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Sometime Quotes By Gertrude Chandler Warner

Benny sat on the floor next to Mrs. Collins and said, "Would you come and visit us sometime? I'd like to show you our boxcar. You know we ran away once, too."
Mrs. Collins smiled. "Benny, I would love to visit you and to hear about your adventures."
"We've had lots of them," Violet said. "But you know, I think this one was the best."

The Mystery of the Singing Ghost — Gertrude Chandler Warner

Sometime Quotes By Russell D. Moore

But sometime before dawn on a Sunday morning, a spike-torn hand twitched. A blood-crusted eyelid opened. The breath of God came blowing into that cave, and a new creation flashed into reality. God was not simply delivering Jesus - and with him all of us - from death, he was also vindicating him - and with him all of us. — Russell D. Moore

Sometime Quotes By Paul Valery

Sometime I think; and sometime I am. — Paul Valery

Sometime Quotes By Gough Whitlam

Dying will happen sometime. As you know, I plan for the ages, not just for this life. — Gough Whitlam

Sometime Quotes By Ike Turner

They'll probably start working on my movie sometime ... They are doing a complete movie of my life story. It will not be based on any negativity. It will be more about my life, from a kid, how I came up and why I came through. — Ike Turner

Sometime Quotes By Jessica N. Watkins

Monday night, I miscarried. Just as the doctor explained, I took the pill that afternoon and by sometime in the wee hours of the morning, I miscarried. Vic was there with me for support. — Jessica N. Watkins

Sometime Quotes By Craig Johnson

Makes you feel better when you shoot people . . . You ought to try it sometime. — Craig Johnson

Sometime Quotes By Donald Richie

Midlife crisis begins sometime in your 40s, when you look at your life and think, 'Is this all?' And it ends about 10 years later, when you look at your life again and think, 'Actually, this is pretty good.' — Donald Richie

Sometime Quotes By John D. MacDonald

sighed. "Bring her around sometime." She padded lithely over to me and took my wrist and looked at my watch. Her breathing had slowed. Her leotard was sweat-dark and fitted her almost as closely as her healthy hide. She beamed down at me. "I knew you'd be nice about it, Trav. She'll be here in twenty minutes." I stared up at her. "You are a con artist, McCall. — John D. MacDonald

Sometime Quotes By Lynn Margulis

If you really want to study evolution, you've got go outside sometime, because you'll see symbiosis everywhere! — Lynn Margulis

Sometime Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

He had an AM radio playing a conservative talk show. The host was making some very interesting statements about the president. I don't usually pay much attention to politics, but from what the man said, I had to believe that sometime in the recent past the laws regarding sedition must have changed. — Jeff Lindsay

Sometime Quotes By Kenneth Grahame

No, I can't stop for sonnets; my mother is sitting up. I'll look you up tomorrow, sometime or other, and do for goodness' sake try and realise that you're a pestilential scourge, or your find yourself in a most awful fix. Good-night! — Kenneth Grahame

Sometime Quotes By Agatha Christie

Wwhat the hell? Weve all got to die sometime! — Agatha Christie

Sometime Quotes By Smishra

It sometime is so amazing to know, how the most ordinary day turns so extraordinary, in a flash of second. And depending on harshness of a sudden jolt of reality, sometime one has no option but to still be hopeful, listen to the heartbeat, still dream grand, still dream impossible; and keep one's inner self illuminated forever. After all, dream only turns into reality, if one is genuinely passionate and truthful to it. What a waste of life it would be otherwise. — Smishra

Sometime Quotes By Kat Zhang

Jaime Cortae. Thirteen. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Lover of peanut butter. Sometime angel, sometime mischief maker. Always Jaime. — Kat Zhang

Sometime Quotes By Diane Meier

But for a long time, and probably far too long, I had a secret wish: the adolescently romantic idea that there was someone out there for me; someone I hadn't met yet who would ask me on a date and make sense of my life. I harbored the hope, I'm now embarrassed to admit, that like a girl in a Lifetime movie, I would look into someone's eyes and find a reflection of my inner life. But sometime between my teenage years and the first years in New York, that idea had pretty well evaporated. I'd grown up. — Diane Meier

Sometime Quotes By Steven Aitchison

Sometime soon someone is going to walk into your life, and you'll understand just why your previous relationships didn't work out. — Steven Aitchison

Sometime Quotes By Ingrid Law

In most ways, Mibs, we Beaumonts are just like other people...We get born, and sometime later we die. And in between, we're happy and sad, we feel love and we feel fear, we eat and we sleep and we hurt like everyone else.

