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Salsa And Chips Quotes By Dawn Camp

We need those who laugh when we laugh, cry when we cry, and then pass the chips and salsa. — Dawn Camp

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Dan Rather

A lot of tight Senate races out there. Let's hit those chips with another dash of salsa, Ed Bradley. — Dan Rather

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Julianne Hough

I love chips and salsa. Guacamole. — Julianne Hough

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Keith Belling

We have 11 great potato flavors, and customers have been clamoring for tortilla. For over a year, we worked to develop the four flavors of tortilla popchips: chili limon, nacho cheese, ranch and salsa. They're made with traditional stoneground masa, are gluten-free, and have less than half the fat of other chips. — Keith Belling

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Silla Webb

just munches away on tortilla chips and salsa like it's his last supper. Piss me off enough, it just damn well may be. — Silla Webb

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Michelle Pfeiffer

My favorite food in the world is Mexican food. I'm not a dessert person. I'm more of a crunchy, salty girl. I could live on chips and salsa. I would take a Mexican meal over some fancy French cuisine anytime. — Michelle Pfeiffer

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Conan O'Brien

Hillary Clinton announced she's running for president. Yesterday in Ohio, Hillary popped into a Chipotle and she ordered a burrito bowl with chips and salsa. And on her way out she said, 'That locks down the Hispanic vote.' — Conan O'Brien

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Chelsea Handler

I met my first midget in Mexico, and he was a waiter with a sombrero on his head, filled with chips and salsa. Like I was gonna let that guy get away - I don't think so. — Chelsea Handler

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Jeff Dunham

Jose: Do not drop me senor
Jeff:i wont drop you,jose
Jose:then i be jose jalapeno on the floor
Peanut:do a little tap dance and we got salsa!
Jeff:Thats terrible!
Peanut:not with the right chips its not
Jeff:stop it! im sorry jose
jose:its okay
jeff: okay
Jose:ill kick his ass later
peanut:i'll turn ur ass into guacamole
jeff: stop it!
peanut: i will stir u with ur own stick!
jeff:stop it!
peanut: this is the way we stir the guac stir the guac stir the guac. OLE!! — Jeff Dunham

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Deepak Unnikrishnan

The sultan had enormous eyebrows, fibrous like angora wool. In moments of strife, his eyebrows twitched violently. Like now!
His Excellency's royal blood boiled. Once again another mesmerized American news anchor gushed about Dubai's vision, hailing the imagination of the al-Maktoum family.
"Where is this vision coming from?" probed Katie Couric.
"Ignorant Yankee!" Sultan Mo-Mo's British twang bore traces of Basil Fawlty.
The sultan wanted to retch. Dubai's showboating gave him indigestion, but he continued helping himself to more chips and fiery salsa, downing cold Guinness, smoking excellent hash, humming the theme song of The Wonder Years. — Deepak Unnikrishnan

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Laurieann Gibson

It's all about salsa with grain chips, tofu, turkey slices, hummus, and coconut water. — Laurieann Gibson

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Sherman Alexie

I realized that, sure, I was a Spokane Indian. I belonged to that tribe. But I also belonged to the tribe of American immigrants. And to the tribe of basketball players. And to the tribe of bookworms. And the tribe of cartoonists. And the tribe of chronic masturbators. And the tribe of teenage boys. And the tribe of small-town kids. And the tribe of Pacific Northwesterners. And the tribe of tortilla chips-and-salsa lovers. And the tribe of poverty. And the tribe of funeral-goers. And the tribe of beloved sons. And the tribe of boys who really missed their best friends. It was a huge realization. And that's when I knew that I was going to be okay. (217) — Sherman Alexie

Salsa And Chips Quotes By Mia Hamm

I could just have chips and salsa for dinner every day. — Mia Hamm