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Top Ruining Mood Quotes

Ruining Mood Quotes By Pierce The Veil

When I sew you up ...
Don't let me,
Stop bleeding,
Tiny stitches that you placed into my skin,
Won't let me go,
And they're ruining the mood. — Pierce The Veil

Ruining Mood Quotes By Hari Parameshwar

Life is an art of managing conflicts - conflicts between our expectations and perceptions. It is like a tightrope walk. We load our expectations from life on one end of the bar and our perceptions about life on other, and move on the rope, relying on the balance of the stick. Overload, on any end, can fling us down, ruining the remaining journey. Some might survive such falls through repeated mood swings or with emotional breakdowns, while some might go down, diving deep into the bottom of depression. — Hari Parameshwar

Ruining Mood Quotes By Muriel Barbery

An infinitesimal lapse that has just succeeded in ruining the possibility of perfection forever? I spent at least half an hour in a foul mood. And then suddenly I wondered: but why did I want so desperately for her to catch up? Why does it feel so rotten when the movement is not in synch? It's not very hard to come up with an answer: all those things that pass before us, which we miss by a hair and which are botched for eternity ... All the words we should have said, gestures we should have made, the fleeting moments of kairos that were there one day and that we did not know how to grasp and that were buried forever in the void ... Failure, by a hair's breadth — Muriel Barbery

Ruining Mood Quotes By Katherine Cross

Negotiation exposes something at once simple and intricate about intimacy: that it is far better to actually know your partner's body by becoming one with their interior selves, and you can only do this by talking to them. Far from being the stereotypical "mood killer," sexual knowing requires discussion, requires asking questions, a lesson that I and so many others have had to learn quite painfully; the worst sexual experiences of my own life occurred, as I often say, because I did not know how to ask and did not know how to tell. For too long I thought sex had to occur in a kind of monastic, knowing silence. To do anything else would be to risk giving offence, putting myself in harm's way, or simply ruining the atmosphere; how wrong I was. — Katherine Cross

Ruining Mood Quotes By Deyth Banger

Sorry to ruining your mood... but as always there is something to fuck you up one way or another way. — Deyth Banger