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She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Henri J.M. Nouwen

Our lives are unique stones in the mosaic of human existence
priceless and irreplaceable. — Henri J.M. Nouwen

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Maya Banks

Simply holding on to that tangible link between mother and daughter. A bond like no other. Irreplaceable. Unwavering. Old as time itself. There truly was nothing like the love of a mother. Unconditional. Solid. Indefinable and limitless. Capable of surviving anything. Able to triumph over the impossible. — Maya Banks

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Maya Tiwari

Women come to me and would never tell a male guru the things that they tell me. to me and would never besiege the male guru with some of the things that I hear. And that is because mother is mother and that is the phenomenal thing, it's the most irreplaceable thing in the world because whether we're an earthly mother or a spiritual mother, a divine mother, and everyone is divine by the way, we all have the power of divinity, the power of full consciousness, whether we are awakened to the potential of it all is a different matter. — Maya Tiwari

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Audre Lorde

Another important way in which the erotic connection functions is the open and fearless underlining of my capacity for joy. In the way my body stretches to music and opens into response, hearkening to its deepest rhythms, so every level upon which I sense also opens to the erotically satisfying experience, whether it is dancing, building a bookcase, writing a poem, examining an idea. That self-connection shared is a measure of the joy which I know myself to be capable of feeling, a reminder of my capacity for feeling. And that deep and irreplaceable knowledge of my capacity for joy comes to demand from all of my life that it be lived within the knowledge that such satisfaction is possible, and does not have to be called marriage, nor god, nor an afterlife. — Audre Lorde

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Christine Carbo

How I admired Natalie for the simple, but hard-won irreplaceable things she'd created and fostered by having a little trust and an ounce of faith in the world. The willingness to take leaps in spite of knowing how fragile it all is, how easily everything can break - how it can fall and shatter like broken glass in an instant. — Christine Carbo

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Bijou Hunter

You ever see that show Storage Wars?" Cooper asked and I shook my head. "These guys bid on abandoned storage lockers. Lots of times, these lockers are full of trash. Sometimes though, they have hidden treasures. That's what you are. The hidden treasure in the trash of your crap family. You have value and I don't want you to think otherwise."
"That's how you see me?" I said, smiling up at him. "As treasure?"
"Of course. You're irreplaceable. — Bijou Hunter

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Annie Potts

Dixie Carter was a goddess. The kind of wife and mother that every mother hopes their daughter will become and the kind of friend that is absolutely irreplaceable. She loved fiercely and was adored in return. — Annie Potts

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Ernest West Basden

Meeting and talking to the artist adds a special element to collecting contemporary art that makes the work an irreplaceable treasure rather than just another possession. — Ernest West Basden

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Rajneesh

Being is so significant that it is irreplaceable. You are just yourself. Do something that comes out of you - not to assert, but to express! Sing your song, dance your dance, rejoice in being whatever nature has chosen you to be. — Rajneesh

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By George W. Bush

Fathers have a unique and irreplaceable role in the lives of children. — George W. Bush

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Bruce Wilkinson

You are not an accident. You are one of a kind. Your big dream is from God, and its irreplaceable. And you were born to seize it and celebrate it every day of your life! — Bruce Wilkinson

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Men protect things they find important," Galladon said with a shrug. "If you object, you shouldn't have made yourself so irreplaceable.Kolo?"
-Brandon Sanderson
(Elantris) — Brandon Sanderson

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By David Byrne

But at times words can be a dangerous addition to music - they can pin it down. Words imply that the music is about what the words say, literally, and nothing more. If done poorly, they can destroy the pleasant ambiguity that constitutes much of the reason we love music. That ambiguity allows listeners to psychologically tailor a song to suit their needs, sensibilities, and situations, but words can limit that, too. There are plenty of beautiful tracks that I can't listen to because they've been "ruined" by bad words - my own and others. In Beyonce's song "Irreplaceable," she rhymes "minute" with "minute," and I cringe every time I hear it (partly because by that point I'm singing along). On my own song "Astronaut," I wrap up with the line "feel like I'm an astronaut," which seems like the dumbest metaphor for alienation ever. Ugh. — David Byrne

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Helene Cixous

- Losing is all that's left, I say.
- Losing is all we've got left to lose, you say
The impossibility of not telling, I cannot do otherwise, one can only tell otherwise, with always the same need to make sense of what you've lost, the need not to lose this feeling of losing, the need to feel yourself not losing this feeling that you are still losing the irreplaceable. — Helene Cixous

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

Friends might be rare but they're not irreplaceable — Jeaniene Frost

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Mansi Soni

In life we stumble across a lot of things and people who we believe are irreplaceable. But nothing really is irreplaceable until we ensure so. It's all about what we really want. — Mansi Soni

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Jaimy Gordon

Even in a crowded field, it is a rare pleasure to come across a prose stylist like Kellie Wells, whose intellect and language bid one another beautifully to a dance. She dares to be at play in the most unsettling questions of her day. Surely when the present generation of writers shakes down to its unique and irreplaceable voices, Kellie Wells will be one of them. — Jaimy Gordon

