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Top Sandman Delirium Quotes

Sandman Delirium Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Do you know why I stopped being Delight, my brother? I do. There are things not in your book. There are paths outside this garden. — Neil Gaiman

Sandman Delirium Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Is there a word for forgetting the name of someone when you want to introduce them to someone else at the same time you realize you've forgotten the name of the person you're introducing them to as well?"
"No. — Neil Gaiman

Sandman Delirium Quotes By Erin Kellison

The Sandman is rising.
It'd been the only thing Coll had said before delirium had taken him again.
The Sandman. Rising. — Erin Kellison

Sandman Delirium Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Love isn't quite desire ... Love is probably a little bit in The Sandman's domain. Love is partly a dream, it's partly to do with desire, and sometimes it's partly to do with death, as well. It's also very often something to do with delirium ... — Neil Gaiman

Sandman Delirium Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Delirium: You use that word so much. Responsibilities. Do you ever think about what that means? I mean, what does it mean to you? In your head?
Dream: Well, I use it to refer that area of existence over which I exert a certain amount of control or influence. In my case, the realm and action of dreaming.
Delirium: Hump. It's more than that. The things we do make echoes. S'pose, f'rinstance, you stop on a street corner and admire a brilliant fork of lightning
ZAP! Well for ages after people and things will stop on that very same corner, stare up at the sky. They wouldn't even know what they were looking for. Some of them might see a ghost bolt of lightning in the street. Some of them might even be killed by it. Our existence deforms the universe. THAT'S responsibility. — Neil Gaiman

Sandman Delirium Quotes By Tori Amos

Neil [Gaiman, creator of the comic Sandman, featuring the Amos-based character Delirium] believes that faeries have gone beyond cool. They've transcended cool. I just think alternate realities make you a good writer. If your work is any more than one dimension, you believe in faeries. I'm sure I'll start thinking now about all the people I know who don't believe, that I quite like. We can still go have a pint. Not the Chardonnay, though. — Tori Amos

Sandman Delirium Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Delirium: "What's the name of the word for the precise moment when you realize that you've actually forgotten how it felt to make love to somebody you really liked a long time ago?"
Dream: "There isn't one."
Delirium: "Oh. I thought maybe there was. — Neil Gaiman

Sandman Delirium Quotes By Neil Gaiman

I don't know. I had to be something, didn't I? — Neil Gaiman