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Rigor Quotes By Saint John Chrysostom

Mary was made Mother of God to obtain salvation for many who, on account of their wicked lives, could not be saved according to the rigor of Divine justice, but might be saved with the help of her sweet mercy and powerful intercession. — Saint John Chrysostom

Rigor Quotes By Damien Echols

My life has taught me that true spiritual insight can come about only through direct experience, the way a severe burn can be attained only by putting your hand in the fire. Faith is nothing more than a watered-down attempt to accept someone else's insight as your own. Belief is the psychic equivalent of an article of secondhand clothing, worn-out and passed down. I equate true spiritual insight with wisdom, which is different from knowledge. Knowledge can be obtained through many sources: books, stories, songs, legends, myths, and, in modern times, computers and television programs. On the other hand, there's only one real source of wisdom - pain. Any experience that provides a person with wisdom will also usually provide them with a scar. The greater the pain, the greater the realization. Faith is spiritual rigor mortis. — Damien Echols

Rigor Quotes By William Shakespeare

If I shall be condemned Upon surmises, all proofs sleeping else But what your jealousies awake, I tell you 'Tis rigor and not law. — William Shakespeare

Rigor Quotes By Xavier Niel

France is a fantastic country. It's between the Anglo-Saxon and Latin cultures. We have some of the Anglo-Saxon rigor, and some of the Latin quirkiness. — Xavier Niel

Rigor Quotes By David Berlinski

Before you can ask 'Is Darwinian theory correct or not?', You have to ask the preliminary question 'Is it clear enough so that it could be correct?'. That's a very different question. One of my prevailing doctrines about Darwinian theory is 'Man, that thing is just a mess. It's like looking into a room full of smoke.' Nothing in the theory is precisely, clearly, carefully defined or delineated. It lacks all of the rigor one expects from mathematical physics, and mathematical physics lacks all the rigor one expects from mathematics. So we're talking about a gradual descent down the level of intelligibility until we reach evolutionary biology. — David Berlinski

Rigor Quotes By Marquis De Custine

The circumstances of human society are too complicated to be submitted to the rigor of mathematical calculation. — Marquis De Custine

Rigor Quotes By George Akerlof

In the late 1960s, the New Classical economists saw the same weaknesses in the microfoundations of macroeconomics that have motivated me. They hated its lack of rigor. And they sacked it. — George Akerlof

Rigor Quotes By Deidre Knight

The seeking of a mate shall be undertaken with due preparation and care. A life-bond should never be contemplated as a light thing
unlike a legal union or sanctified joining, the sealing of souls CANNOT be severed. When a mate is SOULBOUND to another
LIFEMATED, as some have come to regard it
a mystery is engaged. In one aspect mystical, the lifemating process is the most sublime endeavor that a Refarian may assume. Once formed, the bond must be ever cherished and nurtured by the process of lifelong rigor. — Deidre Knight

Rigor Quotes By Robert Rubin

Rigor is always appropriate when investing in markets, whatever the ultimate conclusions may be. — Robert Rubin

Rigor Quotes By Carole Maso

One of the strangest things about writing well is that it requires two different zones in the brain
rigor and recklessness
simultaneously. — Carole Maso

Rigor Quotes By Criss Jami

I would rather have strong enemies than a world of passive individualists. In a world of passive individualists nothing seems worth anything simply because nobody stands for anything. That world has no convictions, no victories, no unions, no heroism, no absolutes, no heartbeat. That world has rigor mortis. — Criss Jami

Rigor Quotes By Garth Greenwell

I do think that the sense of being opposed to the present moment, that sense of the rub of history, invigorates the writing I find most exciting, and maybe precisely in being equally allegiant to an inward fineness of sensibility and an outward-facing rigor of protest or critique. — Garth Greenwell

Rigor Quotes By John Cleveland

Love melts the rigor which the rocks have bred; a flint will break upon a feather bed. — John Cleveland

