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Right Track Quotes By Osho

Even when you are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there." "To — Osho

Right Track Quotes By Jack Kerouac

A poet is a blind optimist.
The world is against him for
many reasons. But the
poet persists. He believes
that he is on the right track,
no matter what any of his
fellow men say. In his
eternal search for truth, the
poet is alone.
He tries to be timeless in a
society built on time. — Jack Kerouac

Right Track Quotes By Zac Efron

I don't know if I believe in love at first sight, but of course I believe in two people having chemistry right away. A girl should be really easy to talk to. When I lose track of time because we've been talking, I think that's really fun. — Zac Efron

Right Track Quotes By Tommy Lee

Sometimes when you cut your bed tracks right off the bat, you don't really know where the vocal is landing and where the background vocals are, and other loops and stuff that are going on. — Tommy Lee

Right Track Quotes By Irina Serban

Coincidence is just the hand of God who pushes you on the right track. That path will lead your steps towards an epiphany that will change your life. Don't believe in coincidences, believe in the righteousness of everything that happens to you. — Irina Serban

Right Track Quotes By Mike Krieger

Hearing 'no' a lot of times usually tells you either you're crazy or you're on the right track, and you don't know which one it is until you finally launch. — Mike Krieger

Right Track Quotes By Robyn Davidson

There are some moments in life that are like pivots around which your existence turns - small intuitive flashes, when you know you have done something correct for a change, when you think you are on the right track. I watched a pale dawn streak the cliffs with Day-glo and realized this was one of them. It was a moment of pure, uncomplicated confidence - and lasted about ten seconds. — Robyn Davidson

Right Track Quotes By Benjamin Carson

America became a great nation early on not because it was flooded with politicians, but because it was flooded with people who understood the value of personal responsibility, hard work, creativity, innovation, and that's what will get us on the right track now, as well. — Benjamin Carson

Right Track Quotes By Jennifer Niven

It's funny, right? That even though we're basically alone in here"- he thumps his chest- "it's easy to lose track of yourself."

I want to say I know. I get it. It's easy to give everyone what they want. What's expected. The problem with doing this is you lose sight of where you truly begin and where the fake you, the one who tries to be everything to everyone, ends.

He smiles this sad smile. "I've been shitty."

"So I guess Dusty got to you too."

"I guess so. — Jennifer Niven

Right Track Quotes By John Verdon

The fact that no one was dead persuaded him that he was on the right trackJohn Verdon

Right Track Quotes By Ed Helms

So long as your desire to explore is greater than your desire to not screw up, you're on the right track. — Ed Helms

Right Track Quotes By Steig Larsson

She had been sharing a house with him for a week, and he had not once flirted with her. He had worked with her, asked her opinion, slapped her on the knuckles figuratively speaking when she was on the wrong track, and acknowledged that she was right when she corrected him. Dammit, he had treated her like a human being. — Steig Larsson

Right Track Quotes By Judd Apatow

I test the movies a lot, and if the audience says they love the movie, we know we're on the right track. And if they tell me they hate it, I try to figure out what I've done wrong. But every time out, the audience wants me to go deeper, they want to know more about the characters, and they don't want these movies to be shallow. So they really urge me to tell them a complicated story, and then when I do so, they're thrilled — Judd Apatow

Right Track Quotes By Alan Watts

If you belong to an in-group of good, or saved, or elite people, you can only know that you're in because someone else is out. You cannot live on the right side of the tracks without there being a wrong side of the tracks, so you ought to be grateful to the outside for having the privilege of being on the inside. — Alan Watts

Right Track Quotes By Janice Hardy

Doing whats right is never easy ... You think you're right, but you lose track of what you were trying to do all along and then there's blood and screaming and death.Doing a bad thing for a good end just sours the good. — Janice Hardy

Right Track Quotes By Kenny Chesney

Growing up too fast and I do recall, Wishin' time would stop right in it's tracks. — Kenny Chesney

Right Track Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

My son, hold fast! Do not care for anybody to help you. Is not the Lord infinitely greater than all human help? Be holy
trust in the Lord, depend on him always, and you are on the right track. Nothing can prevail against you. — Swami Vivekananda

Right Track Quotes By Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb

No matter how perfect & honest a person is, there will always be people to criticize. In other words, if everyone agrees with someone, there is something fundamentally wrong with what that individual is doing. If you are not criticized, you are not in the right track. — Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb

Right Track Quotes By Robert Downey Jr.

