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She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Gail Collins

Sarah Palin is treated like a bimbo sometimes, but she has never given the public the respect they deserve. She acts silly and doesn't know stuff. She didn't even finish her term. — Gail Collins

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Iain Banks

Anyway, you can't leave her like that. You can't do that to the woman. She doesn't deserve it; nobody does. You don't belong to her and she doesn't belong to you, but you're both part of each other; if she got up and left now and walked away and you never saw each other again for the rest of your lives, and you lived an ordinary waking life for another fifty years, even so on your deathbed you would still know she was part of you. — Iain Banks

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Jewel E. Ann

You're forgiven."

I don't deserve her.

"But not forgotten," I whisper. She'll never forget what I did. It's not humanly possible. Sometimes I want the impossible.

Her expression doesn't change. "My head is undiscriminating with the memories it keeps, but my heart has already forgotten. — Jewel E. Ann

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

For whatever it's worth, all of this just proves that she doesn't deserve you. I think you know that, too. — Sarah J. Maas

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Javier Mascherano

I have no problem living in Liverpool, but I think my wife and daughters deserve to enjoy every day to the full and live their lives - but they have to be at home all day. My wife doesn't speak a word of English, so she depends 100% on me. I live here with them. That's my world, that's my life. — Javier Mascherano

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By David Levithan

For the first time in my life as a flirt - as something more than just a girl - I found the words. They didn't simply appear. I reasoned them out. I spoke them. Because they were true, and I didn't need anything more than that. "She doesn't deserve you," I said, and before he could dispute it, I continued. "She takes and takes and takes, but she doesn't take the right things. And she doesn't give the right things back. You're going away now. You don't need her. You probably never needed her. She's going to make it hell for you, but it's over. You know that. Free yourself."
He looked at me like I was some kind of oracle. In the best of all worlds, it would've been a look of love, an understanding that I was the one, I was it. But it wasn't that. Instead it was something almost as sweet - that mix of recognition and appreciation. That gift of worth. — David Levithan

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Elle Aycart

You're such a bitch; I tell I love you and what do you do next? You drop me like a bad habit. Hasn't it occurred to you I may deserve better than a coldhearted hypocrite so full of fears and prejudices she can't tell her head from her ass? I won't beg for anyone's love, and yours is no exception. I deserve a woman that doesn't have to be talked into showing that she cares. Someone who'd trust my commitment to her. — Elle Aycart

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Cat Johnson

She's a nice girl and she doesn't deserve to be used as a pawn in my father's fucked-up game."
"I'm sorry she's involved and I'm sorry I got you involved. We'll find the money some other way."
Zane wanted to believe what John said, but how they were going to do that, he had no clue.
Alright, we'll figure it out when I get there."
"You on your way back tonight? John asked.
"Yeah, I just need to call Missy, and, hell, I don't know ... apologize, I guess."
"Apologize for sleeping with her because your father told you to? Are you sure you want to do that?" John asked.
"No, I didn't sleep with her." Zane could imagine how bad he'd feel if he had.
"You didn't have sex with girl?" There was shock in Rick's voice.
"What's the matter? Was she ugly? — Cat Johnson

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Colleen Hoover

She deserves so much better than what I can give her. I don't, however, think she deserves better than me. I think she would be perfect for me and I would be perfect for her, but all the bad choices I've made in my life are what she doesn't deserve to be a part of. — Colleen Hoover

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Ellery A. Kane

My point is that she's not smart. She's not nice. And most importantly, she's not you. If Quin can't see that, he doesn't deserve you. — Ellery A. Kane

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Kendare Blake

I finally find a girl I could really be with, maybe the only girl in the world, and I had what? Two months with her? It's not enough. After everything she went through - everything I went through - we deserve more than that. Or maybe we don't. Anyway, life doesn't work like that. It doesn't care about fair and unfair. — Kendare Blake

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Mohamedou Ould Slahi

What do the American people think? I am eager to know. I would like to believe the majority of Americans want to see Justice done, and they are not interested in financing the detention of innocent people. I know there is a small extremist minority that believes that everybody in this Cuban prison is evil, and that we are treated better than we deserve. But this opinion has no basis but ignorance. I am amazed that somebody can build such an incriminating opinion about people he or she doesn't even know. — Mohamedou Ould Slahi

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Rachel Hartman

I also tend to blame myself first," said Camba. Her head was still shaved for mourning, though she'd rehung her golden earrings. "The world is seldom so simple that it hinges on us alone. Pende played his own part. He told you your mind was bound and that it was problem, but did he make even the slightest attempt to help you?"
"He doesn't deserve this," I said, unsure where her argument was leading.
"Of course not," said Camba. "And neither do you deserve all the blame. Sometimes everyone does their best and things still end up wrong. — Rachel Hartman

