mental game. ZEN GOLF is the best book at connecting golf and the mind together. It's for everyone, it really helps, and you're really going to enjoy it. — Vijay Singh

Connecting With Someone Quotes By J.M. Richards

Jill!" I called to her through our connecting bathroom as I pulled on some jeans. "You realize I've been more than twenty-four hours without a shower, right?" "Oh, who cares," she grumbled. "You look fine. Just put on some deodorant and a bra. I mean, aren't we just going to be getting sweaty lugging your stuff down from storage anyway? — J.M. Richards

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Carl Sandburg

Poetry is an exhibit of one pendulum connecting with other and unseen pendulums inside and outside the one seen. — Carl Sandburg

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Charles Kingsley

I can conceive few human states more enviable than that of the man to whom, panting in the foul laboratory, or watching for his life under the tropic forest, Isis shall for a moment lift her sacred veil, and show him, once and for ever, the thing he dreamed not of; some law, or even mere hint of a law, explaining one fact; but explaining with it a thousand more, connecting them all with each other and with the mighty whole, till order and meaning shoots through some old Chaos of scattered observations. — Charles Kingsley

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Myra Cohn Livingston

Finding A Way

I'd like you for a friend.
I'd like to find the way
of asking you to be my friend.
I don't know what to say.

What would you like to hear?
What is it I can do?
There has to be some word, some look
Connecting me to you. — Myra Cohn Livingston

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Kamal Ravikant

Memory is not set in stone. Any neuroscientist will tell you that. The more you remember something, especially if it's emotionally charged, the more you will reinforce the pathways connecting the neurons. Simply put, the more you think about it, the more you feel it, the stronger the memory. — Kamal Ravikant

Connecting With Someone Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Connecting is vital for any person who wants to achieve success. It is essential for anyone who wants to build great relationships. You will only be able to reach your potential-regar dless of your profession or chosen path-when you learn to connect with other people. — John C. Maxwell

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Jason Reitman

I'm equally guilty of using technology - I Twitter, I text people, I chat. But I think there's something strangely insidious about it that it makes us think we're closer when in fact we're not seeing each other, we're not connecting. — Jason Reitman

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Francis Chan

If one person "wastes" away his day by spending hours connecting with God, and the other person believes he is too busy or has better things to do than worship the Creator and Sustainer, who is the crazy one? — Francis Chan

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Danny Gokey

The moment we change our thinking and start connecting with God, we start connecting with His plans, which always exceed our small plans. — Danny Gokey

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Jay Mohr

After spending the last 15 years guest hosting, I couldn't be happier to get the opportunity to host my own show! I'm looking forward to talking sports, connecting with listeners, and interviewing amazing guests every day, while being a part of the FOX Sports Radio family. It was worth the wait. — Jay Mohr

Connecting With Someone Quotes By William James

To plead the organic causation of a religious state of mind, then, in refutation of its claim to possess superior spiritual value, is quite illogical and arbitrary, unless one has already worked out in advance some psycho-physical theory connecting spiritual values in general with determinate sorts of physiological change. Otherwise none of our thoughts and feelings, not even our scientific doctrines, not even our DIS-beliefs, could retain any value as revelations of the truth, for every one of them without exception flows from the state of its possessor's body at the time. — William James

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Eric Weiner

good life, the happy life, is connecting to something larger than ourselves, recognizing that we are not mere blips on the cosmic radar screen but part of something much bigger. For some, a Victorian building, with its creaking staircases and tarnished molding, provides this connection. For others, it's giving a new cellphone, gift wrapped, to Uncle Wen who died twenty years ago but is still part of the family. — Eric Weiner

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Deepak Chopra

I like to make a distinction between solitude and being alone. Alone signifies loneliness, whereas solitude means really connecting with yourself. — Deepak Chopra

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Daniel Logan

When humanity finally emerges from the Middle Ages altogether, when he stops connecting psychic behavior with"the work of the Devil" or with some unknown, unmentionable force, then he will emerge into the New Age of enlightenment. — Daniel Logan

Connecting With Someone Quotes By David Brooks

(William) Deresiewicz offers a vision of what it takes to move from adolescence to adulthood. Everyone is born with a mind, he writes, but it is only through introspection, observation, connecting the head and the heart, making meaning of experience and finding an organizing purpose that you build a unique individual self. — David Brooks

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Steven Redhead

Start changing your reality today by setting your desires in motion by connecting to the heart consciousness - mould your life to suit what you want to experience. — Steven Redhead

Connecting With Someone Quotes By John Medina

The most common communication mistakes? Relating too much information, with not enough time devoted to connecting the dots. — John Medina

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Seth Godin

By being remarkable, being genuine, you can be worth connecting with. And you don't have to have it figured out perfectly the first time - you can adjust. — Seth Godin

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Valerie June

I don't even want to call it God. I just want to call it connecting with something that's greater than I am. So that's the biggest thing from Tennessee - the spirit. — Valerie June

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Xavier Rudd

For me, surfing is as close a connection I can have with Mother Nature. To surf, you're riding a pulse of energy from Mother Nature. And it's strong. It's real. It's there. And you're dancing with that. You're connecting with that. You're might be the only person in the history of the universe that connects with that particular pulse of energy. — Xavier Rudd

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Anonymous

A convention-based approach to connecting view models to views removes the need for much boilerplate code. — Anonymous

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Erika M. Anderson

I think. I do know that I like connecting to people who really resonate with the music. I guess I almost wish I could just connect with the people who really need it. — Erika M. Anderson

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Rob Zerban

I have really seen the best in people and I've absolutely seen the worst in people. And I'm happy to say that most of the time I have been seeing the best of people in the first congressional district and connecting with voters and seeing what's important to them hearing their stories and what they want to see happen. — Rob Zerban

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Jessica Fechtor

Food has powers. It picks us up from our lonely corners and sits us back down, together. It pulls us out of ourselves, to the kitchen, to the table, to the diner down the block. At the same time, it draws us inward. Food is the keeper of our memories, connecting us with our pasts and with our people. — Jessica Fechtor

Connecting With Someone Quotes By Gina Greenlee

When we establish human connections within the context of shared
experience we create community wherever we go. — Gina Greenlee