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Top Seems Hopeless Quotes

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Nick Hornby

I have tried to live with women who share a similar sensibility to mine, with predictably disastrous consequences, but the opposite route seems every bit as hopeless. — Nick Hornby

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Alan W. Watts

There is, then, the feeling that we live in a time of unusual insecurity. In the past hundred years so many long-established traditions have broken down - traditions of family and social life, of government, of the economic order, and of religious belief. As the years go by, there seem to be fewer and fewer rocks to which we can hold, fewer things which we can regard as absolutely right and true, and fixed for all time. To some this is a welcome release from the restraints of moral, social, and spiritual dogma. To others it is a dangerous and terrifying breach with reason and sanity, tending to plunge human life into hopeless chaos. To most, perhaps, the immediate sense of release has given a brief exhilaration, to be followed by the deepest anxiety. For if all is relative, if life is a torrent without form or goal in whose flood absolutely nothing save change itself can last, it seems to be something in which there is "no future" and thus no hope. — Alan W. Watts

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Ravi Zacharias

The question is, How can you see the divine intersection of all that shapes and marks your existence, whether it be the heart-wrenching tragedies that wound you or the ecstasy of a great delight that brings laughter to your soul? How can you meet God in all your appointments and your disappointments? How can you recognize that he has a purpose, even when all around seems senseless, if not hopeless? Will there be a last gasp that whispers in one word a conclusion that redefines everything? If so, is it possible to borrow from that word to enrich the now? Can we really see, even a little, the patterned convergence of everything into some grand design? — Ravi Zacharias

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Carolyn Lee Adams

I have no idea what to do, and everything is starting to feel dangerously hopeless. Hopelessness is not an emotion to be indulged. On the heels of hopelessness comes defeat, and even though everything seems pointless and impossible, I still want to win. Underneath my confusion and utter, bone-crushing fatigue, even though I don't know much of anything at all, I still know I want to win. — Carolyn Lee Adams

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

I keep feeling that people are becoming less human and more animalistic. They seem to think less and feel less so that everyone is operating on a very primitive level. I wonder what you and I will see in our lifetimes. It seems so hopeless yet we must keep on trying ... I guess we can't escape being a product of the times, can we? — Bret Easton Ellis

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Jane Austen

And what am I to do on the occasion?
It seems an hopeless business. — Jane Austen

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Terry Mancour

It can be hard on a man, to face a situation that seems hopeless at the outset," he continued, steadily. "But your die was cast, and you have little choice but accept the situation as it is, and not as you wish it would be. You must act, though every part of you wants to freeze up or flee. What you do at the beginning is critical. — Terry Mancour

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Bertrand Russell

Philosophy seems to me on the whole a rather hopeless business. — Bertrand Russell

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Dan Groat

We, the beggar class, have little to lose and our expectations are, at best, modest, and when we suffer, it seems we suffer to the depths, for there is nothing in our lives nor in our souls to buoy our hope. Nothing in the way of the blackness. It sinks to the bottom as the lead weight that is despair. We look forward such a short distance that our spirit is myopic, not to be corrected by any lens within our world. — Dan Groat

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Cherie Hill

When you're consumed with Doubt . . . when everything appears hopeless . . . when there seems no way of escape . . . when you're overcome with fear because everything is crumbling down around you . . . when there's nowhere to turn and no answers to be found, God says one thing: Don't be afraid. Just stand still and watch the LORD rescue you today. (Exodus 14:13 NLT) — Cherie Hill

Seems Hopeless Quotes By William Morris Hunt

I tell you it's no joke to paint a portrait. I wonder that I am not more timid when I begin. I feel almost certain that I can do it. It seems very simple. I don't think of the time that is sure to come when I almost despair, when the whole thing seems hopeless. — William Morris Hunt

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Martin Luther King Jr.

Even in the inevitable moments when all seems hopeless, men know that without hope they cannot really live, and in agonizing desperation they cry for the bread of hope. — Martin Luther King Jr.