Rigor Quotes By Various

Mix Kindness with Authority; and rule more by Discretion than Rigor. — Various

Rigor Quotes By Michel Foucault

A policing of sex: that is, not the rigor of a taboo, but the necessity of regulating sex through useful and public discourses. A few examples will suffice. One of the great innovations in the techniques of power in the eighteenth century was the emergence of "population" as an economic and political problem: population as wealth, population as manpower or labor capacity, population balanced between its own growth and the resources it commanded. Governments perceived that they were not dealing simply with subjects, or even with a "people," but with a "population," with its specific phenomena and its peculiar variables: birth and death rates, life expectancy, fertility, state of health, frequency of illnesses, patterns of diet and habitation. — Michel Foucault

Rigor Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

In those days it was possible for a Greek to flee from an over-abundant reality as though it were but the tricky scheming off the imagination-and to flee, not like Plato into the land of eternal ideas, into the workshop off the world-creator, feasting one's eyes on the unblemished unbreakable archetypes, but into the rigor mortis off the coldest emptiest concept off all, the concept of being. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Rigor Quotes By Robert Dodaro

Reacting to Jesus' pronouncement that remarriage after divorce is adultery, his disciples said to him, "If such is the case of a man with his wife, it is better not to marry" (Mt 19:10). From the first moment of its declaration, the teaching Jesus propounded as the will of God was deeply distressing, even to men of good will. Subsequent centuries have shown no slackening in the energy and ingenuity devoted to weakening or nullifying the force of this teaching, and as long as it is expedient to circumvent the doctrine, there will be attempts to explain away its scriptural anchoring. But the doctrine is given as absolute in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and even Paul goes out of his way to insist that, as a messenger of the teaching and not its author, he is not to blame for its rigor: "To the married I give charge, not I but the Lord" (1 Cor 7:10). There can be no serious doubt that the teaching is dominical. — Robert Dodaro

Rigor Quotes By Abraham Joshua Heschel

Only those will apprehend religion who can probe its depth, who can combine intuition and love with the rigor of method — Abraham Joshua Heschel

Rigor Quotes By Jonathan Kozol

Shorn of unattractive language about "robots" who will be producing taxes and not burglarizing homes, the general idea that schools in ghettoized communities must settle for a different set of goals than schools that serve the children of the middle class and upper middle class has been accepted widely. And much of the rhetoric of "rigor" and "high standards" that we hear so frequently, no matter how egalitarian in spirit it may sound to some, is fatally belied by practices that vulgarize the intellects of children and take from their education far too many of the opportunities for cultural and critical reflectiveness without which citizens become receptacles for other people's ideologies and ways of looking at the world but lack the independent spirits to create their own. — Jonathan Kozol

Rigor Quotes By Tina Brown

The comptroller of New York City ought to have all the characteristics of a major corporation's CFO - quiet rigor, obsessive care for detail, incorruptible judgment, an ability to work assiduously behind the scenes with the key stakeholders. — Tina Brown

Rigor Quotes By Edgar Ramirez

I believe in the will. I believe in discipline. I believe in the organization. I believe in the rigor that gives us work. I believe in love as an engine of all things. I believe in the light. I believe in God. I believe in kindness. — Edgar Ramirez

Rigor Quotes By Amanda Ripley

One thing was clear: To give our kids the kind of education they deserved, we had to first agree that rigor mattered most of all; that school existed to help kids learn to think, to work hard, and yes, to fail. That was the core consensus that made everything else possible. — Amanda Ripley

Rigor Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Mine is just a simple old human story - of one person trying, with great rigor and discipline, to comprehend her personal relationship with divinity. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Rigor Quotes By Garth Risk Hallberg

You don't have to subject yourself to the sweep and rigor of Bourdieu's book 'Distinction' to feel how thoroughly a lower-calorie version of its ideas has been absorbed into the cultural bloodstream. — Garth Risk Hallberg

