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Top Rewriting Quotes

Rewriting Quotes By S.J. Watson

We're constantly changing facts, rewriting history to make things easier, to make them fit in with our preferred version of events. We do it automatically. We invent memories. Without thinking. If we tell ourselves something happened often enough we start to believe it, and then we can actually remember it. — S.J. Watson

Rewriting Quotes By Declan Lowney

You couldn't hope to make a drama and have people rewriting on the day and having the actors making suggestions, "Wouldn't it be funny if my character did this?" "No. You're the actor. I'll tell you what to do." — Declan Lowney

Rewriting Quotes By Paul Lieberstein

When we are in pre-production, this is the best job in the world. Working 10 to 7, sitting around and brainstorming with the other writers, making things funnier and writing and rewriting scenes - that's as fun as it gets. — Paul Lieberstein

Rewriting Quotes By Ronald Dane

Simply put: writing is rewriting. — Ronald Dane

Rewriting Quotes By Whitley Strieber

films like The Never-Ending Story (1984), Stranger than Fiction (2006), and The Adjustment Bureau (2011). Have you seen any of these films? Then you understand hermeneutics. In each case, the story revolves around a protagonist engaging his own life as a fictional story being written either in this world or in another, seemingly by someone else. As he reads and interprets the text of his life, however, he discovers that its story or plot changes. He discovers the circle or loop of hermeneutics. He discovers that as he engages his cultural script as text creatively and critically he is rereading and rewriting himself. He is changing the story. — Whitley Strieber

Rewriting Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Write at a pace that doesn't surpass your creative flow. Don't be hasty; don't be sloppy. Don't forfeit impressive writing for an impressive word count. Because eventually it will all have to be edited, and you'll find that it is harder to make bad writing good than to make good writing better. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Rewriting Quotes By Saul Bellow

The main reason for rewriting is not to achieve a smooth surface, but to discover the inner truth of your characters. — Saul Bellow

Rewriting Quotes By Azar Nafisi

There are so many different forms of silence: the silence that tyrannical states force on their citizens, stealing their memories, rewriting their histories, and imposing on them a state-sanctioned identity. Or the silence of witnesses who choose to ignore or not speak the truth, and of victims who at times become complicit in the crimes committed against them. Then there are the silences we indulge in about ourselves, our personal mythologies, the stories we impose upon our real lives. — Azar Nafisi

Rewriting Quotes By Jeff Goins

For every hundred words I write (which might take about 10 minutes to spit out), I spend about 30 to 60 minutes of editing and rewriting. — Jeff Goins

Rewriting Quotes By Edward Gorey

Having got into bed and turned out the light, I quietly burst into tears because I am not a good person. As they came and went for some minutes, I was concerned with the words following 'because' in the previous sentence, rewriting them over and over in my head until they seemed to be as close to the truth as it was possible for me to make them. — Edward Gorey

Rewriting Quotes By Ed Koch

Should we be rewriting history just to make people feel good? That's not history, that's psychiatry. — Ed Koch

Rewriting Quotes By William Zinsser

Learn to enjoy this tidying process. I don't like to write; I like to have written. But I love to rewrite. I especially like to cut: to press the DELETE key and see an unnecessary word or phrase or sentence vanish into the electricity. I like to replace a humdrum word with one that has more precision or color. I like to strengthen the transition between one sentence and another. I like to rephrase a drab sentence to give it a more pleasing rhythm or a more graceful musical line. With every small refinement I feel that I'm coming nearer to where I would like to arrive, and when I finally get there I know it was the rewriting, not the writing, that wont the game. — William Zinsser

Rewriting Quotes By Margaret Thatcher

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. — Margaret Thatcher

Rewriting Quotes By David Mitchell

(both circumvented the handicap of deafness by answering only those questions they believed had been asked & accepting only those answers they believed had been uttered - a stratagem embraced by many an American advocate) — David Mitchell

