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Rocky Horror Quotes & Sayings

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Rocky Horror Quotes By Diane Ackerman

In our heart we know that life loves life. Yet we feast on some of the other life-forms with which we share our planet; we kill to live. Taste is what carries us across that rocky moral terrain, what makes the horror palatable, and the paradox we could not defend by reason melts into a jungle of sweet temptations. — Diane Ackerman

Rocky Horror Quotes By Tim Curry

One of the best things that ever happened to me was Rocky Horror being a total flop in New York as a play. I mean, it was a disaster, and it was the night of the long knives as far as the critics were concerned. — Tim Curry

Rocky Horror Quotes By Adam Lambert

I like 'Rocky Horror.' — Adam Lambert

Rocky Horror Quotes By Guy Pearce

I grew up doing musicals. I've done so many musicals in my life, I kind of got them out of my system. But, I certainly would be open to them. Rocky Horror Show is a big favorite of mine. — Guy Pearce

Rocky Horror Quotes By Jennifer Saunders

'The Rocky Horror Show' was actually my first musical love. — Jennifer Saunders

Rocky Horror Quotes By Susannah Scott

The dragons live in the casino?
Tee's eyes widened and alarm coursed through her.
My God, it's like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. — Susannah Scott

Rocky Horror Quotes By Catherine Jinks

Horace, however, had arrayed himself in a Gothic assortment of crushed velvet, black satin, and patent leather that shouldn't have been allowed in my view. He might as well have I AM A VAMPIRE embroidered across the front of his watered-silk waistcoat. An outfit like that is going to get him staked one of these days; it's exactly what Boris Karloff would have worn, if he had joined the cast of Rocky Horror Motion Picture Show. — Catherine Jinks

Rocky Horror Quotes By Anne Boleyn

I had a radio show at the local college and I got kicked off the air and banished forever for playing music from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Alice Cooper, and David Bowie because (quote-unquote) "They were gay." So, things have changed quite a bit. — Anne Boleyn

Rocky Horror Quotes By Nikki Rae

Tim Curry is God. He will distract me. — Nikki Rae

Rocky Horror Quotes By Dawn French

Theatre outings are my favourite thing to spend money on. The most influential play I saw was 'Bent,' which starred Ian McKellen. And I loved the original performance of 'The Rocky Horror Show,' with Richard O'Brien and Tim Curry at the Royal Court, when I was about 15. — Dawn French

Rocky Horror Quotes By Dr Frank-N-Furter Rocky Horror Picture Show

Don't dream it, be it — Dr Frank-N-Furter Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Quotes By Winona Ryder

Well, yeah! Now they're considered golden oldies, which is awesome. I was watching Little Women recently, and I didn't want to get up for fear of missing something. And Heathers is like my own Rocky Horror Picture Show; I recite the lines when it's on. It may seem odd, but I think it's because they're really good movies. — Winona Ryder

Rocky Horror Quotes By Tim Curry

Even smiling makes my face ache. — Tim Curry

Rocky Horror Quotes By Michelle Rowen

Look at you, all Rocky Horror Picture Ho. — Michelle Rowen

Rocky Horror Quotes By Gabriel Macht

I grew up in New York till I was 5, and I remember going to see 'Annie' and some musicals as a kid, and I remember my parents being somewhat okay with us watching 'Rocky Horror Picture Show,' which, it boggles my mind that they allowed me to watch it. — Gabriel Macht