I need a lot of support ... Life is really hard, and I don't see some active benevolent force out there. I see it as basically a really cool survival game. You get on the right side of the tracks, and you now are actually working with what some people would call magic. — Robert Downey Jr.

Right Track Quotes By Ernest Cline

I noticed that Halliday had added an old eight-track tape player to the cockpit control panel. There was also a rack of eight-track tapes mounted over my right shoulder. I grabbed one and slapped it into the deck. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC began to blast out of the robot's internal and external speakers, so loud it made my chair vibrate. — Ernest Cline

Right Track Quotes By Arthur Miller

Willy: I am building something with this firm, Ben, and if a man is building something he must be on the right track, mustn't he?
Ben: What are you building? Lay your hand on it. where is it?
Willy [hesitantly]: That's true, Linda, there's nothing. — Arthur Miller

Right Track Quotes By Mikhail Baryshnikov

I know when I am on stage and I'm kind of on the right track - hopefully most of the time. But a lot of time I'm not. — Mikhail Baryshnikov

Right Track Quotes By Paul H. Dunn

Photo of boy with white dirt on his faceYou may be on the right track, but if you just sit there you'll get run over. — Paul H. Dunn

Right Track Quotes By Sergio Aragones

You can be on the right track and still get hit by a train! — Sergio Aragones

Right Track Quotes By Brian Blessed

The greatest danger in life is not taking chances. There are so many negative people wanting to grind you down, but you can't let them. If people say you are mad, you know you're on the right track. — Brian Blessed

Right Track Quotes By Lorenzo Di Bonaventura

I think when you're doing something cutting edge like 'The Matrix,' it might mean when everybody's saying 'no' that you're really on the right track. — Lorenzo Di Bonaventura

Right Track Quotes By Dick Pound

I would be inclined to say 'if you are not willing to cooperate and follow the rules of your international federation you are not the right track and field association to be part of the USOC', — Dick Pound

Right Track Quotes By Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Preparation is essential to achieving your goals in life. You don't want to miss a great opportunity because you were not prepared. Determination and motivation will put you on the right track. You've got the passion, that driving desire to be successful. But, you must take certain steps to put you in a position to be readily available for the reward. — Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Right Track Quotes By Thomas Hardy

It is a difficult question, my friends, for any young man
that question I had to grapple with, and which thousands are weighing at the present moment in these uprising times
whether to follow uncritically the track he finds himself in, without considering his aptness for it, or to consider what his aptness or bent may be, and re-shape his course accordingly. I tried to do the latter, and I failed. But I don't admit that my failure proved my view to be a wrong one, or that my success would have made it a right one; though that's how we appraise such attempts nowadays
I mean, not by their essential soundness, but by their accidental outcomes. If I had ended by becoming like one of these gentlemen in red and black that we saw dropping in here by now, everybody would have said: 'See how wise that young man was, to follow the bent of his nature!' But having ended no better than I began they say: 'See what a fool that fellow was in following a freak of his fancy! — Thomas Hardy

Right Track Quotes By Timothy Griffin

In order for our country and economy to get on the right track again, we need a leader who understands how the real economy works and has the vision to fundamentally change Washington. That leader is Mitt Romney. No other candidate in the field possesses his lifetime of success in both the private sector and as a governor. — Timothy Griffin

Right Track Quotes By Mya

My favorite track from the album Independent is Hold On. Everyone at some point fights battles or has struggles, and in moments of doubt or defeat, this is the song coming from a place of never giving up. It makes me think of the angel on the shoulder voicing understanding but guiding you in the right direction to take you out of that dark place. — Mya

Right Track Quotes By Ali Al-Ahmed

God is merciful cant we all be on the right track of faith but just using different roads? — Ali Al-Ahmed