Rewriting Quotes By Dave Eggers

You don't propose marriage after one date. You don't decide on a career after one article or class session. You don't cast your vote based on one opinion of the candidate in question. Stories, essays, novels, and memoirs all deserve to be, indeed have to be read multiple times. Every writer worth his or her salt knows that writing is rewriting. Every reader should know the same thing about understanding text: that is, real reading is rereading. — Dave Eggers

Rewriting Quotes By Seanan McGuire

It's customary for the field team to take a break after a confirmed memetic incursion into baseline reality - in layman's terms, we're supposed to get some time off after we stop a fairy tale from rewriting a major metropolitan area into an evil, R-rated version of Disney World. New and improved! Now with extra incest and murder! — Seanan McGuire

Rewriting Quotes By William Zinsser

Nobody told all the new computer writers that the essence of writing is rewriting. Just because they're writing fluently doesn't mean they're writing well. — William Zinsser

Rewriting Quotes By Neil Simon

Rewriting is when writing really gets to be fun ... In baseball you only get three swings and you're out. In rewriting, you get almost as many swings as you want and you know, sooner or later, you'll hit the ball. — Neil Simon

Rewriting Quotes By Tony Gilroy

I never really like it when other writers talk about coming in behind people and rewriting. — Tony Gilroy

Rewriting Quotes By Ted Dekker

I studied philosophy, religious studies, and English. My training was writing four full-length novels and hiring an editor to tear them apart. I had enough money to do that, and then rewriting and rewriting and rewriting. — Ted Dekker

Rewriting Quotes By J.R. Tompkins

I do so much writing. But so much of it never goes anywhere, never sees any light of day. I suppose that's like gardening in the basement. I don't publish so much of what I write. I just seem to plow it back into the soil of what I write after it, rewriting and rewriting, thinking that somehow it gets better after the fifty-second-time around. I need to learn to abandon my writing. To let go of it. Dispose of it, like tissue. — J.R. Tompkins

Rewriting Quotes By Harold Bloom

Great writing is always rewriting or revisionism, and is founded on a reading that clears space for the self. — Harold Bloom

Rewriting Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

I try not to worry about rewriting books that worked well the first time. I'm too busy writing new books to worry about things that are already in print. — Laurell K. Hamilton

Rewriting Quotes By James Baldwin

I do a lot of rewriting. It's very painful. — James Baldwin

Rewriting Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

The only kind of writing is rewriting. — Ernest Hemingway,

Rewriting Quotes By Terry Teachout

Plays are not written but rewritten, and much of the rewriting takes place at the behest of the director, whose job it is to grapple with the myriad complexities of moving a play from the page to the stage. — Terry Teachout

Rewriting Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Don't be so caught up in the noble cause of responsibility that you lose your passion for who you are living for. — Shannon L. Alder

Rewriting Quotes By Oliver Harris

That rewriting of literary history is most obvious in the case of The Yage Letters, where I was able to show that the true history inverts the official one. — Oliver Harris

Rewriting Quotes By David Eagleman

All the experiences in your life- from single conversations to your broader culture- shape the microscopic details of your brain. Neurally speaking, who you are depends on where you've been. Your brain is a relentless shape-shifter, constantly rewriting its own circuitry- and because your experiences are unique, so are the vast detailed patterns in your neural networks. Because they continue to change your whole life, your identity is a moving target; it never reaches an endpoint. — David Eagleman

Rewriting Quotes By Ravi Zacharias

We are redefining terms and rewriting laws and removing fences everywhere you turn, and we seem to think we can do that with impunity. — Ravi Zacharias

Rewriting Quotes By Stephen Malkmus

I feel the most natural thing is for music to come that way because it's sort of like poetry. Though I do think with poets that I like, like Charles Olson or Ezra Pound, they were rewriting constantly, until the poem becomes a diamond.But with music I don't really feel that way. — Stephen Malkmus

