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Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Lauren Morrill

Look I thought once you knew, you'd be pissed,' he says. 'I thought you'd think it was another one of my stupid pranks, and then I wouldn't get to spend time with you helping you find your mystery guy. And with as much as you care about love and MTB or whatever, I didn't think you'd ever forgive me for messing with your idea of a perfect romance. When all along ... well, what I was hoping you'd realize was ... '
'My mystery guy was you,'I finish in a whisper.
'Well, yeah,' he says. He reaches out and touches my chin-once, gently, 'I really like you, Julia. A lot. I-I want to be with you.'
A huge smile breaks across my face, so big my cheeks feel like they're going to detach from my jaw. I bite my lip. My whole body feels like it has been stuck inside an oven, and this time I let myself remeber, really remember, our kiss in the field. 'So the kiss ... it was for real? — Lauren Morrill

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Douglas Coupland

Time, Baby - so much, so much time left until the end of my life - sometimes I go crazy at how slowly time passes yet how quickly my body ages.
But I shouldn't allow myself to think like this. I have to remind myself that time only frightens me when I think of having to spend it alone. Sometimes I scare myself with how many of my thoughts revolve around making me feel better about sleeping alone in a room. — Douglas Coupland

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Donald Miller

More than my questions about the efficacy of social actions were my questions about my own motives. Do i want social justice for the oppressed or do i jusy want to be known as a socially active person? I spend 95 percent of my time thinking about myself anyway. I dont have to watch the evening news to see the world is bad, i only have to look at myself. I am not brow beating here, i am only saying that true charge , true living giving, God honoring change would have to start with the individual. I was the very problem i had been protesting. I wanted to make a sign that read I am the problem — Donald Miller

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Man is an enigma. This enigma must be solved, and if you spend all your life at it, don't say you have wasted your time; I occupy myself with this enigma because I wish to be a man. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Jennifer Donnelly

You should spend more time reading the Good Book and less reading all those novels. What are you going to tell the Lord on Judgement Day when He asks you why you didn't read your bible? Hmm?
I will tell Him that His press agents could have done with a writing lesson or two, I said. To myself. — Jennifer Donnelly

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Claudia Gray

You're going to tell me that last night shouldn't have happened.
No. I'm glad it happened. For too long, I've been telling myself that I could spend all this time with yo and flirt with you and not have it mean anything. It does mean something. You mean something to me. But I'm not in love with you. — Claudia Gray

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Miguel Angel Ruiz

Our life is so short that every time I see my children, I enjoy them as much as I can. Whenever I can, I enjoy my beloved, my family, my friends, my apprentices. But mainly I enjoy myself, because I am with myself all the time. Why should I spend my precious time with myself judging myself, rejecting myself, creating guilt and shame? Why should I push myself to be angry or jealous? If I don't feel good emotionally, I find out what is causing it and I fix it. Then I can recover my happiness and keep going with my story. — Miguel Angel Ruiz

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Gretchen Rubin

I always had the uncomfortable feeling that if I wasn't sitting in front of a computer typing, I was wasting my time
but I pushed myself to take a wider view of what was "productive." Time spend with my family and friends was never wasted. — Gretchen Rubin

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Matsuo Basho

Days and months are travellers of eternity. So are the years that pass by. Those who steer a boat across the sea, or drive a horse over the earth till they succumb to the weight of years, spend every minute of their lives travelling. There are a great number of ancients, too, who died on the road. I myself have been tempted for a long time by the cloud-moving wind - filled with a strong desire to wander. — Matsuo Basho

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Robin Sacredfire

People are funny when they say they would like to spend time with me because they admire me. I admire myself too. The question is, why would I spend my time with someone I don't admire? — Robin Sacredfire

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Louis Freeh

I have always said to myself, 'I never want to say I'm leaving a job because I want to spend more time with my family.' I feel sorry for people when they say that. But my advice to them is that you shouldn't have taken the job in the first place. — Louis Freeh

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

I am my own biggest critic. Before anyone else has criticized me, I have already criticized myself. But for the rest of my life, I am going to be with me and I don't want to spend my life with someone who is always critical. So I am going to stop being my own critic. It's high time that I accept all the great things about me. — C. JoyBell C.