Right Track Quotes By Kelly Sue DeConnick

Get inside her head. Get inside any character's head and ask what they want in this scene. And if you work from the perspective of what they want, there's not going to be any wrong answer. There's going to be some boring answers, but none of them are going to be wrong. As long as she has agency, then you're on the right track. — Kelly Sue DeConnick

Right Track Quotes By J.R. Ward

The King's hand shot out so fast the eye could barely track it, and somehow, even without sight, he got the trajectory right, clamping a hold on the throat of his fighter. He didn't even look in Vishous's direction, his focus remaining on Xcor.
In response, Vishous didn't defend himself, even as he was forced to gasp for breath, his goateed jaw dropping open.
"Don't you love it when people know their places," Wrath said to Xcor tightly. "When they understand those moments when they need to keep their fucking mouths shut."
Xcor had to smile. Wrath and he were kin in some ways, weren't they.
"Aye, my Lord," he murmured. — J.R. Ward

Right Track Quotes By Colleen Hoover

I seem to have a one-track mind, and that track leads straight to the two things I shouldn't even be thinking about right now. Her boobs. Both of them. — Colleen Hoover

Right Track Quotes By Thomas Hardy

Whether to follow uncritically the track he finds himself in, without considering his aptness for it, or to consider what his aptness or bent may be, and reshape his course accordingly. I tried to do the latter, and I failed. But I don't admit that my failure proved my view to be a wrong one, or that my success would have made it a right one; though that's how we appraise such attempts nowadays. — Thomas Hardy

Right Track Quotes By Eduardo Galeano

It happened in Chicago in 1886.
On the first of May, strikes paralyzed cities across the country. The Philadelphia Tribune offered a diagnosis: 'The labor element has been bitten by a kind of universal tarantula - it has gone dancing mad.'
Dancing mad were the workers who fought for the eight-hour day and for the right to form unions
On every May first, the entire world remembers them. With the passing of time, constitutions, laws, and international accords have proved them right.
But some of the most powerful corporations have yet to find out. They outlaw unions and keep track of the workday with those melting clocks painted by Salvador Dali. — Eduardo Galeano

Right Track Quotes By Jim Rowe

Van Gogh is the best example of how a person can be on the right track, propelled by gut feeling and some kind of strange obsessive stubborn conviction, that no one seems to understand. — Jim Rowe

Right Track Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Yes, one is on the right track when one does not know what one is thinking when one is thinking; everything is handed to one, as it were. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Right Track Quotes By Michelle Rempel

We are well-placed internationally right now and this government has been very clear in stating that our continued concern and vision for this country is to see that long-term economic growth and prosperity, build on the track record of one million net new jobs. These are things Canadians want
to have steady hands on the tiller and that's what's been done today. — Michelle Rempel

Right Track Quotes By Samer Chidiac

You might be on the right track, but you can't just stand there! — Samer Chidiac

Right Track Quotes By Jenny Lawson

If you scored between zero and 8,000: You are you. You're more you than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. Keep going. You're on the right track. Also, your hair looks great today. — Jenny Lawson

Right Track Quotes By Matthew Keith Groves

Winners lose much more often than losers. So if you keep losing but you're still trying, keep it up! You're on the right track, — Matthew Keith Groves

Right Track Quotes By Lady Gaga

I'm beautiful in my way 'cause God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way. — Lady Gaga

Right Track Quotes By Pascal Lamy

Today we can be sure we are heading into the right direction. We managed to put the round back on track, after a long hibernation. But we are not there yet. — Pascal Lamy

Right Track Quotes By Dalai Lama

I have been clear in my position for quite a while, but the Chinese have not responded. Therefore, we are now in the process of holding a referendum on our policy among all the Tibetan community in exile and even inside Tibet, to check whether the majority thinks we are on the right track. — Dalai Lama

Right Track Quotes By Mathieu Demy

I had my little teenage craziness where I wanted to be a doctor, I admit. I have to confess at one point I considered even going to school. Hopefully, I went back on the right track being an artist. — Mathieu Demy

Right Track Quotes By Randy Neugebauer

President Bush has a track record of making the right decisions when it comes to national security. — Randy Neugebauer