Rewriting Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Emperor's Soul pg 123:
Attempts to Forge the window to a better version of itself had repeatedly failed; each time, after five minutes or so, the window had reverted to its cracked, gap-sided self.
Then Shai had found a bit of colored glass rammed into one side of the frame. The window, she realized, had once been a stained glass piece, like many in the palace. It had been broken, and whatever had shattered the window had also bent the frame, producing those gaps that let in the frigid breeze.
Rather than repairing it as it had been meant to be, someone had put ordinary glass into the window and left it to crack. A stamp from Shai in the bottom right corner had stored the window, rewriting its history so that a caring master craftsman had discovered the fallen window and remade it. That seal had taken immediately. Even after ll this time, the window had seen itself as something beautiful. — Brandon Sanderson

Rewriting Quotes By Roald Dahl

By the time I am nearing the end of a story, the first part will have been reread and altered and corrected at least one hundred and fifty times. I am suspicious of both facility and speed. Good writing is essentially rewriting. I am positive of this. — Roald Dahl

Rewriting Quotes By Elizabeth Strout

Oh, I do a tremendous amount of rewriting. I just obsessively rewrite. Although sometimes there are sections, sometimes you're just lucky and a paragraph will just kind of come out. And that's great. But that's not ordinary in a day's work. — Elizabeth Strout

Rewriting Quotes By Alan Moore

On the one occasion where I did try writing a screenplay, I found the rewriting just unendurable. — Alan Moore

Rewriting Quotes By Philip Roth

When I have a first draft, I have a floor under my feet that I can walk on. And then, especially with the help of the computer, rewriting is so easy to do with the computer, much easier than it used to be with the typewriter. So the books go through numerous drafts. — Philip Roth

Rewriting Quotes By Virginia Woolf

Thus, towards the end of the eighteenth century a change came about which, if I were rewriting history, I should describe more fully and think of greater importance than the Crusades or the Wars of the Roses. The middle-class woman began to write. For if Pride and Prejudice matters, and Middlemarch and Villette and Wuthering Heights matter, then it matters far more than I can prove in an hour's discourse that women generally, and not merely the lonely aristocrat shut up in her country house among her folios and her flatterers, took to writing. — Virginia Woolf

Rewriting Quotes By Romulus Linney

There are three primal urges in human beings: food, sex, and rewriting some else's play. — Romulus Linney

Rewriting Quotes By Kristen McKee

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater,
Had a wife and couldn't keep her.
Of course you cannot keep a wife-
Everyone's got to live their life! — Kristen McKee

Rewriting Quotes By Anonymous

Prioritize life over profit by rejecting GNP in favor of indicators that measure biodiversity, community coherence, personal well-being, and other life-affirming criteria; radically reducing public spending on "defense"; granting legal rights to ecosystems and nonhuman species; rewriting educational curricula to meet community and environmental needs rather than the needs of industry. ========== Revolution (Russell Brand) — Anonymous

Rewriting Quotes By George Will

Multiculturalism is a campaign to lower America's moral status by defining the American experience is terms of myriad repressionsand their victims. By rewriting history, and by using name calling ("Racist! Sexist! Homophobe!") to inhibit debate, multiculturalists cultivate grievances, self pity and claims to entitlements arising from victimization. — George Will

Rewriting Quotes By Alan Menken

Collaboration is being open to each other's ideas and benefiting from each other's perspectives in an open way. Collaboration is all about rewriting and rewriting and rewriting and helping each other to constantly improve a piece. And, it's also about spurring each other on to doing really great, hard work - it's easier to do it in a collaboration than on your own. — Alan Menken

Rewriting Quotes By Joe Swanberg

During improvisations, I'll hear people bringing back up details from something I heard about at breakfast or something somebody was saying that they were thinking about, and it informs a rewriting of a scene. — Joe Swanberg

Rewriting Quotes By Stephen Graham Jones

When I am writing a novel, though, then it's usually three or four hours a day. Ideally, right after lunch until three or four, but sometimes picking up again around ten, going until a touch after midnight. I rarely write in the morning, unless I'm on deadline. I do like rewriting in the morning, though. Guess it's the way my brain's put together. Or, the way it's falling apart. — Stephen Graham Jones