- Momma — Ingrid Law

Sometime Quotes By Winston S. Churchill

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. — Winston S. Churchill

Sometime Quotes By Mary Potter Kenyon

Sometime during the night, my husband's heart had stopped
beating, and I was certain that mine would break in two. It had taken
years of marriage and a bout with cancer, but we'd finally discovered
the joy of a good relationship. David had loved me completely and I
had learned what it was to truly love him in return.
And now?
Now, I had to learn how to live without him. — Mary Potter Kenyon

Sometime Quotes By Charles Bukowski

The reason so much bad poetry is written is that it is written as poetry instead of concept. And the reason the public doesn't understand poetry is that there is nothing to understand, and the reason most poets write it is that they think they understand. Nothing is to be understood or "regained." It is simply to be written. By someone. Sometime. And not too often. — Charles Bukowski

Sometime Quotes By Gerard De Nerval

If there is, to be sure, something more terrifying than the history of the fall of great empires, it is the history of the death of religions. Volney himself was overcome by this feeling as he visited the innumerable ruins of once-sacred buildings. The true believer may still escape from this impression, but with the inherent scepticism of our age all of us must sometime tremble to find so many dark gates opening out on to nothingness. — Gerard De Nerval

Sometime Quotes By Ros Baxter

He shook his head at her question. Did women really think men cared about that stuff? Did he care if she did this all the time? Definitely, definitely not. He could honestly say he did not give a flying fuck whether this girl dragged guys home every other day to have her way with them for seven hours. He was just glad as hell she'd decided to do it with him. Today. And hopefully maybe again. Sometime. — Ros Baxter

Sometime Quotes By Mohammed Zaki Ansari

Break up of some relation sometime don't just break connection between two person,for some one it can be disconnection with his soul.and the disconnect between body and soul its mean death of a person — Mohammed Zaki Ansari

Sometime Quotes By Raymond Chandler

I'm a licensed private investigator and have been for quite a while. I'm a lone wolf, unmarried, getting middle-aged, and not rich. I've been in jail more than once and I don't do divorce business. I like liquor and women and chess and a few other things. The cops don't like me too well, but I know a couple I get along with. I'm a native son, born in Santa Rosa, both parents dead, no brothers or sisters, and when I get knocked off in a dark alley sometime, if it happens, as it could to anyone in my business, nobody will feel that the bottom has dropped out of his or her life. — Raymond Chandler

Sometime Quotes By Michael Baigent

Of all the Grail romances the most famous, and the most artistically significant, is Parzival, composed sometime between 1195 and 1216. — Michael Baigent

Sometime Quotes By Melina Marchetta

Two best friends traveled from the Burdekin in North Queensland sometime in the 1960s and walked into the Union and fell in love with Grace. Tom finch was the smarter talker of the two and won first round, marrying her before his name came up in the lottery sending him to Vietnam on a tour of duty. He never returned. The heartbroken, patient one, Bill Mackee, grieved a best friend and married the love of his life, adopting the twins when they were four years old. — Melina Marchetta

Sometime Quotes By Frank Oz

I'd like to read a book sometime. I've never read a book before. That'd be an adventure. I understand they have pages and everything. Yeah, I've got to do that sometime. — Frank Oz

Sometime Quotes By J.D. Salinger

Just get sick sometime and go visit yourself, and you'll find out how tactless you are! — J.D. Salinger

Sometime Quotes By Margery Wilson

Any fair-minded person will agree that humanity hasn't the faintest inkling, at this time, of the powers and laws that will, sometime, be known and used. — Margery Wilson

Sometime Quotes By Rob Bell

It's as if Thomas Kinkade and Dante were at a party, and one turned to the other sometime after midnight and uttered that classic line You know, we really should work together sometime ... — Rob Bell

