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Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

you may be wrong to be right in the wrong direction, but, what is the wrong direction? — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By John Kramer

Every decision is easy once you make it. The important thing is to think carefully, make your decision, and then work to make your choice the right one. That is the secret to a happy life. There are very few wrong decisions in life, but very few people who are willing to make the effort it takes to make their decisions the right ones. — John Kramer

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Staci Bartley

What if choices were not viewed as right and wrong, but instead as just a variety of life experiences? — Staci Bartley

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Gerald Jampolsky

There is no right or wrong behavior. The only meaningful choice is between fear and love. — Gerald Jampolsky

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Sometimes, until you do what you shouldn't have done, you least remember what you should have done — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ufuoma Apoki

For every decision a 'man' makes, he makes it with the best of the depth of knowledge he possess at that particular instant and the quality of experiences he's passed through. It's not an excuse though for mediocrity, but an avenue to learn, rise, and conquer your inefficient self. By inference, beyond an extreme line, there might not necessarily be a qualification of a choice as wrong or right, but an avenue to grow depending on how the intricacies of such a choice and its consequences are handled. — Ufuoma Apoki

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Don't do the right thing for the wrong reasons. It is the "why" that keeps us committed to our choices and defines our character. — Shannon L. Alder

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By E'yen A. Gardner

Trust your heart and embrace the journey. You may make a wrong turn but your heart will get you back on the right path. Just keep making choices and don't second guess yourself. — E'yen A. Gardner

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Karen Mueller Coombs

Life is a chain of choices. Making the correct one is never easy."
"That's for sure," agreed Rocky.
"But if we didn't make difficult choices, right or wrong," said Mr. Veraldi, "we wouldn't learn anything worth knowing." Rocky Ryan and his viola teacher, Mr. Veraldi, in Bully at Ambush Corner. — Karen Mueller Coombs

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

You never want one thing at any given moment of life. Your mind always comes up with at least two choices. If your limbic system wins, the choice you make seems to be pleasurable at first but in the long run ends up being the wrong one. And if your prefrontal cortex wins the choice you make may appear rough at first, but in the long run it turns out to be the right one. — Abhijit Naskar

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

War as a moral metaphor is limited, limiting, and dangerous. By reducing the choices of action to "a war against" whatever-it-is, you divide the world into Me or Us (good) and Them or It (bad) and reduce the ethical complexity and moral richness of our life to Yes/No, On/Off. This is puerile, misleading, and degrading. In stories, it evades any solution but violence and offers the reader mere infantile reassurance. All too often the heroes of such fantasies behave exactly as the villains do, acting with mindless violence, but the hero is on the "right" side and therefore will win. Right makes might. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Lemony Snicket

It is easy to decide on what is wrong to wear to a party, such as deep-sea diving equipment or a pair of large pillows, but deciding what is right is much trickier. — Lemony Snicket

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Pip Karmel

Pamela realizes for the first time in her life that she hadn't made the wrong choice at all. Nor had she made the right choice. She had simply made a choice. And somewhere along the way, she had lost the courage to live by it. — Pip Karmel

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Diane Duane

The issues of the choice between right and wrong has to be an ongoing concern for everybody, at every age. There is no magical point in a human life when anyone is or becomes immune to the second-by-second choice to do right instead of wrong. — Diane Duane

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Jennifer Lawrence

Be strong. Don't be a follower, and always do the right thing. If you have a choice between the right thing and the wrong thing, the right way is always the less stressful. — Jennifer Lawrence

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Lauren Oliver

Who knows? Maybe they're right. Maybe we are driven crazy by our feelings. Maybe love is a disease, and we would be better off without it.
But we have chosen a different road. And in the end that is the point of escaping the cure: We are free to choose.
We are even free to choose the wrong thing. — Lauren Oliver

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Terry Brooks

Because life's dictates did not allow for quick and easy distinctions between right and wrong or good and bad. Choices were made between shades of gray, and there was healing and harm to be weighed on both sides of each. — Terry Brooks

