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Top Snowflake Quotes

Snowflake Quotes By Caprice Crane

Because I demand to be treated like the unique snowflake I am. — Caprice Crane

Snowflake Quotes By Bethenny Frankel

In life, no two days are the same for me. It's like a snowflake. — Bethenny Frankel

Snowflake Quotes By Lauren Oliver

When I got home, my roof was gone. Overnight the weight of the snow became too much to carry. What tipped the scale? Think about it: there must have been a final snowflake that did it, a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a milligram that made all the difference. — Lauren Oliver

Snowflake Quotes By Adam Snowflake

One thing I think, about humans is that we'd rather live in a comfortable lie then in an unpleasant truth. — Adam Snowflake

Snowflake Quotes By Kristen Britain

Every moment of life mattered. Even the perfect snowflake that alighted on his palm and melted in seconds. — Kristen Britain

Snowflake Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

Snowflake. You catch the snowflake but when you look in your hand you don't have it no more. Maybe you see this dechado. But before you see it it is gone. If you want to see it you have to see it on its own ground. If you catch it you lose it. And where it goes there is no coming back from. Not even God can bring it back. — Cormac McCarthy

Snowflake Quotes By The Hippie

The caterpillar turns to liquid before turning into a butterfly. Liquid. Thus washing away any speck of his caterpillar self as he lies completely vulnerable to his environment in his chrysalis shell. One good solid gust of wind and the caterpillars boned. — The Hippie

Snowflake Quotes By Ilona Andrews

Adam's eyes narrowed. I've looked you up. You're small potatoes, Snowflake. — Ilona Andrews

Snowflake Quotes By Candace Cameron

God created each one of us in our own unique way. Just like a snowflake we all hold a blueprint that differs one from another. It's great to lose weight and keep our bodies healthy and strong, but it's also important that we appreciate who we are today - with or without extra pounds. — Candace Cameron

Snowflake Quotes By Lewis Black

Everyone of you has a health that is unique and totally different from everybody else. Completely! Because we ... are all like snowflakes. — Lewis Black

Snowflake Quotes By Mary Mapes Dodge

But when a snowflake, brave and meek,Lights on a rosy maiden's cheek,It starts-"How warm and soft the day!""'T is summer!" and it melts away. — Mary Mapes Dodge

Snowflake Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

Didn't I realize that each of us is a sacred, unique snowflake of special unique specialness? — Chuck Palahniuk

Snowflake Quotes By Anthony Doerr

Did dreams, he wondered, when they arrived, make a sound? The smallest kind, like the noise of an embryo being conceived, or a snowflake touching down? — Anthony Doerr

Snowflake Quotes By Lauren Oliver

The last laugh, the last cup of coffee, the last sunset, the last time you jump through a sprinkler, or eat an ice-cream cone, or stick your tongue out to catch a snowflake. You just don't know. — Lauren Oliver

Snowflake Quotes By Adam Snowflake

There is no racism against white people. If you can turn on the tv and see people like you that's not racism. If you can have your favorite characters who are poc race changed to look like you then you don't face racism. If you don't think about Ferguson every single second because your race is being killed every hour, that's not racism. If you don't get called derogatory slurs because of your skin tone that's not racism. If you don't hate your body because of your race that's not racism. If you don't have to go through life knowing people will think of you as ugly or disgusting and hate you simply because your white that's not racism. You don't face racism for being white. Ya people can be jerks about it. But its not institutionalized. That's like saying you face discrimination for being straight. It's not a thing. You don't face racism. You might want to get over that — Adam Snowflake

Snowflake Quotes By Eve Merriam

The touch of
your fingers
grazing mine
delicate as
a single drop of wine
in a crystal goblet.
Rolling it round,
I savor it on my tongue,
try to
make it last

The words
in the air
and melt.