Right Track Quotes By Various


Right Track Quotes By Mitch Albom

I begin to call Morrie "Coach," the way I used to address my high school track coach. Morrie likes the nickname. "Coach," he says. "All right, I'll be your coach. And you can be my player. You can play all the lovely parts of life that I'm too old for now. — Mitch Albom

Right Track Quotes By Dakota Fanning

When everything in your life is right on track, it's easy to believe that things happen for a reason. It's easy to have faith. But when things start to go wrong, then it's very hard to hold on to that faith. It's hard not to wonder who's reasons these things are happening for. — Dakota Fanning

Right Track Quotes By Diana Quick

There have been setbacks, illnesses and other obstacles, so inevitably I've had disappointments. But once you realise that things can't always go your own way, you're on the right track to being able to handle your own life. — Diana Quick

Right Track Quotes By Jonathan Tropper

It's true. somewhere inside us we are all the ages we have ever been. We're the 3 year old who got bit by the dog. We're the 6 year old our mother lost track of at the mall. We're the 10 year old who get tickled till we wet our pants. We're the 13 year old shy kid with zits. We're the 16 year old no one asked to the prom, and so on. We walk around in the bodies of adults until someone presses the right button and summons up one of those kids. — Jonathan Tropper

Right Track Quotes By Bryan Houghton

Moreover, our certitudes were closely bound to a given set of symbols. Change the well defined Latin term for an undefined Greek one and every bishop and every priest found himself at a loss. We knew the catechism by heart; mention catechesis and we are no longer sure who made us and why. We could manage a dogmatic sermon all right but just listen to our homilies! We were absolutely firm about confession and contrition; all our firmness vanished at the one word METANOIA. We knew exactly what the Mass was; the Eucharist is hazy. Even the Consecration and the Real Presence have been engulfed in the mist of ANAMNESIS. All this is patently true, is undeniable. We had received a solid theological training in our seminaries. It did not stand the test. It collapsed overnight without leaving track or trace. — Bryan Houghton

Right Track Quotes By Donovan Bailey

I was working in corporate Canada and I was doing all right. But I was burnt out ... Long hours, a lot of clients. I just wanted to get away. Track and field was sort of like the elimination thing. I just wanted to go and do something. Exercise my brain and my body and kind of gravitate to that. — Donovan Bailey

Right Track Quotes By Marc Guggenheim

Whenever you can manoeuvre your characters into a situation where they both have a good argument to make, you're on the right track. — Marc Guggenheim

Right Track Quotes By Albert Einstein

You imagine that I look back on my life's work with calm satisfaction. But from nearby it looks quite different. There is not a single concept of which I am convinced that it will stand firm, and I feel uncertain whether I am in general on the right track. — Albert Einstein

Right Track Quotes By Adriano Galliani

After three League games, we have the same number of points as last year even if we have played two away games this time round, ... As we got back on the right track last season, including making up an eight-point gap in a few games, we just need to stay calm. — Adriano Galliani

Right Track Quotes By Rob Sheffield

I thought, there is nowhere else in the universe I would rather be at this moment ... There is nowhere else I could imagine wanting to be besides here in this car, with this girl, on this road, listening to this song. If she breaks my heart, no matter what hell she puts me through, I can say it was worth it, just because of right now. Out the window is a blur and all I can really hear is this girl's hair flapping in the wind, and maybe if we drive fast enough the universe will lose track of us and forget to stick us somewhere else. — Rob Sheffield

Right Track Quotes By Austan Goolsbee

I think actually the American people are pretty realistic. In polls they ask what do you think of the president's policies. Is he on the right track? They say yes. They ask them how long will it take for the economy to recover. And people are saying two years. — Austan Goolsbee

Right Track Quotes By Michael Crichton

They believed that prediction was just a function of keeping track of things. If you knew enough, you could predict anything. That's been cherished scientific belief since Newton.'
Chaos theory throws it right out the window. — Michael Crichton

Right Track Quotes By Tao Lin

It was spring, not winter or autumn, Paul thought with some lingering confusion. He listened to the layered murmur of wind against leaves, familiarly and gently disorienting as a terrestrial sound track, reminding people of their own lives, then opened his MacBook - sideways, like a hardcover book - and looked at the internet, lying on his side, with his right ear pressed into his pillow, as if, unable to return to sleep, at least in position to hear what, in his absence, might be happening there. — Tao Lin