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Human Angels

I am careful
with whom I spend my time.
I surround myself only
with those who encourage
and uplift me. — Human Angels

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Erica Larsen

I'd left with the notion that I'd made a fool of myself. I guess we never really do understand what people think of us. We spend so much time worrying about the impression we made, when in reality, they're probably thinking about what to cook for dinner instead. — Erica Larsen

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Gwen Hayes

Who was your first kiss?" Heat rushed into my face. I flattered myself by thinking maybe he wanted to kiss me. I wished he wanted to kiss me. "I haven't ... " Squeezing my eyes closed, I began again. "I haven't been kissed. Yet." "Why?" I rolled my eyes at his innocence.
"You obviously know I'm not like other girls. I'm shy and I don't spend time with boys. My father is strict and - " "That's not why." He thought he knew me so well.
"Fine. You tell me why I haven't been kissed."
I regretted the words and my tone instantly. What if he told me what I already knew? That I was lacking. Not interesting or pretty enough. "You were waiting. — Gwen Hayes

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Gustave Flaubert

I am an obscure and patient pearl-fisherman who dives into the deepest waters and comes up with empty hands and a blue face. Some fatal attraction draws me down into the abysses of thought, down into those innermost recesses which never cease to fascinate the strong. I shall spend my life gazing at the ocean of art, where others voyage or fight; and from time to time I'll entertain myself by diving for those green and yellow shells that nobody will want. So I shall keep them for myself and cover the walls of my hut with them. — Gustave Flaubert

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Kimbra

But for me I think it's just about taking that time of reflection and contemplation. That's probably my process in every decision that I make: to make sure that I spend time just with myself, and really times of silence and mediation to go through that process; and music is a big part of that as well. — Kimbra

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Chelsea Krost

There are so many things I would like to say. However, the most important thing that I do is allow myself to unplug, spend time with the people I love most, and not take the little things for granted. — Chelsea Krost

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Man is a mystery: if you spend your entire life trying to puzzle it out, then do not say that you have wasted your time. I occupy myself with this mystery, because I want to be a man. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Albert Goldbarth

I don't spend time thinking about an aesthetic out of which I create or an ideal toward which my body of work is heading. It's amazing, when I read interviews with other poets, to see how articulately they discuss their own writing, as if they were sharing long-held theories on the work of Pope or Keats. I'm happy enough that I've poured the best of myself into the poems themselves. — Albert Goldbarth

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Debra Dean

I just can't fathom tweeting, and I'd rather spend my time writing a book than a blog, but I rather grudgingly agreed to a Facebook page. I had a brief, intense romance with Facebook. It's weirdly addictive, but anything that time-sucking is a danger for a writer who writes as slowly as I do. Now I post only occasionally and nothing very confessional. I think I'm carbon dating myself as I speak. — Debra Dean

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Fr. Warren J. Savage

Lord, with love and mercy you protect us from the dangers of the world. When I spend too much time looking into my smartphone, paying little attention to the beautiful faces of the people around me, I know I am in danger of forgetting who I am. When I text and tweet all sorts of messages to people I hardly know, making no time to have a meaningful conversation with a stranger or even a loved one, I know I am in danger of losing sight of God in others. When I indulge myself by buying things instantly and mindlessly, I am in danger of becoming indifferent to the needs of others. Lord, save me from my selfish ways and addictive attachment to the things of this world. Fill me with love, mercy and inner peace, that I may long to truly be present to those who cry for help. Amen. Read — Fr. Warren J. Savage

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Bidzina Ivanishvili

I did not like formal meetings, because they took away my freedom. I just liked to spend time with my friends, where I could be myself and did not need to don a mask. — Bidzina Ivanishvili

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Haruki Murakami

You try too hard to make life fit your way of doing things. If you don't want to spend time in an insane asylum, you have to open up a little more and let yourself go with life's natural flow. I'm just a powerless and imperfect woman, but still there are times when I think to myself how wonderful life can be! Believe me, it's true! So stop what you're doing this minute and get happy. Work at making yourself happy! — Haruki Murakami