Rigor Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

You leave a man an invitation like that ... he'd have to be dead to decline. I am definitely not dead. Although rigor has definitely settled into at least one part of my body with a vengeance. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Rigor Quotes By Jennifer Westfeldt

People in theatre work harder than anyone in the world - as far as I'm concerned - as far as sheer output of energy and the rigor and excellence that they maintain doing something every day, or twice a day. — Jennifer Westfeldt

Rigor Quotes By Alexander Payne

Jesuits encourage an intellectual rigor in a way that I like. — Alexander Payne

Rigor Quotes By Isabel Allende

I must not get ahead of myself. If I do not narrate the events of my life with rigor and harmony, I will lose my way. — Isabel Allende

Rigor Quotes By Amanda Ripley

The question then was not what other countries were doing, but why. Why did these countries have this consensus around rigor? In the education superpowers, every child knew the importance of an education. These countries had experienced national failure in recent memory; they knew what an existential crisis felt like. In many U.S. schools, however, the priorities were muddled beyond recognition. Sports were central to American students' lives and school cultures in a way in which they were not in most education superpowers. Exchange students agreed almost universally on this point. Nine out of ten international students I surveyed said that U.S. kids placed a higher priority on sports, and six out of ten American exchange students agreed with them. Even in middle school, other researchers had found, American students spent double the amount of time playing sports as Koreans. — Amanda Ripley

Rigor Quotes By Matthew Pearl

'Pity without rigor would be cowardly egotism, mere sentimentality.' — Matthew Pearl

Rigor Quotes By Friedrich Schiller

Rigor pushed too far is sure to miss its aim, however good, as the bow snaps that is bent too stiffly. — Friedrich Schiller

Rigor Quotes By Chang-rae Lee

I can put together a pretty decent meal from whatever happens to be in the refrigerator and the pantry. I like the challenge of this sort of improvisation, the rigor of limitation and sometimes having to take a risk. — Chang-rae Lee

Rigor Quotes By John Shelby Spong

Theism, as a way of conceiving God, has become demonstrably inadequate, and the God of theism not only is dying but is probably not revivable. If the religion of the future depends on keeping alive the definitions of theism, then the human phenomenon that we call religion will have come to an end. If Christianity depends on a theistic definition of God, then we must face the fact that we are watching this noble religious system enter the rigor mortis of its own death throes. — John Shelby Spong

Rigor Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

Where strictness of grammar does not weaken expression, it should be attended to ... But where, by small grammatical negligences, the energy of an idea is condensed, or a word stands for a sentence, I hold grammatical rigor in contempt. — Thomas Jefferson

Rigor Quotes By Robert Barron

Again, I hear almost everyday from atheists who write off religion as primitive, premodern nonsense. I summon Aquinas, Augustine, Paul [of Tarsus], Teresa of Avila, Joseph Ratzinger, and Edith Stein-in all their intellectual rigor-as allies in the the struggle against this dismissive atheism. — Robert Barron

Rigor Quotes By Sam Harris

All I'm arguing for really is that we should have a conversation where the best ideas really thrive, where there's no taboo against criticizing bad ideas, and where everyone who shows up, in order to get their ideas entertained, has to meet some obvious burdens of intellectual rigor and self-criticism and honesty - and when people fail to do that, we are free to stop listening to them. What religion has had up until this moment is a different set of rules that apply only to it, which is you have to respect my religious certainty even though I'm telling you I arrived at it irrationally. — Sam Harris

Rigor Quotes By Isaac Marion

I know I'm not going to say good-bye. And if these staggering refugees want to help, if they think they see something bigger here than a boy chasing a girl, then they can help, and we'll see what happens when we say yes while the rigor mortis world screams no. — Isaac Marion

Rigor Quotes By Christian Kane

I started rocking and rolling when Guns N' Roses came out. It wasn't until Garth Brooks came around that I really got back to country. He made it fun again. To me, in country music, the rigor mortis was setting in and it just wasn't fun anymore. Garth brought everyone back over to country and made it cool again. — Christian Kane

