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Famous Quotes By Chloe Neill

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Ethan chuckled. "And are you aware you keep looking over here like you're nervous I'm going to disappear?"
"It's because you're devastatingly handsome."
He grinned slyly. "I wasn't questioning your good taste. — Chloe Neill

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You've got better boobs, I acknowledged. And just as we'd done each time we'd had this boobs-versus-legs conversation, we looked down at our chests. Ogled. Compared. — Chloe Neill

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Ethan could be frustrating at times. Infuriating at others. But there was no doubt he was a Master among men. — Chloe Neill

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Family. Couldn't live with them, couldn't run a stake through them. — Chloe Neill

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Now that, my friends, is what we vampires call a good exit. — Chloe Neill

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Hello, everyone and Probies," Jeff said. "Especially a very healthy Merit." "Hello, my knight in shining armor," I said, taking a seat. "Or at least my knight with a very shiny reflective blanket. — Chloe Neill

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I stepped back, pivoted on a heel, and swivelled my hip for a side kick. It probably seemed, to a casual observer, that I was warming up, taking a few well-aimed kicks at an inanimate object.
But in my mind, THWACK, I was kicking, THWACK, a certain Master vampire, THWACK, in the face. — Chloe Neill

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I strongly recommend the therapeutic application of fuzzy-chested vampire to grief. It works miracles." "I am sincerely glad to hear that. But if you keep talking, I will poke your eyes out with a toothpick. — Chloe Neill

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Do you have a room preference?" I asked Ethan. "Whichever you prefer," he said, "since I'll be staying with you." There was no equivocation in his voice. No question, no request for permission. It was a statement, an announcement of something he meant to do. Something he would do. "Of course you will," I said. "It would be rude to muss two of her bedrooms. We might as well bunk up and save her the trouble." Ethan rolled his eyes. "That isn't exactly the reasoning I had in mind." "Oh, I know," I said, walking back to the first bedroom. "But if I don't keep a check on your ego, you'll become insufferable." He made a sarcastic, but pleased, grunt. — Chloe Neill

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Merit," Catcher said, sitting beside Mallory on the couch, an arm around her shoulders. "It's nice to see you clothed again."
"And now that she is," Gabriel said, standing, "we should get moving."
"Where are we going, exactly?" Catcher asked.
"To a land beyond space and time," Jeff said drawing an arc in the air. "Where the rules of mortals have no meaning."
Gabriel looked up at the ceiling as if he might find patience there. "We're going to the Brecks' backyard. Into the woods, right here in Illinois, where most of us are quite mortal."
"Illi-noise," Jeff said with cheeky enthusiasm. "Because the wolves will howl. — Chloe Neill

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You need to stop flirting with me Shepherd or we're never going to get anything done. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1839320

You are mine, Merit. — Chloe Neill

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I'm glad to know you have a sense of humor." "I'm a vampire, not a zombie." "Good to know. — Chloe Neill

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Avoidance helped settle the emotions. Considerably. — Chloe Neill

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It was a spell, thrown by Sebastian Born. Pretty fce, evil disposition. — Chloe Neill

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Liege," I said deferentially. "She's more obsequious to you than she ever has been to me," Ethan observed with a tilted eyebrow. "Better leadership skills," Malik said with a smile, — Chloe Neill

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There's an entirely new world opening up for you right now. A dangerous and occasionally sickening and cruel world, but a world filled with Cajun bounty hunters and lively conversation about peanut butter." "You do make it sound so glamorous, what with the peanut butter and all. — Chloe Neill

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God Save me from boys — Chloe Neill

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A friend once told me the hurt that came with the end of a relationship was painful because it was the death of a dream - the future you'd imagined with a lover, a loved one, a child, or a friend. That loss was its own painful, nearly tangible thing. You had to reimagine your future, perhaps in a different place, with different people, doing different things than you might have first imagined. — Chloe Neill