Sometime Quotes By Junot Diaz

She blew out of the Terrace sometime before Christmas to points unknown. The Gujarati guy told me when I ran into him at the Pathmark. He was still pissed because Pura had stiffed him almost two months' rent.
Last time I ever rent to one of you people.
Amen, I said. — Junot Diaz

Sometime Quotes By Ali Harper

I was just saying goodnight." Logan quipped and pecked Sienna on the cheek before slipping something in to her hand. She looked down to see it was a sleek new cellphone. He turned to leave but Mrs. Rivers interrupted him.
"Your fly is undone." She told him grimly giving him her the full extent of her medusa glare. If looks could kill, Mrs. Rivers had homicide down to a science. When had that happened? Sienna thought. Probably sometime when they were too busy pressing themselves against each other. Sienna was mortified. Logan however looked mildly amused. He zipped up his trousers and quietly thanked her.

"Oh and Logan, you left your souvenir behind." She added now giving Sienna the full extent of the medusa glare. Logan and Sienna both frowned momentarily before realizing what she meant. He snatched the condom and put it back in his pocket and quickly left the house leaving Sienna to battle with the Gorgon. — Ali Harper

Sometime Quotes By Adriana Trigiani

All the things I thought I was - simple and plain and sometime funny - are very small words. They do not begin to describe me. They do not begin to express what is inside of me. I have value, and I have worth. I cannot be replaced like old shoes or taken for granted like tap water. — Adriana Trigiani

Sometime Quotes By Stanley Hauerwas

I am not sure how old I was when I began to worry about being saved, but it was sometime in my early teens. — Stanley Hauerwas

Sometime Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Because reading books and having them bound represent two enormously different stages of development. First, people gradually get used to reading, over centuries naturally, but they don't take care of their books and toss them around. Having books bound signifies respect for the book; it indicates that people not only love to read, but they view it an important occupation. Nowhere in Russia has that stage been reached. Europe has been binding its books for sometime. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Sometime Quotes By Alan Arkin

I would like to have a movie under my own control sometime, and see what could be done with it. Who knows? Maybe Hollywood will make an improvisational movie someday. — Alan Arkin

Sometime Quotes By Viet Thanh Nguyen

But after the bottle was empty sometime that night, I was finally left with nothing but myself and my thoughts, devious cabdrivers that took me where I did not want to go. Now — Viet Thanh Nguyen

Sometime Quotes By Henry Miller

I have been a little embarrassed always. But less so the last time. It will all disappear. You have such a delicious sense of humor
I adore that in you. I want always to see you laughing. It belongs to you. I have been thinking of places we ought to go together
little obscure places, here and there, in Paris. Just to say
here I went with Anais
here we ate or danced or got drunk together. Ah, to see you really drunk sometime, that would be a treat! I am almost afraid to suggest it
but Anais, when I think of how you press against me, how eagerly you open your legs and how wet you are, God, it drives me mad to think what you would be like when everything falls away. — Henry Miller

Sometime Quotes By Winter Renshaw

I'll just tuck that in my pocket for another day, because I'm a woman and that's what we do. We save stuff for later, in case we need it sometime. And with men, we always end up cashing in that chip. They're just as moody as we are, though they'll never admit it in a million years. — Winter Renshaw

Sometime Quotes By David Levithan

You wanna-I dunno-get coffee or something sometime?"
Justin smiled "Not coffee. But yes."
"Not Coffee it is, then."
"Yes, Not Coffee. — David Levithan

Sometime Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Right little ray of sunshine, aren't you?" said Ron. "You and Professor Trelawney should get together sometime. — J.K. Rowling

Sometime Quotes By Haidji

Sometime rhetoric was just
another way to lie and impress persons,
and he knew this — Haidji

Sometime Quotes By Susanna Kaysen

We might get out sometime, but she was locked up forever in that body. — Susanna Kaysen

Sometime Quotes By Bill Gates

About three million computers get sold every year in China, but people don't pay for the software. Someday they will, though. As long as they are going to steal it, we want them to steal ours. They'll get sort of addicted, and then we'll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade. — Bill Gates