Your palm
my cheek,
light as
a snowflake. — Eve Merriam

Snowflake Quotes By Alan Bradley

Perhaps, I thought, whenever we began to breathe the breath of others, when the spinning atoms of their bodies began to mingle withour own, we took on something of their personality, like crystals in a snowflake. Perhaps we became something more, yet something lesser than ourselves. — Alan Bradley

Snowflake Quotes By N.D. Wilson

What is the world? What is it for?
It is an art. It is the best of all possible art, a finite picture of the infinite. Assess it like prose, like poetry, like architecture, sculpture, painting, dance, delta blues, opera, tragedy, comedy, romance, epic. Assess it like you would a Faberge egg, like a gunfight, like a musical, like a snowflake, like a death, a birth, a triumph, a love story, a tornado, a smile, a heartbreak, a sweater, a hunger pain, a desire, a fufillment, a desert, a waterfall, a song, a race, a frog, a play, a song, a marriage, a consummation, a thirst quenched.
Assess it like that. And when you're done, find an ant and have him assess the cathedrals of Europe. — N.D. Wilson

Snowflake Quotes By Jeanette Winterson

They say that every snowflake is different. If that were true, how could the world go on? How could we ever get up off our knees? How could we ever recover from the wonder of it? — Jeanette Winterson

Snowflake Quotes By Earl A Grollman

Each person's grief journey is unique as a fingerprint or a snowflake. — Earl A Grollman

Snowflake Quotes By Andi James Chamberlain

An avalanche is just a snowflake that got pissed off. — Andi James Chamberlain

Snowflake Quotes By Francis Bacon

Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand
and melting like a snowflake ... — Francis Bacon

Snowflake Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Life is like a snowflake - transient, translucent, adventurous, ephemeral, and beautiful. — Debasish Mridha

Snowflake Quotes By Tammy Blackwell

Why did you come back here, then? Why risk it? Couldn't you find a place where you wouldn't have any other Packs to deal with?"
He cupped my face in his hands, his thumb gently brushing a snowflake from my eyelashes.
"You know why I came back."
My heart started beating against my ribcage as if it was trying to break free. "The fried chicken they serve at The Farmhouse?"
"I came back for you, Scout."
I had to say something. Something clever. Something dazzling. Something to make this moment perfect.
"I hope the snow sticks. — Tammy Blackwell

Snowflake Quotes By Kelly Williams Brown

This is the most difficult and important thing to accept if you wish to be a grown-up: You are not a Special Snowflake. — Kelly Williams Brown

Snowflake Quotes By Adam Snowflake

I've been sexually assaulted, physically attacked, felt unsafe in my own house, and nearly killed myself because I'm transgender. Now I'm not saying that its the same struggle as racism. But what I will say is that if people are intentionally ignorant you can't fight them with words. Sometims you have to fight back. Or scream. And you know what. That's life. Despite the lies you may have been told no one won their rights by asking for them nicely. People fought for them. So ya I'm sorry if what I said may "offend" a few white people, but I'm going to fuking say it anyways. — Adam Snowflake

Snowflake Quotes By Daisy Meadows

was their only hope of getting the magic snowflake back! "You're — Daisy Meadows

Snowflake Quotes By N.D. Wilson

To exist in this poem [of creation] is a greater gift than any finite creature can imagine. To be so insignificant and yet still be given a speaking part, to be given scenes that are my own, and my own only, scenes where the audience is limited to the Author Himself (scenes that I often flub), to have been here with my frozen nose, to have been crafted with at least as much care as a snowflake (though I'm harder to melt), and to hear and feel and see and taste and smell the heavy poetry of God, that is enough. — N.D. Wilson

Snowflake Quotes By Carl Sagan

The total amount of energy from outside the solar system ever received by all the radio telescopes on the planet Earth is less than the energy of a single snowflake striking the ground. — Carl Sagan

Snowflake Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Well, aren't you just a special snowflake," Daemon murmured.
"That I am." Archer's lips quirked into a half grin. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Snowflake Quotes By Gary Vaynerchuk