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I love you, Ethan, and I love this city. And however much I fought, I love this goddamn House. It's part of me, and I'm part of it. I'm not going to stand here and watch a man tear down everything that you've build. I'm not. And if that means I have to chase another man who threatens this House, or apologize to you more than I like, so be it. I don't want that, but I can live with it. Because I can't live without you. — Chloe Neill

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I'm going to change clothes." Ethan lay down on the bed, one arm behind his head, ankles crossed. "All right," he said. "I'm ready." "Dirty. Old. Man. — Chloe Neill

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Ah, vampire humor. Thank God it never got old, said no one ever. — Chloe Neill

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Who's Baumgartner?" I asked.
President of the 155." At my blank stare, Catcher clarified, "My former union, Local 155 of the Union of Amalgamated Sorcerers and Spellcasters."
I nearly choked on chicken, and when I was done with the coughing fit, asked, "The acronym for the Order of sorcerers is 'U-ASS'?"
A, seriously appropriate," Mallory commented, giving Catcher a sideways grin. "B, explains why they call it 'the Order. — Chloe Neill

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So that you don't forget the world isn't black or white," he said. "It's grey and someone tells you otherwise, they're lying". — Chloe Neill

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He humphed and grabbed a carton of milk, then chugged directly from the cardboard spout. Mallory and I watched him, the same grimace on both our faces. Sure, I did the same thing with OJ, but he was a boy, and it was milk. That was just gross. — Chloe Neill

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Oh please," Scout said."Don't take that tone with me. You know you'd love to have a minion. Someone at your beck and call. Someone to do your bidding. How many times have you said to yourself," Self, I need a unicorn to run errands and such? — Chloe Neill

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You are heart and recklessness and fire. The drama just came along for the ride. — Chloe Neill

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You are caught, Sentinel.' His voice was rough. — Chloe Neill

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First get the facts. Then you can distort them all you want. - Mark Twain — Chloe Neill

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You can't yadda yadda yadda nearly biting a fairy — Chloe Neill

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Home is where the heart is ... not necessariliy where you sleep. — Chloe Neill

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You undo me, Merit. Wholly and completely. You don't take me at my word. You challenge me at every opportunity. And that means when I'm with you, I am less than the head of this House ... and I am more than the head of this House. I am a man." He stroked my cheeks with his thumbs. "In my very, very long life, I need you more than I have ever needed anything. — Chloe Neill

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Who are they?" I whispered, as we took seats opposite each other.
Scout glanced up as she pulled notebooks and books from her bag. "The dragon ladies. They monitor lights-out, watch us while we study, and generally make sure that nothing fun occurs on their watch."
"Awesome," I said, flipping open my trig book. "I'm a fun hater myself. — Chloe Neill

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It's a big world," I said. "I like to fly because it reminds me how huge the planet is and how small we are by comparison. I like that idea - that we're inconsequential, so our troubles are inconsequential, too." A corner of his mouth lifted. "You could never be inconsequential, Merit." He glanced out his window, traced a knuckle across the glass. "But I take your point. Living in darkness reduces our visibility, seems to narrow the world. Up here, thirty thousand feet above the earth, you are reminded of its magnitude. — Chloe Neill

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Catcher pulled out his phone,rose,and walked away from the table to make the call.
"I'm going to advise Chuck of our little breakthrough. Good job, Mallocake."
We all looked at Mallory.
"Did he just call you Mallocake ?"
She blushed to the roots of her blue hair, shrugged one shoulder.
"It's a nickname"
It was also my all-time favorite snack food- a log-shaped chocolate cake with a marshmallow center. They were absolutely delectable. And that was kind of adorable, especially for someone like Catcher, who made Eeyore seem like an optimist. — Chloe Neill

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For now, with his emerald eyes locked on mine, where I was going didn't seem so scary. — Chloe Neill

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Don't let my youthful good looks confuse you. I now have two lifetimes of experience — Chloe Neill

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Sentinel, you are always the most beautiful woman in the room, irrespective of what you're wearing. And most especially and preferably when you're wearing nothing at all. — Chloe Neill

