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Rustic Home Quotes By Katie Kitamura

A tourist - almost by definition a person immersed in prejudice, whose interest was circumscribed, who admired the weathered faced and rustic manners of the local inhabitants, a perspective entirely contemptible but nonetheless difficult to avoid. I would have irritated myself in their position. By my presence alone, I reduced their home to a backdrop for my leisure, it became picturesque, quaint, charming, words on the back of a postcard or a brochure. Perhaps, as a tourist, I even congratulated myself on my taste, my ability to perceive this charm, certainly Christopher would have done so, it was not Monaco, it was not Saint-Tropez, this delightful rural village was something more sophisticated, something unexpected. — Katie Kitamura

Rustic Home Quotes By William Shakespeare

And I'll be sworn 'tis true. Travelers ne'er did lie,
Though fools at home condemn 'em.
(Act III, scene 3, lines 26-27.) — William Shakespeare

Rustic Home Quotes By Beverly Preston

The donkey would've made for an ass-tastic photo." Tracy pulled her camera from her bag. Lifting her lens toward the balcony of a terracotta home along the alleyway, she captured a shot of rustic blue shutters missing a few louvers. "All — Beverly Preston

Rustic Home Quotes By Marcel Proust

Auteuil (the southern sector of Paris's then-rustic 16th arrondissement) at the home of his great-uncle, two months after the Treaty of Frankfurt formally ended the Franco-Prussian W — Marcel Proust

Rustic Home Quotes By Darryl Donaghue

The plunge was easier than the pull. The serrated edge caught the flaps of skin on the way out. It wasn't the nature of the blade; he'd chosen specific tools for the torture and wasn't about to skimp on the final cut. Most would have picked the sharpest. The sharpest would allow smooth entry both into and out of the body. He'd used the sharpest on the torso; four quick stabs just above the waist and one to pierce his side. No water; only blood. This final task required a specific tool and he'd chosen a bread knife. It'd been used for that too; winter soups with a rustic loaf, hearty bacon sandwiches in the family home. Use only a little pressure, move it back and forth, letting the edge do the work. That was the easy way to do it, but this wasn't — Darryl Donaghue

Rustic Home Quotes By William Hazlitt

Like a rustic at a fair, we are full of amazement and rapture, and have no thought of going home, or that it will soon be night. — William Hazlitt