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Quotes & Sayings About South African Apartheid

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Top South African Apartheid Quotes

South African Apartheid Quotes By Noam Chomsky

In some respects, South African apartheid was more vicious than Israeli practices, and in some respects the opposite is true. — Noam Chomsky

South African Apartheid Quotes By Saul Williams

The role that theater has placed in enhancing consciousness and moving systems ahead. I think of what South African theater meant for the apartheid movement, for example. I think of what music has meant for so many social movements across time. — Saul Williams

South African Apartheid Quotes By Mohammad Marandi

In general, Iranians believe that all Palestinians have the right to return home and that there is no chosen people on this earth, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian. Iran had the same policy towards apartheid South Africa and at the time when it was supporting and funding the ANC [African National Congress] among other groups in South Africa, these groups were also considered to be terrorist organizations by many western governments. — Mohammad Marandi

South African Apartheid Quotes By Tony Wilson

Pong had mutated into large stand-up Sega consoles by '82 and here was some extra revenue the guys were well up for. So the space on the left of the entrance was to be the games room. Until two weeks to opening.
"Where's the cloakroom?"
"The what?"
"The cloakroom, the fucking cloakroom."
"What's your problem?"
"We don't have a cloakroom. We have special polished South African granite bar tops that we haven't told Erasmus about 'cause he has a thing about apartheid, we have a balcony balustrade made of shaped QE-fucking-2 mahogany, but we seem to have built an entire club without a cloakroom."
Hence you did not pass the games room but the cloakroom, the only cloakroom in the Manchester with forty-two power points. if you ever wanted to do a bit of ironing, these people were there for you. — Tony Wilson

South African Apartheid Quotes By Trevor Noah

I was born in South Africa during apartheid, a system of laws that made it illegal for people to mix in South Africa. And this was obviously awkward because I grew up in a mixed family. My mother's a black woman, South African Xhosa woman ... and my father's Swiss, from Switzerland. — Trevor Noah

South African Apartheid Quotes By Athol Fugard

I think all of my writing life led up to the writing of 'The Train Driver' because it deals with my own inherited blindness and guilt and all of what being a white South African in South Africa during those apartheid years meant. — Athol Fugard

South African Apartheid Quotes By Martha McSally

If it were in our national security to deploy to South Africa under apartheid, would we have found it acceptable or customary to segregate African American soldiers from other American soldiers, and say, 'It's just a cultural thing'? I don't think so. I would hope not. — Martha McSally

South African Apartheid Quotes By Jenny Nordberg

Posing as someone, or something, else is the story of many women and men who have experienced repression and made a bid for freedom. It is the story of a gay U.S. Marine who had to pretend he was straight. It is the story of a Jewish family in Nazi Germany posing as Protestants. It is the story of a black South African who tried to make his skin lighter under apartheid. — Jenny Nordberg

South African Apartheid Quotes By Maureen T. Reddy

inequality and commitment to its end alongside almost total lack of awareness of the meanings of whiteness-and it is, it is one that many whites live with every day, with no discomfort.
It was only when I stopped being white, in some sense, that I began to understand what whiteness means in America. Under South African apartheid, the white partner of a black person was reclassified as "colored": legally, in other words, there was no such thing as a white/black marriage. Although we do not live under apartheid, a de facto reclassification happens here, too, I — Maureen T. Reddy

South African Apartheid Quotes By Arundhati Roy

For the South African White minority, neo-liberalism is apartheid with a clean conscience, called Democracy. — Arundhati Roy

South African Apartheid Quotes By Rachel Holmes

My maternal family are South African and when I was small and my parents separated my mother and I went back to South Africa. So for me the emergence of my own childhood consciousness was in the context of 1970s and 1980s apartheid South Africa and the movement there. — Rachel Holmes

South African Apartheid Quotes By Noam Chomsky

In the Occupied Territories, what Israel is doing is much worse than apartheid. The South African Nationalists needed the black population. That was their workforce. The Israeli relationship to the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories is totally different. They just don't want them. — Noam Chomsky