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Top Self Indulgence Quotes

Self Indulgence Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

Planning complex, beautiful meals and investing one's heart and time in their preparation is the opposite of self-indulgence. Kitchen-based family gatherings are process-oriented, cooperative, and in the best of worlds, nourishing and soulful. A lot of calories get used up before anyone sits down to consume. But more importantly, a lot of talk happens first, news exchanged, secrets revealed across generations, paths cleared with a touch on the arm. I have given and received some of my life's most important hugs with those big oven-mitt potholders on both hands. — Barbara Kingsolver

Self Indulgence Quotes By Jimmy Carter

Too many of us now tend to worship self indulgence and consumption. — Jimmy Carter

Self Indulgence Quotes By Omar Barghouti

In contexts of colonial oppression, intellectuals, especially those who advocate and work for justice, cannot be just-or mere- intellectuals, in the abstract sense; they cannot but be immersed in some form or another of activism, to learn from fellow activists through real-life experiences, to widen the horizons of their sources of inspiration, and to organically engage in effective, collective emancipatory processes, without the self-indulgence, complacency, or ivory-towerness that might otherwise blur their moral vision. In short, to be just intellectuals, committed to justice as the most ethical and durable foundation of peace. — Omar Barghouti

Self Indulgence Quotes By Jeffrey Tate

I don't like to hurry. I'm not a conductor of the fast, fiery romantic type. I prefer Bruckner, with the sincerity of his musical language and the huge time spans in which his ideas develop, to Mahler, with his hysteria and self-indulgence. — Jeffrey Tate

Self Indulgence Quotes By I.J. Parker

I've deprived my family in order to buy books. No doubt there is a special punishment in hell for such self-indulgence. Perhaps I shall be struck with blindness among the rarest known to men. — I.J. Parker

Self Indulgence Quotes By Nicolas Winding Refn

I mean, what do you think creativity is? Nothing but self-indulgence. And the more self-indulgent it is, the more interesting it becomes. So I think that part of creativity is also falling in love with your own narcissism: accepting it, using it as an asset. — Nicolas Winding Refn

Self Indulgence Quotes By Geraldine Brooks

In the heir's world, where everything was available, the unattainable had a wild allure. — Geraldine Brooks

Self Indulgence Quotes By Dean Koontz

In our age, self-indulgence and self-destruction, rather than self-sacrifice, are the foundations for new heroic myths. — Dean Koontz

Self Indulgence Quotes By Elizabeth Dole

It is not what I do that matters, but what a sovereign God chooses to do through me. God does not want worldly successes, He wants me. He wants my heart in submission to Him. Life is not just a few years to spend on self indulgence and career advancement. It is a privilege, a responsibility, a stewardship to be lived according to a much higher calling, God's calling. This alone gives true meaning to life. — Elizabeth Dole

Self Indulgence Quotes By Theodore L. Cuyler

When you and I are inclined to nestle down in indolence and self indulgence. God "stirs up our nests" and bids us fly upward. — Theodore L. Cuyler

Self Indulgence Quotes By Seneca.

For to be afflicted with endless sorrow at the loss of someone very dear is foolish self-indulgence, and to feel none is inhuman callousness. — Seneca.

Self Indulgence Quotes By Lulu

Self-indulgence is something to watch, but anything that helps you understand situations that are difficult to understand is good. If you're having some sort of emotional trauma, you need to find a person to talk to about it who says, 'This is quite normal; it's fine.' — Lulu

Self Indulgence Quotes By Marianne Williamson

While overeating would be seen by some as an indulgence of self, it is in fact a profound rejection of self. It is a moment of self-betrayal and self-punishment, and anything but a commitment to one's own well-being. — Marianne Williamson

Self Indulgence Quotes By Tom Robbins

The unhappy person resents it when you try to cheer him up, because that means he has to stop dwelling on himself and start paying attention to the universe. Unhappiness is the ultimate form of self-indulgence. When you're unhappy, you get to pay a lot of attention to yourself. You get to take yourself oh so very seriously. — Tom Robbins

Self Indulgence Quotes By Boris Akunin

Mitrofanii frowned - he found women's tears hard to bear, especially if they were not shed out of self-indulgence but for some substantial reason, as now. — Boris Akunin

