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Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Haylie Duff

It's funny the way life works. Sometimes you go around in a weird path to find out exactly what it is that you love to do, and I'm happy that I've sort of discovered something that makes me really happy. — Haylie Duff

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Demetri Martin

I like birthdays because we celebrate life with cakes. It's so cool. Sometimes when I see a baby, I'm like that much more cake in the world. But then when someone dies, I'm like the cake streak is over ... — Demetri Martin

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Graham Greene

I ought to write funny books. Life is really too horribly funny, but unless one's an outsider looking on, it's all such a bore. — Graham Greene

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Nicholas Eames

And so it goes, thought Clay. Life was funny, and fickle, and often cruel. Sometimes the unworthy went on living, while those who deserved better was lost.

Or not lost, he considered, since they lingered on in the hearts of those who loved them, who love them still, their memory nurtured like a sprig of green in an otherwise desolate soul. Which was, he supposed, a kind of immortality, after all. — Nicholas Eames

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By James Cash Penney

So I come back again to the condition that the Golden Rule, if one adopts it, is a difficult master to serve. The ship's captain will not throw the compass overboard because the wind blows fair and the day is funny. For he knows, from the experiences of the ocean's instability, that the danger days of storm are always "just ahead." So the compass must always be handy and obedience to it must always be loyal. And so with the Golden Rulle - the compass must be ever at hand through life's journey. It will see us through trying times. And perhaps the most trying of all times comes when success is riding high and we may be tempted to "throw the compass overboard." It is then we must remember that all good days in human life come from the mastery of the days of trouble that are forever recurrent. — James Cash Penney

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Brian Michael Bendis

I see this with experienced writers, too: They worry so much about the plot that they lose sight of the characters. They lose sight of why they are telling the story. They don't let the characters actually speak. Characters will start to dictate the story in sometimes surprising, emotional, and funny ways. If the writers are not open to those surprises, they're going to strangle the life, spark, or spirit out of their work. — Brian Michael Bendis

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Gwyneth Paltrow

You know, I use organic products, but I get [laser treatments]. It's what makes life interesting, finding the balance between cigarettes and tofu. — Gwyneth Paltrow

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Funny how one lie leads to another and before you know it, your whole life can be a lie. I sit on the porch swing later, not even — Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Michael Lewis

He laughed, but in the way people do who want to prove they get the joke. The Dutch do this a lot. They appear to live in terror of being mistaken for Germans, and to compensate by finding a funny side to life where none exists. Tell a Dutchman that your dog just died, and he will pretend that you have just made some impossibly witty remark. — Michael Lewis

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Leigh Hershkovich

Life is a funny, funny thing. Not the 'ha-ha' kind of funny, but an odd kind of funny. The kind of funny that you know exists, yet you can't place your finger on. You know it's there, and when the funny strikes, you feel it, but you can't categorize it. It's almost a feeling of melancholy, fixed with a tickle in your stomach and an odd loss of balance. This feeling catches you when you least expect it. Sometimes it's better that way, sometimes it may feel like a curse. Regardless, once it passes, you feel different. You may even look different, though not to the naked eye. It may takes days or even months until you recognize the change within yourself, however apparent it may seem. One thing's for sure: Once this funny thing strikes, you will never be the same. — Leigh Hershkovich

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Rick Riordan

Grover was an easy target. He was scrawny. He cried when he got frustrated. He must've been held back several grades, because he was the only sixth grader with acne and the start of a wispy beard on his chin. On top of all that, he was crippled. He had a note excusing him from PE for the rest of his life because he had some kind of muscular disease in his legs. He walked funny, like every step hurt him, but don't let that fool you. You should've seen him run when it was enchilada day in the cafeteria. — Rick Riordan

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Kyle Johnson

Life at times is a bunch of crap, the nice part about crap is that it's biodegradable. — Kyle Johnson