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Arno Schmidt

When an important writer recommends a work to you -- whether by openly naming the title; or by shy=covert use of it (which perhaps is the greater praise) then go right ahead and follow his [sic!, etc] momentous hint ! A man with expertise and taste has done trusty spade-work for you : {pre=reading} and winnowing 1000 volumes of antiquated chaff for you. Not to make grateful use of such a hint would mean my thoughtless=arrogant shoving aside all the precious, irreplaceable hours that a venerable predecessor spent reading for me. — Arno Schmidt

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Alan Lakein

Time is life. It is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste your time is to waste your life, but to master your time is to master your life and make the most of it. — Alan Lakein

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Kimberly Giles

You are an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind, amazing being. There will never be another you and this fact alone makes you infinitely and absolutely valuable. Having absolute value means you cannot be diminished by anything or anyone. You are bulletproof and nothing can change your value. — Kimberly Giles

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Lil' Wayne

If you wanna leave be my guest you can step
Feelin' irreplaceable listening to Beyonce
Well, OK, I'll put you out on your bday — Lil' Wayne

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Hope Barrett

Once an opportunist like Mickey, who took the argument when she jumped on some devastated wretch's machine and jackpotted that it was the "cash-ino's money" she was winning, Moon returned after her six month break with the view that the separation had somehow sweetened the honeypot. The sad reality, she quickly learned, was that she was not irreplaceable; as such, the Casino felt no compunction to welcome her back with multi-jackpots. Instead, it took her money everyday and did not once give her a jackpot so that she could say, "Ah. They missed me." Instead, all she could keep saying was, "Verr-y bed. Verr-y bed. Suck-ah all my money! — Hope Barrett

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Stasi Eldredge

That longing in the heart of a woman to share life together as a great adventure-that comes straight from the heart of God, who also longs for this. He does not want to be an option in our lives. He does not want to be an appendage, a tagalong. Neither does any woman. God is essential. He wants us to need him-desperately. Eve is essential. She has an irreplaceable role to play. And so you'll see that women are endowed with fierce devotion, an ability to suffer great hardships, a vision to make the world a better place — Stasi Eldredge

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

DEBORAH DROVE US SOUTH ON DIXIE HIGHWAY. YES, I did say "us." To my surprise, I had become a valuable member of the Justice League and was informed that I was being honored with the opportunity to put my irreplaceable self in harm's way. — Jeff Lindsay

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Courtney Milan

Farleigh. I fear that I'd break something irreplaceable." She swallowed. "Sir Mark." He reached out one hand again, almost to her face, — Courtney Milan

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Rose Tremain

And she did not want him to think her quite mad, only a little unique, only containing within her just that measure of the unexpected sufficient to make her irreplaceable. — Rose Tremain

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By James S.A. Corey

But Basia had come to view power as a precious and irreplaceable resource. Not something he'd ever needed to do in the age of readily available fusion. — James S.A. Corey

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Daisaku Ikeda

The eyes of a poet discover in each person a unique and irreplaceable humanity. While arrogant intellect seeks to control and manipulate the world, the poetic spirit bows with reverence before its mysteries. — Daisaku Ikeda

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Tom Brokaw

Saving Italy is an astonishing account of a little known American effort to save Italy's vast store of priceless monuments and art during World War II. While American warriors were fighting the length of the country, other Americans were courageously working alongside to preserve the irreplaceable best of Italy's culture. Read it and be proud of those who were on their own front lines of a cruel war. — Tom Brokaw

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Gail Caldwell

That she was irreplaceable became a bittersweet loyalty: Her death was what I had now instead of her. — Gail Caldwell

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Mitch Albom

People say they 'find' love, as if it were an object hidden by a rock. But love takes many forms, and it is never the same for any man and woman. What people find then is a certain love. And [he] found a certain love with [her], a grateful love, a deep but quiet love, one that he knew, above all else, was irreplaceable. — Mitch Albom

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Michel Houellebecq

What's amazing about Bayrou, what makes him irreplaceable," Tanneur enthused, "is that he's an utter moron. — Michel Houellebecq

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Menachem Mendel Schneerson

When you waste a moment, you have killed it in a sense, squandering an irreplaceable opportunity. But when you use the moment properly, filling it with purpose and productivity, it lives on forever. — Menachem Mendel Schneerson

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Margaret Laurence

Know that although in the eternal scheme of things you are small, you are also unique and irreplaceable, as are all your fellow humans everywhere in the world. — Margaret Laurence

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Pushpa Rana

Winning is irreplaceable winners are. — Pushpa Rana

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Toni Sorenson

What makes you different is the exact thing that makes you irreplaceable. — Toni Sorenson

