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Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By F.D. Lee

There isn't anything I can tell you that you don't already know," Melly answered.
"Yes, but if we already know it then you're not telling us anything new," Bea said, thinking her way through the carriages of fear on the witch's train of thought, "and if we don't tell you what we know and what we don't know, then you won't know if you've actually told us something we don't know, and what you don't know we don't know won't hurt you."
Melly stared at Bea, her cigarette hanging from her lip in defeat.
"Did that make sense?" Joan asked.
"Yes," Melly said slowly, "but it probably shouldn't have done. — F.D. Lee

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Katie MacAlister

Saer is a great big poop, and you shouldn't listen to anything he says," I said, panting just a little.
"Obviously, he was trying to demoralize me."
"Men who are poops demoralize people all the time," I agreed — Katie MacAlister

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Erin Bowman

That word. I would have given anything to hear her say it over the summer, to have had the chance to say it back, but now, more than ever, I understand its true power. How it can make you ache as much as it can make you soar. How it shouldn't be said in return unless you mean it as deeply as the speaker. And that's not something you can ever know. Not truly. There's too much blind faith involved and that word is always, always a risk. You'll get hurt. Or the other person will. You'll stomp on someone's heart without meaning to. Loving is foolish and risky, like trying to raise a building in a bog. Emotions don't make strong foundations. — Erin Bowman

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By J.R. Ackerley

What must I say to God when I meet Him? What shall I say to Him for my sins?'

'I shouldn't mention the word,' I said. 'He'll be the best judge of your life. If you've got to say anything I should say, "You sent us forth into the world incomplete and therefore weak. With my own life, in these circumstances, and according to my own nature, I did what I could to secure happiness. But I did not even know what happiness was, or where to look for it, and it was whilst I was in search of it that I dare say I got a little muddled."' -- Hindoo Holiday — J.R. Ackerley

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By David Eddings

There was a sudden, shocking sound that echoed through Garion's head like an explosion.
"What was that?" Zakath exclaimed.
"You heard it, too?" Garion was amazed. "You shouldn't have been able to hear it!"
"It shook the earth, Garion. Look there." Zakath pointed off toward the north where a huge pillar of fire was soaring up toward the murky, starless sky. "What is it?"
"Aunt Pol did something. She's never that clumsy ... "
Belgarath and Beldin were both pale and shaken, and even Durnik seemed awed.
"She hasn't done anything that noisy since she was about sixteen," Beldin said,m blinking in astonishment. He looked suspiciously at Durnik. "Have you gone and got her pregnant? — David Eddings

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Terry Goodkind

He'd often said that keeping things to himself was a matter of survival. Barracus had often told her that if she was doing something important she shouldn't tell people anything they didn't need to know. He lived his life by that rule. In fact, he often wouldn't tell Magda about things he thought she didn't need to know. Like why he killed himself. — Terry Goodkind

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Maya Banks

Okay, be serious. Aren't you ever afraid of anything?"
"Plenty of time," he said softly.
"Even when what you're afraid of defies all logic?"
"Especially then. It's been my experience that fear doesn't have a set of parameters. We can't turn it off just by realizing we shouldn't be afraid. — Maya Banks

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Lewis Carroll

That would never do, I'm sure,' said Alice: 'the governess would never think of excusing me lessons for that. If she couldn't remember my name, she'd call me "Miss!" as the servants do.'

Well. if she said "Miss," and didn't say anything more,' the Gnat remarked, 'of course you'd miss your lessons. That's a joke. I wish YOU had made it.'

Why do you wish I had made it?' Alice asked. 'It's a very bad one.'

But the Gnat only sighed deeply, while two large tears came rolling down its cheeks.

You shouldn't make jokes,' Alice said, 'if it makes you so unhappy. — Lewis Carroll

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By C.D. Reiss

God, I shouldn't have said anything. Because Dash's eyes had gone wide and his lips parted a little, then a lot, and his tongue was fidgeting with his teeth.

"Stop looking at me like that."

"I'm stuck," he said.

"Stuck? What does that mean?"