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Carolyn Hax

Your job is to be you, which includes being the chief beneficiary of all things you do right, the chief victim of all you do wrong, and the one person on Earth who has to live with every choice you make. As gatekeeper to your life, you're it. — Carolyn Hax

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

I've spent more than twenty years looking for answers, Roger, and I can tell you only one thing: There aren't any answers, only choices. I've made a number of them myself, and no one can tell me whether they were right or wrong. — Diana Gabaldon

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Michael Moore

The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethic over convenience, and truth over popularity ... these are choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. — Michael Moore

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

My life is a series of invitations accepted and invitations rejected, and the place I now find myself is often a result of accepting the wrong invitations and rejecting the right ones. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Mike Massimino

Life is funny. I'd applied to the wrong graduate program, but that eventually led me to the right grad program. I'd taken what I thought was the wrong undergraduate major, and that was the thing that set me apart and allowed me to find my niche. I don't know if there are any lessons to take from that except to realize that the things you think are mistakes may turn out not to be mistakes. I realized wherever you are, if you make the most of what you've got, you can find a way to keep moving forward. — Mike Massimino

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Mark Vonnegut

Rarely are there big heroic choices that will settle matters once and for all. The smallest positive step is probably the right one. Try not to argue. If you're right, you don't need to argue. If you're wrong, it won't help. If you're okay, things will be okay. If you're not okay, nothing else matters. — Mark Vonnegut

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Terryl L. Givens

Life's most wrenching choices are not between right and wrong but between competing demands on our time, our resources, our love and loyalty. — Terryl L. Givens

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Derek Donais

Remember that the choices you make, and the reasons you make them, shape your destiny. Remember your free will ... And remember, what the True One has made is supposed to bring balance and unity, not anger, fear or revenge. Do not fear, what is yours to use. Only beware the ends to which it is turned, and know the means will truly determine the outcome. — Derek Donais

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

to be right in the wrong direction may be wrong; what then is the wrong direction? — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Lewis Thomas

Mistakes are at the very base of human thought, embedded there, feeding the structure like root nodules. If we were not provided with the knack for being wrong, we could never get anything useful done. We think our way along by choosing between right and wrong alternatives, and the wrong choices have to be made as often as the right ones. We get along in life this way. — Lewis Thomas

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Katie McGarry

People who live in the luxury of a steady paycheck and food in their bellies get too caught up in right and wrong, moral and immoral, good and bad, heroes and villains, even truth and lies. As if we're all either one or the other. As if we all have a choice. As if I have a choice. But I don't believe in choices. I believe in survival. — Katie McGarry

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ovadya Ben Malka

The fact that good people can be forced to do wrong doesn't make them less good. But it also doesn't make the wrong less wrong. — Ovadya Ben Malka

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ron Rash

I don't even have a choice. Rachel thought how that was pretty much true of everything now, that you got one choice at the beginning but if you didn't choose right, and she hadn't, things got narrow real quick. Like trying to wade a river, she thought. You take a wrong step and set your foot on a wobbly rock or in a drop-off and you're swept away, and all you can do then is try to survive. (83) — Ron Rash

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By BeBe Winans

I teach my children that in life, there is no control of what tomorrow is going to bring. There really isn't. But in whatever it brings, we have choices, and I'm glad because I made more right choices than wrong, but in the wrong choices, there are lessons to be learned. — BeBe Winans

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Dwight Okita

But choices are rarely black and white. Right or wrong. They are a million shades of gray. — Dwight Okita

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By George W. Bush

The future success of our nation depends on our ability to understand the difference between right and wrong and to have the strength of character to make the right choices. — George W. Bush

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Melika Dannese Lux

With Stefan, the line between good and evil, right and wrong, becomes increasingly blurred. — Melika Dannese Lux

