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Top Sky Has No Limits Quotes

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Kent Nerburn

We are all born with a belief in God. It may not have a name or face. We may not even see it as God. But it is there. It is the sense that comes over us as we stare into the starlit sky, or watch the last fiery rays of an evening sunset. It is the morning shiver as we wake on a beautiful day and smell a richness in the air that we know and love from somewhere we can't quite recall. It is the mystery behind the beginning of time and beyond the limits of space. It is a sense of otherness that brings alive something deep in our hearts. — Kent Nerburn

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Jaiprakash Gaur

Every time someone tried to explain to me there are limits to what one man can do, I pointed to the boundless sky and said, 'There is the limit'. — Jaiprakash Gaur

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By John Powell

God is to us like the sky to a small bird, which cannot see its outer limits and cannot reach its distant horizons, but can only lose itself in the greatness and immensity of the blueness. — John Powell

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Jackson Lanzing

Nothing is off-limits to me, tiny human. You think the desire in your heart is buried, but I couldn't ignore it if I tried! It means this: you want me to peace out? Shut it all down? Fine! I'll go! But you'll never get your next wish. Your secret wish. [. .] A mother's love. A father you know. A world at peace. A sky of stars. This could be yours . . . or you could lose it forever. And I can go. Doesn't matter to me, you finite speck. — Jackson Lanzing

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By T.F. Hodge

The sky is not my limit...I am. — T.F. Hodge

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Nancy Pelosi

For our daughters and our granddaughters now, the sky is the limit. — Nancy Pelosi

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Steve Guttenberg

When you have nothing to lose, the sky's the limit. — Steve Guttenberg

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Sara Grant

We're told that the Protectosphere is clear, but Grandma always said that the sky's not as clear as it was when she was a little girl. She said the real sky is endless. I never understood endless. Everything in my life had limits. But tonight in this darkness, I'm sure I can see real stars. And tonight I almost understand a place without end. I'm in an endless night with no job, no friends, and no future. — Sara Grant

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Walt Disney

The sky has never been the limit. We are our own limits. It's then about breaking our personal limits and outgrowing ourselves to live our best lives.
All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me. — Walt Disney

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Rene Char

There is only the one like me, the companion man or woman, who can wake me from my torpor, set off the poetry, hurl me against the limits of the old desert for me to triumph over it. No other. Neither sky nor privileged earth, now things which set you to trembling.
Torch, I only waltz with that one. — Rene Char

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Mary Doria Russell

I would not have voted for the man," Doc admitted, "but this - " He lifted a fine-boned hand toward the street, where small groups of Cow Boys were now tearing down Allen on horseback, shooting at the sky and racing beyond the city limits before the police could do anything about the ruckus. "This is indecent. — Mary Doria Russell

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Suzy Kassem

The number of ways to live in one lifetime is limitless. So why limit yourself? — Suzy Kassem

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Once, the Dream's parameters were caged by technology and by the limits of horsepower and wind. But the Dreamers have improved themselves, and the damming of seas for voltage, the extraction of coal, the transmuting of oil into food, have enabled an expansion in plunder with no known precedent. And this revolution has freed the Dreamers to plunder no just the bodies of humans but the body of Earth itself. The Earth is not our creation. It has no respect for us. It has no use for us. And its vengeance is not the fire in the cities but the fire in the sky. Something more fierce than Marcus Garvey is riding on the whirlwind. Something more awful than all our African ancestors is rising with the seas. — Ta-Nehisi Coates

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Richard M. Nixon

The sky is no longer the limit. — Richard M. Nixon

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Paul Brandt

Never tell me the sky is the limit when the zoning code clearly imposes a stricter limit. — Paul Brandt

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Robert M. Hensel

I'm chasing my dreams straight to the top - into a sky that has no limits. — Robert M. Hensel

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Big Sean

Used to tell me the sky's the limit, now the sky is our point of view. — Big Sean

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By David Berg

The sky is not the limit, only Heaven's the limit, and there's no limit in Heaven! — David Berg

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes

Believe there are no limits but the sky. — Miguel De Cervantes

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By David Miller

We spend an inordinate amount of time indoors, and the physical confinement limits the metaphorical bubble of our aspirations. Large rooms, like the vaulted interior of a church, are uplifting. Outdoors, we are free to reach for the sky. — David Miller