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Ethan: You can run. You can keep running to the ends of the earth. But I won't be far behind you. No. I will never be far behind you. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 2052045

I knew the point wasn't the victory, but pulling yourself together and crawling your way back. That was life. — Chloe Neill

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Jonah and Catcher shared one of those manly, "It's nice to meet you, but I'm going to barely acknowledge your existence with a small nod because that's the manly thing to do" gestures. — Chloe Neill

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We need to give you two a couple name," I said, taking a seat on the opposite side of the table. "Lucsey, perhaps?" Luc didn't bat an eyelash; he simply turned a page of the newspaper. "Call us what you want, Sentinel. We already have a name for you." That was alarming. Not that there was a way to avoid it, but I wasn't sure I wanted them discussing my relationship around the Ops Room table. "No, you don't." "Yes, we do." Lindsey stirred her spoon noisily around the walls of the yogurt cup to get the remaining drops. "You're Methan." "We're what?" "Methan. Merit and Ethan. Methan. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 2185187

If it was appropriate to judge a person based on her footwear - and it obviously was - I decided I liked her immediately. — Chloe Neill

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I nearly bit one of them, and yadda yadda yadda, we learned they had nothing to do with the color change." "You can't yadda yadda yadda nearly biting a fairy," Paige said. — Chloe Neill

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The juice was delicious, with the fresh bite and lingering umami of freshly squeezed oranges. — Chloe Neill

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There was a time," he finally said, "when I would have acknowledged your reticence and given you time and space to reach your own decision."
He tipped my head down again and slid his fingers to the back of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. Then he lowered his lips to my ear.
"This is not that time, Merit."
And then his mouth was on mine, and he took my breath away again. He kissed me like a man possessed, like a man with nothing more on his mind but the taste and feel of me.
Like a man returned to life. — Chloe Neill

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I called the Ops Room, hoping to get Luc, and possibly Ethan, on the phone. "Jimmy's House of Vampires," Luc answered, in a really poor Bronx accent. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 2078007

I have been given a third chance at life, even if the circumstances are somewhat disconcerting. You are mine, and we both know it. — Chloe Neill

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He wore a gray hoodie with the green Jakob's Quest logo across the front. Dear God, I thought. The RG had a Jeff. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 2060781

I ignored the teasing tone of the man who stood beside me, the four-hundred-year-old Master vampire who ruled Chicago's Cadogan House and the parts of my heart that weren't devoted to great books and good pizza. — Chloe Neill

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He stepped forward to keep our bodies aligned, and took my chin in his hand. I will have you. Body, mind, and soul. And I won't share you with anyone else. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 2034313

People hate us, blah blah blah, wish we'd go straight to hell, or maybe Wisconsin, since it's closer, blah blah blah. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 2022598

I never start trouble, I assured him. It just usually seemed to pop up in my vicinity. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 2001183

The world has a lot to offer. There's a lot to explore. I like to take advantage of that. — Chloe Neill

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I took a moment before heading inside to share the evening's most important news in a quick text to Mallory: ETHAN EATS TOAST WITH A FORK. It took a moment before she responded. DARTH SULLIVAN = PRETENTIOUS HOTTIE, she responded. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1937472

Well, I suppose I could follow his advice. Are you hungry?"
"Surprisingly enough, not at the moment."
"Will miracles never cease?"
"Ha," I said — Chloe Neill

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You'll be wearing nothing but your Cadogan medal and a smile, Sentinel."
"Is that a prediction?"
"It's a promise. — Chloe Neill

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Oh, that turned out nicely," Lindsey said, hands on her hips as she surveyed it, then smiled at Mallory. "Is your house just covered in glitter now?"