"Between wanting to punch him and wanting to eat you out until you scream. I don't think I can do both at the same time. — C.D. Reiss

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Nina LaCour

Would you really fight for him?" I nod.
But the nod isn't enough, so I go on.
"In fact, I would tear through rubble with my bare hands to get to him. I would lift cars. I would wrestle down anyone who said we shouldn't be together. I would stare down life and kick it in the ass if I had to. Because if you want to know the truth
if you really want to know the truth
none of that could be nearly as hard as being in love with him and not being able to tell anyone about it. Including him. I have this thing inside me, and it's angry and it's scared and it's uncertain and most of all it's so completely in love with him, and it would do anything to keep him, even if it means things staying the way they are now. — Nina LaCour

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Oh, Mr. Cuthbert," she whispered, that place we came through
that white place
what was it?"
"Well now, you must mean the Avenue," said Matthew after a few moments' profound reflection. "It is a kind of pretty place."
"Pretty? Oh, PRETTY doesn't seem the right word to use. Nor beautiful, either. They don't go far enough. Oh, it was wonderful
wonderful. It's the first thing I ever saw that couldn't be improved upon by imagination. It just satisfies me here"
she put one hand on her breast
"it made a queer funny ache and yet it was a pleasant ache. Did you ever have an ache like that, Mr. Cuthbert?"
"Well now, I just can't recollect that I ever had."
"I have it lots of time
whenever I see anything royally beautiful. But they shouldn't call that lovely place the Avenue. There is no meaning in a name like that. They should call it
let me see
the White Way of Delight. Isn't that a nice imaginative name? — L.M. Montgomery

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Seanan McGuire

I wouldn't," said the Luidaeg. "Love is love. It's rarer in Faerie than it used to be - rarer than it should be, if you ask me. If you can find it, you should cling to it, and never let anything interfere. Besides, he has a nice ass." Her lips quirked in a weirdly mischievous smile. "I mean, damn. Some people shouldn't be allowed to wear leather pants. He's one of them. He's a clear and present danger when he puts those things on. Or takes them off. — Seanan McGuire

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Tillie Cole

Mamaw also said that the best things in life die quickly, like the cherry blossom. Because something so beautiful can never last forever, shouldn't last forever. It stays for a brief moment in time to remind us how precious life is, before fading away just as quickly as it came. She said that it teaches you more in its short life than anything that is forever by your side. — Tillie Cole

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Pleasefindthis

We look at the people who tell the truth, who say real things in public, like they're confused. Crazy. As if everything should be said safely or not at all and what you feel shouldn't be taken seriously. Which is why it's not polite to say "I'm going to kiss you now because I can't do anything else. — Pleasefindthis

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Knut Hamsun

Well, God be with you,' she said as she finally left him.
'I'm sure He is,' he replied.
She gave a start. 'Are you certain of that?'
'He has every reason to be. Obviously He's Lord over all Creation, but it can't be anything special to be god of animals and mountains. It's really us human beings that make Him what He is. So why shouldn't He be with us?'
Having delivered this impressive speech, Rolandsen looked rather pleased with himself. The curate's wife would be puzzling over him as she walked home. Ha-ha, it was not so surprising that the little dome resting on his shoulders should have made such a great invention after all!
But now the cognac had arrived. — Knut Hamsun

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Richelle Mead

I love you, Roza." He kissed me again. "I'll always be here for you. I'm not going to let anything happen to you."
The words were wonderful and dangerous. He shouldn't have said anything like that to me. He shouldn't have been promising he'd protect me, not when he was supposed to dedicate his life to protecting Moroi like Lissa. I couldn't be first in his heart, just like he couldn't be first in mine. That was why I shouldn't have said what I said next-but I did anyway.
"And I won't let anything happen to you," I promised. "I love you." He kissed me again, swallowing off any other words I might have added. — Richelle Mead

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Jean Hanff Korelitz

And one day she said to me, 'For the rest of my life, it's the first thing they'll say about me when I leave the room.' And I remember thinking: Yes that's true, it will be. But we can't really do anything about what they say when we leave the room. We'll never be able to control that. And we shouldn't try. Our job is just to ... well, be in the room while we're there, and try not to think too much about where we're not. Whatever room we happen to be in, just, be there. — Jean Hanff Korelitz