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By R.L. Mathewson

He pressed another kiss to her lips as he took her hand into his. "I'm sorry for being a jerk last night and almost making the biggest mistake of my life. I was afraid of hurting you. I know what I am and I also know you deserve a guy that can spoil you rotten and take you to all the nice places that you deserve. I-"
"Jason, I don't care about those things," she said softly.
He shook his head stubbornly. "It doesn't mean that you don't deserve them, but if you give me a chance to make up for my past stupidity, and I'm not just talking about with you, I promise that I will do my best to make you happy."
"I want to try this. You and me, I mean. I know I'll most likely fuck up along the way and you'll want to ring my neck, but I want to try. I'll do my best not to hurt you. — R.L. Mathewson

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Patricia Henley

In a wild leap that made her feel as though she'd left her body, she thought, It doesn't really matter who you settle on to love, finally, providing you both deserve it. — Patricia Henley

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Before she could rethink her actions, she slugged Mara as hard as she could in her perfect face. And even that was a light punishment for everything she'd done to Syn. Mara fell to the ground, sobbing. But she took no pity on her. "Syn may be too much of a gentleman to hit you, but I'm not. I'm not only ashamed to call you human, I'm completely disgusted that we share the same gender. You want to know the truth? The only filth in this room is you, and you're the one who doesn't deserve to breathe our air. Decent's got nothing to do with birthright. It's all about actions, and trust me, you're the lowest form I've ever met and I've taken in the worst scum imaginable. But I'd rather sit at the table with them than you any day." She — Sherrilyn Kenyon

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Julia Quinn

He's an idiot," Harry said again. "One who doesn't deserve to lick your feet. You'll thank me someday."
"I have no intention of allowing him to lick me anywhere," she retorted, then turned utterly red when she realized what she's said. — Julia Quinn

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By M.R. Carey

Parks stares at her for a moment, like she's something written in a language he doesn't speak. "Got it all figured out," he acknowledges. "Yes." He leans forward to look her in the eye. "And you're not scared?" Melanie hesitates. "Of what?" she asks him. Justineau is amazed at that momentary pause. Yes or no would be equally easy to say, whether they were true or not. The pause means that Melanie is scrupulous, is weighing her words. It means she's trying to be honest with them. As if they've done a single thing, ever, to deserve that. "Of — M.R. Carey

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Oscar Wilde

If this is the way Queen Victoria treats her prisoners, she doesn't deserve to have any. — Oscar Wilde

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Jay McLean

This time - you better be ready to fight for her. She doesn't deserve anything less. — Jay McLean

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Cheryl Rainfield

I've never seen her defend herself the way she defends other people. It's like she thinks she doesn't deserve it, or maybe she thinks she doesn't need it. — Cheryl Rainfield

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Dennis Miller

Teresa Lewis, the only woman on death row in Virginia, says she doesn't deserve the death penalty because she only hired the killers of her husband and stepson, she didn't actually pull the trigger herself. You know, she has a point. I think we should let her be able to hire the person who executes her, and not do yourself in! How's that, doll? Yeah! Get it over with quick, maybe Charlize Theron will sign up to play you. — Dennis Miller

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Susan Ee

Oh, she could have handled the killing hands like the truest warrior," says Raffe proudly. "It's the little naked worms that make her tremble." "Maybe we should call her maggot slayer," says Howler. The others chuckle. I sigh. I probably deserve this, but that doesn't make it any easier. Now I know how Pooky Bear feels. — Susan Ee

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Courtney Milan

Don't imagine it would be the usual kind of marriage." He seemed to withdraw even more. "It needn't even be consummated. Any woman I liked we'll enough to marry doesn't deserve to be saddled to me. If we marry, it will be a quiet wedding by special license in a back room. At the end, we'll go our separate ways
you, to your farm, and me ... " He looked around the small room at the messy piles of paper. "I'm not offering to make a life with you. I'm merely giving you the chance to make your child legitimate. Nothing more."
He watched her, his eyes hooded and wary. And deep inside ... She had no notion as to what to say.
She let out a long breath. "Oh, you are romantic. — Courtney Milan

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Colleen Hoover

When he settles back onto his knee, he wipes a tear away from his own eyes. "Sherry, until I met you I didn't know what life was. I had no clue that I wasn't even alive. It's like you came along and woke up my soul." He's looking straight at her as he talks. He doesn't sound nervous at all, like he's determined to prove to her how serious he is. He takes a deep breath and then continues. "I'll never be able to give you everything you deserve, but I'll definitely spend the rest of my life trying."
He pulls the ring out of the box and slides it on her finger. "I'm not asking you to marry me, Sherry. I'm telling you to marry me, because I can't live without you."
Sherry wraps her arms around his neck and they hold onto one another and cry. "Okay," she finally says. When they begin to kiss, his hand reaches over and turns off the camera. — Colleen Hoover