Self Indulgence Quotes By Victor Hugo

Nothing is more dangerous than to stop working. It is a habit that can soon be lost, one that is easily neglected and hard to resume. A measure of day-dreaming is a good thing, like a drug prudently used; it allays the sometimes virulent fever of the over-active mind, like a cool wind blowing through the brain to smooth the harshness of untrammelled thought; it bridges here and there the gaps, brings things into proportion and blunts the sharper angles. But too much submerges and drowns. Woe to the intellectual worker who allows himself to lapse wholly from positive thinking into day-dreaming. He thinks he can easily change back, and tells himself that it is all one. He is wrong! Thought is the work of the intellect, reverie is its self-indulgence. To substitute day-dreaming for thought is to confuse poison with a source of nourishment. — Victor Hugo

Self Indulgence Quotes By Leonard Woolf

Nothing matters. You get yourself into a state in which you imagine things which have no basis in reality ... One begins for some reason to worry about something and, if one allows oneself to go on doing that, one gradually imagines all kinds of things. It is a kind of self-indulgence and one gets into a perpetual daydream. It is essential to stop this process and face the real world
which is never so bad as all that. — Leonard Woolf

Self Indulgence Quotes By Khalil Gibran

Remember that Divinity is the true self of Man. It cannot be sold for gold; neither can it be heaped up as are the riches of the world today. The rich man has cast off his Divinity, and has clung to his gold. And the young today have forsaken their Divinity and pursue self-indulgence and pleasure. — Khalil Gibran

Self Indulgence Quotes By Ellen G. White

Behold, I am at the point to die," cried the reckless, self-indulgent hunter, "and what profit shall this birthright do to me?" And for a dish of red pottage he parted with his birthright, and confirmed the transaction by an oath. A short time at most would have secured him food in his father's tents, but to satisfy the desire of the moment he carelessly bartered the glorious heritage that God himself had promised to his fathers. His whole interest was in the present. He was ready to sacrifice the heavenly to the earthly, to exchange a future good for a momentary indulgence. — Ellen G. White

Self Indulgence Quotes By Joyce Cary

Throughout the play everything possible was done to show the virtue, innocence and helplessness of the poor, and the abandoned cruelty, the heartless self-indulgence of the rich. — Joyce Cary

Self Indulgence Quotes By Eleanor Clark

Shame can be self-indulgence too. — Eleanor Clark

Self Indulgence Quotes By Ayn Rand

Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values. — Ayn Rand

Self Indulgence Quotes By C.J. Mahaney

Individuals motivated by self-interest, self-indulgence, and a false sense of self-sufficiency pursue selfish ambition for the purpose of self-glorification. — C.J. Mahaney

Self Indulgence Quotes By Jim Berg

In Hebrews 12:2, 'the race set before us' is not a sprint but a marathon. We are promised popularity, ease, and fun if we will pursue the lifestyles presented to us by the world. We are promised easy credit, 250 channels, unlimited minutes, all you can eat, no-fault divorce, free wireless, confidential abortions, and safe sex.
Those are the 'joys set before us' by the world, and most people trust these promises to deliver joy apart from God. But notice what is happening. The pursuit of the excellence of Jesus Christ is replaced by the pursuit of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The knowledge of Jesus Christ is replaced with the ratings of what or who is most popular, and self-control is traded for self-indulgence. Consequently, there is no foundation for endurance. Even God's people quit jobs and marriages at the same rate as the world. More tragically, many of God's people quit trusting God. They have been stripped of Christian character. — Jim Berg

Self Indulgence Quotes By Ronald Rolheiser

Without making any moral judgements whatsoever, one can say that self-indulgence and excessive self-preoccupation are the antithesis of genuine awareness. — Ronald Rolheiser

Self Indulgence Quotes By May Sarton

The reason why there are so few first-class poets is that many people have intense feelings or first-class minds but to get the two together so that you will be willing to put a poem through sixty drafts, to be that self-critical, to keep breaking it down, that is what is rare. Right now most poetry is just self-indulgence. — May Sarton

Self Indulgence Quotes By Thomas Sowell

Without a moral framework, there is nothing left but immediate self-indulgence by some and the path of least resistance by others. Neither can sustain a free society. — Thomas Sowell

