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Top Running Backs Quotes

Running Backs Quotes By LaDainian Tomlinson

People there's a new sheriff in town. One of the great running backs in line of Pittsburgh Steelers [and] his name is Le'Veon Bell. He's on his way people. — LaDainian Tomlinson

Running Backs Quotes By Bill Parcells

All the backs in the history of this game are the same when there isn't any hole to run through. — Bill Parcells

Running Backs Quotes By S.C. Stephens

I love you more. I love you enough to let you go and live your dream." I tilted my head and shrugged. "Don't you see ... ? I love you more."
He smiled softly and I brushed some hair off his forehead. Running the backs of my fingers down his cheek, I whispered, "And, yes, I will miss you, more than you could possibly imagine, but I know that you have to do this Kellan. And you know it too."
Stubbornly he shook his head. "No, I know that I have to be with you. Everything else is just ... details. — S.C. Stephens

Running Backs Quotes By Trevor Hoffman

It's nice to see some youth running around and not see achy backs and necks and arms, ... It's nice to see some young guys feeling spry. — Trevor Hoffman

Running Backs Quotes By Jonathan Lethem

... Carlotta hovered over us as we devoured her meatballs, running her floury fingers over the backs of our chairs, then gently touching our heads, the napes of our necks. We pretended not to notice, ashamed in front of one another and ourselves to show that we drank in her nurturance as eagerly as her meat sauce. — Jonathan Lethem

Running Backs Quotes By Lisa Scottoline

They didn't do things the way you would have. They're not you. That's what their declaration-of-independence rants were all about,when you used to fight, and why they kept telling us they want to do it their way ... Well, now, I get to do it my way ... Well, now, I get to do it my way ... And you know what? It's fun! ... I can do anything I damn well please. It's called freedom. And I earned every minute of it. And that's the best feeling in the world. To me, that's our long-delayed reward for decades of hands-on parenting. And for the tape running through the backs of our minds, in mommy lobe, for the rest of our lives ... Because it's really about being a woman at the wheel. We're always moving ahead. Enjoy the trip. — Lisa Scottoline

Running Backs Quotes By William St Leger

Some men of the line regiment who had appeared on our right started running back. I shouted out to them to halt, but they took no notice. I pulled out my revolver and very nearly shot at them, but I thought it wouldn't do any good, as they all had their backs to me so would have thought that anyone hit was hit by a German bullet. If I ran after them my men might think I was running away. So I took my men on! — William St Leger

Running Backs Quotes By Ray Allen

I look at how we got beat and I thought the hustle points and the energy points were all gauged through offensive rebounds. I thought in the second half they got so many second-chance opportunities they could really run. It just seemed like they were going up our guys' backs. When you don't get any offensive rebounds and they start going the other team's way, it's almost like a snowball effect. — Ray Allen

Running Backs Quotes By Howard Zinn

Las Casas tells how the Spaniards "grew more conceited every day" and after a while refused to walk any distance. They "rode the backs of Indians if they were in a hurry" or were carried on hammocks by Indians running in relays. "In this case they also had Indians carry large leaves to shade them from the sun and others to fan them with goose wings." Total control led to total cruelty. The Spaniards "thought nothing of knifing Indians by tens and twenties and of cutting slices off them to test the sharpness of their blades." Las Casas tells how "two of these so-called Christians met two Indian boys one day, each carrying a parrot; they took the parrots and for fun beheaded the boys. — Howard Zinn

Running Backs Quotes By Anne Hull

I grew up in central Florida in the nineteen-sixties, barefoot half the time and running around the orange groves where my father worked. I remember flocks of white birds that would lift from the backs of cattle, disturbed by the jackhammers and bulldozers clearing land for Walt Disney World. — Anne Hull

Running Backs Quotes By David Benioff

Hollywood screenwriters tend to have the longevity of NFL running backs. So the truth is no one can put more pressure on us than we put on ourselves. — David Benioff

Running Backs Quotes By Franco Harris

I really don't look at comparing things that way because even in a 14-game season, there could be a running back who could have a lot more carries than other running backs. — Franco Harris

Running Backs Quotes By Jerry Jones

We feel good about our running backs as we have them right now, and we will continue to see how they progress. — Jerry Jones

Running Backs Quotes By Mario Williams

You've got to be careful of guys trying to chop-block you. You know, running backs, the receivers. You've got to just hope that your knees are fine and you can avoid those chop blocks. — Mario Williams

Running Backs Quotes By J.P. Moore

In all the heroic tales, dying soldiers saw their lives pass before their eyes. No, Martin realized. The memories were just running like rats from a sinking ship, down the ropes only to drown. He watched the backs of their heads. — J.P. Moore

Running Backs Quotes By Hilary Mantel

A sea-green sky: lamps blossoming white. This is marginal land: fields of strung wire, of treadless tyres in ditches, fridges dead on their backs, and starving ponies cropping the mud. It is a landscape running with outcasts and escapees, with Afghans, Turks and Kurds: with scapegoats, scarred with bottle and burn marks, limping from the cities with broken ribs. The life forms here are rejects, or anomalies: the cats tipped from speeding cars, and the Heathrow sheep, their fleece clotted with the stench of aviation fuel. — Hilary Mantel