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Richard G. Scott

There is no guarantee that life will be easy for anyone. We grow and learn more rapidly by facing and overcoming challenges. You are here to prove yourself, to develop, and to overcome. There will be constant challenges that cause you to think, to make proper judgments, and to act righteously. You will grow from them. However, there are some challenges you never need to encounter. They are those associated with serious transgression. As you continue to avoid such tragedy, your life will be simpler and happier. You will see others around you who don't make that choice, who do things that are wrong and evil and bring sadness. Thank your Father in Heaven that your pattern of life is different and that you have been helped to make choices guided by the Holy Ghost. That prompting will keep you on the right path. — Richard G. Scott

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Ignorance, vulnerability, fear, anger, and desire are expressions of the infinite potential of your buddha nature. There's nothing inherently wrong or right with making such choices. The fruit of Buddhist practice is simply the recognition that these and other mental afflictions are nothing more or less than choices available to us because our real nature is infinite in scope. — Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Derek Landy

I understand perfectly. Darquesse isn't a separate entity. She isn't another person. She's you. If you make the wrong choices, if you stop loving the people who love you, if you allow the world to twist and turn and change you, then yes, the future we've seen will come to pass. But if you fight, and if you kick, and struggle, and refuse to give in to the apathy, or the anger, or the hopelessness, then you'll change the future, and you'll walk your own path. And I'll be right there beside you, Valkyrie. I'll always be beside you. — Derek Landy

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

It turns out the simplest choices have been far more important in the long run than I ever imagined. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By James Lecesne

As an actor you make choices that are either right or wrong, and you find the ones that are right for you. As an understudy, the choices have been made, so you have to make those choices right. Going into the role, you can't really question it. — James Lecesne

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Bethany McLean

Choices of right or wrong are not presented to you in black and white. If they were, I'm sure most people would choose white. — Bethany McLean

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Paul Anka

Once you realize that you're in something that you've always wanted and you don't want to lose it, you behave differently. And that means the integrity, the professionalism, and knowing what's right from wrong and still making choices that you probably wouldn't have made. — Paul Anka

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Farshad Asl

A leader's purpose is to provide knowledge and generate trust through kindness. This will provide a foundation that allows others to make choices, right or wrong, and grow in a positive manner from the experience. — Farshad Asl

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Sheena Iyengar

When heuristics don't yield the results we expect, you'd think we would eventually realize that something's wrong. Even if we don't locate the biases, we should be able to see the discrepancy between what we wanted and what we got, right? Well, not necessarily. As it turns out, we have biases that support our biases! If we're partial to one option - perhaps because it's more memorable, or framed to minimize loss, or seemingly consistent with a promising pattern - we tend to search for information that will justify choosing that option. On the one hand, it's sensible to make choices that we can defend with data and a list of reasons. On the other hand, if we're not careful, we're likely to conduct an imbalanced analysis, falling prey to a cluster of errors collectively known as confirmation biases. — Sheena Iyengar

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Vann Chow

Life is not only consisted of "yes" and "no", but a lot of "yes and's" and "no but's". — Vann Chow

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Luke Lively

Putting some 'gray in play,' as Chad referred to it, always helped. HE said the act of rationalizing the pros and cons helped to cloud the issues enough to avoid a moral quandary. It allowed us to believe the ends justified the means. Seeing gray helped to remove the black-and-white, right and wrong ethical choices.. . Had I become so jaded in my life that I had actually forgotten the difference between right and wrong? Or had I simply tried to ignore the difference so I could sleep at least two or three hours a night? — Luke Lively

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Noel Gallagher

Take the time to make some sense for what you wanna say,
And cast your words away upon the waves.
Sail them home with acquiesce on a ship of hope today,
And as they land upon the shore,
Tell them not to fear no more.
I'm not saying right is wrong,
It's up to us to make the best of all the things that come our way.
Cos' everything that's been has past,
The answers in the looking glass.
There's four and twenty million doors
On life's endless corridor,
So say it loud and sing it proud today. — Noel Gallagher

