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Top Sisters May Fight Quotes

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Florence Welch

I get in fights with my sister all the time. She comes on the road with me and we fight - like sisters do. — Florence Welch

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Vera Nazarian

It's a commonly expressed and rather nice, romantic notion that we are all "sisters" and "brothers."
Let's be real. Fact is, we might be better served to accept that we are all siblings.
Siblings fight, pull each other's hair, steal stuff, and accuse each other indiscriminately.
But siblings also know the undeniable fact that they are the same blood, share the same origins, and are family.
Even when they hate each other.
And that tends to put all things in perspective. — Vera Nazarian

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Emily Giffin

Inevitably I draw on my own relationships when I write, so if I'm writing about a fight between a husband and his wife, of course I'm going to think about a recent fight with my husband. Or if I'm writing about sisters, of course I'm going to think about my sister. — Emily Giffin

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Gaby Rodriguez

You have to fight for what you want in life. You can't live your life in the shadow of your brothers or sisters or parents; you have to live your life, and make it a good life, because you only have one. — Gaby Rodriguez

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Randy Rhoads

Both of my parents are music teachers. My mother owns the school that I taught in. My brothers and sisters are musicans. My mom pushed me all the time. She knew that I could do it. She knew more than I did. She thought I would go somewhere. She gave me the job and helped me get equipment, which a lot of parents don't do. Alot of my students had to go out and fight for it. — Randy Rhoads

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Robert Jordan

What does 'sister-wife' mean?" she asked hesitantly. "That you have the same husband." Aviendha frowned at the way Egwene gasped and Nynaeve's eyes opened as wide as they would go. Elayne had been half-expecting the answer, but she still found herself fussing with skirts that were perfectly straight. "This is not your custom?" the Aiel woman asked. "No," Egwene said faintly. "No, it is not." "But you and Elayne care for one another as first-sisters. What would you have done had one of you been unwilling to step aside for Rand al'Thor? Fight over him? Let a man damage the ties between you? Would it not have been better if you both had married him, then? — Robert Jordan

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Jenny Han

Sisters are supposed to fight and make up, because they are sisters
and sisters always find their way back to each other. But the thing that scares me is that maybe we won't. — Jenny Han

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Captain Phelan," came the crisp voice of one of the Sisters of Charity. With her stern demeanor and forbidding expression, the nun was so intimidating that some of the soldiers had suggested--out of her hearing, of course--that if she were dispatched to fight the Russians, the war would be won in a matter of hours. — Lisa Kleypas

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Ken Wheaton

At this point, none of us are sure why we fight. We're sisters. We need no good reason to fight, even though we have plenty of them. — Ken Wheaton

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Olivia De Havilland

Of course we fight. What sisters don't battle? — Olivia De Havilland

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Philippa Gregory

For a moment we glared at each other, stubborn as cats on the stable wall, full of mutual resentment and something darker, the old sense between sisters that there is only really room in the world for one girl. The sense that every fight could be to the death. — Philippa Gregory

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Rebekah Martin

I'm coming with you." Riley insisted. "I've got a bulletproof vest and I'm a better sharpshooter than you. Don't mess with me." Riley pushed past them and out the sliding exit doors.

Stella turned to Stan, horrified.
"Don't give me that look, Stells." Stan muttered, following Riley. "Look at it this way, if the whole sharpshooter thing turns out to be a lie, she can pinch the hell out of anyone."
~Riley Pembroke, Stan Darrow, "Sugar and Spies: Spy Sisters Book 1 — Rebekah Martin

Sisters May Fight Quotes By David Levithan

As sisters, they probably have closer to 99 percent in common, but they're not about to recognize that. They'd rather fight over what kind of pet they're going to get ... It's an argument for its own sake. — David Levithan

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Jackson Pearce

And I have to admit that there is something undeniably fulfilling about hunting with Rosie. Somehow, it makes me feel as if the long list of differences between us doesn't exist. We're dressed the same, we fight the same enemy, we win together ... It's as though for that moment I get to be her, the one who isn't covered in thick scars, and she gets to understand what it is to be me. It's different than hunting with Silas
he and I are partners, not part of the same heart. — Jackson Pearce

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Hazel B. West

There will always be wars," Maggie told him.
"Yes," Reeve replied. "But there will also be brothers, sisters, comrades and lovers as well, and they are who we fight for. Our comrades
our brothers
beside us on the field; our wives and families at home. Wallace wishes for freedom. It is a gife given by God and should not be taken by men; it is the right of every man to be free and it is our duty to protect that right so that our children may know what it is to be free and not live under oppression. — Hazel B. West

Sisters May Fight Quotes By William Kamkwamba

If it weren't for the great Scottish missionary David Livingstone, the Yao and Chewa might still be at odds today. Livingstone helped end slavery, opened Malawi to trade, and built good schools and missions. Young men became educated and earned money, and once these economic opportunities were available to all, our two tribes had little reason to fight. Today we consider the Yao our brothers and sisters. My — William Kamkwamba

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Barbara C. Doyle

It was sweet he was checking on me. He didn't have to, but he knew that Blair and I were friends. Sisters, even. And he wanted to protect her friends like he'd protect her.

