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Screwed Up Life Quotes By Mary Doria Russell

It no longer came as a surprise to John Candotti that people found him easy to confess to. He was tolerant of human failings and it was rarely difficult for him to say, "Well, you screwed up. Everybody screws up. It's okay." His greatest satisfaction as a priest was to grant absolution, to help people forgive themselves for not being perfect, make amends, and get on with life. — Mary Doria Russell

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Jim Butcher

It bothered me that he was right. Without Sir Stuart's intervention, I'd have been dead again already.
That's right
you heard me: dead again already.
I mean, come on. How screwed up is your life (after- or otherwise) when you find yourself needing phrases like that? — Jim Butcher

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Holly Hood

Everyone is screwed up, the ones who try to say they aren't, they're the ones who are the worst off. — Holly Hood

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Christopher Titus

Normal people, want to be accepted. Screwed up people, want to be accepted. It's one of the few things we have in common. My whole life, all I ever wanted was my dad to pat me on the top of the head and go, Who's a good boy ? Who's a good boy? But, instead, all he ever did was wipe peanut butter on the end of my nose and laugh while I tried to lick it off. — Christopher Titus

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Sara Miles

What I heard, and continue to hear, is a voice that can crack religious and political convictions open, that advocates for the least qualified, least official, least likely; that upsets the established order and makes a joke of certainty. It proclaims against reason that the hungry will be fed, that those cast down will be raised up, and that all things, including my own failures, are being made new. It offers food without exception to the worthy and unworthy, the screwed-up and pious, and then commands everyone to do the same. It doesn't promise to solve or erase suffering but to transform it, pledging that by loving one another, even through pain, we will find more life. And it insists that by opening ourselves to strangers, — Sara Miles

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Jodie Foster

I don't know why people think child actresses in particular are screwed up. I see kids everywhere who are totally bored. I've never been bored a day in my life. — Jodie Foster

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Abbi Glines

In the screwed-up life I'd been dealt, she was my only source of comfort. — Abbi Glines

Screwed Up Life Quotes By James McGreevey

I realized that I had screwed up my life living different parts of my life in different places. I wasn't whole. I wasn't integrated. I wasn't a complete person. And after that, came out, spent some time at a psychiatric hospital. — James McGreevey

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Joss Whedon

There was this other apocalypse this one time. And, well, I took off. But this time, I don't ... I don't know."
"Well, what's different?"
"Well, I guess I was kinda new to being around humans before. And now I've seen a lot more, gotten to know people, seen what they're capable of and I guess I just realize how amazingly ... screwed up they all are. I mean, really, really screwed up in a monumental fashion."
"And they have no purpose that unites them, so they just drift around, blundering through life until they die. Which they-they know is coming, yet every single one of them is surprised when it happens to them. They're incapable of thinking about what they want beyond the moment. They kill each other, which is clearly insane, and yet, here's the thing. When it's something that really matters, they fight. I mean, they're lame morons for fighting. But they do. They never ... They never quit. And so I guess I will keep fighting, too. — Joss Whedon

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Gillian Flynn

The Days were a clan that mighta lived long
But Ben Day's head got screwed on wrong
That boy craved dark Satan's power
So he killed his family in one nasty hour
Little Michelle he strangled in the night
Then chopped up Debby: a bloody sight
Mother Patty he saved for last
Blew off her head with a shotgun blast
Baby Libby somehow survived
But to live through that ain't much a life
- SCHOOLYARD RHYME, CIRCA 1985 — Gillian Flynn

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Courtney Summers

I mean, you know how it is. You chase a bottle of sleeping pills with a bottle of Jack Daniel's and life's never the same, no matter how many times you try to tell people it was just an accident. — Courtney Summers

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Janis Joplin

Life is too damn short and [screwed] up to go through it silently loving someone and never telling them how you feel. [Screw] the consequences, [screw] the implications of the actions, to hell with it all ... whatever happens as a result is better than the nothingness that is inevitable with silence. — Janis Joplin

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Rachel Caine

My dad used to say that life's a journey, but somebody screwed up and lost the map. — Rachel Caine

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Dan Chaon

Sometimes he thinks that if he could only trace the path of his life carefully enough, everything would become clear. The ways that he screwed up would make sense. He closes his eyes tightly. His life wasn't always a mistake, he thinks, and he breathes uncertainly for awhile, trying to find a pathway into unconsciousness, into sleep. — Dan Chaon