Rewriting Quotes By Elizabeth Arthur

Memories are peculiar...You think the past is there, all fixed and stable, but it is really chock full of surprises and endlessly susceptible to change...So maybe it is true that we are constantly rewriting our past; they are not something fixed and unchangeable for all time. There is a basic structure, of course, a canvas stretched across boards, which cannot be remodeled at will, but the surface of that canvas can be shaded, rearranged, touched up, continually worked on to correspond to the needs of the present. In fact, the present moment is largely the focal point from which you shape the direction of your future and juggle the implications of your past. — Elizabeth Arthur

Rewriting Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Rewriting Quotes By Gudjon Bergmann

It is imperative that your work habits from school do not make their way into your book writing process. I am talking about the practice of typing the last words just before the deadline every time you would hand in an assignment, a paper, or even a thesis. Your book needs time to mature, and you must allow yourself the luxury of rewriting and editing until you are satisfied. — Gudjon Bergmann

Rewriting Quotes By G. M. Trevelyan

What is easy to read has been difficult to write. The labour of writing and rewriting, correcting and recorrecting, is the due exacted by every good book from its author, even if he knows from the beginning exactly what he wants to say. A limpid style is invariably the result of hard labour, and the easily flowing connection of sentence with sentence and paragraph with paragraph has always been won by the sweat of the brow. — G. M. Trevelyan

Rewriting Quotes By Jayne Anne Phillips

I don't do much rewriting, because each paragraph is very carefully put together. — Jayne Anne Phillips

Rewriting Quotes By Ryu Murakami

Did you know that only a tiny minority of viruses cause illness in humans? No one knows how many viruses there are, but their real role, when you get right down to it, is to aid in mutations, to create diversity among life forms. I've read a lot of books on the subject-when you don't need much sleep you have a lot of time to read-and I can tell you that if it weren't for viruses, mankind would never have evolved on this planet. Some viruses get right inside the DNA and change your genetic code, did you know that? And no one can say for sure that HIV, for example, won't one day prove to have been rewriting our genetic code in a way that's essential to our survival as a race. I'm a man who consciously commits murders and scares the hell out of people and makes them reconsider everything, so I'm definitely malignant, yet I think I play a necessary role in this world. — Ryu Murakami

Rewriting Quotes By Deborah Eisenberg

For me, most writing consists of siphoning out useless pre-story matter, cutting and cutting and cutting, what seems to be endless rewriting, and what is entailed in all that is patience, and waiting, and false starts, and dead ends, and really, in a way, nerve. — Deborah Eisenberg

Rewriting Quotes By Bill Gates

Another trick in software is to avoid rewriting the software by using a piece that's already been written, so called component approach which the latest term for this in the most advanced form is what's called Object Oriented Programming. — Bill Gates

Rewriting Quotes By Sarah Kay

Artistry is important. Skill, hard work, rewriting, editing, and careful, careful craft: All of these are necessary. These are what separate the beginners from experienced artists. — Sarah Kay

Rewriting Quotes By Louis D. Brandeis

There is no good writing; there is only good rewriting. — Louis D. Brandeis

Rewriting Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

I can't understand how anyone can write without rewriting everything over and over again. — Leo Tolstoy

Rewriting Quotes By Steven Pressfield

No matter how great a writer, artist, or entrepreneur, he is a mortal, he is fallible. He is not proof against Resistance. He will drop the ball; he will crash. That's why they call it rewriting. — Steven Pressfield

Rewriting Quotes By Truman Capote

Good writing is rewriting. — Truman Capote

Rewriting Quotes By Jim Gaffigan

I realized, in removing or rewriting these jokes, that often the jokes weren't done or that I was using, for me, the curse words as kind of a crutch. So then I just started writing. — Jim Gaffigan

Rewriting Quotes By Michael Richards

When you perform in front of an audience after only two days of rehearsal, you're flying by the seat of your pants - particularly when they're rewriting the show right up to the moment the camera goes on. — Michael Richards

Rewriting Quotes By John Casey

Writing is rewriting; rewriting is writing - from the first crossed-out word in the first sentence to the last word inserted above a caret, that most helpful handwritten stroke. — John Casey

Rewriting Quotes By Caroline Leavitt

I love rewriting because that is where and how you discover the story. It's like you have this skeleton, and you get to put flesh on it and hair and clothes and really wonderful jewelry. — Caroline Leavitt