Mallory stepped back, adjusted my sash carefully. "It's every-freaking-where. It's probably the perfect vector for worldwide contagion, should any bad guys figure that out. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1851758

He clearly wasn't dissuaded, and stroked my jawline with his thumb. You can run. You can keep running to the ends of the earth. But I won't be far behind you. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1808000

And then he smiled, kind of a quirky half smile that tipped up only the right corner of his mouth. Because of that smile, that goddamn human smile, I had to swallow down a burst of affection that nearly brought tears to my eyes. Instead, I looked away, and hated myself - for my inability to hate him despite the things he said, the things he did, the things he expected. — Chloe Neill

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Maybe the kind of guy worth your time is the kind of guy who's there from the beginning. Who wants you from the beginning. — Chloe Neill

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Lily," Mom said, "we need to talk."
I don't think I'm ruining the surprise by pointing out that nothing good happens when someone starts a speech like that. — Chloe Neill

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Get to the Point: Vampire Contributions in Western Architecture. Fangs and Balances: Vampire Politicians in History. To Drink or Not to Drink: A Vampire Dialectic. Blood Sausage, Blood Stew, Blood Orange: Food for All Seasons. And the awfully named Plasmatlas, which contained maps of important vampire locales. — Chloe Neill

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I believe there's something you'll need, Sentinel." Ethan slid from his chair, dropped to one knee on the carpet. My mind had to race to keep up, but my heart pounded madly. Ethan looked up at me, grinned. "That thing, of course, is this." He held up a small dessert fork. "You dropped your fork, Sentinel." My blood pounded in my ears. I stood up, swatted his arms with slaps. "You are a jerk." He roared with laughter. "Ah, Sentinel. The look on your face." He doubled over with laughter. "Such terror." I kept swatting. "At the thought of marrying you, you pretentious ass." He roared again, then picked me up and carried me to the bed. "My pretentions are well earned, Sentinel." "You have got to stop doing that." "I can't. It's hilarious." Only a man would think fake proposals were so funny. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 513181

Was this for real? Were these two magically oriented, problem-fixing, ass-kicking guys talking about what their kids would look like? — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 421312

Asking about someone's animal is the shifter equivalent of pulling a ruler and asking a guy to whip it out. — Chloe Neill

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It's either food or blood, Ethan.And given thats it's just me and you in this car right now, food would be considerably less complicated, don't you think? — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 385540

If you can't make a joke at a time like this, what's the point of living? — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 384176

Woe is Merit, the immortal vampire with the never-gray hair and long legs and hot blond boyfriend. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 341508

Say what you had to about Ethan, but the boy filled a library very, very well.
Okay - arguably, that wasn't the only thing he filled out well, but let's stay on track. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 823191

Give me a break, I'm trying to Gratefully Condescend. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 309827

Be stubborn if you wish to, if you need to, but we know how this will end. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 303125

It was a chef's knife," I said, holding my hands about a foot apart. "And a very large one."
"That's what she said," Ethan murmured. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 302887

No one said love was easy, Sentinel.
-Ethan — Chloe Neill

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Catcher, you're a boy. I've known you for like a week." Two months, actually, but who was counting? "I've known Merit for years. I mean, the sex is great and all, but she's my BFF." - Mallory — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 182730

I stood there for a moment, playing emotional catch-up.He drove down from the Navarre House just to surprise me with flowers.And not It's -Valentines's Day-and-I-feel-olbligated flowers.These were just-because flowers. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 170096

I wanted what most people wanted - love, companionship.
I wanted someone to touch. I wanted someone to touch me back.
I wanted someone to laugh with, someone who would laugh with me, laugh at me.
I wanted someone who looked and sawme . Not my power, not my position.
I wanted someone to say my name. To call out, "Merit," when it was time to go, or when we arrived.
Someone who wanted to say to someone else, with pride, "I'm here with her. With Merit."
I wanted all those things. Indivisibly.
But I didn't want them from Morgan. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 142931

Well, shifters aren't. Shifters are happy. They're people; then they're animals; then they're people again. What's not to be happy about? They live with their friends. They drink. They ride their Harleys. They party in Alaska. They have hot shifter sex.
At that revelation, Jeff winged up his eyebrows at me, an invitation in his eyes. I bit down on a grin and shook my head sternly in response. Apparently unruffled, he shrugged and turned back to his computer. Happily. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 138932

I frowned with disappointment. I'm not sure what I'd expected to see, although a short, dark-haired man standing beneath a floating neon arrow that read BAD GUY HERE would have been nice. A suspect and quick confession wouldn't have been amiss, either. This was a lot harder than in the movies. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 136809

On occasion, the unexpected is precisely what the doctor ordered. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1064093

Rising tides lift all boats, — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1327649

There's a reason they call it hopelessly romantic.