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Donald Miller

Still i knew because of my own feelings there was something wrong with me and i knew it wasnt only me. I knew it was everybody. It was like a bacteria or a cancer or a trance. It wasnt on the skin, it was in the soul. It showed itself in lonliness, lust, anger , jealousy and depression. It had people screwed up bad everywhere you went- at the store, at home, at church, it was ugly and deep. Lots of singers on the radio were singing about it and cops had jobs because of it. It was as if we were broken I thought, as if we were never supposed to feel these sticky emotions. It was as if we were cracked, coudlnt love right, couldnt feel good things for a long before screwing it all up.
I am talking about the broken quality of life. — Donald Miller

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Garth Brooks

Mistakes don't scare me or bother me. If I feel like I made the same mistake twice, then I feel like I've really screwed up. But if I make one mistake and learn from it, hey, to me in the game of life it's just as important to know what doesn't work as what does. So I think mistakes are a good thing. — Garth Brooks

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Jaye Robin Brown

I've been so focused on getting out of here that I forget about this. (I point out the window to the mountains) And this. (I put my hand on my heart) I want things to be right before I go off. Right with you, with Mama, with Daddy. With me. Besides, I've spent my whole life here. And as much as it drives me crazy, and as much as I screwed up, what's one more year? I need to fix things with my friends. Now just run away. — Jaye Robin Brown

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Renita Pizzitola

You came back. Guess I didn't totally wreck your day." He smiled. As if that face could ruin anything. "You didn't look like you wanted to kill me or anything when you walked in, so I'm hoping we're all good?"

Okay, so technically he was thinking about how he possibly screwed up my life, not so much me, but, whatever, I'd take it.

"It's all good. I was on time and considering the dress code here is apparently anything five times your normal size" - I gestured to my scrubs - "no one seemed to notice or care I had on your shirt. — Renita Pizzitola

Screwed Up Life Quotes By David Nicol

What I don't get about "traditional publishing" is that an author creates a work that they think is good enough to be published. They then have to spend their valuable time begging others to exploit them to point where they end up with a 5% stake in THEIR business. What kind of a screwed of business model is that? — David Nicol

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Oswald Chambers

If you have had no tension in your life, never been screwed up by problems, your mortality well within your own grasp, and someone tells you that God so loved you that He gave His Son to die for you, nothing but good manners will keep you from being amused. — Oswald Chambers

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Tom Brady

Life is not living in the suburbs with a white picket fence. That's not life. Somehow our American culture has made it out that that's what life needs to be - and that if it's not that, it's all screwed up. It's not. — Tom Brady

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Steve Coogan

Even if I screw up in my personal life, as long as I'm not destroying myself, I just think, "Okay, I screwed up." I'm not Mother Theresa. — Steve Coogan

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Kerry Kletter

Most of the kids here talk constantly about the glorious day when they will finally be reunited with their families, never mind the fact that it was their screwed-up parents who messed them up and then dumped them here. That's another fact of life - it's really hard not to love your parents, even when they suck. — Kerry Kletter

Screwed Up Life Quotes By John Townsend

The best people in the world aren't those who never fail - but those who fail and learn something from it. I hope that your goal in life isn't to slide safely into death not having screwed up much. — John Townsend

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Heidi McLaughlin

Josie Preston, I have loved you since I was sixteen. I know I've screwed up a whole lot, but I promise to make it up to you every day. Would you do me the immense honor of wearing my ring, taking my name and becoming not only my partner in life, but most importantly, my wife? — Heidi McLaughlin

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Joanne McClean

But then you ... you come along. You screwed up my plan. Suddenly my life's not liveable, it's not fine and I'm no longer happy. My life's worse, much more worse than before ... and it's all because of you. I'm scared of you. I run from you. And I push you away ... but why? Because I am scared of you, I'm scared of my feelings for you ... I'm scared of losing you. But mostly ... mostly I'm scared that if I don't hold on too tight ... I'm scared that I'll lose you forever. — Joanne McClean

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Greg Norman

Sometimes things work out on the golf course and sometimes they don't. Life will go on. You try to understand what happens, but maybe today I don't want to know. I just screwed up so maybe I should just put it behind me. — Greg Norman

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Brian James

Because there's nothing wrong with me," Alec says. "You know what is? Our society is so screwed up from top to bottom, everything about it, that it's become impossible to fix. It's easier to change people and make them fit into something that's broken. Know what I mean? — Brian James

Screwed Up Life Quotes By C.M. Stunich

Real life is real weird and sometimes, it just stays screwed up. And ugly. Real ugly. — C.M. Stunich