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Jenny Lewis

Sometimes things feel hopeless. Not always within my own life - but looking outward, it seems like rough times lie ahead of us. The world seems to be kind of caving in on itself in a lot of ways. But I try to look on the bright side. — Jenny Lewis

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Kid Cudi

When lifes seems hopeless, rearrange things for a dose of dopeness. — Kid Cudi

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Hortense Odlum

A completely indifferent attitude toward clothes in women seems to me to be an admission of inferiority, of perverseness, or of alack of realization of her place in the world as a woman. Or
what is even more hopeless and pathetic
it's an admission that she has given up, that she is beaten, and refuses longer to stand up to the world. — Hortense Odlum

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Thomas Nagel

Without consciousness the mind-body problem would be much less interesting. With consciousness it seems hopeless. — Thomas Nagel

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Arabah Joy

We learn to flex our faith muscles through practice. Since faith without works is dead, then what if we, through practicing together, put feet on our faith and built into our lives the habit of trust? What if our faith quickened and rose to life with the habit of practice? When the anxiety pounds and we want to retreat, we practice stepping out, and forging ahead anyway. When life overwhelms and the way is dark, we refrain from lighting our own candles to practice relying on our God instead.[1] When the child seems lost and our own strength isn't enough, we trust God is faithful and He will do it.[2] When things look hopeless in the land of famine, we practice picking up the oil jar and pouring that last bit out anyway. — Arabah Joy

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Isaac Asimov

I stand four-square for reason, and object to what seems to me to be irrationality, whatever the source.
If you are on my side in this, I must warn you that the army of the night has the advantage of overwhelming numbers, and, by its very nature, is immune to reason, so that it is entirely unlikely that you and I can win out.
We will always remain a tiny and probably hopeless minority, but let us never tire of presenting our view, and of fighting the good fight for the right. — Isaac Asimov

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Oliver Sacks

Perhaps there is a philosophical as well as a clinical lesson here: that in Korsakov's, or dementia, or other such catastrophes, however great the organic damage and Humean dissolution, there remains the undiminished possibility of reintegration by art, by communion, by touching the human spirit: and this can be preserved in what seems at first a hopeless state of neurological devastation. — Oliver Sacks

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Tobias Wolff

It was like fishing a swamp, where you feel the tug of something that at first seems promising and then resistant and finally hopeless as you realize that you've snagged the bottom, that you have the whole planet on the other end of your line. — Tobias Wolff

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Susan Meissner

Thistle House is for people who love and care for one another. We respect one another in this house, Emmeline. We carry one another's burdens. We weep for one another and we laugh with one another. We hold one another by the hand when the lights go out and when the way seems hopeless. We work together and we share the table together and we pray together. No matter how old we are or what we are called. — Susan Meissner

Seems Hopeless Quotes By A.J. Darkholme

When all seems hopeless and all has gone silent, that's Destiny turning down the music so that all may hear our response to life's great storms, giving our response the chance to echo throughout eternity with the level of greatness it deserves. — A.J. Darkholme

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Yoshida Shoin

It seems hopeless, hopeless. Those who eat meat [at public expense] are a mean, selfish lot, and so the country is doomed. Our only hope lies in the grass-roots folk who eat our traditional food. — Yoshida Shoin

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Chris Hadfield

The upshot of all this is that we become competent, which is the most important quality to have if you're an astronaut - or, frankly, anyone, anywhere, who is striving to succeed at anything at all. Competence means keeping your head in a crisis, sticking with a task even when it seems hopeless, and improvising good solutions to tough problems when every second counts. It encompasses ingenuity, determination and being prepared for anything. — Chris Hadfield

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Dwight Robertson

We sometimes see God better through out tears and broken hearts. What seems hopeless becomes blessing and miracles... — Dwight Robertson

Seems Hopeless Quotes By David Wilkerson

As far as the Lord is concerned, the time to stand is in the darkest moment. It is when everything seems hopeless, when there appears no way out, when God alone can deliver. — David Wilkerson

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Mike Seabrook

Golf is a terrible, hopeless addiction, it seems: it makes its devotees willing to trudge miles in any manner of weather, lugging a huge, incommodious and appallingly heavy bag with them, in pursuit of a tiny and fantastically expensive ball, in a fanatical attempt to direct it into a hole the size of a beer glass half a mile away. If anything could be better calculated to convince one of the essential lunacy of the human race, I haven't found it. — Mike Seabrook

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Brian Spellman

When all seems hopeless, cross your fingers and stick with the secular prayer. — Brian Spellman

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Brian Doyle

Rained gently last night, just enough to wash the town clean, and then today a clean crisp fat spring day, the air redolent, the kind of green minty succulent air you'd bottle if you could and snort greedily on bleak, wet January evenings when the streetlights hzzzt on at four in the afternoon and all existence seems hopeless and sad. — Brian Doyle

