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Top Smart Boards Quotes

Smart Boards Quotes By Michelle Bachelet

Having more women in company boards, in senior management, supervisory positions and workers in the formal sector is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. It's good for the bottom line. — Michelle Bachelet

Smart Boards Quotes By Jose Vilson

Do SMART Boards and iPads really change pedagogy for the millions of students institutionally ostracized based on their race, religion, or gender? Or are they merely Band-Aids that can be used to say, "Oh look, we did something and we never had to get our hands dirty to make it happen"? — Jose Vilson

Smart Boards Quotes By Robert Crais

I said, "Was it Amy?" "If it was, she was too smart for them, which is what drew their attention." Pike said, "They couldn't ID the source." "Meaning what?" Jon smirked. "Meaning the crap on these boards is usually posted by a crank in a garage, or a thirteen-year-old idiot, toked up on the big sister's weed. Thirteen-year-old idiots are easy to find. This computer was hidden behind anonymous proxies, virtual networks, and spoofed identity numbers. One post looked like it came from Paris, the next from Birmingham, another from Baton Rouge. Each post appeared to be written on a different computer, only none of the computers actually existed." I — Robert Crais