Rigor Quotes By Margaret Spellings

The long and short of it is, we need more rigor in all kinds of programs. — Margaret Spellings

Rigor Quotes By Robert Heilbroner

The use of mathematics has brought rigor to economics. Unfortunately, it has also brought mortis. — Robert Heilbroner

Rigor Quotes By Morris Raphael Cohen

In thus pointing out certain respects in which philosophy resembles literature more than science, I do not mean, of course, to imply that it would be well for philosophy if it ceased to aim at scientific rigor. — Morris Raphael Cohen

Rigor Quotes By Emil M. Cioran

The best of myself, that point of light which distances me from everything, I owe to my infrequent encounters with a few bitter fools, a few disconsolate bastards, who, victims of the rigor of their cynicism, could no longer attach themselves to any vice. — Emil M. Cioran

Rigor Quotes By Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov

But anything that can be called "rigor" is lost exactly where the things become interesting and non trivial. — Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov

Rigor Quotes By Emile Chartier

One must be truthful with oneself about one's own motives, especially if one is to survive in the world. It takes rigor, and it takes courage. — Emile Chartier

Rigor Quotes By Pope Benedict XVI

The Church does not invent sins but recognizes the will of God and has to declare it. Of course, the great thing.. is that upon the Church, which has to declare the will of God in its full magnitude, in its unconditional rigor, so that man should know his true measure, is bestowed as a gift, at the same time, the task of forgiving. — Pope Benedict XVI

Rigor Quotes By Benjamin Cardozo

In the end the great truth will have been learned that the quest is greater than what is sought, the effort finer that the prize (or rather, that the effort is the prize), the victory cheap and hollow were it not for the rigor of the game. — Benjamin Cardozo

Rigor Quotes By Dennis Merritt Jones

Why do we resist the mystery that change brings? When we get too rigid and inflexible, rigor mortis of the soul sets in. For proof of this, we need look no further than to those who choose to stay in a relationship or job long after the soul, or life force, that originally brought it passion and joy has vacated the premises. — Dennis Merritt Jones

Rigor Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

The man may not be dead, but he was certainly stiff. And this had nothing to do with rigor mortis. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Rigor Quotes By Henry Ward Beecher

Flowers ... have a mysterious and subtle influence upon the feelings, not unlike some strains of music. They relax the tenseness of the mind. They dissolve its rigor. — Henry Ward Beecher

Rigor Quotes By Maggie Kuhn

Learning and sex until rigor mortis. — Maggie Kuhn

Rigor Quotes By Gregory Bateson

Rigor alone is paralytic death, but imagination alone is insanity. — Gregory Bateson

Rigor Quotes By Henry Giroux

Clearly, one does not have to give up being an academic, retreat from rigorous research, or renounce the importance of specialization in order to address major social issues. I don't think you give up theoretical rigor by writing in a way that addresses major social concerns and is at the same time accessible to wider informed general audiences. — Henry Giroux

Rigor Quotes By Camille Paglia

I've been a longtime admirer of Condoleezza Rice, because I like her articulateness and style - her toughness and rigor. — Camille Paglia

Rigor Quotes By Joan Baez

Somebody else does the rigor and then I listen. I have an assistant, and my manager, and other people who hunt and find and send it to me, and then I just figure out which ones I can do justice to. — Joan Baez

Rigor Quotes By Jim Baggott

For more than four hundred years we nurtured the belief (should that, perhaps, be faith?) that evidence-based investigation meeting scientific standards of rigor would reveal the true mechanism of nature. and yet when the mechanisms of nature were revealed to be quantum mechanisms, the worlds of science and philosophy were set on a collision course. instead of truth and comprehension, we got deeply unsettling questions about what we can ever hope to know about the world. — Jim Baggott

Rigor Quotes By Regina Doman

I went to work for Catholics United for the Faith, and I basically found myself in the midst of the traditionalist branch of the Catholic revival. There is an intellectual rigor that is very much valued there and that I was in awe of. — Regina Doman