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Andre Gide

Throw away my book: you must understand that it represents only one of a thousand attitudes. You must find your own. If someone else could have done something as well as you, don't do it. If someone else could have said something as well as you, don't say it - or written something as well as you, don't write it. Grow fond only of that which you can find nowhere but in yourself, and create out of yourself, impatiently or patiently, ah! that most irreplaceable of beings. — Andre Gide

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Coco Chanel

To be irreplaceable you have to be different. — Coco Chanel

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Ayn Rand

the proof of an achieved self-esteem is your soul's shudder of contempt and rebellion against the role of a sacrificial animal, against the vile impertinence of any creed that proposes to immolate the irreplaceable value which is your consciousness and the incomparable glory which is your existence — Ayn Rand

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Heather Havrilesky

Even though people are shallow and lots of people prefer scripted fictional heroes to real human beings, they can still be shaken out of it in the presence of someone who is REAL. Your problem is not that you haven't mastered the conversational skills necessary to maintain someone's interest. Your problem is that you've never forced yourself to define exactly who you are and what you love and how you want to live. You've never had to talk about these things passionately. You've never dared to lay yourself bare, without apology. Once you can look someone in the eyes and say, "Here's what really matters to me"? That's what people find attractive, trust me. They want to be with someone who knows himself and gives a shit. That's what's alluring and attractive and irreplaceable, even in this age of smooth make-believe. — Heather Havrilesky

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Van Jones

The human family has invaluable friends and irreplaceable allies in the plant and animal worlds. We cannot continue to tug at the web of life without tearing a hole in the very fabric of our earthly existence-and eventually falling through that hole ourselves. — Van Jones

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Elizabeth Strout

But she no longer felt sadness about it, the pressure of sorrow that had overtaken her at the table, the longing for all the Burgess kids, and the sense of the irreplaceable familiarity of her old life-that had passed the way the cramping of a stomach muscle passes, and the absence of its pain was glorious. — Elizabeth Strout

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Roland Barthes

It is said that mourning, by its gradual labour, slowly erases pain; I could not, I cannot believe this; because for me, Time eliminates the emotion of loss (I do note weep), that is all. For the rest, everything has remained motionless. For what I have lost is not a Figure (the Mother), but a being; and not a being, but a quality (a soul): not the indispensable, but the irreplaceable. — Roland Barthes

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Ella Dominguez

Some people will love my books, some people will hate them, and others will regard them with odd curiosity. Who do I cherish the most of these people? All of them ... Because they have given me their time and time is a precious and irreplaceable thing. — Ella Dominguez

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Ruta Sepetys

War had rearranged my priorities. I now clung to memories more than goals or material things. But there were a few irreplaceable items that buoyed my spirit and fight for life. It was at that moment that I realized. Something was missing from my suitcase. — Ruta Sepetys

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Ayn Rand

Man's life is the standard of morality, but your own life is its purpose . If existence on earth is your goal, you must choose your actions and values by the standard of that which is proper to man - for the purpose of preserving, fulfilling and enjoying the irreplaceable value which is your life. — Ayn Rand

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Pat Conroy

Among the worst things about growing old is the loss of those irreplaceable friends who added richness and depth to your life. — Pat Conroy

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Marty Rubin

Cherish like a son, a daughter, each irreplaceable moment. — Marty Rubin

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Jean Genet

A few words which he wanted to emphasize were put into brackets or set off by quotation marks. My first impulse was to point out to him that it was ridiculous to put slang words and expressions between quotation marks, for that prevents them from entering the language. But I decided not to. When I received his letters, his parentheses made me shudder. At first, it was a shudder of slight shame, disagreeable. Later (and now, when I reread them) the shudder was the same, but I know, by some indefinable, imperceptible change, that it is a shudder of love- it is both poignant and delightful, perhaps because of the memory of the word shame that accompanied it in the beginning. Those parentheses and quotation marks are the flaw on the hip, the beauty mark on the thigh whereby my friend showed that he was himself, irreplaceable, and that he was wounded. — Jean Genet

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By John Ortberg

To become grateful, I must learn that I can handle disappointment and delayed gratification with grace and perseverance. This is why practices such as fasting and simplicity are such powerful tools for transformation. The experience of frustration and disappointment is irreplaceable in the development of a grateful heart. — John Ortberg

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

Immortal strength - more a curse than a gift. I'd dented and folded every piece of silverware I'd touched for three days upon returning here, had tripped over my longer, faster legs so often that Alis had removed any irreplaceable valuables from my rooms (she'd been particularly grumpy about me knocking over a table with an eight-hundred-year-old vase), and had shattered not one, not two, but five glass doors merely by accidentally closing them too hard. Sighing — Sarah J. Maas

She's Irreplaceable Quotes By Paul Di Filippo

Certainly the highest posthumous praise that can be conferred upon any writer is the assertion that his or her writing permanently altered the literary landscape for the better, opening new textual doors and engaging new readers. That the author's oeuvre was essential and irreplaceable and transformative. — Paul Di Filippo