Sometime Quotes By Madeline Sheehan

Cox shrugged. if that's what it takes to get laid, then I'm a fuckinin'poet. Other times I'm a fuckin' accountant. Or a plumber. Sometime's a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. — Madeline Sheehan

Sometime Quotes By Erika Johansen

Sometime in the last forty-eight hours, Lily had discovered the great secret of pain: it thrived on the unknown, on the knowledge that there was a greater pain out there, something more excruciating that might yet be breached. The body was constantly waiting. When you took away the uncertainty, when you controlled the pain yourself, it was definitely easier to bear,... — Erika Johansen

Sometime Quotes By Q-Tip

I think I have great responsibility, and when I do my music, when I try to relate to my audience, I just try to do it in an honest fashion, you know, just try to be as earnest as possible and sometime it may be self-effacing. Sometimes it may be finger-pointing. Sometimes it may be beautiful, and sometime it may be ugly. — Q-Tip

Sometime Quotes By Theresa Romain

He wanted Charlotte's happiness more than his own. But how much greater would his own be if they were together? Somehow, sometime---maybe when she flirted with him over sour ale, maybe when she bandaged his arm---she had come to rest upon his heart.
Somehow, he had come to love her. — Theresa Romain

Sometime Quotes By Marlon James

Bad feeling is a country no woman want to visit. So they take good feeling any which way it come. Sometime that good feeling come by taking on a different kind of bad feeling. — Marlon James

Sometime Quotes By Garth Nix

A Kiss," said Mogget sleepily. "Actually, just a breath would do. But you have to start kissing someone sometime, I suppose."
"A breath?" she asked. She didn't want to kiss just any wooden man. He looked nice enough, but he might not be like his looks. A kiss seemed too forward. — Garth Nix

Sometime Quotes By Ted Cruz

A friend of mine, a Hispanic entrepreneur asked me a question sometime ago, he said, 'When is the last time you saw a Hispanic panhandler?' I think it's a great question. I'll tell you, in my life I've never once have seen a Hispanic panhandler, because in our community, it would be viewed as shameful to be out on the street begging. — Ted Cruz

Sometime Quotes By James Jones

Weary looked at him and shook his head and put the tailgate up and drove down the gravel towards the bivouac, carrying two drunks, who both fatuously imagined, that once in a dream somewhere, sometime, someplace, they had managed for a moment to touch another human soul and understand it. — James Jones

Sometime Quotes By Robyn Schneider

No one wants to get hurt."
" Well, maybe not, but sometime's it's worth it. — Robyn Schneider

Sometime Quotes By Franny Billingsley

You can outrun your memories, but sometime, you will have to stop. And when you do, there will always be Stepmother, waiting to be remembered. — Franny Billingsley

Sometime Quotes By E.L. Doctorow

It has taken time and the blundering wisdom and anarchic greed of our ancestry to construct the modern city of consolidated institutions. It is a great historically amassed communal creation. If you fly above it at night, it is a jeweled wonder of the universe, floating like a giant liner on the sea of darkness. It is smart, accomplished, sophisticated, and breathtakingly beautiful. And it glimmers and sparkles as all things breakable glimmer and sparkle. You wonder how much God had to do with this, how much of the splendor and insolence of the modern city creatively built from the disparate intentions of generations of men comes of the inspiration of God. Because it is the city of the unremarked God, the sometime-thing God, the God of history. — E.L. Doctorow

Sometime Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

He felt greedy for something. He'd wanted to kiss Wylan since he'd first seen him stirring chemicals in that gruesome tannery - ruddy curls damp with the heat, skin so delicate it looked like it would bruise if you breathed on it too hard. He looked like he'd fallen into the wrong story, a prince turned pauper. From then on, Jesper had been stuck somewhere between the desire to taunt the pampered little merchling into another blush and the urge to flirt him into a quiet corner just to see what might happen. But sometime during their hours at the Ice Court, that curiosity had changed. He'd felt the tug of something more, something that came to life in Wylan's unexpected courage, in his wide-eyed, generous way of looking at the world. It made Jesper feel like a kite on a tether, lifted up and then plummeting down, and he liked it. — Leigh Bardugo