Rigor Quotes By Mario Acevedo

The stakeout. The least glamorous and yet often the most valuable activity in investigations. To endure the agonizing boredom and forestall restlessness, I slowed my metabolism into near rigor mortis until I was nothing more than a pair of eyeballs fixed — Mario Acevedo

Rigor Quotes By Antonin Artaud

Cruelty signifies rigor, implacable intention and decision, irreversible and absolute determination, — Antonin Artaud

Rigor Quotes By David Frum

Anyone who can be cool about his first visit to the Oval Office has lost so much body heat that rigor mortis is probably about to set in. — David Frum

Rigor Quotes By Robert W. Floyd

The establishment of formal standards for proofs about programs [ ... ] and the proposal that the semantics of a programming language may be defined independently of all processors for that language, by establishing standards of rigor for proofs about programs in the language, appears to be novel. — Robert W. Floyd

Rigor Quotes By David G. Hays

A ground plan is important in terms of its rigor. If your plan is soggy and weak, your production will be soggy and weak. — David G. Hays

Rigor Quotes By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Even when I don't have to write, I arrange it every morning with the pointless rigor that has made me lose so many lovers. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Rigor Quotes By Ross Douthat

Indeed, this is perhaps the greatest Christian paradox of all - that the world's most paradoxical religion has cultivated rationalism and scientific rigor more diligently than any of its rivals, making the Christian world safe for philosophy as well as fervor, for the study of nature as well as the contemplation of divinity. — Ross Douthat

Rigor Quotes By Carl Sagan

It may be that there are kernels of truth in a few of these doctrines, but their widespread acceptance
betokens a lack of intellectual rigor, an absence of skepticism, a need to replace experiments by desires. — Carl Sagan

Rigor Quotes By Frank Stella

Once I really started to understand Frank Stella's work and follow it, there's a certain type of invention and playfulness and extreme rigor with which he kept going forward. — Frank Stella

Rigor Quotes By Andrew Zuckerman

What gets projects done for me is not inspiration. It's curiosity and rigor. — Andrew Zuckerman

Rigor Quotes By Amanda Ripley

Wealth had made rigor optional in America. But everything had changed. In an automated, global economy, kids needed to be driven; then need to know how to adapt, since they would be doing it all their lives. They needed a culture of rigor. — Amanda Ripley

Rigor Quotes By Paulo Coelho

He manages to balance Rigor and Mercy. — Paulo Coelho

Rigor Quotes By Amanda Ripley

Why did math matter so much? Some reasons were practical: More and more jobs required familiarity with probability, statistics, and geometry. The other reason was that math was not just math. Math is a language of logic. It is a disciplined, organized way of thinking. There is a right answer; there are rules that must be followed. More than any other subject, math is rigor distilled. Mastering the language of logic helps to embed higher-order habits in kids' minds: the ability to reason, for example, to detect patterns and to make informed guesses. Those kinds of skills had rising value in a — Amanda Ripley

Rigor Quotes By Seth Godin

Cupcakes The first time you bake cupcakes, you will certainly follow the recipe with rigor. The third time, you might improvise and screw up. Learning your lesson, you will follow the recipe again and again as closely as you can. At this point, by the fifth time, some people actually learn to bake. They improvise successfully. They understand the science and the outcomes. They develop a kind of gracefulness in the kitchen. Others merely plod along. They're cooks, not chefs. A cook follows a recipe. A chef invents one. We have too many cooks. The world is begging for chefs. — Seth Godin

Rigor Quotes By John Patrick Shanley

Conscience is the most dangerous thing you possess. If you wake it up, it may destroy you. To live a life of total moral rigor is not necessarily the way to go. It's the path for very few people. Most people need to come up with some kind of middle ground that satisfies their practical, moral, and philosophical esthetic needs. — John Patrick Shanley