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Thomas Mullen

Marriage - as its veterans know well - is the continuous process of getting used to things you hadn't expected. — Thomas Mullen

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Phil Wohl

Life is funny sometimes. Of course it isn't as funny as smashing your brand new Mustang convertible into your house and having your life flash before your eyes. Sitting here in my car in the middle of my den, I can't help but think that things could have worked out differently - that could have been happier - that could have lived the life that was meant for me. That was, if I didn't have to keep up with the Greenbergs. — Phil Wohl

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Kelly Swanson

My journey to the funny side of life — Kelly Swanson

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Erica Jong

I didn't believe in systems. Everything human was imperfect and ultimately absurd. What did I believe in then? In humor. In laughing at systems, at people, at one's self. In laughing even at one's need to laugh all the time. In seeing life as contradictory, many-sided, various, funny, tragic, and with moments of outrageous beauty. In seeing life as a fruitcake, including delicious plums and bad peanuts, but meant to be devoured hungrily all the same because you couldn't feast on the plums without also sometimes being poisoned by the peanuts. — Erica Jong

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Rick Riordan

When in doubt," Calypso said, "Tater Tots. — Rick Riordan

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Greg Giraldo

Sometimes you have to suffer a little bit in your youth to motivate yourself to succeed in later life. If Bill Gates had got laid in high school, do you think there'd be a Microsoft? — Greg Giraldo

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Vince Vaughn

Sometimes people that are very good at improvisation in life, meaning like stage improvisation, aren't good in films because you have to ultimately take a scene where it needs to go. It's not about just saying something that's funny. You can say something funny but if it's not on story or driving the scene to its end it's really not very helpful at all. — Vince Vaughn

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Sheila Renee Parker

Never give up on your aspirations. Sometimes life is funny and can get in the way with simple distractions, but don't let that stop you. If you have a dream, then go for it. You have the power to make it manifest itself into something fantastic, so mesmerizing that it has the possibility to astonish even the most daring of minds. Dream on and make it a reality. — Sheila Renee Parker

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By K.A. Tucker

Life has a funny way of creating it's own tests. It throws curve balls that make you do and think and feel things that are in direct conflict with what you had planned and don't allow you to operate in terms of black and white. — K.A. Tucker

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Nicole McKay

I had a dream about you last night ... Well I say dream I mean nightmare ... you were a Yankee fan. — Nicole McKay

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Kirby Bliss Blanton

I hear that I'm funny, and I think I'm funny, but I go in all the time for multicam, and they say that I'm not big enough, or I'm too big. I'm so confused. Okay, well, I'm funny in real life. — Kirby Bliss Blanton

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Gene Wilder

I'm funny on camera sometimes. In life, once in a while. Once in a while. — Gene Wilder

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Bill Bailey

Not so great in England at the moment; in an online poll we came last, we actually came bottom of European countries for quality of life, because of things like the weather, obviously, late retirement, poor holiday, poor public services, poor health service; it's basically just a kind of grey, godless wilderness, full of cold pies and broken dreams. — Bill Bailey

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Conan O'Brien

The nightmare is you spend the rest of your life being funny at parties and then people say, 'Why didn't you do that when you were on television?' — Conan O'Brien

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Nyrae Dawn

It's funny how life moves in a complete circle sometimes. There might be lots of bumps in the road and maybe even a few cliffs, but it's a journey, and sometimes it can bring you to the most wonderful places. — Nyrae Dawn

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Kate Klise

I want to give kids that fall-off-the-bed-laughing feeling. Either that, or the sixth-grade feeling that life is hard - sometimes unbearably hard - and it is ultimately about death. But in the meantime, life can be really funny, too. — Kate Klise

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Well, they did rather detest each other. Not unlike yourself and Mr. Malfoy. And then, your father did something Snape could never forgive." "What?" "He saved his life." "What?" "Yes . . ." said Dumbledore dreamily. "Funny, the way people's minds work, isn't it? Professor Snape couldn't bear being in your father's debt. . . . I do believe he worked so hard to protect you this year because he felt that would make him and your father even. Then he could go back to hating your father's memory in peace. . — J.K. Rowling