Sometime Quotes By Danny Huston

I guess I've played a lot of failures, which is a Huston quality, I guess. I love losers, though, and have never met anyone who hasn't been one sometime. I'm always looking to understand them, and my father had an extremely keen eye to be able to dissect and bring that forward in the way he told his stories. — Danny Huston

Sometime Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

Don't be disappointed; sometime people need more time to make the right decision. — M.F. Moonzajer

Sometime Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

In the fifteenth century the Pope deeded the entire western hemisphere to Spain and Portugal and nobody paid the slightest attention to the fact that the real estate was already occupied by several million Indians with their own laws, customs, and notions of property rights. His grant deed was pretty effective, too. Take a look at a western hemisphere map sometime and notice where Spanish is spoken and where Portuguese is spoken - and see how much land the Indians have left. — Robert A. Heinlein

Sometime Quotes By Andre Ethier

I think everybody gets their recognition sometime down the road, and I have never been one to seek it. Besides, it has been that way throughout my career, especially in college. — Andre Ethier

Sometime Quotes By David O. McKay

Generally there is in man a divinity which strives to push him onward and upward. We believe that this power within him is the spirit that comes from God. Man lived before he came to this earth, and he is here now to strive to perfect the spirit within. At sometime in his life, every man is conscious of a desire to come in touch with the Infinite. His spirit reaches out for God. This sense of feeling is universal, and all men ought to be, in deepest truth, engaged in the same great work - the search for and the development of spiritual peace and freedom. — David O. McKay

Sometime Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

It's always going to get better someday. Sometime in the future, things won't be so crazy. — Rachel Hawkins

Sometime Quotes By Bryan Fuller

As an animal lover and as a sometime-meat-eater, I've read so much about the emotional sophistication of pigs and cows and sheep that I do think twice when I do still eat them on occasion. — Bryan Fuller

Sometime Quotes By Tara Sivec

If you two yentas are finished discussing Claire's rabid who-ha, me and the boys would like to eat sometime this century."
"You and 'the boys?' You just met them today. Does the Ya Ya Brotherhood already have a secret handshake and a password?" Liz joked. — Tara Sivec

Sometime Quotes By Natalie Cook

Sink or swim! You never really feel ready, there is always sometime more that your mind tells you you should be doing. However, the trick is to be able to show up and perform no matter what the circumstance. — Natalie Cook

Sometime Quotes By William Shakespeare

Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied,
And vice sometime by action dignified. — William Shakespeare

Sometime Quotes By Charles Emmerson

Constantinople had been changing for sometime before the Young Turks got hold of it. It would continue to change long after they had gone. — Charles Emmerson

Sometime Quotes By Cynthia Rylant

In November, at winter's gate, the stars are brittle. The sun is a sometime friend. And the world has tucked her children in, with a kiss on their heads, till spring. — Cynthia Rylant

Sometime Quotes By Steve Kagen

If our children are healthy, they'll develop into their full potential and become wonderful tax-paying citizens sometime, — Steve Kagen

Sometime Quotes By Rahman Baba

Always grow flowers, as that will make your way full of flowers. Never grow thorns, as that will make your way thorny. Never want to target someone on an arrow. You may become the target of that arrow. Never make a well in the way of someone. As you may pass by that way sometime. — Rahman Baba

Sometime Quotes By Atul Gawande

Sometime over the last several decades - and it is only over the last several decades - science has filled in enough knowledge to make ineptitude as much our struggle as ignorance. — Atul Gawande

Sometime Quotes By Ernst Junger

My unlucky star had destined me to be born when there was much talk about morality and, at the same time, more murders than in any other period. There is, undoubtedly, some connection between these phenomena. I sometime ask myself whether the connection was a priori, since these babblers are cannibals from the start - or a connection a posteriori, since they inflate themselves with their moralizing to a height which becomes dangerous for others.
However that may be, I was always happy to meet a person who owed his touch of common sense and good manners to his parents and who didn't need big principles. I do not claim more for myself, and I am a man who for an entire lifetime has been moralized at to the right and the left - by teachers and superiors, by policemen and journalists, by Jews and Gentiles, by inhabitants of the Alps, of islands, and the plains, by cut-throats and aristocrats - all of whom looked as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. — Ernst Junger