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Gerald Durrell

It's all your fault, Mother,' said Larry austerely; 'you shouldn't have brought us up to be so selfish.' 'I like that!' exclaimed Mother. 'I never did anything of the sort!' 'Well, we didn't get as selfish as this without some guidance,' said Larry. — Gerald Durrell

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Mark Haddon

Mrs. Forbes said that hating yellow and borwn is just being silly. And Siobhan said that she shouldn't say things like that and everyone has favorite colors. And Siobhan was right. But Mrs. Forbes was a bit right, too. Because it is sort of being silly. But in life you have to take lots of decisions and if you don't take decisions you would never do anything because you would spend all your time choosing between things you could do. So it is good to have a reason why you hate some things and you like others. It is like being in a restaurant like when Father takes me out to a Berni Inn sometimes and you look at the menu and you have to choose what you are going to have. But you don't know if you are going to like something because you haven't tasted it yet, so you have favorite foods and you choose these, and you have foods you dno't like and you don't choose these, and then it is simple. — Mark Haddon

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Lauren Oliver

That's when it happens. The moment of death is full of heat and sound and pain bigger than anything, a funnel of burning heat splitting me in two, something searing and scorching and tearing, and if screaming were a feeling it would be this.
Then nothing. I know some of you are thinking maybe I deserved it. Maybe I shouldn't have sent that rose to Juliet or dumped my drink on her at the party. Maybe I shouldn't have copied off of Lauren Lornet's quiz. Maybe I shouldn't have said those things to Kent. There are probably some of you who think I deserved it because I was going to let Rob go all the way
because I wasn't going to save myself.
But before you start pointing fingers, is what I did really so bad? So bad I deserved to die? So bad I deserved to die like THAT?
Is what I did really so much worse than what anybody else does?
Is it really so much worse than what YOU do?
Think about it. — Lauren Oliver

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Holly Black

You shouldn't let it bother you," Drew said earnestly. "That's just babble. It doesn't mean anything. None of you are going to die and you're obviously not dead. For Pete's sake. — Holly Black

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Marco Pirroni

The only thing that shocks me is public interest in people who shouldn't be interesting at all, like Jade Goody. We've gone past Andy Warhol and all those clever, arty and witty things that were done and said in the sixties ... the fifteen minutes, and so on. Now your celebrities don't have to do anything, they're just voted in. And that shocks me. — Marco Pirroni

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Lev Grossman

Sometimes I wonder if man was really meant to discover magic," Fogg said expansively. "It doesn't really make sense. It's a little too perfect, don't you think? If there's a single lesson that life teaches us, it's that wishing doesn't make it so. Words and thoughts don't change anything. Language and reality are kept strictly apart - reality is tough, unyielding stuff, and it doesn't care what you think or feel or say about it. Or it shouldn't. You deal with it, and you get on with your life. "Little children don't know that. Magical thinking: that's what Freud called it. Once we learn otherwise we cease to be children. The separation of word and thing is the essential fact on which our adult lives are founded. — Lev Grossman

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Jessica Khoury

She sobbed into her hands, tears winding down her arms and dripping onto her knees. We all stared uncomfortably at our shoes, the ground, anything except Avani.
I felt someone should say something, so I said gingerly, You probably shouldn't cry. You need to conserve your water. — Jessica Khoury

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

You can't go."
"Give me a reason why I shouldn't."
"Because I'll miss you, damn it!" she hissed, splaying her arms. "Because what's the point in anything if you just disappear forever?"
"The point in what, Celaena?" How could he be so calm when she was so frantic?
"The point in Skull's Bay, and the point in getting me that music, and the point in ... the point in telling Arobynn that you'd forgive him if he never hurt me again."
"You said you didn't care what I thought. Or what I did. Or if I died, if I'm not mistaken."
"I lied! And you know I lied you stupid bastard! — Sarah J. Maas