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Jamie Ford

The hardest choices in life aren't between what's right and what's wrong but between what's right and what's best. — Jamie Ford

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Michael Lerner

Reality is much more complex than any judgment of right and wrong encourages you to believe. When you really understand the ethical, spiritual, social, economic, and psychological forces that shape individuals, you will see that people's choices are not based on a desire to hurt. Instead, they are in accord with what they know and what world views are available to them. Most are doing the best they can, given what information they've received and what problems they are facing. — Michael Lerner

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Be good.
See good.
Choose good.
It's a no-brainer. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ron Davison

At that moment, when you feel like you were born into the wrong society or culture, you have a few choices. You can ignore the gap between the world around you and what you feel within. There are lots of ways to do this, from TV to drugs to desperately trying to succeed within the world's big social inventions. Another way is to rail at the world for its failings, creating a narrative in which you are right and "they" are wrong. Or you can be humbled by trying to change the world around you just enough to realize your own potential. — Ron Davison

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Kelli O'Hara

We can make choices, but we can be vulnerable; we can do the wrong thing, but the wrong thing for all the right reasons. I think it [life] is basically about forgiveness, and not about someone else forgiving you, but you forgiving yourself. I think we all want a lot of that. — Kelli O'Hara

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Mark Oppenheimer

It's the kind of gratitude you have, she said, "when you've had a teacher who's brilliant, who has shown you the way in a fundamental sense, not in a relative sense. Who has really been able to help you see for yourself the fundamental reality beyond the duality of good and evil." Alas, she added, Zen Buddhists can "forget that we have to live in the relative world of good and evil, that we have to make choices based on right and wrong. — Mark Oppenheimer

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Robert De Niro

A lot of young actors have the idea that, "I've got to do this right. There's a right way to do this." But there's no right or wrong. There's only good and bad. And "bad" usually happens when you're trying too hard to do it right. There's a very broad spectrum of things that can inhibit you. The most important thing for actors - and not just actors, but everybody - is to feel loose enough to create what you want to create, and be free to try anything. To have choices. — Robert De Niro

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ben Horowitz

In life, everybody faces choices between doing what's popular, easy, and wrong vs. doing what's lonely, difficult, and right. These decisions intensify when you run a company, because the consequences get magnified 1,000 fold. As in life, the excuses for CEOs making the wrong choice are always plentiful. — Ben Horowitz

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Life is a test. It was designed to be so. It is where we taste the bitter and the sweet; where we feel pain and pleasure; where we learn right from wrong; where we pass through both darkness and light. It is a time to make choices. And through this process we form our characters - some grand and glorious, some barely decent, and others just plain monstrous. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ellis Peters

Every man has within him only one life and one nature ... It behooves a man to look within himself and turn to the best dedication possible those endowments he has from his Maker. You do no wrong in questioning what once you held to be right for you, if now it has come to seem wrong. Put away all thought of being bound. We do not want you bound. No one who is not free can give freely. — Ellis Peters

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By John Holdren

Humanity cannot afford to muddle through the rest of the twentieth century; the risks are too great, and the stakes are too high. This may be the last opportunity to choose our own and our descendants' destiny. Failing to choose or making the wrong choices may lead to catastrophe. But it must never be forgotten that the right choices could lead to a much better world. — John Holdren

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Derek Donais

What you must remember is that the magic itself is neither good nor bad, no more so than this ship might be used for right or wrong. It might be used by a fisherman to feed a village, for example. Or, the same vessel might be sailed by pirates to murder and pillage ... the lumber, rope, nails, cotton, and everything that goes into it-is created by the True One. Humans decide how it is to be put together and how it is used. — Derek Donais

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Galina Nelson

The truth is there are always three choices: the right one, the wrong one and the one that is called "No Choice". As you may guessed, the "No Choice" one is a rule of a bad interpreter. — Galina Nelson

