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Should Haves Quotes By Gilbert Adair

In New York
whose subway trains in particular have been 'tattooed' with an energy to put our own rude practitioners to shame
not an inch of free space is spared except that of advertisements . Even the most chronically dispossessed appear prepared to endorse the legitimacy of the 'haves. — Gilbert Adair

Should Haves Quotes By Arun Manilal Gandhi

The ultimate object of education should be, Gandhi said, to help create not only a balanced and harmonious individual but also a balanced and harmonious society where true justice prevails, where there is no unnatural division between the haves and the have-nots, and where everybody is assured of a living wage and the right to live and the right to freedom. — Arun Manilal Gandhi

Should Haves Quotes By Alexandra Ripley

Should-haves solve nothing. It's the next thing to happen that needs thinking about. — Alexandra Ripley

Should Haves Quotes By Howard Rheingold

Soon the digital divide will not be between the haves and the have-nots. It will be between the know-hows and the non-know-hows. — Howard Rheingold

Should Haves Quotes By Mitch Daniels

We do not accept that ours will ever be a nation of haves and have-nots. We must always be a nation of haves and soon-to-haves. — Mitch Daniels

Should Haves Quotes By Ayn Rand

Another current catch-phrase is the complaint that the nations of the world are divided into 'haves' and the 'have-nots.' Observe that the 'haves' are those who have freedom, and that it is freedom that the 'have-nots' have not. — Ayn Rand

Should Haves Quotes By Cara Alwill Leyba

Life is too short to be stuck with the "would haves" "could haves" and "should haves." It's on you to make sure you live every second as if it was your last. — Cara Alwill Leyba

Should Haves Quotes By Lauren Oliver

It's like high school holds two different worlds, revolving around each other and never touching; the haves and the have-nots. I guess it's a good thing. High school is supposed to prepare you for the real world, after all. — Lauren Oliver

Should Haves Quotes By Tena Desae

My style statement is fun and flirty. My wardrobe must-haves are a good dress that can be styled differently, a good pair of jeans, and a few nice tops. — Tena Desae

Should Haves Quotes By Arion Golmakani

When there is love, sharing the have-nots feels just as good as sharing the haves. We — Arion Golmakani

Should Haves Quotes By Frank Chodorov

The only beneficiaries of income taxation are the politicians, for it not only gives them the means by which they can increase their emoluments, but it also enables them to improve their importance. The have-nots who support the politicians in the demand for income taxation do so only because they hate the haves; ... the sum of all the arguments for income taxation comes to political ambition and the sin of covetousness. — Frank Chodorov

Should Haves Quotes By Wendell Berry

The essential cultural discrimination is not between having and not having or haves and have-nots, but between the superfluous and the indispensable. Wisdom, it seems to me, is always poised upon the knowledge of minimums; it might be thought to be the art of minimums. Granting the frailty, and no doubt the impermanence, of modern technology as a human contrivance, the man who can keep a fire in a stove or on a hearth is not only more durable, but wiser, closer to the meaning of fire, than the man who can only work a thermostat. — Wendell Berry

Should Haves Quotes By John O' Callaghan

The "what ifs" and "should haves" will eat your brain. — John O' Callaghan

Should Haves Quotes By Don Cheadle

Many of my friends and family are scratching it out somewhere decidedly south of the ever widening gap between the haves and have nots, looking at losing their homes, colleges they can't afford and healthcare they can't avail themselves of. — Don Cheadle

Should Haves Quotes By Marty Nemko

Liberalism's key principle is to redistribute wealth from the haves to the have nots. That takes money from the entities with the greatest potential to improve society (for example, corporations that create jobs, invent life-saving medicines, etc.) and redistributes it to the people, whom on average, will never contribute more to society than to hold a menial job. — Marty Nemko

Should Haves Quotes By Aberjhani

'Mixtape' is a very appropriate word to include in the title of Goran Hugo Olsson's film because it includes a rich mixture of cultural voices. They speak across different dividing lines such as those of haves and have-nots, youth and maturity, black and white, national and global, and the past and the present. — Aberjhani

Should Haves Quotes By Kurt Sutter

I'm a storyteller ... I haves a God-given gift that I can share with you and perhaps entertain you and bring you along for the ride ... So when anybody tries to take that away from me, or impede that, I get defensive. — Kurt Sutter