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Brynn Kelly

I think I've proved that I'm not to be trusted," he said.
"Then why do I feel safer now that I have in my entire life?"
"Because you're just as screwed up as me. — Brynn Kelly

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Laurie Halse Anderson

The world is crazy. You need a license to drive a car and go fishing. You don't need a license to start a family. Two people have sex and BAM! Perfectly innocent kid is born whose life will be screwed up by her parents forever. — Laurie Halse Anderson

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Christopher Titus

Oh yeah, I'm mentally screwed up for life. But I look good. — Christopher Titus

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Maurissa Guibord

You know your life is completely screwed up when you have to look up the mythological figures who talk to you in the bathroom mirror. — Maurissa Guibord

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Rob Sheffield

I kept thinking of an old Robert Mitchum cowboy movie where he goes back to see the farmhouse where he was born and finds the house falling apart and an old man living in it by himself. "Lonely place," Robert Mitchum says. The old man says, "Nothing wrong with a lonely place as long as it's private. That's why I never married. Marriage is lonely, but it ain't private." That was always my most intense fear about getting married: When everything sucked and I was by myself, I thought, Well, at least I don't have another miserable person to worry about. I figured if you gave up your private place and it still turns out to be lonely, you're just screwed. — Rob Sheffield

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Michael Lewis

Was the influence all this money exerted, not just on the political process but on people's decisions about what to do with their lives. The more money to be made gaming the financial markets, the more people would decide they were put on earth to game the financial markets
and create romantic narratives to explain to themselves why a life spent gaming the financial markets is a purposeful life. And then there is maybe the greatest cost of all: Once very smart people are paid huge sums of money to exploit the flaws in the financial system, they have the spectacularly destructive incentive to screw the system up further, or to remain silent as they watch it being screwed up by others. p.266 — Michael Lewis

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Nicole Eglinger

Oh, what am I going to do with this life I have been given." I said to myself as I sat and thought about life, and how screwed up mine really was. I was brought back into reality by Colin's answer. — Nicole Eglinger

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

God, I was just six years older than you are now. That's terrifying." She raised her shoulder, nudging my head. "Please don't make me a grandmother in six years, okay?"
I scoffed. "Trust me, after the Boy Issues I've had, I'm becoming a nun."
"Well, that's good to know."
We stayed there, dangling our feet over the creek, talking, until the sun was high overhead. By the time we made our way back to the compound, I was feeling a little better. Sure, my life was still intensely screwed up, but at least I had some answers. — Rachel Hawkins

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Greta Christina

But when I compare the idea that "Yeah, sometimes life sucks, and I have to deal with it as best I can" with the idea that "An immensely powerful being is screwing with me on purpose and won't tell me why" - I, for one, find the first idea much more comforting. I don't have to torture myself with guilt over how I must have angered my god or screwed up my karma, with that guilt piling onto the trauma I'm already going through. — Greta Christina

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Jay Crownover

I had the best sex of my life with a girl I had thought was way out of my league and in love with my dead brother. Yeah, Nash was probably right, if anybody could put up with all the crazy I was rocking I should probably lock her in quick because even I could see how seriously screwed up I am. — Jay Crownover

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Katharine Ashe

Is that all I am to have?" She followed him. "I suppose you consider an apology beneath you."
Rather, he was considering her beneath him, how good she'd felt there, and how he would like that again. He halted. "Madam, I offer my profoundest apology. It shan't happen again." As though his feet moved of their own will, he found himself stepping toward her. "Unless you wish it to."
She backed up. "Not in this life." But her eyes were wary.
Good. He did not wish to frighten her. But keeping her wary could work. And yet the most powerful need to be near her would not leave him. Of course it wouldn't. After two long years he wanted a woman. Among his brother's potential brides was not, however, the place to go searching for one. "That must be to my advantage, then," he said.
She screwed up her brow. "Must it?"
"You wield an impressive pitchfork."