And not rationally romantic?

Well-developed-thoughtly romantic. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1271116

It was a fabulous outfit, but it was so urban-fantasy book cover. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1256516

I'm taking fifteen, and we're moving this discussion upstairs."
"You can have here! I will not listen."
"You will listen," Mallory said, "and you'll tell your book club exactly what you heard."
"But is like Twilight in real life!" Berna protested. "Sparkles! — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1237597

Luc is busy protecting our vampires." "Luc is your bodyguard. He swore an oath to protect you." An irritated shake of his head. "You're in this already." "Luc was there when you explained the raves, helped you plan for my involvement, and I'm sure you've brought him up to speed about what we learned so far. He knows everything that I know." "Luc was busy." "I was busy." "Luc isn't you. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 95110

The world isn't perfect, and some days it wears you down. You can either accept that, and face it, and be a help to others instead of a hindrance. Or you can decide the rules are too tough and they shouldn't apply to you, and you can ignore them and make things harder for everybody else. Sometimes life is about being sad and doing things anyway. Sometimes it's about being hurt and doing things anyway. The point isn't perfection. The point is doing it anyway. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1151145

Be grateful for your immorality, but do not deny them the honor of their mortality. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1142626

You and Ethan had some kind of something?" "You're fishing. And we didn't have something or anything. We're just bummed it's Valentine's Day and I'm spending it with you guys." "Yeah, well, tone down the magic. You're giving me split ends. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1091951

And then his voice echoed through my head. Merit.
He silently called my name, even as he stood beside her.
Liege? I answered back.
His eyes glinted. Don't call me that.
There is nothing else for me to call you. You are my employer.That is the deal we've struck. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1065687

Like an angel of justice taking them down with his giant sword of righteousness?"
"That sounds like the tagline for a bad porn flick. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1333297

You are the vampire, Merit, now and forever. But sometimes the mind needs a chance to catch up with the genetics. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1043736

I kissed him, let him kiss me, let him clutch my hips, curl his fingers into
the fabric of my shirt, slide his hands around my waist and splay them
against my back, pull me infinitesimally closer. He made a sound, a growl or
purr, some predatory noise that rumbled in his throat, then said my name. And
this time, it wasn't a question but a sound of victory, a claim on his prize. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1033586

I had a sense of your passion when we met, Merit. When you first stormed into my House with fire in your eyes." "That wasn't fire. That was sheer, unmitigated fury. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 1000747

He unsnapped the top button on his jeans.
My eyes widened."Sneaky bastard."
I gnawed my lip in pleasure,watching the past,present,and future Master of Cadogan House in the state of utter abandon:shirt on the floor,jeans unbuttoned,his arousal obvious. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 960784

We'll see if she can rise to the occasion, do what needs to be done."
"We'll see if she can manage not to kill her Liege and Master, especially if he continues talking about her like she's not in the room. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 947236

He turned on his heel and began down the hall, then called back, "And we'll need to chat about your running off campus and into the arms of shifters without so much as a telephone call."
Sometimes, he was so predictable. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 872811

Because I love you. Because love, to some, is a weakness. A pressure point. Because I would give up anything for you, including the GP. And because I don't mean to give up either. — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 867162

Do you want to be with a man who has to be convinced to be with you? — Chloe Neill

Chloe Neill Quotes 852465

I looked at Jonah. "I'm still learning who you are. And you're my partner, so I appreciate that you're willing to take a punch for me." I walked to Ethan and glared up at him. "But you know better than this, Ethan Sullivan. — Chloe Neill