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By John Heider

To know how other people behave takes intelligence, but to know myself takes wisdom. To manage other people's lives takes strength, but to manage my own life takes true power. If I am content with what I have, I can live simply and enjoy both prosperity and free time. If my goals are clear, I can achieve them without fuss. If I am at peace with myself, I will not spend my life force in conflicts. If I have learned to let go, I do not need to fear dying. — John Heider

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Irene Rosenfeld

Sports have always been a really important part of how I energize myself, as well as how I relax. I spend a lot of my spare time with my family playing tennis, biking and rollerblading. — Irene Rosenfeld

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Gillian Flynn

My parents have always worried that I'd take Amy too personally - they always tell not to read too much into her, And yet I can't fail to notice that whenever I screw something up, Amy does it right: When I finally quit violin at age twelve, Amy was revealed as a prodigy in the next book. ("Sheesh, violin can be hard work, but handwork is the only way to get better!") When I blew off the junior championship at age sixteen to do a beach weekend with friends, Amy recommitted to the game. ("Sheesh, I know it's fun to spend time with friends, but I'd be letting myself and everyone else down if I didn't show up for the tournament.") This used to drive me mad, but after I wend off to Harvard (and Amy correct those my parents' alma mater), I decided it was all too ridiculous to think about. That my parents, two child psychologists, chose this particular public form of passive-aggressiveness toward their child was not just fucked up but also stupid and weird and kind of hilarious. — Gillian Flynn

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Avery Johnson

I'm passionate about coaching and being able to mentor young men in a lot of different ways. I think it's good to be able to do what you love to do. It's been in me since the beginning. I was telling my college coach what to do and he trusted me. When I got into the NBA, I started having conversations with coaches. (Coach Gregg) Popp(avich) brought a lot out in me. Coach (Don) Nelson gave me an incredible opportunity to spend some time with him and he molded me but at the same time allowed me to be myself. — Avery Johnson

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Michael Moore

I don't want to involve myself in the various arguments about why Israel was created ... I want to deal with the situation at hand which is the ongoing killing on both sides ... It's true that there's also much oppression of Palestinians in Arab countries, where Palestinians aren't allowed to vote or own property and are treated as second class citizens and pawns in the fight against Israel. But I'm not going to spend my time on this since there is isn't a whole lot I can do about it. — Michael Moore

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Gena Showalter

Life's too short to pretend and play games like that. I want to spend my time hanging out with people who make me feel good about myself. People who make me happy. — Gena Showalter

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Emily Browning

I felt much better when I started to become myself a bit more and to spend time with people who I genuinely liked as opposed to the people I felt I should be spending time with. — Emily Browning

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Dante Alighieri

If anyone should want to know my name, I am called Leah. And I spend all my time weaving garlands of flowers with my fair hands, t o please me when I stand before the mirror; my sister Rachel sits all the day long before her own, and never moves away. She loves to contemplate her lovely eyes; I love to use my hands to adorn myself: her joy is in reflection, mine in act. — Dante Alighieri

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Moby

In 1992 I was doing one of my first ever tours and I was in Heathrow airport and I saw these middle-aged musicians who had clearly been on tour for decades, and they all looked haggard and unhappy and unhealthy. I vowed to myself that I would never be that person. Flash forward 20 years and I found myself in Heathrow looking haggard and unhappy and unhealthy. I decided I would rather spend my time staying home working on music and making dinner with friends, instead of spending six months in a hotel in a state of depressing suspended adolescence. — Moby

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Abraham Lincoln

When I am getting ready to reason with a man, I spend one-third of my time thinking about myself and what I am going to say and two-thirds about him and what he is going to say. — Abraham Lincoln

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Wes Nisker

I meditate because evolution gave me a big brain, but it didn't come with an instruction manual. I meditate because life is too short and sitting slows it down. I meditate because life is too long and I need an occasional breakI meditate because it's such a relief to spend time ignoring myselfI meditate because I'm building myself a bigger and better perspective, and occasionally I need to add a new window. — Wes Nisker