Right Track Quotes By Nicholas Jarecki

When you're editing the film, you use a temp track. So you're putting music in there for a rough cut to keep track of what's going on. It can be a hindrance if wrong, it can be an enormous asset if you get it right. — Nicholas Jarecki

Right Track Quotes By Amy Goodman

I've learned in my years as a journalist that when a politician says 'That's ridiculous' you're probably on the right track. — Amy Goodman

Right Track Quotes By Eudora Welty

It was entirely taken for granted that there wasn't any lying in our family, and I was advanced in adolescence before I realized that in plenty of homes where I played with schoolmates, and went to their parties, children lied to their parents and parents lied to their children and to each other. It took me a long time to realize that these very same everyday lies, and the stratagems and jokes and tricks and dares that went with them, were in fact the basis of the scenes I so well loved to hear about and hoped for and treasured in the conversation of adults. My instinct - the dramatic instinct - was to lead me, eventually, on the right track for a storyteller: the scene was full of hints, pointers, suggestions, and promises of things to find out and know about human beings.I had to grow up and learn to listen for the unspoken as well as the spoken - and to know a truth, I also had to recognize a lie. — Eudora Welty

Right Track Quotes By Bernie Taupin

My Mother set me on the right track, Marty Robbins made me want to write songs, and Jesus Christ did the rest. — Bernie Taupin

Right Track Quotes By Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

There's no short-cut in life but with right knowledge, you can fast-track things to come to pass. — Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Right Track Quotes By Eddie Campbell

Dave Sim said in his latest thing of his, 'when you're on the right track, you'll know it, but until you get there, you have to believe you're on the right track'. Interesting little conundrum. It's not easy. — Eddie Campbell

Right Track Quotes By Laurie Halse Anderson

You know how sometimes you hear a chord played on an organ and you can feel it vibrating in your bones? Sometimes when I'm writing, I can feel my bones vibrating because I'll have a thought or I'll have a character's voice in my head, and that's when I know I'm on the right track. — Laurie Halse Anderson

Right Track Quotes By William Shatner

I proceeded to prove everybody right as to how bad an economics student I was by failing as an assistant manager in every theatre I went to that hired me, both as an assistant manager and as an actor. I lost money and tickets, and I couldn't keep track of anything. So eventually they fired me from assistant-manager jobs, but kept me on as an actor. — William Shatner

Right Track Quotes By Osunsakin Adewale

God can turn your resistance to assistance when you keep on going on the right track of God. — Osunsakin Adewale

Right Track Quotes By Frederick Buechner

My story is important not because it is mine, God knows, but because if I tell it anything like right, the chances are you will recognize that in many ways it is also yours ... it is precisely through these stories in all their particularity, as I have long believed and often said, that God makes himself known to each of us more powerfully and personally. If this is true, it means that to lose track of our stories is to be profoundly impoverished not only humanly but also spiritually. — Frederick Buechner

Right Track Quotes By Jodi Picoult

If Daddy could see me now. I spent the morning with Rebecca at the Indianapolis Speedway, at an auto museum filled with Nascars and racing paraphernalia. Do you remember when we used to watch all five hundred laps with him, every year? I never understood what it was that made auto racing such a biggie for him - it's not like he ever tried the sport himself. He told me once when I was older that it was the absolute speed of it all. I liked to watch for crashes, like you. I liked the way there'd be a huge explosion on the track and billows of ebony smoke, and the other cars would just keep a straight course and head right for the spin, into this sort of black box, and they'd come out okay. I — Jodi Picoult

Right Track Quotes By Kodi Ramamurthy Naidu

I have devoted my whole life to Physical Culture. I shall devote the rest too for the same. I have seen the degradation in which we are at present. I have travelled extensively and all that I have remarked here is from experience; and my suggestions are to meet the situation. I know they would, if adapted remedy the evil; for, I have studied carefully the position. If we in all seriousness wish to call ourselves the descendants of the mighty Yoddhas of past, if we wish not to cast a blot on the fair name of India, if we wish that India should have a future vying with its glorious past, if we wish that we should gain an honorable and equal place among the peoples of the world it should be our sacred resolve from now to wake up from the sleep as a lion; we should muster muscle and steel the body. For all greatness lies in Culture and 1 should only be too gratified if my scheme could put the youth of the country on the right track to achieve our most cherished Ideals. — Kodi Ramamurthy Naidu