-Ravenna & Vitor — Katharine Ashe

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Julie James

He gripped her shoulders determinedly. 'I should've told you this earlier, Jordan. Now that I've got my chance, you're going to hear it whether you like it or not. You came into my life and messed the whole thing up and now I'm screwed. Because I'm in love with you. As in balls-out, head-over-heels, watching-Dancing-with-the-Stars-on-Monday-nights, wine-and-bubble-bath kind of love. Hell, I think I'd even wear a scarf indoors for you. — Julie James

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Amy Zhang

Life is messy and the universe has an awful lot of people to keep track of. Sometimes things get screwed up. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes good things happen to bad people.
That isn't fair.
Bad things should happen to bad people.
And they will. They will. — Amy Zhang

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Holly Hood

And you don't even need to say anything. I'm screwed up. I don't know how any of this works anymore than you do. But I do believe you're worth every second it would take to figure it out, Mason said, a smile taking over his features. — Holly Hood

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Carmen Jenner

I ain't giving up on us, Elle. I'm gonna wear you down, I'm gonna come at you from every angle, and I will have you in my arms again. I may have screwed up a lot of things in my life, but loving you, and starting a war over this isn't wrong. You're mine Ellie Mason, and I'm yours. I never belonged to anybody before you, and I don't intend to belong to anyone else ever again, how can I when you got my whole heart and you ain't giving it back?" "Jake - — Carmen Jenner

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Robyn Schneider

No matter how screwed up your life is today, today is just a collection of moments that stop and start whenever you want them to. And nothing upsetting matters when you know that tomorrow is gonna be better than yesterday — Robyn Schneider

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Our current perception is very cloudy and all screwed up. As our perception increases through meditation, we're seeing life more correctly. — Frederick Lenz

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Richelle Mead

Knowing Lissa missed me hurt almost more than if she'd completely written me off. I'd never wanted to hurt her. Even when I'd resented her for feeling like she was controlling my life, I'd never hated her. I loved her like a sister and couldn't stand the thought of her suffering now on my behalf. How had things gotten so screwed up between us? — Richelle Mead

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Brett Gelman

We have to laugh at how hard life can be and how screwed up we can be at times ... It's a really freeing process when you're not hitting the jokes too hard. — Brett Gelman

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Kate Christensen

My first novel, 'In the Drink,' begun when I was 29 and floundering and published when I was 36 and married, was about a 29-year-old woman whose life was even more screwed up than my own had been. — Kate Christensen

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Ernest Cline

You know you've totally screwed up your life when your whole world turns to shit and the only person you have to talk to is your system agent software! — Ernest Cline

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Seanan McGuire

your entire life has been a succession of things you were not equipped for, and while you may have, as you so charmingly say, 'screwed some of them up,' you have, in the main, come through spectacularly well. You are surrounded by allies, and each of us is, in our own way, uniquely suited to the challenges ahead - as are you, or you wouldn't be here. — Seanan McGuire

Screwed Up Life Quotes By J.A. Redmerski

I guess my parents really screwed me up somewhere along the line because as good as they are to me, as much as they do for me and as much as I love them, I still managed to grow up terrified I would end up just like them. Unhappy and only pretending to live out this wonderful life with two kids, a dog and a white picket fence. But in reality, I knew they sleep with their backs facing each other. — J.A. Redmerski

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Ned Vizzini

But most of all I feel my brain, up there taking in blood and looking out on the world and noticing humor and light and smells and dogs and every other thing in the world - everything in my life is all in my brain, really, so it would be natural that when my brain was screwed up, everything in my life would be. — Ned Vizzini

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Laurie Halse Anderson

I think about lying down. No, that would not do. I crouch by the trunk, my fingers stroking the bark, seeking a Braille code, a clue, a message on how to come back to life after my long undersnow dormancy. I have survived. I am here. Confused, screwed up, but here. So, how can I find my way? Is there a chain saw of the soul, an ax I can take to my memories or fears? I dig my fingers into the dirt and squeeze. A small, clean part of me waits to warm and burst through the surface. Some quiet Melindagirl I haven't seen in months. That is the seed I will care for. — Laurie Halse Anderson

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Ingrid Weir

Your past doesn't define you. Only your present and your future. If your life is screwed up, stop making excuses. What are you going to do about it today? — Ingrid Weir

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Aparajita Yadav

It was weird how life worked. It was sad how people treated one another. It was horrid how people didn't see the loss of another. Life truly was screwed up — Aparajita Yadav

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Sharon Guskin

You Only Live Once. That's what people said, as if life really mattered because it happened only one time. But what if it was the other way around? What if what you did mattered MORE because life happened again and again, consequences unfolding across centuries and contents? What if you had chances upon chances to love the people you loved, to fix what you screwed up, to get it right? — Sharon Guskin

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Robyn Schneider

No matter how screwed up life is today, today is just a collection of moments that stop and start where you want them to. And nothing upsetting matters when you know tomorrow's gonna be better than yesterday — Robyn Schneider