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Sara Gran

Just when you thought the mafia novel was dead, Tod Goldberg breathes new life into it. Gangsterland, the best mafia novel in years, is a dark, funny, and smart page-turning crime story. It's also a moving, thoughtful meditation on ethics, religion, family, and a culture that eats itself. I loved this book. — Sara Gran

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Janice Erlbaum

Kyria Abrahams, former teen bride of a doomsday cult and seeker of salvation in slam poetry, tells the terribly funny story of her improbable life with candor, wit, and an unsparing eye for the perfect detail. Brilliant. — Janice Erlbaum

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Lucy Christopher

It's funny, isn't it?" you started quietly. "How you look up there and find a city, and I look at London and see a landscape?"

I frowned, glancing back at you. "What do you mean 'landscape'?"

"Just everything underneath, I guess." You rubbed your fingers against your beard, thinking. "All that earth and life, always just under the concrete, ready to push back through the pavement and take over the city at any time. All that life beneath the dead."

"London's more than just a pile of concrete," I said.

"Maybe." Your eyes glinted in the dark. "But without humans, the wild would take over. It would only need a hundred years or so for nature to win again. We're just temporary, really. — Lucy Christopher

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Campbell Scott

I'm known as a kind of dramatic, serious, almost humorless actor and the fact is, I'm a funny guy, and I spend most of my life trying to find a lighter side of things, and on stage was given plenty of opportunity to do that. — Campbell Scott

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Will Ferrell

The funny guy doesn't get the girl until later in life. High school, college, everyone still wants the brooding, dangerous guy you shouldn't have. — Will Ferrell

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By James Franco

This was the way the night had cashed in. Choices had been made and things happened, and here we were. It was sad, and funny. My life was made of this. Stuff like this. — James Franco

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Joel Osteen

Isn't it funny how babies laugh a lot? I read a toddler, a young child laughs 300 times a day. The average adult laughs, like, four times a day. God put it in them. He put the laugh in us, but I think sometimes we let life get us down, you know, have bad breaks, and we lose our breaks. — Joel Osteen

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Andy Borowitz

Remember, no matter how hard your life is right now, it would be worse if a song by Chicago was playing. — Andy Borowitz

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Quentin Crisp

Life was a funny thing that happened to me on the way to the grave. — Quentin Crisp

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By John Irving

Be serious. Life hurts. Reflect what hurts. I don't mean that you can't also be funny, or have fun, but at the end of the day, stories are about what you lose. — John Irving

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Robert Cormier

A: Funny about my mother. All my life, from the time I was just a little kid, I thought of her as a sad person. I mean, the way some people are tall or fat or skinny. My father always seemed the stronger one. As if he was a bright color and she was a faded color. I know it sounds crazy.
T: Not at all.
A: But later, when I learned the truth about our lives, I found she was still sad. But strong, too. Not faded at all. It wasn't sadness so much as fear
the Never Knows. — Robert Cormier

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Me

Life is like a potato. Well, at least my life is. — Me

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Michael Summers

I had a dream about you last night. Eons ago, we created a Universe, then sat back and watched miniature versions of ourselves try to make all the same mistakes we did. — Michael Summers

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Greg Behrendt

Part of being a comedian is that it's your job to look at life and regurgitate it in a funny way, to point out its absurdities. — Greg Behrendt

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Luci Swindoll

Don't take yourself too seriously. It just makes life all the harder. It'll all come out in the wash anyway, because God's glory eventually will eclipse everything that goes wrong on this earth. Lighten up and learn to laugh at yourself. None of us is infallible. We make mistakes in life, and more often than not, they're funny. Sometimes, being your own source of comedy is the most fun of all. — Luci Swindoll