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Philip Yancey

There is an "offense" to the Gospel no matter how graciously we present it. It includes the message that God, not humanity, is the ultimate judge of right and wrong, and that the choices we make here have eternal consequences. — Philip Yancey

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Yuuri Eda

Humans are often more stupid than they realize. Because of our weaknesses are so easily exploited. Just like a child's clumsy fingers messing up the buttons on a shirt. It's easy to mock someone who buttoned his shirt wrongly. It's easy to mock someone who had buttoned wrongly yet remains oblivious to it. But there are also people who completely fail to realize that they buttoned them all wrongly. Just a moment's error, a wrong choice, traps us on the road of no return. But who can reprimand them for that? Why can't humans be lonely? Why can't we yearn for those right by our side? On such a cold lonely night, who can stand to bear it alone? Imagine the fright when we realize the severity of our mistakes. Whoever said love was a happy affair? — Yuuri Eda

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Charles Bukowski

Thirty- eight years old and he was finished. He sipped at the coffee and remembered where he had gone wrong
or right. He'd simply gotten tired
of the insurance game, of the small offices and high glass partitions, the clients; he'd simply gotten tired of cheating on his wife, of squeezing secretaries in the elevator and in the halls;
he'd gotten tired of Christmas parties and New Year's parties and birthdays, and payments on new cars and furniture payments
light, gas, water
the whole bleeding complex of necessities.
He'd gotten tired and quit, that's all. The divorce came soon enough and the drinking came soon enough, and suddenly he was out of it. He had nothing, and he found out that having nothing was difficult too. It was another type of burden. If only there were some gentler road in between. It seemed a man only had two choices
get in on the hustle or be a bum. — Charles Bukowski

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ally Condie

When things like this happen - when what was meant to help results in harm, when a salve brings pain instead of healing - it is clear how wrong even choices intended to be right can become. — Ally Condie

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Paul Ryan

Only by taking responsibility for oneself, to the greatest extent possible, can one ever be free, and only a free person can make responsible choices - between right and wrong, saving and spending, giving or taking. — Paul Ryan

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Blake Crouch

He says, "Every moment, every breath, contains a choice. But life is imperfect. We make the wrong choices. So we end up living in a state of perpetual regret, and is there anything worse? I built something that could actually eradicate regret. Let you find worlds where you made the right choice." Daniela says, "Life doesn't work that way. You live with your choices and learn. You don't cheat the system. — Blake Crouch

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Abraham Hicks

Make a decision and then make it right. There just are no wrong decisions. — Abraham Hicks

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Herbert Otto Gille

How can we keep growing instead of staying stuck-perhaps because we are fearful of making a "wrong" decision? Herbert Otto nudges us to get out there and experiment ... then we may find ourselves with many "right" choices to make. — Herbert Otto Gille

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Wynton Marsalis

In Jazz, improvisation isn't a matter of just making any ol' thing up. Jazz, like any language, has its own grammer and vocabulary. There's no right or wrong, just some choices that are better than others. — Wynton Marsalis

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Mary Balogh

Now I must live with the consequences of the choice I made. And I will not call it the wrong choice. That would be foolish and pointless. That choice led me to everything that has happened since, including this very moment, and the choices I make today or tomorrow or next week will lead me to the next and next present moments in my life. It is all a journey, Miss Jewell. I have come to understand that that is what life is all about-a journey and the courage and energy always to take the next step and the next without judgement about what was right and what was wrong. — Mary Balogh

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

We fail to open the right doors because we fail to pick the right keys! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Ben Macintyre

War is too messy to produce easy heroes and villains; there are always brave people on the wrong side, and evil men among the victors, and a mass of perfectly ordinary people struggling to survive and understand in between. Away from the battlefields, war forces individuals to make impossible choices in circumstances they did not create, and could never have expected. Most accommodate, some collaborate, and a very few find an internal compass they never knew they had, pointing to the right path. — Ben Macintyre