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Rudy Giuliani

The sky's the limit for all Americans if we have the right kind of leadership. — Rudy Giuliani

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Leopold Kohr

Wherever something is wrong, something is too big. If the stars in the sky or the atoms of uranium disintegrate in spontaneous explosion, it is not because their substance has lost its balance. It is because matter has attempted to expand beyond the impassable barriers set to every accumulation. Their mass has become too big. If the human body becomes diseased, it is, as in cancer, because a cell, or a group of cells, has begun to outgrow its allotted narrow limits. And if the body of a people becomes diseased with the fever of aggression, brutzdity, collectivism, or massive idiocy, it is not because it has fallen victim to bad leadership or mental derangement. It is because huma beings, so charming as individuals or in small aggregations, have been welded into overconcentrated social units such as mobs, unions, cartels, or great powers. — Leopold Kohr

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Nicole Williams

The sky wasn't the limit - the only limits were the ones we imposed upon ourselves. — Nicole Williams

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Ayn Rand

The power of the sky can be made to do men's bidding. There are no limits to its secrets and its might, and it can be made to grant us anything if we but choose to ask. — Ayn Rand

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Christina Aguilera

The sky is the limit. I'm just following where life takes me. It's been an incredible journey. — Christina Aguilera

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Lewis Thomas

We should credit [the sky] for what it is: for sheer size and perfection of function, it is far and away the grandest product of collaboration in all of nature.

It breathes for us, and it does another thing for our pleasure. Each day, millions of meteorites fall against the outer limits of the membrane and are burned to nothing by the friction. Without this shelter, our surface would long since have become the pounded powder of the moon. Even though our receptors are not sensitive enough to hear it, there is comfort in knowing that the sound is there overhead, like the random noise of rain on the roof at night. — Lewis Thomas

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Curtis Tyrone Jones

Sometimes we need a wise guide to peel back the ceiling of our lives to remind us that infinity never places any limits on our skies. — Curtis Tyrone Jones

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Nick Saban

Be all you can be in whatever you choose to do. The sky is the limit, so go for it. And do not create any self-imposed limitations. — Nick Saban

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Your problem is in thinking the sky's the limit. Why set limits? — Richelle E. Goodrich

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By John Muir

Wilderness is not only a haven for native plants and animals but it is also a refuge from society. Its a place to go to hear the wind and little else, see the stars and the galaxies, smell the pine trees, feel the cold water, touch the sky and the ground at the same time, listen to coyotes, eat the fresh snow, walk across the desert sands, and realize why its good to go outside of the city and the suburbs. Fortunately, there is wilderness just outside the limits of the cities and the suburbs in most of the United States, especially in the West. — John Muir

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Muso Soseki

All worries and troubles have gone from my breast and I play joyfully far from the world. For a person of Zen, no limits exist. The blue sky must feel ashamed to be so small."
Muso Soseki — Muso Soseki

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Harsh Malik

Leave your imagination wild to dive in the Ideas of success.

Let go of your dreams only when you have fulfilled it.

Let the hardship lay the firm foundation of your SUCCESS

Light up your future , with your present

Limits are what we set for ourselves otherwise sky is the limit

Living your DREAMS Is better any day, than living your fears. — Harsh Malik

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Richard Ronald Allan

How would it alter Juliet's love perception to learn the sea is but a rounded jug of water? Would her sensuous analogy turned simple simile unveil to her the limits of herself? Or would she forget the ocean, that deplorable casket, and turn on the true bottomless tumbler, the only running tap: the sky? It may have lost the title 'heavens' when its gods were dethroned, but its infinity reigns. So long as you walk, it reigns. So long as I talk and you listen, there's a voice and ears to keep it active, moving, and reason to say: look! infinity lives. And when we and the other consciousnesses pass, though it in part dies with us, still it reigns. It will, in a sense, plod on, like a lifeless coffin through its own space, sails set for nothing, unstoppable when trailing its fabric. — Richard Ronald Allan

Sky Has No Limits Quotes By Hannah Moskowitz

There's something about a boy who isn't allowed to wander off. There's something about a boy in a sky who has limits. — Hannah Moskowitz