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Mitchell Hurwitz

At the time, I used to say, "We should market this like Everybody Loves Raymond. It's just a guy dealing with his family." Instead, it was irresistible to show all these funny people. So, I actually think this could be more inviting to a new audience because they can just watch one character, find out what's going on in his life, and then meet another character and find out what's going on in her life, and then see how it intersects the other one. — Mitchell Hurwitz

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By PewDiePie

It's not called being gay, it's called being fabulous! — PewDiePie

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Carl Lewis

If you go by other people's opinions or predictions,
you'll just end up talking yourself out of something.
If you're running down the track of life thinking that
it's impossible to break life's records,
those thoughts have a funny way of sinking into your feet. — Carl Lewis

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Robert Lowell

Would you like me to write Mrs. Ames about inviting you to Yaddo? Get Miss Moore to write too. You can't invite yourself, though, of course, almost all the invitations are planned. It would be marvelous to have you there. I know the solitude that gets too much. It doesn't drug me, but I get fantastic and uncivilized.
At last my divorce [from Jean Stafford] is over. It's funny at my age to have one's life so much in and on one's hands. All the rawness of learning, what I used to think should be done with by twenty-five. Sometimes nothing is so solid to me as writing - I suppose that's what vocation means - at times a torment, a bad conscience, but all in all, purpose and direction, so I'm thankful, and call it good, as Eliot would say. — Robert Lowell

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Abhysheq Shukla

Happiness held is the beginning; happiness shared is the blossom — Abhysheq Shukla

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Kirstie Alley

It's funny. No matter how hard you try, you can't close your heart forever. And the minute you open it up, you never know what's going to come in. But when it does, you just have to go for it! Because if you don't, there's not point in being here. — Kirstie Alley

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Tanya Masse

How is it that food STILL contains calories that make you gain weight in the 21st CENTURY?! It's like scientists aren't even trying! — Tanya Masse

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Werley Nortreus

When a female cop pull you over for speeding, to get out of the ticket, talk nice to her, try to flirt or start crying, i bet she will save the ticket for you. — Werley Nortreus

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Chris Cleave

You don't know anything,' she said. 'If you knew one thing about this life you would not think it was so funny.'
Yvette put her hands on her hips. She shook her head slowly. 'Darlin,' she said. 'Life did take its gift back from yu and me in de diffren order, dat's all. Truth to tell, funny is all me got lef wid. An yu, darlin, all yu got lef is paperwork. — Chris Cleave

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Tracey Porter

It's best not to get settled on things being a certain way, I realized. Life had a funny way if interrupting your plans. — Tracey Porter

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Hiroko Sakai

My problem is that my body acts before my brain thinks ... it sometimes brings me huge trouble, or also huge success. recently, my body and brain got come to an agreement. it may be far better to live this gambling life than living in boring average ... they at least make my art more interesting — Hiroko Sakai

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Nenia Campbell

All lines are gray in the dark. — Nenia Campbell

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By David Letterman

Number one way life would be different if dogs ran the world: All motorists must drive with head out window. — David Letterman

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Craig Charles

The inventory process and stepping back in your life can sometimes be a very dark process. But it also can be extremely funny and surprising. — Craig Charles

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Brian Clevinger

Life is funny. You start out with limitless potential, but time is always shaving away the possibilities. Every choice you make is the choice not to do a thousand other things. What's important, when all is said and done, is that you made a difference. Your choices, and everything undone, have to mean something. Otherwise, what was the point? I'm lucky that way. My path was already there. I had only to walk it. I often thought even if no one knew of the good I had done with my life, it didn't matter. That it was done is all that counts in the end. But then I died. And I hadn't gotten to do any of it yet. — Brian Clevinger

