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How, then, has Obama been saddled with an image of being long on inspiration and short on details? The answer is that journalists are not accustomed to covering a candidate who moves crowds the way Obama does, who uses speech cadences and rhythm like Martin Luther King Jr. without making his talk explicitly about race. Sen. Clinton already owned the policy-wonk slot, so by default, Obama was cast as the poetic one. — Howard Kurtz

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There are some Trump detractors who feel like it's the media's job to stop Trump. — Howard Kurtz

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The dismissive notion that conservatives leak to outlets on the right for ideological reasons ignores the fact that liberals often do the same thing with news organizations that are either left-of-center or likely to be sympathetic to the message being peddled. — Howard Kurtz

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In this age of Twitter and Snark every misstep gets posted online in twelve seconds. — Howard Kurtz

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Journalism seems to have recovered its reason for being. — Howard Kurtz