Sometime Quotes By Tove Jansson

Quite, quite,' she thought with a little sigh. 'It's always like this in their adventures. To save and be saved. I wish somebody would write a story sometime about the people who warm up the heroes afterward. — Tove Jansson

Sometime Quotes By Marlon James

A larceny and a missing. Me ears-ring missing and she larcen it. That gal just buss 'way like kite. She is a little duty gyal, that one. Never take no instruction from her mother. From she born, me say, this little one, this little one going turn slut like her auntie. Sometime me wonder if is fi her own or fi me. Anyway, she gone from Wednesday morning. Leave out before the sun even rise and is not the first time neither. But this time she take me ears-ring and me Julia of Paris shoes. Me no business bout the shoes. Imagine, she take off to go school from four in the morning? I mean to say, who love school so much that they leave four hour early? Me can smoke in here? — Marlon James

Sometime Quotes By Mohammed Zaki Ansari

Don't try.
no one can run from soul.yes you can avoid it for sometime but one day again it will come in-front of you with lost of que
Better to live in that way so from your soul you no need to run away — Mohammed Zaki Ansari

Sometime Quotes By Gautama Buddha

Sometime, somewhere you take something to be the truth. But if you cling to it too strongly, then even when the truth comes in person and knocks on your door, you will not open it. — Gautama Buddha

Sometime Quotes By Rachel Higginson

Holy hell, Hendrix was going to get eaten by my crotch that had evolved into a man-eating gorilla sometime over the last two years! — Rachel Higginson

Sometime Quotes By Deborah Blake

You're welcome to join us again sometime," Bella said....
"Right. Well, I don't know." Sam looked at the ground. scuffing one boot in the dirt. "I'm usually not very good company."
"I'm hanging out with a teenager and a temperamental cat." Bella said with a small smile. "The bar is set very low around here. — Deborah Blake

Sometime Quotes By J.R. Ward

She'd ended up passing out, and sometime later, John must have gotten up to use the loo and left the light on. Probably to make sure she didn't feel lost if she woke up.
Because that's the kind of male he was. — J.R. Ward

Sometime Quotes By Tracy McMillan

Sometime between when the Summer of Love ended and the Summer of Sam began, America became a nation of cynics about love. — Tracy McMillan

Sometime Quotes By Andy Weir

How long will the patch take?" Venkat asked. "Should be pretty much instant," Jack answered. "Watney entered the hack earlier today, and we confirmed it worked. We updated Pathfinder's OS without any problems. We sent the rover patch, which Pathfinder rebroadcast. Once Watney executes the patch and reboots the rover, we should get a connection." "Jesus, what a complicated process," Venkat said. "Try updating a Linux server sometime," Jack said. — Andy Weir

Sometime Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Is it gonna take my breath now," Mizzy asked, "or, like, sometime down the road? I'd like to be prepared. — Brandon Sanderson

Sometime Quotes By William Peter Blatty

I didn't read The Haunting of Hill House until sometime early in the 1990's. — William Peter Blatty

Sometime Quotes By Orson Scott Card

The next day he passed Alai in the corridor, and they greeted each other, touched hands, talked, but they both knew that there was a wall there now.

It might be breached, that wall, sometime in the future, but for now the only real conversation between them was the roots that had already grown low and deep, under the wall, where they could not be broken. — Orson Scott Card

Sometime Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Solitude is a virtue for us, since it is a sublime inclination and impulse to cleanliness which shows that contact between people, "society", inevitably makes things unclean. Somewhere, sometime, every community makes people - "base. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Sometime Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

Sometime you have to think deeper before you want to think about something. — M.F. Moonzajer

Sometime Quotes By Tony Parsons

Everything ends. It does. Sooner or later. This - all this - it has to end sometime. — Tony Parsons

Sometime Quotes By Richard Kadrey

I guarantee you I'm not going to forget your voice. We're going to run into each other down the road sometime, and when we do I'm going to pop you apart one rivet at a time."
"There's the monster. Hello, monster. — Richard Kadrey