Right Track Quotes By Alice Clayton

Well, considering my entire life, now seems rules by odd coincidences, I figure it's right on track. — Alice Clayton

Right Track Quotes By Tommy Tenney

The difference between the truth of God and revelation is very simple. Truth is where God's been. Revelation is where God is. Truth is God's tracks. It's His trail, His path, but it leads to what? It leads to Him. Perhaps the masses of people are happy to know where God's been, but true God chasers are not content just to study God's trail, His truths; they want to know Him. They want to know where He is and what He's doing right now. — Tommy Tenney

Right Track Quotes By Wayne Allard

I think America is on the right track. — Wayne Allard

Right Track Quotes By Rolly Lavapie

Life in Christ is like traveling on a metro link train, with a predetermined destination. You are not the driver, Jesus is, and God provided the route on this one time trip. He plotted everything, the date and the time of your travel and arrival. There will be stops and delays along the way, but remember this, at the bottom of a traffic light is always a green light. — Rolly Lavapie

Right Track Quotes By Joe Manganiello

I think when portraying someone that does exist in real life, there's an amount of respect and you want to do them justice. I don't really care what anybody says out there about what I did in the film; I care what these guys thought about what I did. If I'm making them happy, then I know I'm on the right track. — Joe Manganiello

Right Track Quotes By Gene Wilder

I write funny. If I can make my wife laugh, I know I'm on the right track. — Gene Wilder

Right Track Quotes By Sarah Blasko

It was really hard to do that at first. You have been holding onto this thing - even though you know what someone has done before and you have faith in what they can achieve - it's just a matter of whether that's gonna be right for you. At first you do need to be quite protective; to make sure it's going down the right track, so I was pretty nervous to begin with. — Sarah Blasko

Right Track Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

A higher speed on the wrong path is very is fatal! Don't be desperate about going ahead with the highest speed. First of all, be sure you are on the right track. — Israelmore Ayivor

Right Track Quotes By Peter Heller

So little by little, with painstaking slowness, I was learning to surf and, even less quickly, learning what it was to love another person. Kim was teaching me that part. Kim demanded to be loved well. She would have nothing less. She would guide me, nudge me, let me flounder, set me back on the right track until I got it. It was astounding. I couldn't believe she loved me so steadily and forgave my lapses and gave me the nod to try again, better. I couldn't believe my great fortune in finding someone willing to go the distance with me, willing to stick around till I got it right. — Peter Heller

Right Track Quotes By Sereda Aleta Dailey

To me, the simplest gift that a husband or a wife can do for their partner is to remind them of their precious visions, goals and dreams. What a gift that is to have a voice of reason right in your corner when you sometimes need a little nudge to get back on track. To have a team player to cheer you on and to support your efforts is indeed a massive present from the universe. Whomever has such a gift should surely treasure and protect it for all its worth. It's worth is invaluable to the world. — Sereda Aleta Dailey

Right Track Quotes By Joe Schreiber

Listen to me, Trace told him. I don't know who you are, but I am in possession of a very special set of skills. If you bring my sister back right now, unharmed, then I'll let you go. But if you don't, I promise you, I will track you down. I will find you. And I will make you pay. — Joe Schreiber

Right Track Quotes By Will Rodgers

You might be on the right track but if you don't move on, you'll get hit by a train. — Will Rodgers

Right Track Quotes By Will Rogers

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. My folks were Indian. Both my mother and father had Cherokee blood in them. I was born and raised in Indian Territory. 'Course we're not the Americans whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower, but we met them at the boat when they landed. — Will Rogers

Right Track Quotes By Mukesh Ambani

As long as we place millions of Indians at the canter of our thought process, as long as we think of their welfare, their future, their opportunities for self realization we are on the right track. For India can grow, prosper, flourish only if they grow, prosper, flourish. We cannot grow by any esoteric strategies. Our purchasing power, our economic strength, our marketplace all depends on the prosperity of our people. — Mukesh Ambani

