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Senseless Talk Quotes By Timi Nadela

Present your product and service simple and direct. Eliminate senseless small talk that takes up valuable time. — Timi Nadela

Senseless Talk Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

You call forth the world which God has formed and that world only. Nor is this life of yours by which you set such store your doing, however you may choose to tell it. Its shape was forced in the void at the onset and all talk of what might otherwise have been is senseless for there is no otherwise. Of what could it be made? Where be hid? Or how make its appearance? The probability fo the actual is absolute. That we have no power to guess it out beforehand makes it no less certain. That we may imagine alternate histories means nothing at all. — Cormac McCarthy

Senseless Talk Quotes By Charlotte Featherstone

The man was an enigma. One minute he was looking at her as though he would
kiss her senseless, the next he refused to even talk to her, much less look at her. — Charlotte Featherstone

Senseless Talk Quotes By Bill Hopkins

We have replaced the religious passions with Christian social virtues, and to talk of Man's triumph in terms of mercy, charity, or compassion is as senseless as expecting to find a Christ standing his turn of beers in a Paddington public house. — Bill Hopkins

Senseless Talk Quotes By Melina Marchetta

If you weren't driving, I'd kiss you senseless," I tell him.
He swerves to the side of the road and stops the car abruptly.
"Not driving any more. — Melina Marchetta

Senseless Talk Quotes By E.R. Wade

I drag my eyes away from his sexy hands and my gaze collides with his. His penetrating blue gaze holds mine. He knows. He knows what I am thinking.
He knows that I would rather have him fucking me senseless than sitting in the midst of everyone trying to make small talk, pretending that his mere presence hasn't almost driven me to my wits' end. Feeling overwhelmingly aroused, heat creeps up my neck and into my cheeks. My pulse is racing. My heart is pounding so hard.
Awareness crackles between us. His eyes hold mine with a frightening intensity like he can devour me with one touch. — E.R. Wade

Senseless Talk Quotes By Michael Rodkinson

I praise mirth" [Eccl. viii. 15]. This means the righteous man rejoices when he performs a meritorious act. "And of joy, what doth this do?" [Eccl. ii. 2] alludes to rejoicing that comes not through a Heaven-pleasing deed. This teaches that the divine presence (Shekhina) comes not by sadness, by indolence, by hilarity, by levity, by gossip, or by senseless talk, but through rejoicing in a meritorious deed; as it is written: "Now bring me a minstrel; and when the minstrel played, the power of the Lord was upon him" [II Kings, iii. 15]. Rabba said: The same (should be done) in order to enjoy good dreams. R. Jehudah says: The same (should be done) to predispose one's self for legislative work, as Rabba did: Before commencing to expound a Halakha he introduced it with a simile and caused the masters to become joyful; afterward, he sat down in the fear of the Lord and began to expound the Halakha. — Michael Rodkinson

Senseless Talk Quotes By Jacque Fresco

The fact that cultures are failing all over the world means that they don't know how to operate a society to make it work. Politicians have no real knowledge of technology; therefore, they are not capable of increasing food production, designing transportations systems that are safe ... They have no knowledge in that area. Therefore it's senseless to talk to them about anything of significance. — Jacque Fresco