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Top Shea Butter Quotes

Shea Butter Quotes By Rashid Johnson

When I was younger, I would see shea butter being sold on the street, and I was interested how people were still coating themselves in the theater of Africanism. You see that in dashikis and hairstyles and music. — Rashid Johnson

Shea Butter Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

There's lotion for your face, for your hands, for your feet, for your body. Why? What would happen if you put hand lotion on your feet? Would your feet get confused and start clapping? Each kind has something special in it - aloe, shea butter, coconut, cocoa butter, vanilla, lemon extract. That's not lotion. That's one ingredient short of a Bundt cake. — Ellen DeGeneres

Shea Butter Quotes By Charity Shea

I start off my morning with an Acai berry smoothie. I blend the Acai berries with kefir, blueberries, protein powder and peanut butter. I like this first thing in the morning because it's light on my stomach. — Charity Shea

Shea Butter Quotes By Liza Palmer

I plucked the shower gel I used this morning from the grocery store shelf for no discernible reason. Why that shower gel? Was it because it had shea butter in it - do I even know what shea butter is? - or was it because it promised to make me feel younger, more refreshed, or softer to the touch? Was it because the packaging was simple and clean or was it because I was rushing through the store and just needed some G.D. shower gel? — Liza Palmer