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Dalai Lama

It seems to me that self confidence and the ability to stand one's ground are essential if we want to succeed in life. I am not talking of stupid self-assurance but of an awareness of our inner potential, a certainty that we can always correct our behavior, improve ourselves, enrich ourselves, and that things are never hopeless — Dalai Lama

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Jim Cymbala

So many times when we get into emergencies and the situation seems totally hopeless - it's actually a setup. God wants to do something great. He wants to demonstrate his power, so that his name will be praised in a new and greater way. The next generation will hear all about it. After all, their spiritual nurture is far more important than material things. — Jim Cymbala

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Rene Denfeld

The warden always seems to know which book to bring. When the sun is gunslinger blue, the warden brings a western. When rain slates against the towers and the world has gone hopeless with gray, it is Bible stories. When the halls ring with the cries of riot and the bars of my own cell rattle with pain, the warden drops a soft book on the floor, solace in its pages: the collected poems of Walt Whitman. And oh, my favorites, like the tastes of childhood. Every few months the warden passes me The White Dawn, and for a few precious days I traverse the open heavens on hard-packed moonlit snow and see the blue splashing arctic lights, and I fill my belly with frozen seal meat and laugh with my Inuit friends. — Rene Denfeld

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

I still feel really hopeless sometimes. I don't like my job. And I've stopped thinking about finding another one. And, even though I hardly ever think about Sam anymore, it still seems impossible that I might have something like that again. A relationship, I guess. — Rainbow Rowell

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Billy Graham

I've never seen such a hunger in people for spiritual things ... People realize the past is gone, the future is uncertain, and the present seems to be hopeless. As a result, many [in Moscow] were open to God. — Billy Graham

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Chris Hadfield

Competence means keeping your head in a crisis, sticking with a task even when it seems hopeless, and improvising good solutions to tough problems when every second counts. It encompasses ingenuity, determination and being prepared for anything.
Astronauts have these qualities not because we're smarter than everyone else (though let's face it, you do need a certain amount of intellectual horsepower to be able to fix a toilet). It's because we are taught to view the world - and ourselves - differently. My shorthand for it is "thinking like an astronaut." But you don't have to go to space to learn to do that.
It's mostly a matter of changing your perspective. — Chris Hadfield

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Anne Lamott

It's incredibly touching when someone who seems so hopeless finds a few inches of light to stand in and makes everything work as well as possible. All of us lurch and fall, sit in the dirt, are helped to our feet, keep moving, feel like idiots, lose our balance, gain it, help others get back on their feet, and keep going. — Anne Lamott

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Sam Messer

In a very small way, painting addresses the 'Big Questions' to which we'll never find the answers. You do what you have to do even if it seems hopeless. — Sam Messer

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Sr. Chris Koellhoffer IHM

Once again we mark the arrival of Advent. This holy season trumpets God's extravagant love for us, a love beyond reckoning. Into our beautiful yet wounded world comes Emmanuel, God-with-us, carrying the promise of fresh hope to enliven our hearts. No matter how broken or seemingly hopeless our world may sometimes seem, the Advent messages are rich with joyous expectation and longing, insisting that God can and does bring forth life where none seems possible. — Sr. Chris Koellhoffer IHM

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Judith C. Waller

It is still evident that the problem of finances is an enormously important one. The lack of money to do the job and to compete successfully for audiences with elaborate and attractive commercial programs seems almost hopeless. As far back as 1936, Doctor [Levering] Tyson . . . stated at the joint meeting of the Council and the Institute for Education by Radio at Columbus: Unfortunately, there is not much chance to get money until there is some general understanding of, and agreement in, country-wide objectives to which local and regional objectives can be fitted, and until controversy over these objectives is eliminated so that a unified plan of procedure can be followed — Judith C. Waller

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Shenita Etwaroo

When everything seems hopeless, turn your mind toward the three people who mean most to you in this world. Think about what you must mean to them, and from those thoughts of those three people will stem all the hope and meaning you'll need to fight through. — Shenita Etwaroo

Seems Hopeless Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

To love means loving the unlovable. To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless. — G.K. Chesterton

Seems Hopeless Quotes By Dalai Lama

This generation has a responsibility to reshape the world. Start the task even if it will not be fulfilled in your lifetime. Even if it seems hopeless now, never give up. Offer a positive vision, with enthusiasm and joy, and an optimistic outlook. — Dalai Lama