Running Backs Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

"Watching my back? Like you watched Chloe's with those gangbangers?"
"That was a mistake. I was running and I thought she was right behind me."
"Did you check?"
"Did you check?" he repeated. "One glance over your shoulder to make sure she was still there?"
I didn't answer.
He shook his head. "I'm not accusing you of letting that girl grab Chloe so you could get away. I'm not accusing you of seeing her in trouble and deciding to do nothing about it. I know you didn't look back. You never thought of it."
"I was scared, okay? You want me to admit that? Fine."
"Chloe would have looked back for you."
I rolled my eyes. "Of course she would. Because Chloe is good and perfect."
"No, because she thinks of others. I would have looked back, too, if you were behind me. Even Derek would have. Why? Because we're a team now. We need to have each other's backs. No matter what. — Kelley Armstrong

Running Backs Quotes By Jamal Lewis

That's what we really mean by being feared on the football field. And not actually the player that fears him, it's the offensive coordinator that fears him or the running backs coach. — Jamal Lewis

Running Backs Quotes By Christina Baker Kline

Turtles carry their homes on their backs." Running her finger over the tattoo, she tells him what her dad told her: "They're exposed and hidden at the same time. They're a symbol of strength and perseverance. — Christina Baker Kline

Running Backs Quotes By Matthew Stafford

In Detroit, the quarterbacks lift with all the linebackers and running backs and everybody else, so I'm doing that whole thing. — Matthew Stafford

Running Backs Quotes By Reggie Bush

The history says quarterbacks get paid more than running backs, but I think it depends on the caliber of the player - what you're getting, not just what the position is. — Reggie Bush

Running Backs Quotes By Bill Belichick

I think it's relatively easy to play defense against a team that can only do one thing. Unfortunately, that's not what we're talking about here with Seattle. They have a great running back - they have a great group of running backs - but Lynch obviously is really kind of in a class by himself. The quarterback's a problem, the receivers are a problem, they have a good offensive line. — Bill Belichick

Running Backs Quotes By Cam Newton

I have unbelievable trust in my offensive line that they will get the job done. Not only them, but the running backs and as a quarterback, I have to do my job in getting the ball in the right people's hands and doing what I do best. — Cam Newton

Running Backs Quotes By Charles Portis

The kind of people I know now don't have barbecues, Mama. They stand up alone at nights in small rooms and eat cold weenies. My so-called friends are bums. Many of them are nothing but rats. They spread T.B. and use dirty language. They're wife-beaters and window peepers and night crawlers and dope fiends. They have running sores on the backs of their hands that never heal. They peer up from cracks in the floor with their small red eyes and wait for chances. — Charles Portis

Running Backs Quotes By Jim Brown

There were a lot of running backs as good as me. The real difference was that I could focus. I never laid back and relied on natural ability. — Jim Brown

Running Backs Quotes By Marshall Faulk

I'm not a big power-and-strength guy, but I have a lot of balance, and I can take hits and stay on my feet. I control myself real good, shift my weight, and run real low. I do things that people haven't seen some of the running backs in the league do. — Marshall Faulk

Running Backs Quotes By Natalie Goldberg

Actually, when I look at my old notebooks, I think I have been a bit self-indulgent and have given myself too much time to meander in my discursive thoughts. I could have cut through sooner. Yet it is good to know about our terrible selves, not laud or criticize them, just acknowledge them. Then, out of this knowledge, we are better equipped to make a choice for beauty, kind consideration and clear truth. We make this choice with our feet firmly on the ground. We are not running wildly after beauty with fear at our backs. — Natalie Goldberg

Running Backs Quotes By Paul Quarrington

Let us accept the possibility that there is, at death, not an abrupt cessation of energy, rather a dispersal. This seems more than reasonable to me. Mind you, I've owned a series of old cars, and Im used to turning off the motor only to experience a series of rumblings and explosions that would shame many a volcano. This is the sort of thing I'm conceptualizing, a kind of clunky running-on. And just as some cars are more susceptible to this behavior, so people vary in the length of time, and the force with which, their energy sputters and gasps ... My example is overly dramatic, but it is not wholly unreasonable, and it serves to make this genetic mutation a player at the evolutionary table. You see what I'm getting at: a biologically and evolutionally sound model for the soul. (I didn't say I'd achieved it.) Let's conceive of the soul as an aura that human beings wear on their backs, cumberson as a tortoise's carapace. Some are larger than others. — Paul Quarrington

Running Backs Quotes By Sid Gillman

There was no better end than Lance Alworth and no better lineman than Ron Mix. Those are Hall of Fame guys. There was no better guard than Walt Sweeney and no better pair of running backs than Keith Lincoln and Paul Lowe. — Sid Gillman

Running Backs Quotes By Marlen Komar

If you stand right at the edge of the night sky, some place where one o'clock leaves to meet two, the breeze will carry your words up to the stars. And they'll swallow your secrets until its time to hand them over to the truths in the sky- the ones that draw maps in the black.

They carve their answers into the backs of my hands, the grooves of the words running deep in my palms. — Marlen Komar

Running Backs Quotes By William Shatner

I frequently dream of being on these horses' backs and running across a field. And the horse and I are one. — William Shatner

Running Backs Quotes By Greg Schiano

The running backs are the strengths of their football team. They have quality players who can do a number of things for their team. — Greg Schiano

Running Backs Quotes By Larry Fitzgerald

Every guy has different strengths in the NFL. Receivers are different, running backs are different, but they all have that one thing that they do that's special: that thing that keeps them on the roster every year. — Larry Fitzgerald