Self Indulgence Quotes By Laozi

The True Person avoids extremes, self-indulgence, and extravagance. — Laozi

Self Indulgence Quotes By Geoff Mulgan

L'Oreal's slogan 'because you're worth it' has come to epitomise banal narcissism of early 21st century capitalism; easy indulgence and effortless self-love all available at a flick of the credit card. — Geoff Mulgan

Self Indulgence Quotes By Alexander McCall Smith

This was loyalty of a sort which was rare in an age of self-indulgence. It was an old-fashioned virtue of the type which her philosophical colleagues extolled but could never themselves match. — Alexander McCall Smith

Self Indulgence Quotes By Harry Blamires

You have heard that evil is a perversion of the good. The greatest goods can be perverted into the greatest evils. The poor man has not the opportunities for covetousness and self-indulgence which the rich man enjoys. The unlettered man has not the opportunities for intellectual pride and arrogance which the scholar may succumb to. An irreligious man may prostitute the flesh; but it takes a 'religious' man to prostitute the things of the Spirit and the Church of God. Every gift, every insight, ever vision, every talent brings its demand for self-forgetfulness in sanctified service: each brings its opportunities for richer worship or for more damnable self-love. The slum labourer may pervert beer and steak to the sole end of abusing an indulged body. It takes a bishop to pervert episcopacy to the service of self-indulgence; it takes a monk to pervert the religious life to the service of pride. — Harry Blamires

Self Indulgence Quotes By Sebastian Junger

In some ways, risk-taking is the ultimate act of self-indulgence, an obscene insult to the preciousness of life. And yet, how can one dismiss something that persists despite every reasonable theory that it shouldn't? — Sebastian Junger

Self Indulgence Quotes By Eric Liu

Like the 'little emperors' of one-child China, too many Boomers were taught early that the world was made (or saved) for their comfort and enjoyment. They behaved accordingly, with a self-indulgence that was wholly rational, given their situation. — Eric Liu

Self Indulgence Quotes By Henepola Gunaratana

The Buddha's message was simple but profound. Neither a life of self-indulgence nor one of self-mortification can bring happiness. Only a middle path, avoiding these two extremes, leads to peace of mind, wisdom, & complete liberation from the dissatisfactions of life. — Henepola Gunaratana

Self Indulgence Quotes By Madeleine L'Engle

Somehow or other, the loving parents had swallowed one of the Tempter's hooks, and the child was given total self-indulgence, which is far from free will. He still tempts. The ancient, primordial battle to destroy Community, to shatter Trinity, still continues. Creation still groans with the pain of it. Like it or not, we're caught in the middle. — Madeleine L'Engle

Self Indulgence Quotes By Louis Faurer

Original art emanates in the mind ... and lessons society's confusion from self indulgence, avarice and greed to trust, hope and love. — Louis Faurer

Self Indulgence Quotes By Larry Mullen Jr.

There's a thin line between interesting music and self-indulgence. We crossed it on the Passengers record. — Larry Mullen Jr.

Self Indulgence Quotes By Marcus Aurelius

Ambition means tying your well-being to what other people say or do. Self-indulgence means tying it to the things that happen to you. Sanity means tying it to your own actions. — Marcus Aurelius

Self Indulgence Quotes By Norman Fischer

Renunciation isn't a moral imperative or a form of self-denial. It's simply cooperation with the way things are: for moments do pass away, one after the other. Resisting this natural unfolding doesn't change it; resistance only makes it painful. So we renounce our resistance, our noncooperation, our stubborn refusal to enter life as it is. We renounce our fantasy of a beautiful past and an exciting future we can cherish and hold on to. Life just isn't like this. Life, time, is letting go, moment after moment. Life and time redeem themselves constantly, heal themselves constantly, only we don't know this, and much as we long to be healed and redeemed, we refuse to recognize this truth. This is why the sirens' songs are so attractive and so deadly. They propose a world of indulgence and wishful thinking, an unreal world that is seductive and destructive. (142) — Norman Fischer

Self Indulgence Quotes By Anne Bronte

God might awaken that heart, supine and stupefied with self-indulgence, and remove the film of sensual darkness from his eyes, but I could not. — Anne Bronte

