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Top Slow Learners Quotes

Slow Learners Quotes By Charlie Munger

After nearly making a terrible mistake not buying See's, we've made this mistake many times. We are apparently slow learners. These opportunity costs don't show up on financial statements, but have cost us many billions. — Charlie Munger

Slow Learners Quotes By Craig Donovan

Dyslexia is not just a simple reading problem. People with dyslexia usually suffer from emotional problems due to being bullied, especially during their school years. Generally dubbed as 'idiots' and 'slow learners', dyslexic people are socially segregated and can easily lose their self-confidence. Here — Craig Donovan

Slow Learners Quotes By Charles Stross

I wrote two million words of crap. Maybe I'm just a slow learner . — Charles Stross

Slow Learners Quotes By Patricia Moyes

It is perfectly possible to converse with any cat, from prize-winning Siamese to alley tabby. Humans who are slow learners may start with a highly articulate Siamese and progress in time to the more sensitive and difficult business of talking to scared strays. Other people, naturally gifted, can talk to any cat right away. — Patricia Moyes

Slow Learners Quotes By Gregory Maguire

But men don't dry up, Melena objected; they can father to the death. Ah, we're slow learners, Nanny countered. But they can't learn at all. — Gregory Maguire

Slow Learners Quotes By Martha N. Beck

They decided to allow their baby to be born. What they did not realize is that they themselves were the ones who would be 'born,' infants in a new world where magic is commonplace, Harvard professors are the slow learners, and retarded babies are the master teachers. — Martha N. Beck

Slow Learners Quotes By Colson Whitehead

When they got to Oklahoma there were still more white people waiting for them, squatting on the land the Indians had been promised in the latest worthless treaty. Slow learners, the bunch. — Colson Whitehead

Slow Learners Quotes By Ntozake Shange

I'm committed to the idea that one of the few things human beings have to offer is the richness of unconscious and conscious emotional responses to being alive ... The kind of esteem that's given to brightness/smartness obliterates average people or slow learners from participating fully in human life, particularly technical and intellectual life. But you cannot exclude any human being from emotional participation. — Ntozake Shange

Slow Learners Quotes By Peggy Grant

Technology also addresses the necessity to cover a wide range of content in a short length of time by minimizing the need to take each step of the curriculum at a slow enough pace to teach the slowest learners in a single, teacher-directed way. — Peggy Grant

Slow Learners Quotes By Linda Greenlaw

Mistakes are expensive. Mistakes are good, because we can learn from them. I must be a slow learner because I repeat most of mine. — Linda Greenlaw