Rigor Quotes By John Dufresne

I think I've learned to be mindful. I may not have taken the time to try to understand narrative techniques, let's say, with any rigor, if I did not also have to try to explain those techniques to someone else. — John Dufresne

Rigor Quotes By Christopher Galvin

I took a long view in order to not destroy the core Galvin-defined principles imbued in Motorola, such as constant respect for people, its instincts for breakthrough innovation, and continuous renewal in thinking and process rigor. — Christopher Galvin

Rigor Quotes By Dumitru Tepeneag

In Necessary Marriage, I tried to repeat entire phrases without the reader noticing. My work doesn't have the rigor of music, but I hope it alludes to it. — Dumitru Tepeneag

Rigor Quotes By Robert Penn Warren

She always stood so trim and erect, and you had the feeling that all her grace and softness was caught in the rigor of an idea which you could not define. — Robert Penn Warren

Rigor Quotes By Marilynne Robinson

What if good institutions were in fact the product of good intentions? What if the cynicism that is supposed to be rigor and the acquisitiveness that is supposed to be realism are making us forget the origins of the greatness we lay claim to - power and wealth as secondary consequences of the progress of freedom, or, as Whitman would prefer, Democracy? — Marilynne Robinson

Rigor Quotes By Bill Jay

Museum collections have given photography rigor, and mortis. — Bill Jay

Rigor Quotes By Alexander Hamilton

A habit of labor in the people is as essential to the health and rigor of their minds and bodies as it is conducive to the welfare of the state. — Alexander Hamilton

Rigor Quotes By Penny Kittle

A book isn't rigorous if students aren't reading it. — Penny Kittle

Rigor Quotes By David Simon

The best I can hope for is that I might provoke a water cooler argument between you and somebody else. But it is not journalism. It doesn't have the rigor of journalism. It doesn't have the proof positive that facts provide. So it can be readily dismissed as mere propaganda. But I can certainly reach more people. — David Simon

Rigor Quotes By Naomi Wolf

We should be telling girls what they already know but rarely see affirmed: that the lives they lead inside their own self-contained bodies; the skills they attain through their own concentration and rigor, and the unique phase in their lives during which they may explore boys and eroticism at their own pace - these are magical. And they constitute the entrance point to a life cycle of a sexuality that should be held sacred. — Naomi Wolf

Rigor Quotes By David Elkind

It makes little sense to spend a month teaching decimal fractions to fourth-grade pupils when they can be taught in a week, and better understood and retained, by sixth-grade students. Child-centeredness does not mean lack of rigor or standards; it does mean finding the best match between curricula and children's developing interests and abilities. — David Elkind

Rigor Quotes By George Chapman

Extremes, though contrary, have the like effects. Extreme heat kills, and so extreme cold: extreme love breeds satiety, and so extreme hatred; and too violent rigor tempts chastity, as does too much license. — George Chapman

Rigor Quotes By Tom Robbins

Those who shun the whimsy of things will experience rigor mortis before death. — Tom Robbins

Rigor Quotes By Isaac Asimov

We can see, now, that the social background of the Empire makes wars of conquest impossible for it. Under weak Emperors, it is torn apart by generals competing for a worthless and surely death-bringing throne. Under strong Emperors, the Empire is frozen into a paralytic rigor in which disintegration apparently ceases for the moment, but only at the sacrifice of all possible growth. — Isaac Asimov

Rigor Quotes By Anna Quindlen

Even as we enumerate their shortcomings, the rigor of raising children ourselves makes clear to us our mothers' incredible strength. We fear both. If they are not strong, who will protect us? If they are not imperfect, how can we equal them? — Anna Quindlen

Rigor Quotes By Edmund Burke

An extreme rigor is sure to arm everything against it. — Edmund Burke

Rigor Quotes By Lindsay Duncan

You always remember the delicacy of the work you do on a new play - the delicacy and the rigor and the courage. — Lindsay Duncan