Self Indulgence Quotes By William Zinsser

Not every oak has to be gnarled, every detective hard-bitten. The adjective that exists solely as a decoration is a self-indulgence for the writer and an obstacle for the reader. — William Zinsser

Self Indulgence Quotes By Francis Chan

It turns out that the Bible is right - "It is better to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). People generally do find greater joy in giving freely to others than they do in rampant self-indulgence. — Francis Chan

Self Indulgence Quotes By Richard M. Weaver

Where character forbids self-indulgence, transcendence still hovers around. — Richard M. Weaver

Self Indulgence Quotes By Spencer Krug

I'm trying not to delve into my world of abstraction and self-indulgence. But I haven't. When I sit down and I try not to [be abstract], it comes out really forced and awkward. — Spencer Krug

Self Indulgence Quotes By George MacDonald

Alas! this time is never the time for self-denial, it is always the next time. Abstinence is so much more pleasant to contemplate upon the other side of indulgence. — George MacDonald

Self Indulgence Quotes By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The real difference in the believer who follows Christ and has mortified his will and died after the old man in Christ, is that he is more clearly aware than other men of the rebelliousness and perennial pride of the flesh, he is conscious of his sloth and self-indulgence and knows that his arrogance must be eradicated. Hence there is a need for daily self-discipline. — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Self Indulgence Quotes By Theodore Dalrymple

This is the lie that is at the heart of our society, the lie that encourages every form of destructive self-indulgence to flourish: for while we ascribe our conduct to pressures from without, we obey the whims that well up from within, thereby awarding ourselves carte blanche to behave as we choose. Thus we feel good about behaving badly. — Theodore Dalrymple

Self Indulgence Quotes By Thomas Sowell

Wishful thinking is not idealism. It is self-indulgence at best and self-exaltation at worst. In either case, it is usually at the expense of others. In other words, it is the opposite of idealism. — Thomas Sowell

Self Indulgence Quotes By Tom Robbins

Reality is subjective, and there's an unenlightened tendency in this culture to regard something as 'important' only if 'tis sober and severe. Sure and still you're right about your Cheerful Dum, only they're not so much happy as lobotomized. But your Gloomy Smart are just as ridiculous. When you're unhappy, you get to pay a lot of attention to yourself. And you get to take yourself oh so very seriously. Your truly happy people, which is to say, your people who truly like themselves, they don't think about themselves very much. Your unhappy person resents it when you try to cheer him up, because that means he has to stop dwellin' on himself and start payin' attention to the universe. Unhappiness is the ultimate form o' self-indulgence. — Tom Robbins

Self Indulgence Quotes By Stephen King

Roland had taught him that self-deception was nothing but pride in disguise, an indulgence to be denied. — Stephen King

Self Indulgence Quotes By April Adams

I got this month's delivery bill today - you're practically living off pastries!"

"The pastries are easier on my teeth," Grandpa called after him with a smile.

"That wouldn't be an issue if you would get new teeth!" John's voice carried in from the kitchen.

Grandpa pretended not to hear him. His memory might have gone to shit, but there were a few things about being old that he really enjoyed. — April Adams

Self Indulgence Quotes By Ezra Taft Benson

From the 5th grade through the 4th year of college, our young people are being indoctrinated with a Marxist philosophy and I am fearful of the harvest. The younger generation is further to the left than most adults realize. The old concepts of our Founding Fathers are scoffed and jeered at by young moderns whose goals appear to be the destruction of integrity and virtue, and the glorification of pleasure, thrills, and self-indulgence. — Ezra Taft Benson

Self Indulgence Quotes By Elizabeth Isaacs

Seeing that humans in modern cultures were destroying their environment for the sake of self-indulgence, the Dokkalfar focused their attention on poorer nations, whose terrain still flourished. A century of ethnic cleansing, deforestation, and war assured the land weakened and humans stayed in abject poverty. The result was a perfect contrast. In certain parts of the world, millions of children died of starvation and disease while other countries held excesses and riches never before seen. Earth became a place of greedy extremes. Societies lost the ability to relate to one another, choosing instead to focus on their own. No one noticed the one common theme every culture held.
The world itself was dying. — Elizabeth Isaacs

Self Indulgence Quotes By Auliq Ice

In a world of self indulgence your attitude is going to be your biggest obstacle because you're only concerned with yourself! — Auliq Ice