Should Haves Quotes By Eduardo Galeano

Richness in the world is a result of other people's poverty. We should begin to shorten the abyss between haves and have-nots. — Eduardo Galeano

Should Haves Quotes By Tracy Reese

The economy made me focus on designing more must-haves. — Tracy Reese

Should Haves Quotes By Maria V. Snyder

Should haves lead to death — Maria V. Snyder

Should Haves Quotes By Saul Alinsky

'The Prince' was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. 'Rules for Radicals' is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away. — Saul Alinsky

Should Haves Quotes By Ziad K. Abdelnour

The difference between the Haves and Have-nots? The will to sacrifice and to do what others won't ... Very simple. — Ziad K. Abdelnour

Should Haves Quotes By Adriana Trigiani

The distance between the haves and the have-nots is a train ride. — Adriana Trigiani

Should Haves Quotes By Saul Alinsky

Mankind has been and is divided into three parts: the Haves, the Have-Nots, and the Have-a-Little, Want Mores. — Saul Alinsky

Should Haves Quotes By Daryn Kagan

My two must-haves are my cell phone and my MacBook Pro laptop, which allows me to update my Web site from wherever I am, whether I'm in Africa or in Sun Valley skiing. — Daryn Kagan

Should Haves Quotes By Anna White

I can't say for sure if I'm better off, since I have no way of knowing what would have been. I could have traveled to exotic places and kissed exotic men in the moonlight. Or I could have ended living alone in a dumpy apartment with the flesh eating virus I contracted from a public toilet. Could haves are always a great unknown. — Anna White

Should Haves Quotes By Gwen Hayes

Sneetches was what we called the in-crowd at school, the haves as opposed to the have-nots. We named them from a Dr. Suess story in which the Star-Belly Sneetches, who were born with a green star on their bellies, thought they were better than all those who had no green star- or in this case green money. — Gwen Hayes

Should Haves Quotes By Steven Bochco

When you look at Mark Zuckerberg and Snapchat and all these twentysomething billionaires, it's really kind of fascinating; a classic tale of the haves and have-nots. — Steven Bochco

Should Haves Quotes By Shel Silverstein

Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me ... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be. — Shel Silverstein

Should Haves Quotes By Terry Brooks

Might have, could have, may have, should have - the haves and have nots reduced to pointless possibilities. — Terry Brooks

Should Haves Quotes By E.L. James

through internships to work at our test sites in Africa. The work they do there benefits the local communities and the students themselves. Together we can fight hunger and the abject poverty that blights these regions. "But in this age of technological evolution, as the first world races ahead, widening the gap between the haves and the have-nots, it's — E.L. James

Should Haves Quotes By Marie Rutkoski

Sarsine grabbed his wrists and tugged the hands from his eyes. He looked at her, but didn't see her. He saw Kestrel's wasted face. He saw himself as a child, the night of the invasion, soldiers in his home, how he had done nothing.
Later, he'd told Sarsine when the messenger had come to see him.
No, I won't, he'd promised Roshar when the prince had listed reasons not to rescue the nameless spy from the tundra's prison.
"I was wrong," Arin said. "I should have - "
"Your should haves are gone. They belong to the god of the lost. What I want to know is what you are going to do now. — Marie Rutkoski

Should Haves Quotes By Jacqueline Novogratz

We live in a world in which we're seeing an increasing gap between the haves and the have-nots. — Jacqueline Novogratz

Should Haves Quotes By Saul D. Alinsky

The history of prevailing status quos shows decay and decadence infecting the opulent materialism of the Haves. The spiritual life of the Haves is a ritualistic justification of their possessions. — Saul D. Alinsky

Should Haves Quotes By Don Jacobson

The growing social consciousness of the Industrial Revolution (1750-1850) can be found throughout the Austen Universe. While the Lady wrote about the gentry, she, none-the-less, was speaking to the human condition. Class is an imaginary distinction conferring no better manners on the "haves" and no lesser nobility on the "have-nots" and that the deepest human emotions are universal. — Don Jacobson

Should Haves Quotes By Joseph McElroy

...but sovereign borders will mean Water haves and have-nots. — Joseph McElroy

Should Haves Quotes By R. Buckminster Fuller

For man to go from less than 1% haves to 40%, living at high standard - despite decreasing resources - cannot be explained by anything other than by doing more than less. — R. Buckminster Fuller

