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Top Smoking Ban Quotes

Smoking Ban Quotes By Mahesh Bhatt

One would understand a ban on surrogate advertising, but to completely ban [smoking] is ridiculous, a joke taken too far. — Mahesh Bhatt

Smoking Ban Quotes By Mike Huckabee

I support workplace clean air. But a federal ban on smoking would mean that you couldn't smoke in your own home. I don't care what people do in their home. — Mike Huckabee

Smoking Ban Quotes By Mike Huckabee

Ok to ban smoking from workplaces, but not to ban smoking. — Mike Huckabee

Smoking Ban Quotes By Charles Orville Whitley

This attempt to ban smoking is an example of social engineering on a vast scale. Such massive intervention in the private lives and choices of one quarter of our adult population recalls the extremism of Prohibition, the last national crusade against a supposed social evil. — Charles Orville Whitley

Smoking Ban Quotes By Simon Pegg

If I was a supervillain, I think I'd probably ban all smoking and drinking. That's exactly what I'd do: I'd remove all the cigarettes and alcohol from the world. That would piss so many people off. That's worse than, like, murdering puppies. For some people. — Simon Pegg

Smoking Ban Quotes By Jeremy Irons

I'm a complete libertarian. I think it's very, very dangerous. I really mean that. I think the smoking ban is a tip of an iceberg of society-the leaders of society telling us how to be. I think it's not their business ... It's an attitude where the governors think, 'We know what's best for people, and they're so stupid that they would only not do it if we ban it.' — Jeremy Irons