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Sigrid Undset

It was too much for weak men, of more or less good will, who knew in their hearts that the Pope was right ad that they ought to cooperate with him, when the Pope demanded, with harsh and angry words, that they should immediately change their way of life and give up all small comforts they had grown accustomed to, in order to live in a state of self-denial suitable for the strictest ascetic. They were agreed that it was time for a reform within the Church. But if this were reform ... And the language he used when he broke into a rage! "Shut up!" he said to the cardinals. He shouted "Pazzo!" -Idiot- to Cardinal Orsini, and "Ribaldo!" -Bandit- to the Cardinal of Geneva. His electors began to regret their choice bitterly. — Sigrid Undset

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Daniel Gottlieb

It's a funny thing about life, I think we're born square and we die round — Daniel Gottlieb

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Cynthia Hand

It's funny how sometimes you don't see the obvious things coming. You think you know what life has in store for you. You think you're prepared. You think you can handle it. And then-boom, like a thunderclap-something comes at you out of nowhere and catches you off guard. — Cynthia Hand

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Tiffanie DeBartolo

For me, the release was a spot in time with no past and no future. Just the extraordinary simplicity of a moment - the kind of moment that has a funny way of making a person believe that life and love can last forever. — Tiffanie DeBartolo

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Life sometimes confuses us by making us discover in someone we hate a quality or qualities we love. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Holly Martin

I guess it's like friendship. Some people come and go from your life like ships passing in the night, some people stay forever. It's funny though, when you meet forever friends, you just know that they are going to be your friend for the rest of your life - there's that connection there that you don't get from those fleeting friendships. — Holly Martin

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Holly Hood

I thanked the lucky stars for my great metabolism, because Karsen had showed me pictures of her mom once and it was scary the transformation she underwent after popping three kids out. She went from a small, dainty beauty to a giant pineapple blob of a body. — Holly Hood

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Hannibal Buress

Sometimes I get drunk and I get into arguments with taxi drivers. And I get out the cab and I slam the door. That's not the way to win an argument with a taxi driver. The way to win is you get out of the cab and you leave the door open. And then he has to step out and come around and close that door. And while he's doing that, I'm on the other side opening the other doors-and we just go around and around and around, and I got my own Benny Hill situation going on in life. — Hannibal Buress

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Richelle Mead

Honestly, half the reason I like you is because you're so ... I don't know. You like life." He looked away from my eyes, amused as his thoughts spun, considering. "You're fearless. Bold. Not afraid to enjoy yourself. You just go out there and do what you want. I like the whirlwind you exist in. I envy it. It's funny, really." He smiled. "I used to think I wanted someone exactly like me, but now I think I'd be bored to death with another version of myself. I'm surprised I don't bore you sometimes."
I gaped. "Are you kidding? You're the most interesting person I know. Aside from Hugh maybe. But then, he installs breast implants and buys souls. That's a hard combination to beat. But he's not nearly as cute. — Richelle Mead

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Clint Eastwood

To me, life is like the back nine in golf. Sometimes you play better on the back nine. You may not be stronger, but hopefully you're wiser. And if you keep most of your marbles intact, you can add a note of wisdom to the coming generation. — Clint Eastwood

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By James Franco

Funny how new facts pop up and make you doubt that there's any goodness in life. Everyone pretends to be normal and be your friend, but underneath, everyone is living some other life you don't know about ... — James Franco

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Armistead Maupin

Thack seemed to sort something out for a moment.
"Sometimes I watch him when he's playing with Harry or digging in the yard. And I think: This is it, this is the guy I've waited for all my life. Then this other voice tells me not to get used to it, that it'll only hurt more later. It's funny. You're feeling this enormous good fortune and waiting for it to be over at the same time."
"You seem happy," Brian ventured.
"I am."
"Well ... that's a lot. I envy you that."
Thack shrugged. "All we've got is now, I guess. But that's all anybody gets. If we wasted that time being scared ... "
"Absolutely. — Armistead Maupin