Rewriting Quotes By Philippe Kahn

Too many are focused on rewriting the past, invent the future! — Philippe Kahn

Rewriting Quotes By Hugo Black

The public welfare demands that constitutional cases must be decided according to the terms of the Constitution itself, and not according to judges views of fairness, reasonableness, or justice. I have no fear of constitutional amendments properly adopted, but I do fear the rewriting of the Constitution by judges under the guise of interpretation. — Hugo Black

Rewriting Quotes By Rafael Cruz

The president is supposed to execute faithfully the laws that the legislature has written. So, the executive orders that Barack Obama president is writing are without precedent. Without precedent so with he's rewriting law. It's totally illegal. — Rafael Cruz

Rewriting Quotes By Kate Beaton

Good writing is writing and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting. Sometimes, it happens to work right away, and that's amazing. But most of the time, it happens to work, and then you rewrite and rewrite and rewrite, and maybe it even comes back to the thing it was in the first place, but then you know for sure that it is good, and it's what you wanted to do. — Kate Beaton

Rewriting Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

I have rewritten - often several times - every word I have ever published. My pencils outlast their erasers. — Vladimir Nabokov

Rewriting Quotes By Rachel Carson

[Writing is] largely a matter of application and hard work, or writing and rewriting endlessly until you are satisfied that you have said what you want to say as clearly and simply as possible. For me that usually means many, many revisions. — Rachel Carson

Rewriting Quotes By Jimmy Webb

Particularly in my early days, I did very little rewriting. — Jimmy Webb

Rewriting Quotes By Joan Didion

Once I get over maybe a hundred pages, I won't go back to page one, but I might go back to page fifty-five, or twenty, even. But then every once in a while I feel the need to go to page one again and start rewriting. — Joan Didion

Rewriting Quotes By Kristen McKee

There was a little girl
Who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good, she was very, very good.
And when she was "bad",
Her Papa loved her anyway. — Kristen McKee

Rewriting Quotes By Walt Whitman

The real war will never get in the books. — Walt Whitman

Rewriting Quotes By Kristen McKee

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To get her dear dog a bone.
Though the cupboard was bare,
When she focused elsewhere
Her heart overflowed with fun! — Kristen McKee

Rewriting Quotes By Sarah Waters

Sometimes I think I'd be perfectly happy to go on rewriting 'Tipping the Velvet' forever because it was so much fun. — Sarah Waters

Rewriting Quotes By Debra Dean

I think I was also afraid of the novel. I write line by line, proceeding at snail's pace, rewriting as I go and paring the excess away. This is against all the best advice for writing long form prose, and I have tried over the years to break myself of the habit, but I can't bear to leave anything ungainly on the page and half the fun for me is that tinkering. So the length of a novel was a daunting prospect. — Debra Dean

Rewriting Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

I'm the one who still needs rewriting. Don't we all? — Chuck Palahniuk

Rewriting Quotes By Laura Marling

I never edit the songs that come out. And they tend to come out as a whole. The closest thing I have ever done to editing them is just cutting out a verse, but never rewriting lyrics. — Laura Marling

Rewriting Quotes By James A. Michener

I'm not a very good writer, but I'm an excellent rewriter. — James A. Michener

Rewriting Quotes By Mike Lofgren

Like biblical literalists, Republicans assert that the Constitution is divinely inspired and inerrant. But also like biblical literalists, they are strangely selective about those portions of their favorite document that they care to heed, and they favor rewriting it when it stands in the way of their political agenda. — Mike Lofgren

Rewriting Quotes By Patrick DeWitt

But I could not sleep without proper covering and spent the rest of the night rewriting lost arguments from my past, altering history so that I emerged victorious. — Patrick DeWitt

Rewriting Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

Gary had hoped to find her more cooperative. He already had one "alternative" sibling and he didn't need another. It frustrated him that people could so happily drop out of the world of conventional expectations; it felt like a unilateral rewriting, to his disadvantage, of the rules of life. — Jonathan Franzen