Self Indulgence Quotes By Peter Coyote

The idea of absolute freedom is fiction. It's based on the idea of an independent self. But in fact, there's no such thing. There's no self without other people. There's no self without sunlight. There's no self without dew. And water. And bees to pollinate the food that we eat ... So the idea of behaving in a way that doesn't acknowledge those reciprocal relationships is not really freedom, it's indulgence. — Peter Coyote

Self Indulgence Quotes By Bharati Mukherjee

How could we have allowed the instinct bred within us over the centuries to draw lines and never cross them, an infinity of lines, ever-smaller lines, ever-sharper distinctions? I grieved for Didi's generation of "girls of good family," who put caste, duty and family reputation before self-indulgence. — Bharati Mukherjee

Self Indulgence Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

They stood an uncomfortable little group weighted down by Abe's gigantic presence: he lay athwart them like the wreck of a galleon, dominating with his presence his own weakness and self-indulgence, his narrowness and bitterness. All of them were conscious of the solemn dignity that flowed from him, of his achievement, fragmentary, suggestive and surpassed. But they were frightened at his surviving will, once a will to love, now become a will to die. — F Scott Fitzgerald

Self Indulgence Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

There is always a limit to self-indulgence, but none to self-restraint. — Mahatma Gandhi

Self Indulgence Quotes By W. Somerset Maugham

A woman will always sacrifice herself if you give her the opportunity. It is her favourite form of self indulgence. — W. Somerset Maugham

Self Indulgence Quotes By Victoria Moran

Simplicity is NOT boring. Simplicity is not self-denial. It is an indulgence, providing you with a wealth of time and space.
Simplicity IS discerning the essential from the unessential. Simplicity is having room for the unexpected. It is savoring life.
Most of all, simplicity is freedom: It's freedom to choose what you want in your life because you're not letting in everything that shows up. It's freedom to do what you want because you're not already committed to more obligations than you can handle and the maintenance of more objects than you'll ever use. — Victoria Moran

Self Indulgence Quotes By Samuel Butler

I don't care," he answered, "whether I make the most of my strength or not; I don't know whether I have any strength, but if I have I dare say it will find some way of exerting itself. I will live as I like living, not as other people would like me to live; thanks to my aunt and you I can afford the luxury of a quiet unobtrusive life of self-indulgence," said — Samuel Butler

Self Indulgence Quotes By Marcus Aurelius

Real good luck would be to abandon life without ever encountering dishonesty, or hypocrisy, or self-indulgence, or pride. But the "next best voyage" is to die when you've had enough. Or are you determined to lie down with evil? Hasn't experience even taught you that - to avoid it like the plague? Because it is a plague - a mental cancer - worse than anything caused by tainted air or an unhealthy climate. Diseases like that can only threaten your life; this one attacks your humanity. — Marcus Aurelius

Self Indulgence Quotes By Ambrose Bierce

Self-restraint is indulgence of the propensity to forgo. — Ambrose Bierce

Self Indulgence Quotes By Robert Dallek

Clinton's egregious act of self-indulgence was outdone by an impeachment based not on constitutionally required high crimes and misdemeanors but on a vindictive determination to bring down a president who had offended self-righteous moralists eager to put a different political agenda in place. — Robert Dallek

Self Indulgence Quotes By Billy Graham

Self-centered indulgence, pride and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle. — Billy Graham

Self Indulgence Quotes By Ernest Gordon

Selfishness, hatred, envy, jealousy, greed, self-indulgence, laziness and pride were all anti-life. Love, heroism, self-sacrifice, sympathy, mercy, integrity and creative faith, on the other hand, were the essence of life, turning mere existence into living in its truest sense. These were the gifts of God to men. With — Ernest Gordon

Self Indulgence Quotes By Barbara W. Tuchman

Everything one has a right to do is not best to be done. Benjamin Franklin — Barbara W. Tuchman

Self Indulgence Quotes By Nathaniel Branden

The feeling that "I am enough" does not mean that I have nothing to learn, nothing further to achieve, and nowhere to grow to. It means that I accept myself, that I am not on trial in my own eyes, that I value and respect myself. This is not an act of indulgence but of courage. — Nathaniel Branden