Sometime Quotes By Hiromu Arakawa

Greed (as Ling): You humans always get all "holier-than-thou" when it comes to this stuff ... I really don't get you.
Edward: It's called having integrity. You should try it sometimeHiromu Arakawa

Sometime Quotes By Tosca Lee

Sometime before sleep it occurred to me that the true nature of being without might mean never knowing what one lacked. — Tosca Lee

Sometime Quotes By Rich Lowry

Arizona seeks only to enforce the nominal immigration policy of the United States. Perhaps the federal government should try it sometime. — Rich Lowry

Sometime Quotes By Robin Hobb

Suddenly, everything was easy and clear. I simply did whatever Chade told me to do, and trusted to him to have it turn out right. My spirit rode high on the crest of that wave of faith, and sometime during the night it occurred to me: this was what Burrich had had from Chivalry, and what he missed so badly. — Robin Hobb

Sometime Quotes By W.B.Yeats

On Midsummer Eve, when the bonfires are lighted on every hill in honour of St. John, the fairies are at their gayest, and sometime steal away beautiful mortals to be their brides. — W.B.Yeats

Sometime Quotes By Danielle Monsch

He rid himself of his own pants, and unlike her, he was naked, his cock hard. He didn't shield himself, let himself be studied as she wished, but his eyes lost the mirth from before as he waited for her next move.
Strange. When she approached him, she expected to have a moment's hesitation sometime during their play, a voice that would tell her this wasn't a good idea. Right now was a perfect time for that voice to show up, but her body only thrummed. She leaned up on her elbows, giving him an exaggerated once-over. "That thing looks more dangerous than what you show in the cage."
And with that, the mirth was back, and all hardness in him was due to desire. "Wait until you see it in action."
"Well, for that, I think you need to come closer. — Danielle Monsch

Sometime Quotes By Rex Stout

When, sometime around my fortieth birthday, I was struck by the urge to try to write a novel, I was vastly comforted to learn that Rex Stout didn't write his first Nero Wolfe tale until he was forty-seven, and that he proceeded to write them right up to his death at the age of eighty-eight. It was considerably less comforting to learn that he typically completed a novel in thirty-eight days, and that he always got it right on the first try. P. G. Wodehouse once said, "Stout's supreme triumph was the creation of Archie Goodwin." That's how I've always felt about it, too. When I returned those first Rex Stout books to my librarian, I said to her, "Do you have any more of these Archie Goodwin stories?" She smiled, I recall, and said, "Why, yes. Dozens. — Rex Stout

Sometime Quotes By Robert James Waller

Sometime I'm going to do an essay called 'The Virtues of Amateurism' for all of those people who wish they earned their living in the arts. The market kills more artistic people than anything else. It's a world of safety out there, for most people. They want safety, the magazines and manufacturers give them safety, give them homogeneity, give them the familiar and comfortable, don't challenge them. — Robert James Waller

Sometime Quotes By Rachel Vincent

Yeah." I took another deep breath. "I'm gonna die, Emma."
"You mean eventually, right?" She blinked, and I could tell it hadn't sunk in. "Please tell me you're making some kind of big-picture philosophical
statement about the inevitability of death and the transient nature of human existence."
"Not eventually, Em. Sometime on Thursday. — Rachel Vincent

Sometime Quotes By Jack Kirby

You had to grow up sometime. The fellows who grew early, they were in jeopardy. They became the cops and the crooks, and the crooks became the gangsters. The crooks became the Al Capones. — Jack Kirby

Sometime Quotes By William Shakespeare

When I have seen by Time's fell hand defaced
The rich proud cost of outworn buried age;
When sometime lofty towers I see down-razed
And brass eternal slave to mortal rage;
When I have seen the hungry ocean gain
Advantage on the kingdom of the shore,
And the firm soil win of the watery main,
Increasing store with loss and loss with store;
When I have seen such interchange of state,
Or state itself confounded to decay;
Ruin hath taught me thus to ruminate,
That Time will come and take my love away.
This thought is as a death which cannot choose
But weep to have that which it fears to lose. — William Shakespeare