Right Track Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

I remember the smell of the pines and the sleeping on the mattresses of beech leaves in the woodcutters' huts and the skiing through the forest following the tracks of hares and of foxes. In the high mountains above the tree line I remember following the track of a fox until I came in sight of him and watching him stand with his right forefoot raised and then go carefully to stop and then pounce, and the whiteness and the clutter of a ptarmigan bursting out of the snow and flying away and over the ridge. — Ernest Hemingway,

Right Track Quotes By Megan Rich

In his lifetime, that small fishing village had turned into the seventh largest port in the world, an eight-million-strong city; women had gotten the right to divorce, of which his wife took full advantage; and his son's living standard was so much higher than his, his so much higher than his own parents, that he couldn't understand the boy's constant desire for more, more, more. Despite a total lack of education from the state, Lao Song, unlike some of his classmates, was not entirely stunted; instead, he sought out the rebellious track of "growing his own mind," as he called it, teaching himself whatever he could through rudimentary means. Despite being in China's "Lost Generation," Song had somehow found himself. — Megan Rich

Right Track Quotes By Benjamin Stone

It's healthy to periodically self examine your life, your goals, your relationships, and ask yourself honestly, am I happy? Am I on the right track? — Benjamin Stone

Right Track Quotes By Anne Sexton


Who is he?
A railroad track toward hell?
Breaking like a stick of furniture?
The hope that suddenly overflows the cesspool?
The love that goes down the drain like spit?
The love that said forever, forever
and then runs you over like a truck?
Are you a prayer that floats into a radio advertisement?
I don't like you very well.
You don't suit my clothes or my cigarettes.
Why do you locate here
as large as a tank,
aiming at one half of a lifetime?
Couldn't you just go float into a tree
instead of locating here at my roots,
forcing me out of the life I've led
when it's been my belly so long?

All right!
I'll take you along on the trip
where for so many years
my arms have been speechless — Anne Sexton

Right Track Quotes By Richard Sherman

There are a lot of things my mother taught me and helped me and disciplined me and made sure I stayed on the right track. And there are a ton of things that only my father could have taught me. — Richard Sherman

Right Track Quotes By Lawrence Beesley

Each night the sun sank right in our eyes along the sea, making an undulating glittering pathway, a golden track charted on the surface of the ocean which our ship followed unswervingly until the sun dipped below the edge of the horizon, and the pathway ran ahead of us faster than we could steam and slipped over the edge of the skyline - as if the sun had been a golden ball and had wound up its thread of gold too quickly for us to follow. — Lawrence Beesley

Right Track Quotes By Salman Khurshid

We can pretend that China is not there. But China is there, and unless we put our economy on the right track, it is going to overwhelm us completely. — Salman Khurshid

Right Track Quotes By Man Ray

When I saw I was under attack from all sides, I knew I was on the right track. — Man Ray

Right Track Quotes By Gaston Bachelard

The reverie we intend to study is poetic reverie. This is a reverie which poetry puts on the right track, the track an expanding consciousness follows. This reverie is written, or, at least, promises to be written. It is already facing the great universe of the blank page. Then images begin to compose and fall into place. — Gaston Bachelard

Right Track Quotes By Robert Plant

If you do what you think is right for the benefit of everybody and everything and you make decisions, to go back and regret them afterwards - it's a futile experience and it's not worth thinking about. Because life just unfolds. Provided you do your best and you think you're on the right track, you can only be right or wrong. But to regret it - I don't think there are any huge errors or misdemeanors. — Robert Plant

Right Track Quotes By Samiyam

When I'm feeling confused by my awakening process, that usually means I'm on the right track. — Samiyam

Right Track Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

On broader lines he's like those chappies who sit peering sadly over the marble battlements at the Pennsylvania Station in the place marked "Inquiries." You know the Johnnies I mean. You go up to them and say: "When's the next train for Melonsquashville, Tennessee?" and they reply, without stopping to think, "Two-forty-three, track ten, change at San Francisco." And they're right every time. Well, Jeeves gives you just the same impression of omniscience. — P.G. Wodehouse