I want people to know their palate is a snowflake. We all like different things. Why should we all have the same taste in wines? — Gary Vaynerchuk

Snowflake Quotes By Andre Bazin

All the arts are based on the presence of man, only photography derives an advantage from his absence. Photography affects us like a phenomenon in nature, like a flower or a snowflake whose vegetable or earthly origins are an inseparable part of their beauty. — Andre Bazin

Snowflake Quotes By Kendall Ryan

Hey, Noah?"
"Yes?" he says sweetly.
"Why do you call me Snowflake?"
He steps closer and runs one finger along my cheek, making my skin tingle in its wake. "Because you're just like a snowflake. Beautiful and unique, and with one touch you'll be wet. — Kendall Ryan

Snowflake Quotes By Ted Kooser

Above us, stars. Beneath us, constellations.
Five billion miles away, a galaxy dies
like a snowflake falling on water. Below us,
some farmer, feeling the chill of that distant death,
snaps on his yard light, drawing his sheds and barn
back into the little system of his care.
All night, the cities, like shimmering novas,
tug with bright streets at lonely lights like his. — Ted Kooser

Snowflake Quotes By Joanna Wylde

Horse: Fuckin' knight in shining armor. Might wanna trade your bike in for a pretty pink unicorn to ride, seein' as you're such a special snowflake and all. — Joanna Wylde

Snowflake Quotes By John Lighton Synge

The northern ocean is beautiful, ... and beautiful the delicate intricacy of the snowflake before it melts and perishes, but such beauties are as nothing to him who delights in numbers, spurning alike the wild irrationality of life and baffling complexity of nature's laws. — John Lighton Synge

Snowflake Quotes By Michael J. Sullivan

How can you regret never having found true love? That's like saying you regret not being born a genius. People don't have control over such things. It either happens or it doesn't. It's a gift - a present that most never get. It's more like a miracle, really, when you think of it. I mean, first you have to find that person, and then you have to get to know them to realize just what they mean to you - that right there is ridiculously difficult. Then ... then that person has to feel the same way about you. It's like searching for a specific snowflake, and even if you manage to find it, that's not good enough. You still have to find its matching pair. What are the odds? — Michael J. Sullivan

Snowflake Quotes By Stella Young

I am not a snowflake. I am not a sweet, infantilising symbol of fragility and life. I am a strong, fierce, flawed adult woman. I plan to remain that way, in life and in death. — Stella Young

Snowflake Quotes By Sara Gruen

I paused beneath the arched entrance, where the drawbridge had once been, imagining all the people who had passed in and out over the centuries, every one of them carrying a combination of desire, hope, jealousy, despair, grief, love, and every other human emotion; a combination that made each one as unique as a snowflake, yet linked all of them inextricably to every other human being from the dawn of time to the end of it. — Sara Gruen

Snowflake Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand. — Henry David Thoreau

Snowflake Quotes By Craig Froman

Then, as a single snowflake flares and flickers upon voicing its final breath, so two eyes make silent conversation with mine. A face as iridescent as candle-fire purls verse and poetry. My eyes read her every intent as a wave of recollections floods my senses. — Craig Froman

Snowflake Quotes By Rob Brown

When you work on a computer in the studio, it's almost like fossilizing on the spot, you know, the idea of getting solidified on the spot, like a snowflake might create branches by accumulation. — Rob Brown

Snowflake Quotes By Kamand Kojouri

Love is a snowflake for no two are ever the same. — Kamand Kojouri

Snowflake Quotes By Kim Thuy

I should have chosen the moment before the arrival of my children, for since then I've lost the option of dying. The sharp smell of their sun-baked hair, the smell of sweat on their backs when they wake from a nightmare, the dusty smell of their hands when they leave a classroom, meant that I had to live, to be dazzled by the shadow of their eyelashes, moved by a snowflake, bowled over by a tear on their cheek. My children have given me the exclusive power to blow on a wound to make the pain disappear, to understand words unpronounced, to possess the universal truth, to be a fairy. A fairy smitten with the way they smell. — Kim Thuy