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Nelson Mandela

I am confident that nobody ... will accuse me of selfishness if I ask to spend time, while I am still in good health, with my family, my friends and also with myself. — Nelson Mandela

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Brendan Fraser

I'm starting to judge success by the time I have for myself, the time I spend with family and friends. My priorities aren't amending; they're shifting. — Brendan Fraser

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Jason Mraz

I struggle sometimes superficially with my management or with my own career about how much time I spend traveling or giving myself away to promote my music or myself when I'd rather be gardening or surfing or being at home with my loved ones. And everyone struggles with that; everyone struggles with having to go to work. And I struggle with how humankind ended up this way. — Jason Mraz

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Robert James Waller

I don't like feeling sorry for myself. That's not who I am. And most of the time I don't feel that way. Instead, I am grateful for having at least found you. We could have flashed by one another like two pieces of cosmic dust.
God or the universe or whatever one chooses to label the great systems of balance and order does not recognize Earth-time. To the universe, four days is no different than four billion light years. I try to keep that in mind.
But, I am, after all, a man. And all the philosophic rationalizations I can conjure up do not keep me from wanting you, every day, every moment, the merciless wail of time, of time I can never spend with you, deep within my head.
I love you, profoundly and completely. And I always will.
The last cowboy,
Robert — Robert James Waller

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Clint Eastwood

My father died very suddenly at sixty-three. Just dropped dead. For a long time afterward, I'd ask myself, Why didn't I ask him to play golf more? Why didn't I spend more time with him? But when you're off trying to get the brass ring, you forget and overlook those little things. It gives you a certain amount of regret later on, but there's nothing you can do about it. So you just forge on. — Clint Eastwood

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Eleanor Brown

She remembered one of her boyfriends asking, offhandedly, how many books she read in a year. "A few hundred," she said.
"How do you have the time?" he asked, gobsmacked.
She narrowed her eyes and considered the array of potential answers in front of her. Because I don't spend hours flipping through cable complaining there's nothing on? Because my entire Sunday is not eaten up with pre-game, in-game, and post-game talking heads? Because I do not spend every night drinking overpriced beer and engaging in dick-swinging contests with the other financirati? Because when I am waiting in line, at the gym, on the train, eating lunch, I am not complaining about the wait/staring into space/admiring myself in reflective surfaces? I am reading!
"I don't know," she said, shrugging. — Eleanor Brown

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Gary Sinise

I do spend a lot of weekends on the road. I have to pace myself. It can be pretty busy, but I'm not out in the Afghan desert with 70 pounds on my back, away from my family for a year at a time. I keep a good perspective on it. — Gary Sinise

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Jake Desyllas

Since I sold my business, my priority in life has been freedom. I have arranged my consumption habits and financial life around the goal of giving myself the freedom to do whatever I want with my day. I treasure never having to work on anything that I don't want to. I now live from passive investments as a private investor. I spend my time only on projects and activities that I feel enthusiastic about. — Jake Desyllas

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Daniel Dennett

If I know better than you know what I am up to, it is only because I spend more time with myself than you do. — Daniel Dennett

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Esai Morales

Frankie is my baby. He is the sweetest dog in the world. Frankie is like the son I never had. He keeps me healthy; I walk and run him. I always feel that I need to spend more time with him and give him more attention. I find myself unloading my emotions on him. — Esai Morales

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

Spending time with Savannah made me wonder whether it was possible to defy the norm. I wanted more of her, and no matter what happened between us, I already knew I'd never forget anything about her. As crazy as it sounded, she was becoming part of me, and I was already dreading the fact that we wouldn't be able to spend the day together tomorrow. Or the day after, or the day after that. Maybe, I told myself, we could beat the odds.' - John — Nicholas Sparks

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Jenna Lyons

Society is so tough and expectations are so unrealistic. Could I take better care of myself? Absolutely. I joke all the time that I'm old and I'm getting older and I feel it, so I guess I would rather talk about it with a smile and say, 'Oh God, I'm old!' than spend all my time at the dermatologist. I approach aging with ice cream and a martini. — Jenna Lyons