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By John Logan

ROTHKO: (Explodes) 'Pretty.' 'Beautiful.' 'Nice.' 'Fine.' That's our life now! Everything's 'fine'. We put on the funny nose and glasses and slip on the banana peel and the TV makes everything happy and everyone's laughing all the time, it's all so goddamn funny, it's our constitutional right to be amused all the time, isn't it? We're a smirking nation, living under the tyranny of 'fine.' How are you? Fine.. How was your day? Fine. How are you feeling? Fine. How did you like the painting? Fine. What some dinner? Fine ... Well, let me tell you, everything is not fine!!
HOW ARE YOU?! ... HOW WAS YOUR DAY?! ... HOW ARE YOU FEELING? Conflicted. Nuanced. Troubled. Diseased. Doomed. I am not fine. We are not fine. We are anything but fine. — John Logan

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Simone Elkeles

Normal? I'm not normal enough for you?" Carlos says. "You want this guy instead? Did you notice his hair doesn't move? That's not normal. You want to date him again, go ahead. Hell, if you want to marry him and be Kiara Barra the rest of your life, be my guest."
"That's not want I
"I don't want to hear it. Hasta," Carlos says, ignoring me and walking away.
I feel my face heat in embarrassment as I look at Michael. "Sorry. Carlos can he abrasive sometimes."
"Don't apologize. The guy obviously has major issues and, for the record, my hair moves ... when I want it to. — Simone Elkeles

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Jeroninio Almeida

Sometimes I feel that the only concept of fairness in our society is creams like fair & lovely or fair & handsome. — Jeroninio Almeida

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

I'm a - I'm a, um, a godmother which is just, that's fun to be a godmother, she is so precious, she's the light of my life, she's two ... or five or something, and she's, uh ... I don't know, I've never seen her - the pictures are precious, she just seems so, y'know ... She lives clear across town, I don't have that kind of time, but, um ... Well, I send money and stuff, it's not like I don't have a connection. — Ellen DeGeneres

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Taylor Caldwell

It's a funny thing about love: you don't need to have it returned to love somebody. Loving's enough.
A Prologue to Love — Taylor Caldwell

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Jenji Kohan

First of all, I find everything funny, which is upsetting to my children sometimes, and to people in my life, in general. — Jenji Kohan

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Russell M. Nelson

The only duration of family life that satisfies the loftiest longings of the human soul is forever. — Russell M. Nelson

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Gene Wilder

I'm not so funny. Gilda was funny. I'm funny on camera sometimes. In life, once in a while. Once in a while. But she was funny. She spent more time worrying about being liked than anything else. — Gene Wilder

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Aml Ameen

It's a funny thing: my name in Arabic means hope, so I suppose I have to live by that principle. Hope is desire, feeling, and investing in a projection of something that doesn't yet exist. At its best, you witness its alchemy in your life, turning something that was once in the mind into reality. At its worst, it's delusion. — Aml Ameen

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Greg Poehler

It's funny, I lived my first 38 years of my life with maybe one or two people ever saying that I looked like Greg Kinnear. As soon as I get into the entertainment industry, now it's 100 percent of people. — Greg Poehler

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By John Lydon

I showed what I can do with butter, right? Eighty-five percent increase in sales. I'm very proud of them Country Life ads. They were funny and clever and classy like the Toblerone ads I grew up with. — John Lydon

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Zach Galifianakis

I find anger to be funny. I find people that are so wrapped up in their own personalities to be funny, and lost. Like myself in real life. — Zach Galifianakis

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By C.S. Lewis

It is a very funny thing that the sleepier you are, the longer you take about getting to bed. — C.S. Lewis

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Anne Frank

The art of living. Isn't that a funny expression? — Anne Frank

Sometimes In Life Funny Quotes By Geoff Herbach

There have been times when I truly feel like I'm retarded and that everybody thinks I'm retarded, and because they think I'm retarded, I get nervous and I act like a retard, which simply fulfills their expectations. It's a big circle. The retarded circle of my life. — Geoff Herbach