Snowflake Quotes By Stephen Jenkinson

When your focus is on how you feel about things in the world then the things of the world slip from view, your little boat of learning things for what they are are swamped by the swells of how you feel about them. With hard work and with learning, the things of the world are still somehow out there, waiting for you to know about them, no matter how you feel. They survive how you feel about them and they are there before and after the storms of your feelings roar through and abate. Feelings aren't much of a compass to go by. — Stephen Jenkinson

Snowflake Quotes By Eliza Crewe

Turns out I'm only 'mom-special'. Special like a snowflake is special. Special like a school kid on honor roll. — Eliza Crewe

Snowflake Quotes By N.D. Wilson

Clear your throat and open your eyes. You are on stage. The lights are on. It's only natural if you're sweating, because this isn't make-believe. This is theater for keeps. Yes, it is a massive stage, and there are millions of others on stage with you. Yes, you can try to shake the fright by blending in. But it won't work. You have the Creator God's full attention, as much attention as He ever gave Napoleon. Or Churchill. Or even Moses. Or billions of others who lived and died unknown. Or a grain of sand. Or one spike on one snowflake. You are spoken. You are seen. It is your turn to participate in creation. Like a kindergartener shoved out from behind the curtain during his first play, you might not know which scene you are in or what comes next, but God is far less patronizing than we are. You are His art, and He has no trouble stooping. You can even ask Him for your lines. — N.D. Wilson

Snowflake Quotes By Fulton J. Sheen

No one has ever laughed at a pun who did not see in the one word a twofold meaning. To materialists this world is opaque like a curtain; nothing can be seen through it. A mountain is just a mountain, a sunset just a sunset; but to poets, artists, and saints, the world is transparent like a window pane - it tells of something beyond ... a mountain tells of the Power of God, the sunset of His Beauty, and the snowflake of His Purity. — Fulton J. Sheen

Snowflake Quotes By Johanna Spyri

But she had to go to bed first, and all night she slept soundly on her bed of hay, dreaming of nothing but of shining mountains with red roses all over them, among which happy little Snowflake went leaping in and out. — Johanna Spyri

Snowflake Quotes By Katherine Dunn

Just as a snowflake
went on to feed a puddle that filled a stream and then the river, the
pumpkin patch is a gathering of molecules from my old goats, chickens,
and cats, feeding the underworld of dirt creatures. And somewhere, my
father's ashes mingle with birds, air, and sea. — Katherine Dunn

Snowflake Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

I've met God across his long walnut desk with his diplomas hanging on the wall behind him, and God asks me, "Why?"
Why did I cause so much pain?
Didn't I realize that each of us is a sacred, unique snowflake of special unique specialness?
Can't I see how we're all manifestations of love?
I look at God behind his desk, taking notes on a pad, but God's got this all wrong.
We are not special.
We are not crap or trash, either.
We just are.
We just are, and what happens just happens.
And God says, "No, that's not right."
Yeah. Well. Whatever. You can't teach God anything. — Chuck Palahniuk

Snowflake Quotes By Raymond Chandler

Her voice froze on the second word, like a feather taking off in a sudden draft. Then it cooed and hovered and soared and eddied and the silent invitation of a smile picked delicately at the corners of her lips, very slowly, like a child trying to pick up a snowflake. — Raymond Chandler

Snowflake Quotes By Anais Nin

This great handsomeness I took into myself later when he desired me, but I took it as one breathes air, or swallows a snowflake, or yields to the sun. — Anais Nin

Snowflake Quotes By Jack Kerouac

Man lowers his head and lunges into civilization, forgetting the days of his infancy when he sought truth in a snowflake or a stick. Man forgets the wisdom of the child. — Jack Kerouac