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Karin Slaughter

I would've given up without her - not on you, never on you, but on myself. I suppose I can tell you this now, but I wasn't a very good student. I wasn't smart enough to just get by. I wasn't focused enough in class. I rarely passed exams. I skipped assignments. I was constantly on academic probation. Not that your grandmother would ever know, but at the time, I was thinking of doing what you were later accused of doing: selling all my belongings, sticking out my thumb, and hitchhiking to California to be with the other hippies who had dropped out and tuned in.

Everything changed when I met your mother. She made me want things that I had never dreamed of wanting: a steady job, a reliable car, a mortgage, a family. You figured out a long time ago that you got your wanderlust from me. I want you to know that this is what happens when you meet the person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with: That restless feeling dissolves like butter. — Karin Slaughter

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Stephanie Ellis

For all the yoga I do (and I do plenty), I also love the time I spend jogging. It gets me in sync with myself. — Stephanie Ellis

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Jane Christmas

The next morning after finishing my interviews, I found myself with some time to kill before the bus arrived to return me to Whitby.

The term "time to kill" suddenly sounded awfully harsh.

Was "time to waste" better? No, "waste" is so un-Benedictine.

"Time to spend"? Too much of a material ring.

"Time to bum around?" Yes, it had just the right balance of self-effacement and no fixed address. Like Jesus. — Jane Christmas

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Claudia Gray

Here's what's going to happen. I'll go do my postdoc work somewhere else, at a university far away from California, far away from all of you. You and me and Paul, we'll still Skype and text, just a little less often than we used to. I'll spend some time feeling sorry for myself and listening to emo music, then I'll spend some time partying too hard and probably sleeping with a few of the wrong people, and finally someday I'm gonna meet a woman who actually makes me glad I didn't get you. Because she'll be to me what Paul is to you, right? She'll be the one. — Claudia Gray

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Charissa Thompson

I was obsessed with my dad, and my dad would refuse to go to church with us on Sundays because football was on. So I thought to myself, how could I spend more time with my dad? I started watching football with him every Sunday, and it was just something I fell in love with. — Charissa Thompson

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Jon Weisman

I have prided myself with striving for objectivity, something many literary-minded critics dismiss as impossible. But in Washington, reporters are practically the only people who actually spend time talking to Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, and I find the longer I report in Washington, the mushier and less conclusive my own views are. I like it that way. — Jon Weisman

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Gabrielle Union

I had to learn - since I'm divorced now and everyone is like, 'Oh my God, you're single, what's going on?' - that if I don't like to spend time with myself, how can I ask someone else to enjoy spending time with me? I'm getting to learn how to enjoy my solitude and have a good time. — Gabrielle Union

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Ben Gibbard

I don't spend my time perusing message boards to find out what people think about me or if people think my songs are good or if people love that lyric or this or that. I just want to be happy with it myself - and if other people like it, that's great. — Ben Gibbard

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Taylor Hawkins

I don't take breaks, man. In the past, I used to spend my free time getting in trouble, and now I spend it working on my music. If I'm not playing drums with my cover band, Chevy Metal, I'm working on songs for myself. — Taylor Hawkins

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Daniel Keyes

I can't afford to spend my time with anyone - there's only enough left for myself — Daniel Keyes

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Tove Styrke

I think it's important to find somebody who you trust, who has the same vision. If I were to do that myself, and not trust anybody to do it for me or with me, I would have to spend as much time as I have learning to make music on making music videos. — Tove Styrke

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Eva Herzigova

I rarely do masks because, if I have any extra time, I'd rather spend it with my friends than on myself. — Eva Herzigova

Spend Time With Myself Quotes By Sylvia Plath

Why am I obsessed with the idea I can justify myself by getting manuscripts published? Is it an escape-an excuse for any social failure-so I can say "No, I don't go out for many extracurricular activities, but I spend a lot of time writing." — Sylvia Plath