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Okay, you're telling the truth. By the way, Nick, you have the most screwed-up life. You're either boring as all get out, or you're about to die. There's no middle ground with you. You might want to work on that. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Joan Rivers

I have no sex appeal and it has screwed me up for life; my gynecologist examines me by telephone. — Joan Rivers

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Mohith Agadi

Expect nothing from People with cheap thoughts. Because, You will end up screwed! — Mohith Agadi

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Katie McGarry

We all started off this way - small little bundles of joy. Me, Aires, Noah, Lila, Isaiah and even Beth. At some point, someone held us and loved us, but somewhere along the way, it all got screwed up. — Katie McGarry

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Sanhita Baruah

That was the thing about her. When you told her about an incident where you so badly screwed up, half expecting her to laugh at you in amusement, half anticipating a smirk of disgust, she would hardly express her pity or maybe she did express what she felt, for she would just nod her head, gesturing you to go on ... As if it's normal ... As if you're normal. — Sanhita Baruah

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Ann Aguirre

The future sometimes looms like a monster, a horrible scary one with teeth and claws.It's hard to plan your life when all the news talks about is how screwed up the world's become. — Ann Aguirre

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Harper Bliss

...I may seem like this flawless creature to you, someone with infinite wisdom and patience who always says the right thing, but, just like you - your parents - despite doing my best with what I have, I fail sometimes." A lone tear dangles from her eye. "And today is the fifth anniversary of my mother's death, so excuse me if I can't listen as attentively while you go on about how your parents screwed you up. — Harper Bliss

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Life sucked and then they billed you for it. Kind of like how airlines charged you money before you got on a plane so that in the event they screwed up and killed you, they were already paid, and they wouldn't have to give you a refund. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Rebecca Zanetti

We are married."
"We're about to get divorced." ...
"No." He licked up her ear to bite the shell.
She shivered in response. "Yes."
"Nope." His palm spread out across her bare midriff. "I may have screwed up, and we'll find out why, but I won't hurt you again. You're mine, angel. The only thing in life that matters. — Rebecca Zanetti

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Charles Martin

No matter how screwed up the artist might be, there's still the chance that they can produce art that people like us hang on our wall and talk about long after their death. That the sum is greater than one part. That maybe one incident does not a life make. — Charles Martin

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Lisa Ann Sandell

As I say the words, I realize how true they are. And maybe that's the trick to getting through it, through life: realizing that everybody, including ourselves, is lugging around some kind of screwed-up baggage. Maybe we are put here to help each other carry the loads. — Lisa Ann Sandell

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Camille Perri

Our country is failing to live up to its promise of opportunity and fairness. It used to be true that if you went to college and you worked hard, you could count on having a decent middle-class life - but that's just not true anymore. Economic and political changes that have occurred over the past three decades have made the middle-class American dream for today's twenty- and thirtysomethings far less possible than it was for their parents' generation. It's not that we're lazy, that we have no work ethic, or that we have outrageous spending habits. It's that we've been screwed. — Camille Perri

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Louis Sachar

There was something special about being in a strange place, all alone in a mass of people even if you had just screwed up your life, or perhaps especially if you had just screwed up your life. — Louis Sachar

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Julie James

One more second and he would've hit you with the gun. And who knows what else. When I think about what could've happened ... " He gripped her shoulders determinedly. "I should've told you this earlier, Jordan. Now that I've got my chance, you're going to hear it whether you like it or not. You came into my life and messed the whole thing up and now I'm screwed. Because I'm in love with you. As in balls-out, head-over-heels, watching-Dancing-with-the-Stars -on-Monday-nights, wine-and-bubble-bath kind of love. Hell, I think I'd even wear a scarf indoors for you."
Jordan smiled, her eyes misty, as she touched his cheek. "That's the best kind of love. — Julie James

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Dean Koontz

In time she said, "I love you, Oddie."
My voice was thick when I replied. "I love you more than life."
"We'll be okay," she said.
"We are okay."
"We're weird and screwed-up, but we're okay," she agreed.
"If someone invented a thermometer that measured weirdness, it would melt under my tongue. But you-you're cool. — Dean Koontz

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Kimberly Quinn

My children are the thing that make life work because, you know, I screwed up my life, and I know it was me, and it was really hard because it was so public, and that was very, very hard. — Kimberly Quinn

Screwed Up Life Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I've screwed everything up royally. I remember you saying that growing up happens when you start having things you look back on and wish you could change. — Cassandra Clare