Self Indulgence Quotes By Nadia Bolz-Weber

Mean, if Jesus was vulnerable to temptation, the rest of us certainly are, whether it be temptation to self-loathing or self-aggrandizement, depression or pride, self-destruction or self-indulgence. We are tempted to doubt our innate value precisely to the degree that we are insecure about our identity from, and our relationship to, God. — Nadia Bolz-Weber

Self Indulgence Quotes By Pawan Mishra

O woman, thou art my imperfection! — Pawan Mishra

Self Indulgence Quotes By Crowder

An authentic response to who God is and what He's done ... What we do is useful to the extent that it provides an ability for our community to voice things back to God. If it's unsuccessful in that, then it's just self-indulgence. — Crowder

Self Indulgence Quotes By Robert Louis Stevenson

The veil of self-indulgence was rent from head to foot. I saw my life as a whole. — Robert Louis Stevenson

Self Indulgence Quotes By Donald A. Norman

Rule of thumb: if you think something is clever and sophisticated beware-it is probably self-indulgence. — Donald A. Norman

Self Indulgence Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

When work is viewed only as a source of economic gain the centrality of work becomes self-indulgence, selfishness and egocentrism. — Sunday Adelaja

Self Indulgence Quotes By Al-Ghazali

A human-being is not a human-being while his tendencies include self-indulgence, covetousness, temper and attacking other people — Al-Ghazali

Self Indulgence Quotes By George Carlin

The reason I talk to myself is because I'm the only one whose answers I accept. — George Carlin

Self Indulgence Quotes By Studs Terkel

So, my credo consists of the pursuit and the act. One without the other is self-indulgence. — Studs Terkel

Self Indulgence Quotes By Archibald MacLeish

The first discipline is the realization that there is a discipline - -that all art begins and ends with discipline, that any art is first and foremost a craft. We have gone far enough on the road to self-indulgence now to know that. The man who announces to the world that he is going to "do his thing" is like the amateur on the high-diving platform who flings himself into the void shouting at the judges that he is going to do whatever comes naturally. He will land on his ass. Naturally. You'd think, to listen to the loudspeakers that surround us, that no man had ever tried to "do his thing" before. Every poet worth reading has, but those really worth reading have understood that to do your thing you have to learn first what your thing is and second how to go about doing it. — Archibald MacLeish

Self Indulgence Quotes By Audre Lorde

Self-care is not about self-indulgence , it is about self-preservati on. — Audre Lorde

Self Indulgence Quotes By John Irving

She was a passionate reader, and she thought that reading was one of the noblest efforts of all; in contrast, she found writing to be a great waste of time - a childish self-indulgence, even messier than finger painting - but she admired reading, which she believed was an unselfish activity that provided information and inspiration. She must have thought it a pity that some poor fools had to waste their lives writing in order for us to have sufficient reading material. (page 236) — John Irving

Self Indulgence Quotes By Pat Buchanan

Many teachers of the Sixties generation said "We will steal your children", and they did. A significant part of America has converted to the ideas of the 1960s - hedonism, self-indulgence and consumerism. For half of all Americans today, the Woodstock culture of the Sixties is the culture they grew up with - their traditional culture. For them, Judeo-Christian culture is outside the mainstream now. The counter-culture has become the dominant culture, and the former culture a dissident culture - something that is far out, and 'extreme'. — Pat Buchanan

Self Indulgence Quotes By Thomas Hardy

The rarest offerings of the purest loves are but a self-indulgence, and no generosity at all. — Thomas Hardy

Self Indulgence Quotes By John Hagee

America is ensnared in self-indulgence and its future hangs in the balance. Our moral and spiritual foundations are rapidly being destroyed. Our arrogance is producing a socialist state that is becoming our god. The entitlement state of mind has created a nation that looks to the government for the answer to our problems, when the only answer is, "Our Father which art in heaven." — John Hagee

Self Indulgence Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

Remember there is always a limit to self-indulgence, none to restraint ... Civilization , in the real sense of the term, consists not in the multiplication but in the deliberate and voluntary restriction of wants. This alone promotes real happiness and contentment , and increases the capacity for service . — Mahatma Gandhi