Snowflake Quotes By Arlen Specter

Resolutions are flying like snowflakes around here. — Arlen Specter

Snowflake Quotes By Khaled Hosseini

Mariam lay on the couch, hands tucked between her knees, watched the whirlpool of snow twisting and spinning outside the window. She remembered Nana saying once that each snowflake was a sigh heaved by an aggrieved woman somewhere in the world. That all the sighs drifted up the sky, gathered into clouds, then broke into tiny pieces that fell silently on the people below. As a reminder of how people like us suffer, she'd said. How quietly we endure all that falls upon us. — Khaled Hosseini

Snowflake Quotes By Sloane Crosley

Because, ten-year-olds of the world, you shouldn't believe what your teachers tell you about the beauty and specialness and uniqueness of you. Or, believe it, little snowflake, but know it won't make a bit of difference until after puberty. It's Newton's lost law: anything that makes you unique later will get your chocolate milk stolen and your eye blackened as a kid. Won't it, Sebastian? Oh, yes, it will, my little Mandarin Chinese-learning, Poe-reciting, high-top-wearing friend. God bless you, wherever you are. — Sloane Crosley

Snowflake Quotes By Tabatha Vargo

You came into my life when I needed you the most. I didn't even know I was capable of being the man I am when I'm with you. I was dark and broken, and you lit up my world and put me back together piece by piece. I can't breathe when I'm not with you. I can't think of anything but your smile and the way you make me feel when we're apart. I've decided that I never want to be away from you again, and if you'll have me, I'd like to be yours until there's nothing left of me. — Tabatha Vargo

Snowflake Quotes By Donald L. Hicks

Every snowflake is unique, yet they are each perfect. — Donald L. Hicks

Snowflake Quotes By Walter Moers

It felt as if a shaft of lightning had gone in through one ear and out the other...Armies of dead men went marching through my head. I heard a noise like a cosmic scream. My brain turned to ice. Then the ice cracked in all directions and disintegrated into tiny particles like snowflakes, and each snowflake was afflicted by a pain of its very own. In the end, everything went black. I found myself looking out into the universe. Seated on a diminutive planet made of glass was a red dwarf who had twelve important messages for me. — Walter Moers

Snowflake Quotes By Hannah Moskowitz

Be confident because the odds are in your favor.' He clears his throat, like talking this much hurts him. 'Not because you're a special snowflake. — Hannah Moskowitz

Snowflake Quotes By Claudine Carmel

Jack Frost hibernates from March to November,
dreaming snowflake designs to share in December.
With glittering breath, snowstorms, and blue blizzards,
lakes made of crystal, he's an icy wizard!
People assume winter will be harsh, cold, and cruel
and that Jack must be a wicked, cold-weather ghoul.
But he's truly an artist, known as Bringer of Ice,
and although his heart is cold, he's really quite nice. — Claudine Carmel

Snowflake Quotes By William Mountford

Where is the subject that does not branch out into infinity? For every grain of sand is a mystery; so is every daisy in summer, and so is every snowflake in winter. Both upwards and downwards, and all around us, science and speculation pass into mystery at last. — William Mountford

Snowflake Quotes By Francis Bacon

The wonder of a single snowflake outweighs the wisdom of a million meteorologists. — Francis Bacon

Snowflake Quotes By Takaya Kagami

True, you are a very special snowflake. An especially stupid one! — Takaya Kagami

Snowflake Quotes By Shaun David Hutchinson

Physicists have theorized that we live in an infinite and infinitely expanding universe, and that everything in it will eventually repeat.
There are infinite copies of your mom and your dad and your clothes-stealing little sister. There are infinite copies of you.
Despite what you've spent your entire life believing, you are not a special snowflake. Somewhere out there, another you is living your life. Chances are, they're living it better. — Shaun David Hutchinson