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

He pulled Dancer to the side. "Can I ask a huge favor?" Dancer scowled. "What?" "You know where we're headed. Find Talyn's female and bring her to the Porturnum station to stay with him. I think he'll like that." Dancer's gaze softened. "You sure?" He nodded. "Families shouldn't be separated. And while you're at it, why don't you bring Sumi and the kids, too? I know you don't want to be away from them, either." A strange shadow appeared in Dancer's red eyes. "Who are you and what have you done with my I-don't-give-a-shit-about-anything brother?" Fain snorted at his mock sarcasm. "Shut the fuck up and do what I said." "Now there's the familiar asshole I know so well and love for reasons still unknown." Fain — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Ellen O'Connell

Martha said, "Do you have any idea of the kind of surprise your brothers are in for sooner or later? Or are you doing it on purpose?"
Cord put his hat on and pulled it low, hiding his eyes. "Grown man walks around with his eyes shut tight, he shouldn't be surprised if he bumps into something he didn't see. You aren't trying to convince anybody of anything they don't want to believe." Martha laughed. "You win. I just hope I'm there when the blind men hit the wall. — Ellen O'Connell

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

Mum said that I shouldn't be moved to do anything by someone with sweet words, but Tommy Falk doesn't seem to be trying to persuade me of anything, so I let his compliment slip down nice and easy. It's quite agreeable and I'd be happy enough with another. — Maggie Stiefvater

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Pleasefindthis

The Wasted Words You will forgive me, I hope you don't mind me saying, I just wanted to add, if you've got time and I've said it before and I'll say it again, because you should know, before we go any further, we should put everything on the table because the reality is and the truth is and the fact of the matter is, I shouldn't interrupt but I was wondering and if you know, please tell me, how we manage to say so much, without saying anything at all. — Pleasefindthis

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Richelle Mead

Rose," Alberta said, leaning toward me. "I'm going to be blunt with you. I'm not going to give you lectures or demand any explanations. Honestly, since you aren't my student anymore, I don't have the right to ask or tell you anything."
"You can lecture," I told her. "I've always respected you and want to hear what you have to say."
The ghost of a smile flashed on her face. "All right, here it is. You screwed up."
"Wow. You weren't kidding about bluntness."
"The reasons don't matter. You shouldn't have left. You shouldn't have dropped out. Your education and training are too valuable - no matter how much you think you know - and you are too talented to risk throwing away your future."
I almost laughed. "To tell you the truth? I'm not sure what my future is anymore."
"Which is why you need to graduate."
"But I dropped out."
She snorted. "Then drop back in!"
"I - what? How?"
"With paperwork. Just like everything else in the world. — Richelle Mead

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Cherise Sinclair

You're my hero, Rhage."
Ears pricked up, Rhage watched her closely. Anything she said was important to him, and how lovely was that?
"I always thought I'd grow up and find my own hero." Rainie grimaced at herself in the mirror. Obviously she shouldn't have wasted her youth on reading and daydreaming. "But I gave up; I'm not holding out for a hero anymore. — Cherise Sinclair

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Kazune Kawahara

Haruna: I'm so envious. Assa knows so much more about you from when I hadn't met you. I want to be born into your family too!

Yoh: I'd be troubled if you were my sister.

Haruna: Um, about that... it's not that you don't like hanging around me, right?
You'd be troubled because if we were siblings, we couldn't date each other, right? I guessed it, Yoh! Could this be progress?

Yoh: I really shouldn't have said anything! — Kazune Kawahara

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By Donna Freitas

I've barely been able to think about anything else.'
'Other than ... ' He waited for me to finish.
'Kissing you, dummy,' I said.
'You shouldn't be that surprised,' I said.
He grinned. 'I'm just glad to know we're on the same page. — Donna Freitas

Shouldn't Have Said Anything Quotes By John D. MacDonald

How terribly dear!" she said. "How ineffably buddy-buddy! I shouldn't have gone running to him with my little heartache, Mr. McGee. It was selfish of me. It upset him, and it didn't do me any particular good. How can he check up on anything anyway? Why don't you just invent some soothing little story for him and go down and tell it to him and then go back to your beach-bum career, whatever it is? — John D. MacDonald