Self Indulgence Quotes By Emile Zola

All his [Laurent's] great powerful body wanted was to do nothing, to wallow in never-ending idleness and self-indulgence. He would have liked to eat well, sleep well, satisfy his passions liberally, without stirring from one spot or risking the misfortune of a bit of fatigue. — Emile Zola

Self Indulgence Quotes By Charlie Huston

When you learn economy. It strips away self-indulgence. Just in the act itself it requires a certain amount of humility. You have to accept the fact that you might feel you can do better but in the moment you have to make a choice. — Charlie Huston

Self Indulgence Quotes By Dan Simmons

A society devoted to self-destruction and waste but unwilling to acknowledge its indulgent ways. — Dan Simmons

Self Indulgence Quotes By Iain Banks

'Dead Air' is full of rants; it's a rant-based book. Yes, it's self-indulgence. I plead guilty; mea culpa. — Iain Banks

Self Indulgence Quotes By Roger Kimball

Incidentally, why is it that drug abuse is always described as an 'experiment', as if some important scientific enterprise were at stake instead of hedonistic self-indulgence? — Roger Kimball

Self Indulgence Quotes By Ambrose Bierce

Self-denial is indulgence of a propensity to forego. — Ambrose Bierce

Self Indulgence Quotes By James Anthony Froude

That which especially distinguishes a high order of man from a low order of man, that which constitutes human goodness, human nobleness, is surely not the degree of enlightenment with which men pursue their own advantage; but it is self-forgetfulness; it is self-sacrifice; it is the disregard of personal pleasure, personal indulgence, personal advantage, remote or present, because some other line of conduct is more right. — James Anthony Froude

Self Indulgence Quotes By Joan Didion

In both England and the United States, he observed, the contemporary trend was to treat mourning as morbid self-indulgence, and to give social admiration to the bereaved who hide their grief so fully that no one would guess anything had happened. — Joan Didion

Self Indulgence Quotes By Moncure D. Conway

He shrank from even the smallest things that inclined towards self indulgence. He would not remain alone with a lady.

{On Jain scholar Virchand Gandhi} — Moncure D. Conway

Self Indulgence Quotes By Idries Shah

Neither imagine that you are false, nor lash yourself, for both may be forms of self-indulgence. — Idries Shah

Self Indulgence Quotes By Ellen Willis

The concept of emotional or spiritual survival has an honorable history, but it does invite self-indulgence. In my own case, the worst I ever survived was severe personal and political confusion, the temptation to various sorts of craziness and a couple of bad acid trips. It felt pretty horrendous at the time, and some of it was even dangerous, but Auschwitz it wasn't. — Ellen Willis

Self Indulgence Quotes By Henri J.M. Nouwen

It is hard to bear with people who stand still along the way, lose heart, and seek their happiness in little pleasures which they cling to ... You feel sad about all that self-indulgence and self-satisfaction, for you know with an indestructible certainty that something greater is coming. — Henri J.M. Nouwen

Self Indulgence Quotes By Elise Icten

Networking events often resembled a pandemonium of self-indulgence with the pleasures of flesh on display. — Elise Icten

Self Indulgence Quotes By Anton Szandor LaVey

Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence! Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipe dreams! Satan represents undefiled wisdom, instead of hypocritical self-deceit! Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification! — Anton Szandor LaVey

Self Indulgence Quotes By David F. Wells

Descartes argued "I think, therefore I am," and people after Freud translated that into the modern vernacular by saying, "I feel, therefore I am a self"; modern evangelicals of the relational type seem to have added their own quirk to it by saying that "I feel religiously, therefore I am a self." The search for the religious self then becomes a search for religious good feelings. But the problem with making good feelings the end for which one is searching is, as Henry Fairlie argues, that it is possible to feel good about oneself, even religiously, "in states of total vacuity, euphoria, intoxication, and self-indulgence, and it is even possible when we are doing wrong and know what we are doing." This kind of self-fascination is by no means an excrescence of an otherwise robust sector of religious life. It is at the very center of evangelicalism. — David F. Wells

Self Indulgence Quotes By Thomas Howard

My life for yours: it may mean three seconds of my time to redeem some thoughtless bit of self-indulgence on the part of someone else, or it may mean, or did mean, Golgotha, where My Life for Yours was supremely dramatized and entails our eternal joy. — Thomas Howard