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Rinder Quotes By Mike Rinder

Bottom line is that I have had a totally criminal moral code and operated with a totally criminal mind attitude that I have not fully confronted (even down to lying about lying and doing illegal things). — Mike Rinder

Rinder Quotes By Mike Rinder

I fell asleep at my desk many times. This was when working on events - virtually every one I've done in the last 5 years. I was not confronting the writing of speeches. In fact, I was not wanting to confront what I was doing at the time - being irresponsible ... I am now known for falling asleep. This has happened 50 times in the last 5 years and probably 20 times at my desk in the last 2 years. — Mike Rinder

Rinder Quotes By David Miscavige

The leader of the controversial Church of Scientology routinely physically attacked members of his management team, according to former executives, a Florida newspaper has reported. Defectors from the controversial organisation who spoke to the St Petersburg Times told the paper that David Miscavige was "constantly denigrating and beating on people". Mike Rinder, the church's spokesman for decades, said he was attacked by Miscavige some 50 times. — David Miscavige

Rinder Quotes By Walter Rinder

This time called life was meant to share. — Walter Rinder

Rinder Quotes By Mike Rinder

Because Scientology is perceived and conceived by Scientologists as being this salvation for mankind, you can have people that lie with a very straight face if they believe that what they are doing is protecting the Church of Scientology. — Mike Rinder

Rinder Quotes By Mike Rinder

With all the justifications I have had in place, telling the truth under certain circumstances was in my universe no different than telling a lie or withholding. — Mike Rinder