Snowflake Quotes By Mark Strand

From the shadow of domes in the city of domes,
A snowflake, a blizzard of one, weightless, entered your room
And made its way to the arm of the chair where you, looking up
From your book, saw it the moment it landed. That's all
There was to it. — Mark Strand

Snowflake Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying, organic matter as everyone else, and we are all part of the same compost pile. — Chuck Palahniuk

Snowflake Quotes By Jon Ronson

The snowflake never needs to feel responsible for the avalanche. — Jon Ronson

Snowflake Quotes By Sara Raasch

Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake. — Sara Raasch

Snowflake Quotes By Jennifer Estep

Her touch was as soft as a snowflake falling onto my skin. — Jennifer Estep

Snowflake Quotes By Lisa Shearin

PML?" I asked. "Postmortem link." All corporations had their acronyms, but SPI was a special snowflake. — Lisa Shearin

Snowflake Quotes By Robyn Schneider

Fine! You guys can all be beautiful snowflakes! I'm gonna go over here and be an awkward snowflake! — Robyn Schneider

Snowflake Quotes By Anthony Doerr

There must be some definite cause why, whenever snow begins to fall, its initial formation invariably displays the shape of a six-cornered starlet. For if it happens by chance, why do they not fall just as well with five corners or with seven? . . . Who carved the nucleus, before it fell, into six horns of ice? - From "On the Six-Cornered Snowflake," by Johannes Kepler, 1610 — Anthony Doerr

Snowflake Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else. — Chuck Palahniuk

Snowflake Quotes By Catherine Doyle

And you're kind of like a snowflake.'
Oh, Jesus Christ.
He masked his fleeting surprise with a quirked eyebrow. 'Excuse me?'
'Nothing,' I said quickly. 'I didn't say anything.'
'No, no,' he said, rounding on me so his face was too close, his eyes too searing, his smile too irritating. 'I'm a snowflake, am I? — Catherine Doyle

Snowflake Quotes By Carew Papritz

The Losing of Love ... Like discovering a shard of heaven's handwriting in the snowflake that has landed upon your hand, desperately wishing you could give such beauty to your best friend before it melts away. And what you are left with is an exquisite regret - the eloquent conspiracy of memory - of the moment lived and the moment wished for that never will arrive. — Carew Papritz

Snowflake Quotes By Sara Teasdale

I am not yours, nor lost in you, not lost, although I long to be. Lost as a candle lit at noon, lost as a snowflake in the sea. You love me, and I find you still a spirit beautiful and bright, yet I am I, who long to be lost as a light is lost in light. — Sara Teasdale

Snowflake Quotes By Kat Howard

I'm convinced hell is actually an eternity of being a snowflake in Nutcracker. — Kat Howard

Snowflake Quotes By Madeleine L'Engle

Mr Jenkins. Unique, as every star in the sky is unique, every leaf on every tree, every snowflake, every farandola, every cherubim, unique: Named. — Madeleine L'Engle

Snowflake Quotes By Laura Kaye

Instead of an ugly scratch of a scar, he'd given her a beautiful piece of himself. A snowflake. Small and discreet, noticeable if you knew to look, but otherwise really just for her. A gift. — Laura Kaye

Snowflake Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

I do not wonder at a snowflake, a shell, a summer landscape, or the glory of the stars; but at the necessity of beauty under which the universe lies. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Snowflake Quotes By C.S. Lewis

When once passion takes part in the game, the human reason, unassisted by Grace, has about as much chance of retaining its hold on truths already gained as a snowflake has of retaining its consistency in the mouth of a blast furnace. — C.S. Lewis

Snowflake Quotes By Terry Pratchett

The future is always a bit wobbly. Any little thing, like the fall of a snowflake or the dropping of the wrong kind of spoon, can send it spinning off along a new path. Or perhaps not. — Terry Pratchett

