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Top Respecting Others Rights Quotes

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Judy Murphy

Assertiveness is critical for feeling empowered in your own mind as well as at work and at home. It's saying honestly to yourself and others, "This is who I am. This is how I want to be treated," while respecting other people's rights and opinions. Assertiveness isn't about being liked all the time, nor about making sure everyone is happy. It is about standing up for your right to be treated fairly. There are many advantages to assertiveness. First, — Judy Murphy

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa

Democracy is not just constitutional and legislative rules; it is a culture and practice and adhering by the law and respecting international human rights principles. — Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Barney Frank

I do not think that any self-respecting radical in history would have considered advocating people's rights to get married, join the Army, and earn a living as a terribly inspiring revolutionary platform. — Barney Frank

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Peter Ustinov

People are annoyed with the Chinese for not respecting more human rights. But with a population that size it's very difficult to have the same attitude to human rights. — Peter Ustinov

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Maria Julia Hernandez

After a war, the silencing of arms is not enough. Peace means respecting all rights. You can't respect one of them and violate the others. When a society doesn't respect the rights of its citizens, it undermines peace and leads it back to war. — Maria Julia Hernandez

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Dalai Lama

A good motivation is what is needed: compassion without dogmatism, without complicated philosophy; just understanding that others are human brothers and sisters and respecting their human rights and dignities. That we humans can help each other is one of our unique human capacities. — Dalai Lama

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Thomas Sowell

Once you buy the argument that some segment of the citizenry should lose their rights, just because they are envied or resented, you are putting your own rights in jeopardy - quite aside from undermining any moral basis for respecting anybody's rights. You are opening the floodgates to arbitrary power. And once you open the floodgates, you can't tell the water where to go. — Thomas Sowell

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Nathaniel Branden

Individualism is at once an ethical-psychological concept and an ethical-political one. As an ethical-psychological concept, individualism holds that a human being should think and judge independently, respecting nothing more than the sovereignty of his or her mind; thus, it is intimately connected with the concept of autonomy. As an ethical-political concept, individualism upholds the supremacy of individual rights — Nathaniel Branden

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Rudy Giuliani

Liberty is ceding a certain amount of your ability to do what you want so that everybody else can live in peace and freedom and respecting the rights of other people. — Rudy Giuliani

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Ibn Warraq

In Saudi Arabia, among other countries, Muslims are not free to convert to Christianity, and Christians are not free to practice their faith. The Koran is not a rights-respecting document. — Ibn Warraq

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Frederick William Robertson

We hear in these days a great deal respecting rights
the rights of private judgment, the rights of labor, the rights of property, and the rights of man. Rights are grand things, divine things in this world of God's; but the way in which we expound these rights, alas! seems to me to be the very incarnation of selfishness. I can see nothing very noble in a man who is forever going about calling for his own rights. Alas! alas! for the man who feels nothing more grand in this wondrous, divine world than his own rights. — Frederick William Robertson

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Dalai Lama XIV

Non-violence means dialogue, using our language, the human language. Dialogue means compromise; respecting each other's rights; in the spirit of reconciliation there is a real solution to conflict and disagreement. There is no hundred percent winner, no hundred percent loser - not that way but half-and-half. That is the practical way, the only way. — Dalai Lama XIV

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By St. George Tucker

The congress of the United States possesses no power to regulate, or interfere with the domestic concerns, or police of any state: it belongs not to them to establish any rules respecting the rights of property; nor will the constitution permit any prohibition of arms to the people. — St. George Tucker

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By C.S. Lewis

A woman means by Unselfishness chiefly taking trouble for others; a man means not giving trouble to others ... thus, while the woman thinks of doing good offices and the man of respecting other people's rights, each sex, without any obvious unreason, can and does regard the other as radically selfish. — C.S. Lewis

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Alexis De Tocqueville

In examining the division of powers, as established by the Federal Constitution, remarking on the one hand the portion of sovereignty which has been reserved to the several States, and on the other, the share of power which has been given to the Union, it is evident that the Federal legislators entertained very clear and accurate notions respecting the centralization of government. The United States form not only a republic, but a confederation; yet the national authority is more centralized there than it was in several of the absolute monarchies of Europe ... — Alexis De Tocqueville

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Louiza Odysseos

The European princes create among themselves a jus publicum Europaeum, a secular legal order under which they recognize each other's rights and interests, within Europe (the proviso here is crucial). Beyond the line, in the extra-European world, Europeans engage in large-scale appropriations of land, respecting neither the rights of the locals nor each other's rights, but within Europe a different modus vivendi is possible. In the extra-European world appalling atrocities occur which would not happen, or at least ought not to happen, in Europe.5 — Louiza Odysseos