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Augusten Burroughs

But she did love him. I believe it. I know exactly how that is. To love somebody who doesn't deserve it. Because they are all you have. Because any attention is better than no attention. — Augusten Burroughs

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Thomas Hardy

Why?' he asked. 'Why should I praise her if she doesn't deserve it? I say exactly what I have often admired Sterne for saying in one of his letters - that neither reason nor Scripture asks us to speak nothing but good of the dead. And now, madam,' he continued, after a short interval of thought, 'I may, perhaps, hope that you will assist me, or rather not thwart me, in endeavouring to win the love of a young lady living about you, one in whom I am much interested already. — Thomas Hardy

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Kresley Cole

Christ, he was a cipher.
For the first time, he worried if he could be worthy enough for Mariketa. Did he even deserve her? Yes, she was a witch, but she was also stunningly beautiful and brave and clever.
"I like football, too," he finally said.
"You've already told me, so that doesn't count."
"I love the color of your eyes."
She tucked a curl behind her pointed ear, sliding him the bewitching smile that made his heart punch the insides of his chest. "What's your favorite place to visit?"
He absently answered, "Wherever you are."
"Bowen, five things about you can't all be about me."
But you're the only good thing that I've got. "Why no'? — Kresley Cole

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

That was a low blow", I said to Andrew, because someone needed to. "He doesn't even deserve your ass kicking, Daemon."
"She's right," Adam said. Until then I hadn't realized he'd moved, but he was on the other side of Daemon. "But if you want to put him out of commission for the next week after that comment, I'll help."
"Gee, thanks, brother." Andrew scowled. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Colleen Hoover

She deserves to be kissed by someone who loves her. Someone who spends every waking moment trying to do everything right by her. Someone who would rather die than see her hurt. She doesn't deserve to be kissed by anyone other than me. — Colleen Hoover

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By R.J. Palacio

The universe was not kind to auggie pullman. what did the little kid ever do to deserve his sentence? what did the parents do? or olivia? she once mentioned that some doctor told her parents that he odds of someone getting the same combination of syndromes that came together to make auggie's face was like one in four million. so doesn't that make the universe a giant lottery, then? you purchase a ticket when you're born. it's all just random whether you get a good ticket or a bad ticket. it's all just luck. — R.J. Palacio

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Sandy Hotchkiss

It is not worthiness the Narcissist feels when he or she communicates "I deserve." Narcissistic entitlement has nothing to do with genuine self-esteem, which comes from real accomplishment and being true to one's own ideals. Individuals who feel entitled to respect without giving it in return, or who expect rewards without effort, or a life free of discomfort, are forfeiting any power they might have to shape their own destiny. They assume an essentially passive role and count on outside forces to make them happy. When what they expect doesn't happen, they feel impotent. By claiming entitlement, they demand to live in the fantasy world of the one-year-old child. No wonder they're enraged.

Entitlement and the rage that comes with it are tip-offs to the arrest in healthy development that is narcissism. — Sandy Hotchkiss

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Elizabeth Hoyt

He doesn't deserve to die," she said. Tears pricked at her eyes. "Does anyone? Whether he deserves it or not is neither here nor there; it's simply his fate. You can no more change that than you can change the course of the stars. — Elizabeth Hoyt

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Eve Langlais

You deserve a job that doesn't require you dressing like this. For fuck's sake, Renny, your shirt is so tight I can see your damned bra." "Are my bralines bothering you? Let me fix that." He could only gape in shock as her hands slid under the fabric of her top, and in moments, she'd managed to unsnap her bra and slide her arms through the straps. She tossed the scrap of fabric at him. It hit him in the chest, but he clasped it before it could fall. The cottony material still held the warmth of her body. Was it him or the beast that lifted it for a sniff? Vanilla. Delicious. And tempting, just like the buds of her nipples clinging to the material of her shirt that drew his gaze. I am in so much trouble. — Eve Langlais

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Kathryn Holmes

Jonah is something. Jonah's opinion matters. And she doesn't want him to hurt because of her.
She and Jonah will never be what they were. Too much has happened. But maybe they could become something else.
She decides to take the first step. "Jonah," she says.
He looks over at her. "I'm sorry," he says, voice low.
"Don't be. I forgive you," she tells him. It sounds so formal. I forgive you. But it helps to say it out loud.
"Thanks. I don't know if I deserve that. But thanks."
"You do. Of course you do." Hallelujah says it firmly. "And - I want to." I've missed you, she adds silently. She's not ready to say that part. Not yet. — Kathryn Holmes

She Doesn't Deserve Quotes By Laura Kreitzer

He smiles at her before ever opening his eyes. The innocence in his face ensnares. Wraps her heart in a cocoon.
They did this to him. The Society. Constructed that smile with malicious expectations. Now she must rip it off his face. Because she doesn't deserve his love. Or Gage's. This madness coils around her throat, darkening every inch of her soul. — Laura Kreitzer