Should Haves Quotes By Thomas Reid

I sit in my loft with the haves and look out at the have-nots - the bottom of the bottom - and I have to rationalize it, ... Am I pushing out the homeless? — Thomas Reid

Should Haves Quotes By Johnny Mack

Never hold back from that which you desire to do. You will have no regrets, and no should haves. — Johnny Mack

Should Haves Quotes By Erin Gruwell

Schools are not equal. There are still the haves and the have-nots. — Erin Gruwell

Should Haves Quotes By Bill Gaede

Today, the rich are the haves and the poor are the have-nots. Tomorrow, the rich will be the have-food and the poor will be the have-not food. — Bill Gaede

Should Haves Quotes By Henry Cloud

Begin to be aware of your tendency to make the "haves" bad and the "have nots" good. Ask God to help you to be grateful for what you have, and to rejoice in the good things that others have. — Henry Cloud

Should Haves Quotes By Tom Hodgkinson

We think we have to work because the advertising industry has elevated wants into needs. The newspapers and the television batter us incessantly with the latest 'must-haves', whether that's shoes, videogames or patio heaters. As a result, mums think they 'have' to work at Tesco in order to buy expensive trainers. — Tom Hodgkinson

Should Haves Quotes By David Korten

In a world of increasing inequality, the legitimacy of institutions that give precedence to the property rights of 'the Haves' over the human rights of 'the Have Nots' is inevitably called into serious question. — David Korten

Should Haves Quotes By Earl Wilson

Today, there are three kinds of people: the haves, the have-nots, and the have-not-paid-for-what-they-haves. — Earl Wilson

Should Haves Quotes By Kim Barker

It wasn't necessarily the booze and brothels. It was the growing gap in the country between the haves and have-nots, the corruption, the warlords now in parliament, the drug lords doubling as government officials, the general attitude of the foreigners from aid workers to the international troops, and the fact that no one ever seemed to be held accountable for anything. — Kim Barker

Should Haves Quotes By Autumn Doughton

Poetry and song lyrics might want us to believe that finding love is like uncovering buried treasure, but now I know the truth. There's no joy or celebration in love. There are no happy endings. There is simply me and her and a crushing pain. What's left after that? An entire life of mute should-haves and second-bests. — Autumn Doughton

Should Haves Quotes By Nina Jacobson

[On The Hunger Games success]: It hit on the zeitgeist of the disparity b/w the haves and have nots. — Nina Jacobson

Should Haves Quotes By Cathy Marie Buchanan

In those clouds I have seen aberrations-flecks of shimmering silver, orbs of color a shade more intense than their surroundings. I have seen them more than once, and I haves decided they are prayers, mine and everyone else's, too. — Cathy Marie Buchanan

Should Haves Quotes By H.G.Wells

So, in the end, above ground you must have the Haves, pursuing pleasure and comfort and beauty, and below ground the Have-nots, the Workers getting continually adapted to the conditions of their labour. Once they were there, they would no doubt have to pay rent, and not a little of it, for the ventilation of their caverns; and if they refused, they would starve or be suffocated for arrears. Such of them as were so constituted as to be miserable and rebellious would die; and, in the end, the balance being permanent, the survivors would become as well adapted to the conditions of underground life, and as happy in their way, as the Upper-world people were to theirs. — H.G.Wells

Should Haves Quotes By Beth Revis

I guess when someone's gone from your life for a while, all you think about are the big things. The big regrets, the could-have, should-haves. Or the big moments, the memories that are going to be with you forever, those life-changing moments, like first kisses and first confessions and first trusts. And you think about the lasts too: the last kiss, the last words, the last moments. — Beth Revis

Should Haves Quotes By Ronald Reagan

This is not to say that the government should confiscate from the "haves" and bestow upon the "have-nots", beyond the requirements of a compassionate welfare program to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. Far from it. But it is to say that our duty is to foster a strong, vibrant wealth-producing economy which operates in such a way that new additions to wealth accrue to those who presently have little or no ownership stake in their country. — Ronald Reagan

Should Haves Quotes By Henry Louis Gates

It's not white versus black any more, it's haves versus have-nots. Unless the black middle-classes unite to promote the interests of the black underclass, tension between them is inevitable. What we, the black middle class have to do, is think of a strategy to avert that. — Henry Louis Gates