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Deatri King-Bey

The right path and easy path are usually two different things, and when it's time to choose, always choose the right path over the easy. — Deatri King-Bey

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By J.R. Rim

It's not about making the right choice.
It's about making a choice and making it right. — J.R. Rim

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Jim Butcher

Harry, life isn't simple. There is such a thing as black and white. Right and wrong. But when you're in the thick of things, sometimes it's hard for us to tell. You didn't do what you did for your own benefit. You did it so that you could protect others. That doesn't make it right - but it doesn't make you a monster, either. You still have free will. You still get to choose what you will do and what you will be and what you will become. — Jim Butcher

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Jeff Olson

The slight edge can carve the Grand Canyon. It can do anything. But you have to give it enough time for the power of time to kick in. The right choices and wrong choices you make at the moment will have little or no noticeable impact on how your day goes for you. Nor tomorrow, nor the next day. No applause, no cheers, no screams, no life-or-death — Jeff Olson

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By James A. Owen

A choice with no consequences has no value. Making a choice knowing there will be consequences, and being willing to bear them, is what distinguishes the right choices from the wrong ones. — James A. Owen

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Assegid Habtewold

Life doesn't always give us a choice between right and wrong. Occasionally, we are forced to choose between two rights or two wrongs... — Assegid Habtewold

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Emil Ostrovski

Your-no-our free will gives us choices and because we're not perfect, it's not always clear which choice is the right one ... So yes, we can be wrong. Yes the world's a messy place. But a world in which we always knew what was right and had no choice but to do it, that would be a world of puppets. — Emil Ostrovski

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Larry Crabb

Preachers and counselors can spend their energy exhorting people to change their behavior. But the human will is not a free entity. It is bound to a person's understanding. People will do what they believe. Rather than making a concerted effort to influence choices, preachers first need to be influencing minds. When a person understands who Christ is, on what basis he is worthwhile, and what life is all about, he has the formulation necessary for any sustained change in lifestyle. Christians who try to "live right" without correcting a wrong understanding about how to meet personal needs will always labor and struggle with Christianity, grinding out their responsible duty in a joyless, strained fashion. Christ taught that when we know the truth, we can be set free. We now are free to choose the life of obedience because we understand that in Christ we now are worthwhile persons. We are free to express our gratitude in the worship and service of the One who has met our needs. — Larry Crabb

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Jennifer Ashley

There are no right and wrong choices," Tain said trying to keep his voice gentle. "There is only what we do with the choices we make. — Jennifer Ashley

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Theodore Roosevelt

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.
[The Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1995: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management and the District of Columbia of the Committee on Governmental Affairs (1996)] — Theodore Roosevelt

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Lindsay Detwiler

Life, as I've learned, fails to be a concrete, concise package that can easily be wrapped up and contained. Life is full of messy, unpredictable circumstances that test not only our characters, but the people around us as well. Our choices are not always about choosing between right and wrong, good or bad. They are sometimes about following the path that you simply have to follow, for one reason or another. — Lindsay Detwiler

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Tim Kreider

Quite a lot of what passes itself off as dialogue about our society consists of people trying to justify their own choices (pursuing a creative career instead of making money; breastfeeding over formula; not having children in an overpopulated world) as the only right or natural ones by denouncing others' as selfish and wrong. So it's easy to overlook that it all arises out of insecurity. — Tim Kreider

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Donna Lynn Hope

Be careful how you live. Someone is always watching and will look to you as an example, an excuse, or a warning. The message some choices send is why struggle to do the right thing when you can do the wrong thing and be happy. Should we be happy or should we be right? — Donna Lynn Hope

Right And Wrong Choices Quotes By Whitney Otto

You have to choose your combinations careful. The right choices will enhance your quilt. The wrong choices will dull the colors and hide their original beauty. There are no rules you can follow. You have to go by instinct and you have to be brave. — Whitney Otto