Rigor Quotes By Gil Scott-Heron

I found my grandmother dead. It shook me up. I got up to make her breakfast, and I knew it was strange that she wasn't stirring. I went in to wake her, and she was laying in rigor mortis, and I'm done. I called next door, and the kid picked up the phone, and I was so wild, he dropped it. — Gil Scott-Heron

Rigor Quotes By Kiel Moe

The modest analytic tool of simulation is not by itself a sufficient tool for these larger questions. This does nothing to demote the essential work of designers and engineers focused intently and rigorously on questions of energy through simulation. This remains very important work, but today it demands a more comprehensive and extensive context that amplifies the architecture and energy systems with equal purpose and rigor. — Kiel Moe

Rigor Quotes By Marilynne Robinson

I really can't claim ever to have had an exceptionally close relationship with a minister. I'm always there. I pay my pledge. I listen and observe with interest. I'm very sympathetic with the rigor and the aesthetic quality of what they do. Aside from that, I don't have a kind of personal experience with any of them that I could consider privileged, so to speak. — Marilynne Robinson

Rigor Quotes By Jessica Lahey

Unfortunately, parents who put a priority on saving kids from frustration and teachers who put a priority on challenging their students often butt heads, and consequently, the parent-teacher partnership has reached a breaking point. Teaching has become a push and pull between opposing forces in which parents want teachers to educate their children with increasing rigor, but reject those rigorous lessons as "too hard" or "too frustrating" for their children to endure. Parents rightly feel protective of their children's self-esteem, but teachers too often bear the brunt of parental ire. — Jessica Lahey

Rigor Quotes By Jonathan Littell

If we were committing an injustice, we ought to think about it, and decide if it was necessary and inevitable, or if it was only the result of taking the easy way out, of laziness, of a lack of thought. It was a question of rigor. I knew that these decisions were made at a much higher level than our own; still, we weren't automatons, it was important not just to obey orders, but to adhere to them; yet I was having doubts, and that troubled me. Finally — Jonathan Littell

Rigor Quotes By Octavio Paz

There is nothing sacred or untouchable except the freedom to think. Without criticism, that is to say, without rigor and experimentation, there is no science, without criticism there is no art or literature. I would also say that without criticism there is no healthy society. — Octavio Paz

Rigor Quotes By Dan Wells

Rigor mortis was caused by a natural build-up of calcium in the muscles; living bodies used that calcium for various things, but in dead bodies it just built up and built up until the muscles grew rigid. In a day or so she'd be loose again from decay, but for now we had to knead the calcium out by hand, stroking and pressing and rubbing the flesh until it was soft and pliable. — Dan Wells

Rigor Quotes By Fred Alan Wolf

Alchemy and Kabbalah are later developments in my thinking. I think the primary interest has been the relationship of magic and mystery to logic and understanding. Those are the primary driving forces of my life. I have this ability, for some reason, to be able to hold both the Magical MysteryTour we're on in conjunction with the logical rigor of understanding theoretical physics, which makes me kind of a rare bird, because usually you're one or the other. — Fred Alan Wolf

Rigor Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

Why did you laugh right before you lost consciousness."
"Death's an adventure. I lived big. Rigor mortis makes your face stick. So, who knew how to thaw me?"
"Death's an insult."
"At least an affront," I agree. — Karen Marie Moning

Rigor Quotes By Gaston Caperton

It is our hope that the AP program can serve as an anchor for increasing rigor in our schools. Rigor can be maintained while increasing student participation. — Gaston Caperton

Rigor Quotes By Emily St. John Mandel

Tesch seems to be someone who mistakes rudeness for intellectual rigor. — Emily St. John Mandel

Rigor Quotes By Michael Crichton

Science is nothing more than a method of inquiry. The method says an assertion is valid, and merits universal acceptance, only if it can be independently verified. The impersonal rigor of the method means it is utterly apolitical. A truth in science is verifiable whether you are black or white, male or female, old or young. It's verifiable whether you like the results of a study, or you don't. — Michael Crichton