Should Haves Quotes By Ram Dass

As the haves and have-nots split further and further apart, destabilization ultimately leads to revolution, not evolution. If we're playing the evolution vs. revolution game, we are closer to revolution than we are to evolution in my concept. — Ram Dass

Should Haves Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Should-haves are the devil's greatest tool against our personal progress. He shouts in our ears that they are failures, while God calmly whispers they are lessons. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Should Haves Quotes By Ross Kemp

If you have extremes of haves and have-nots where the gap keeps growing, the have-nots group together and create social disorder, as they can't see a way out of their situation. — Ross Kemp

Should Haves Quotes By James Bryan Smith

The Beatitudes, far from being a new set of virtues that further divide the religious haves and have nots, are words of hope and healing to those who have been marginalized. — James Bryan Smith

Should Haves Quotes By Frank Chodorov

Men live by production, but the State lives by appropriation. While the haves and the have-nots struggle over the division of existing wealth, it is the business of the State to improve itself at the expense of both; it picks up the marbles while the boys are fighting. That has been the story of men in organized society since the beginning. That this lesson of history should have escaped the reformers of the nineteenth century, when the habit of freedom was still strong in America, can be easily understood; what is not easily explained is the acceptance of the doctrine of benevolent government in our day, when all the evidence to the contrary is before our eyes. — Frank Chodorov

Should Haves Quotes By Noreena Hertz

We live increasingly in a world of haves and have-nots, of gated communities next to ghettos, of extreme poverty and unbelievable riches. Some enjoy rights that are completely denied to others. Relative inequalities are exploding, and the world's poorest, despite all the advances of globalisation, may even be getting poorer. — Noreena Hertz

Should Haves Quotes By Abraham Verghese

I spent as much time as I could with Ghosh. I wanted every bit of wisdom he could impart to me. All sons should write down every word of what their fathers have to say to them. I tried. Why did it take an illness for me to recognize the value of time with him? It seems we humans never learn. And so we relearn the lesson every generation and then want to write epistles. We proselytize to our friends and shake them by the shoulders and tell them, "Seize the day! What matters is THIS moment!" Most of us can't go back and make restitution. We can't do a thing about our should haves and our could haves. But a few lucky men like Ghosh never have such worries; there was no restitution he needed to make, no moment he failed to seize.
Now and then Ghosh would grin and wink at me across the room. He was teaching me how to die, just as he'd taught me how to live. — Abraham Verghese

Should Haves Quotes By Marco Rubio

And that is that we have never been: a nation of haves and have-nots. We are a nation of haves and soon-to-haves, of people who have made it and people who will make it. And that's who we need to remain. — Marco Rubio

Should Haves Quotes By Neil Jackson

I think people are always going to be fascinated about the haves and have nots - about the divide between the servants and the rich families upstairs. — Neil Jackson

Should Haves Quotes By Nir Eyal

Habit-forming products often start as nice-to-haves, but once the habit is formed, they become must-haves. — Nir Eyal

Should Haves Quotes By Michael Lister

We seemed to be heading toward a revolution that would not only see a battle between the haves and have-nots, but between the fundamentalists and the progressives - actually that war had already begun, and it did so long before September 11. — Michael Lister

Should Haves Quotes By Gordon Smith

If policymakers are serious about avoiding a society of TV 'haves and have-nots,' they should refrain from policies that favor pay-TV operators over the providers of our nation's only free and local communications system: over-the-air broadcasting. — Gordon Smith

Should Haves Quotes By Abraham Verghese

I wanted to write down every bit of wisdom he could impart to me. All sons should write down every word of what their fathers have to say to them. I tried. Why did it take an illness for me to recognize the value of time with him? It seems we humans never learn. And so we relearn the lesson every generation and then want to write epistles. We proselytize to our friends and shake time by the shoulders and tell them, "Seize the day! What matters is this moment!" Most of us can't go back and make restitution. We can't do a thing about our should haves and our could haves — Abraham Verghese

Should Haves Quotes By Toni Sorenson

Don't ever let your day end in "could haves" and "should haves." Life is meant to be one experience after another. Say yes to everything that is good for you. — Toni Sorenson

Should Haves Quotes By Karina Halle

There's no use dwelling on the things you could have changed. Believe me. Too much reflection on all the could-haves and should-haves will only hold you in your past. — Karina Halle