Well, maybe not the same way. If there was a gun fight he'd probably use me as a shield to protect her. But still, he cared. — Barbara C. Doyle

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Venus Williams

We're all conditioned that we shouldn't like our brothers and sisters, that we should be angry and fight. But that's abnormal. A lot of people think that the way Serena and I are with one another is weird. It's not. — Venus Williams

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Lisa See

May and I are sisters. We'll always fight, but we'll always make up as well. That's what sisters do: we argue, we point out each other's frailties, mistakes, and bad judgment, we flash the insecurities we've had since childhood, and then we come back together. Until the next time. — Lisa See

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Erica Jong

We also fought about everything
like real sisters. We fought about money, bedrooms, whose car to take. Everyone of these fights was actually about something else
usually abandonment. I wanted to be first on her list and she wanted to be first on mine. I wanted all her attention, all her love, all her care. I wanted her to be my mommy, my daddy, my sister. She wanted the same from me. She wanted to be fed, cared for, nurtured without limit. She wanted backrubs, poems, pastas, and to be left alone when she needed to be left alone. She wanted to come before my writing, my child, my man. And I wanted no less from her.
She was sick at first, so I took care of her. Then I was jealous of the attention and she took care of me. We had gone down into the primal cave of our friendship. we had felt loved enough to rage and fight, to show the inside of our naked throats and our bared fags, and the friendship took another leap toward intimacy. Without rage, intimacy can't be. — Erica Jong

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Norton A. Schwartz

The enduring responsibility of the United States Air Force is to provide strategic deterrence for the Nation and fly, fight and win as an integral part of the Joint Team. Together with our brothers and sisters in arms, we underwrite the national strategy of defending the Homeland and assuring allies, while dissuading, deterring and defeating enemies. — Norton A. Schwartz

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Christine Pelosi

If we say we believe in equality for all then we must fight for equality for all, not betray our immigrant sisters. — Christine Pelosi

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Vince Staples

My brothers used to beat me up, but I used to fight my sisters 'cuz I couldn't hit them back, so I had to find specific severe ways to punish them. — Vince Staples

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Crystal Woods

Life's a battlefield, and we remain loyal to those who fight for us; those who'd die for us. — Crystal Woods

Sisters May Fight Quotes By J. California Cooper

All my family, my blood, is mixed up now. They don't even all know each other. I just hope they don't never hate or fight each other, not knowin who they are. Cause all these people livin are brothers and sisters and cousins. All these beautiful different colors! We! ... We the human Family. God says so! FAMILY! — J. California Cooper

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Henry Johnson Jr

You can not fight "RACISM" when the "MIND" is weak. You can't fight "INJUSTICE" or "CORRUPTION" when you're not a true follower of your soul. You can't fight "OPPRESSION" when you "THINK" and "ACT" like the oppressor. You can't become a "CHANGE" when you keep on accepting the same old results.You can't become a valuable source in society when you devalued your brothers and sisters from distant lands.

It is impossible to change America when you see foul practices at institutions and don't speak up because it is not affecting you. What affect others should affect you mentally and physically, be part of the "HUMAN RACE." Be your brother's/sister's keeper no matter what religion or race he or she is. Be the change that you want to see in America. — Henry Johnson Jr

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

God forbid I should bleed to death, eh? Then you'd have to cart around my rotting corpse. (Kyrian)
Could you be any more morbid? Jeez, who was your idol growing up? Boris Karloff? (Amanda)
Hannibal, actually. (Kyrian)
You're trying to scare me, aren't you? Well, it won't work. I grew up in a house with an angry poltergeist and two sisters who used to conjure demons just to fight them. Buster, I've seen it all and your gallows humor isn't working on me. (Amanda) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sisters May Fight Quotes By Rand Paul

I will not vote to send my sons, or your sons, daughters, brothers, sisters or friends to fight for a stalemate. — Rand Paul

Sisters May Fight Quotes By David Platt

Being a member of a church means realizing that we are responsible for helping the brothers and sisters around us to grow as disciples of Jesus. In the same way, they are responsible for helping us. We desperately need each other in the daily fight to follow Christ in a world that's full of sin. — David Platt