Rewriting Quotes By Tim Tharp

That's how it is with legends. The greater they sound, the more must've got left out. — Tim Tharp

Rewriting Quotes By Jennifer Beals

It has been said, "History is written by the victors." I take this to mean we can make ourselves victorious by writing, and then rewriting our own stories. In a country and culture so dominated by media, by the manipulation of words and stories, telling the tales of people whose stories historically have not been told is a radical act and I believe an act that can change the world and help rewrite history. — Jennifer Beals

Rewriting Quotes By Deborah Day

Rewriting the negative beliefs you have learned is the essence of becoming the director of your life. — Deborah Day

Rewriting Quotes By Cherise Sinclair

No matter what historians claimed, BC really stood for Before Coffee. — Cherise Sinclair

Rewriting Quotes By Stefan Dimov

I want you to judge me without thinking about it.
I want you to give me advice without considering my opinion.
I want you to expecting anything without the need to trust me.
I want you to decide for me with all the care in the world.
I want you to help me without smothering me.
I want you to decide without seeing my point of view.
I want you to hug me without holding me...
I want you to feel protected in my presence without me having to lie.
I want you to be close without suffocating me.
I want you to know everything without knowing anything...
I want you to know that both love and friendship should always be Unconditional. — Stefan Dimov

Rewriting Quotes By John Gardner

Fiction does not spring into the world fully grown, like Athena. It is the process of writing and rewriting that makes a fiction original, if not profound. — John Gardner

Rewriting Quotes By Tom Stoppard

Directors sometimes have good ideas that I wished I'd had, not on rewriting but simply on staging. — Tom Stoppard

Rewriting Quotes By Paul Reiser

And after you've done the acting, there's a lot of places you can put your input - in the editing, in the production of it, in the rewriting of it and so on. — Paul Reiser

Rewriting Quotes By Cathryn Louis

Rewriting is the crucible where books are born. — Cathryn Louis

Rewriting Quotes By Grant Morrison

We're the new power, come to replace the old. Cameras in the head, children with microchips, spin doctors rewriting reality as it happens. — Grant Morrison

Rewriting Quotes By Vicki Lawrence

Tim Conway was a little different from the rest. He was always in the back of the studio building something with the prop man, rewriting his lines, or plotting our demise. — Vicki Lawrence

Rewriting Quotes By Matt Hughes

Many first-time novelists end up rewriting their first two or three chapters, trying to get them 'just right.' But the point of the first draft is not to get it right; it's to get it written - so that you'll have something to work with. — Matt Hughes

Rewriting Quotes By Sam Shepard

[Rewriting is] a whole other art form; it's about craftsmanship. — Sam Shepard

Rewriting Quotes By Anne Fortier

He always says that those who control the present can rewrite the past. — Anne Fortier

Rewriting Quotes By Nora DeLoach

Writing is rewriting... If you fall in love with the vision you want of your work and not your words, the rewriting will become easier. — Nora DeLoach

Rewriting Quotes By Eric Jerome Dickey

I'm just trying to write a good story, strictly from imagination. People just think it's random, they don't see the rewriting, phrasing of characters, choosing the words, bringing the world to light in which the characters live in. That creates an illusion that this is real. — Eric Jerome Dickey

Rewriting Quotes By Neil Gaiman

I didn't like people rewriting my dialogue. I didn't like the fact that we'd start a comic with the Joker, and by the time we inked it, he would have turned into the Scarecrow. — Neil Gaiman

Rewriting Quotes By Billy Graham

I think most presidents are amazed at the overwhelming responsibility they have when they enter office and the tremendous amount of work there is. See, a modern president has far more responsibility than a president years ago. And if I were rewriting the Constitution, I would suggest a president be more like a monarch and then have a prime minister under him. — Billy Graham

Rewriting Quotes By Tom Stoppard

Rewriting isn't just about dialogue; it's the order of the scenes, how you finish a scene, how you get into a scene. — Tom Stoppard

Rewriting Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

Life is like a typographical error: we're constantly writing and rewriting things over each other. — Bret Easton Ellis