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When 'The Pacific' came around, I had to audition the old-fashioned way. It was the casting director and then the producer and then another producer and another producer and then Spielberg and Hanks. — Joseph Mazzello

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My parents always instilled in me this feeling of wanting to be a normal person. I never moved out to L.A. as a kid and got into that scene and that whole thing that happens to kid actors that's the reason they go off the deep end. — Joseph Mazzello

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Being an actor helps me direct a little bit, when I do that, which I haven't been able to do that much, but I plan to in the future. There are a lot of reasons for that, but certainly because I feel like you know how to talk to actors, and you know what they need from you if you've been one yourself. — Joseph Mazzello

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I went to USC and tried to learn about the other side of the camera a little bit. — Joseph Mazzello

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I realized that acting was the thing I was still maybe the best at. Of the things I felt like I was good at, that was the thing that came the most naturally to me. — Joseph Mazzello

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People are always like, 'Oh, 'Jurassic Park' is on ... ' or 'Oh, 'The River Wild' is on ... ' I actually haven't seen any of my movies in a long time. Being more self-aware now, and being an adult, I'm a little bit embarrassed to watch them. — Joseph Mazzello

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Make acting seem real and as if it weren't acting. Just make it real. — Joseph Mazzello

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Acting is always going to be number one, but what I learned in film school, I want to make that happen too, so I'm going to actually start working on my own. — Joseph Mazzello

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I'd like to make character-based dramas. I end up writing thrillers a lot - these psychological character-based things with weird people doing horrible things to each other - coming to a theatre near you! — Joseph Mazzello