Snowflake Quotes By George Burns

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. — George Burns

Snowflake Quotes By Special Snowflake

The idea to write this book hit me like a bad analogy. — Special Snowflake

Snowflake Quotes By C.C. Long

The moon is the lamp he paints by; His canvas the window pane; His brush is a frozen snowflake; Jack Frost the artist's name. — C.C. Long

Snowflake Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

The fact that....you categorize everything as either sexist, or racist, or homophobic, whether it is or not, and therefore harmful to you and you just can't take it, is a kind of mania, a delusion, a psychosis that we have been coddling, encouraging people to think that life should be a smooth utopia built only for them and their fragile sensibility. — Bret Easton Ellis

Snowflake Quotes By Viola Shipman

The Snowflake Charm

Be As Unique As A Snowflake: Embrace All Your Dimensions — Viola Shipman

Snowflake Quotes By Franz Wright

Should each individual snowflake be held accountable for the avalanche? — Franz Wright

Snowflake Quotes By Adam Snowflake

Listen to your critics. Because if you go through life denying what they say, you'll never be a good writer. The only way to improve, is to listen to those who tell you what you need to work on — Adam Snowflake

Snowflake Quotes By Steve Maraboli

Teamwork: I find it fascinating that a snowflake, by itself, can be so delicate; but when they team-up, they can close-down an entire city. — Steve Maraboli

Snowflake Quotes By Adam Snowflake

I actually intentially have poor spelling and grammar in my books. I feel that spelling and grammar shoudn't reflect inteltect. I beleive not everyone has the same recorses. Not everyone can aford to be taught the same grammar. Some people like me have learning dissabilites. Some people have dissorders or mental dissabilites. Some people never went to school. So when your judging someones writing, or reviewing, it. Please I ask of you this, don't take the grammar and spelling into acount. Because lets face it. Not everyone is as privleged as you. — Adam Snowflake

Snowflake Quotes By Adam Snowflake

I often say never write about white people. Not many people realize what I mean by this. Its pretty simple. Some may think its unrealistic to have an ethnically diverse cast but its ten times more unrealistic to see a cast of only white people. Like I don't know where you've grown up but the world isn't that way, at least not if your reading this post in English. — Adam Snowflake

Snowflake Quotes By Ming-Dao Deng

When it is time to part, then it is time to part. There should be no regrets. The beauty of marriage is like the fleeting perfection of a snowflake. — Ming-Dao Deng

Snowflake Quotes By Penny Reid

And become so open minded my brain falls out? Make so many excuses for people's bad behavior that I become spineless? No thanks. I have no desire to cherish each person's bullshit and call it a beautiful snowflake. I will not make excuses for all the ways they treat the people around them like garbage. — Penny Reid

Snowflake Quotes By Adam Snowflake

I'm a potato, it means I have no soul — Adam Snowflake

Snowflake Quotes By Meg Cabot

I wish I could say when Michael's dark eyes met mind, I was completely cool and collected about seeing him again after all this time, and that I laughed airily and said all the right things. I wish I could say after having pretty much single-handedly brought democracy to a country I happen to be a princess of, and written a four-hundred-page romance novel, and gotten into every college to which I applied (even if it's just because I'm a princess), that I handled meeting Michael for the first time again after throwing my snowflake necklace in his face almost two years ago with total grace and aplomb.
But I totally didn't. — Meg Cabot

Snowflake Quotes By Amy Harmon

This last year I've felt like one of those snowflakes we used to make in school. The ones where you fold the paper a certain way and then keep cutting and cutting until the paper is shredded. That's what I look like, a paper snowflake. And each hole has a name. And nobody, not you, not me, can fill the holes that someone else has left. All we can do is keep each other from falling in the holes and never coming out again. — Amy Harmon

Snowflake Quotes By Osamu Tezuka

What is one man's life compared to the eternity of time and space? No more than a snowflake that glitters in the sun for a moment before melting into the flow of time. — Osamu Tezuka