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Dolores Huerta

Respecting other people's rights is peace. — Dolores Huerta

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

God has formed us moral agents ... that we may promote the happiness of those with whom He has placed us in society, by acting honestly towards all, benevolently to those who fall within our way, respecting sacredly their rights, bodily and mental, and cherishing especially their freedom of conscience, as we value our own. — Thomas Jefferson

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Aung San Suu Kyi

The act of willingly subtracting from one's own limited store of the good and the agreeable for the sake of adding to that of others reflects the understanding that individual happiness needs a base broader than the mere satisfaction of selfish passions. From there, it is not such a large step to the realization that respecting the susceptibilities and rights of others is as important as defending one's own susceptibilities and rights if civilized society is to be safeguarded. — Aung San Suu Kyi

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Christine Gregoire

I want to work on respecting individuals' dignity. Equal rights, that's where my heart is. That means equal rights and benefits, and that's what we need. — Christine Gregoire

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Thomas Paine

The error of those who reason by precedents drawn from antiquity, respecting the rights of man, is that they do not go far enough into antiquity. — Thomas Paine

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Pope John Paul II

We are all one family in the world. Building a community that empowers everyone to attain their full potential through each of us respecting each other's dignity, rights and responsibilities makes the world a better place to live. — Pope John Paul II

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Caleb Cushing

These our great natural rights we keep to ourselves; we will not have them tampered with; respecting them we give to you no commission whatsoever. — Caleb Cushing

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Carol Bellamy

And each of us can practice rights ourselves, treating each other without discrimination, respecting each other's dignity and rights. — Carol Bellamy

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Only the following items should be considered to be grave faults: not respecting another's rights; allowing oneself to be paralyzed by fear; feeling guilty; believing that one does not deserve the good or ill that happens in one's life; being a coward. We will love our enemies, but not make alliances with them. They were placed in our path in order to test our sword, and we should, out of respect for them, struggle against them. We will choose our enemies. — Paulo Coelho

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By John C. Calhoun

The Union next to our liberties the most dear. May we all remember that it can only be preserved by respecting the rights of the States, and distributing equally the benefits and burdens of the Union. — John C. Calhoun

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Brian McGreevy

The first step to liberty is respecting the rights of others. — Brian McGreevy

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

Legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between Church & State. Adhering to this expression of the supreme will of the nation in behalf of the rights of conscience, I shall see with sincere satisfaction the progress of those sentiments which tend to restore to man all his natural rights, convinced he has no natural right in opposition to his social duties. — Thomas Jefferson

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Taslima Nasrin

I support the rights of all people to practice their religious beliefs privately, but I oppose the idea of respecting religions. In truth, I have no respect for any religion. I believe religion is not compatible with human rights, women's rights, or freedom of expression. — Taslima Nasrin

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Sharon Nir

...when 'empowering women' becomes 'overpowering women' not only is it the polar opposite of feminism; it is the opposite of 'right.' Empowering women begins by respecting their individual choices. — Sharon Nir

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Anonymous

Practice, as an indicator, is the hardest to measure. It would measure whether there exists a common practice of respecting communication rights in the six fields. — Anonymous

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Omar Bongo

When they favor the access of other people to education and health care, the countries of the North not only demonstrate generosity or solidarity, but also implement the principles of respecting and promoting human rights. — Omar Bongo

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Paulo Coelho

The only faults considered grave are the following: not respecting the rights of one's neighbor, letting oneself be paralyzed by fear, feeling guilty, thinking one does not deserve the good and bad which occurs in life, and being a coward. — Paulo Coelho

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

James Madison, the author of the First Amendment to the Constitution, prohibiting any law respecting an establishment of religion, was also an author of Article VI, which states unambiguously that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust." His later Detached Memoranda make it very plain that he opposed the government appointment of chaplains in the first place, either in the armed forces or at the opening ceremonies of Congress. "The establishment of the chaplainship to Congress is a palpable violation of equal rights, as well as of Constitutional principles. — Christopher Hitchens

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Bryant McGill

As a part of their conditioning, women voluntarily prostitute themselves into the auction and groom themselves toward the highest exchange. — Bryant McGill

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By C W Newman

Justice is the alignment of societal laws with natural Law, and the righting of wrongs. Justice creates liberty. Justice maintains the character of love and can be said to be a product of right actions by a society. Things that are right promote the well-being of individual selves and societies. What is right can be said to always be just. If a society commits to justice by aligning societal laws with natural Law and respecting the rights of natural Law, then it will promote love through liberty. — C W Newman

Respecting Others Rights Quotes By Peter Tatchell

Women and gay people are the litmus test of whether a society is democratic and respecting human rights. We are the canaries in the mine. — Peter Tatchell